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  • King Wing Mesh Floor

    King Wing Mesh Floor

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  • GroundGrabba - Lite

    GroundGrabba - Lite

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  • Awning bracket kit (for Grand Tourer RTT)

    Awning bracket kit (for Grand Tourer RTT)

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27 Item(s)

There’s no vehicle accessory you’ll ever use more than a high quality Adventure Kings Vehicle Side Awnings! They’re so amazingly useful that you’ll find yourself using yours when you go camping, are at the park with the kids, are at work on the jobsite and just about anytime you ever pull over on the side of the road for a break.


The entire Adventure Kings Awning range feature a genuine one-person, 30 second setup time, have beautiful quality 170GSM rip-stop canvas that’s 100% waterproof and has the highest-available UPF50+ UV protection sun proof rating, and come with a full 4x4 awning DIY fitting kit so there’s nothing else you need to buy.


You can even get your Adventure Kings awning with a built in LED strip light for easy, no-fuss lighting when you’re camping, or option it up with an Awning Side Wall or different sizes of open weave mesh flooring for extra protection or even a fully-enclosed easy to set up waterproof and sun protection tent.


Not sure of what size awning suits your needs best? 2.5x2.5m suits full-sized wagons, vans and utes with canopies where the mounting points on your roof rack are at least 2m apart. Got a dual cab ute or a smaller SUV? Our 2x3m awning runs two metres along the vehicle and comes out three metres from the vehicle and works perfectly. And don’t forget the beaut 1.4m rear awning – perfect for the rear of a wagon or a ute!


Or you could add the latest in our range the Adventure Kings 270° King Wing Awning which creates a massive sheltered outdoor area, ideal for outdoor entertaining at your campsite, covering both the side and rear of your 4WD, it simply unfolds from the 2.5m long PVC zip up transit bag a complete 270° equalling 11m² of waterproof and UV proof sheltered space, making it one of the most covered and cost effective 4WD awning systems on the market and they are a fraction of the cost of similar units on the market.


Because of the compact nature of car awnings, every one of the Adventure Kings car awning systems, uses a design similar to other folding arm awnings on the market, with the rectangular and square designs being the more popular design, simply un tuck, and unroll the retractable awnings material, fold out the arms, extend the horizontal arms and lock them into place on the awnings outer frame rail, and fitted with metal swivel hinges, these are easily one of the toughest designed awnings in Oz, and when properly set up can withstand nearly any weather conditions anywhere in Oz!


Adventure Kings Awnings are one of the best value awnings in the country. Built with a tough as nails aluminium frame and offering full sun and rain protection wherever you may pull up. It’s no wonder you can see Adventure Kings Awnings mounted to just about every type of vehicle around all across Australia.


Unbeatable value for money, an Adventure Kings Awning has become ‘THE’ essential shelter that thousands of Aussies rely on every day to protect them and their families from all types of weather conditions from the beating rain to the scorching summer sun and everything else our harsh climate could throw at you.


All of the tough as guts Adventure Kings Awnings are covered with a high quality rip stop weave waterproof polyester fabric, which is not only lighter in weight than traditional canvas, it is fully waterproof so can withstand a constant heavy downpour - it won’t leak and it definitely won’t soak up any water meaning you can zip it away in the heavy duty PVC cover as soon as you need to roll, and it is less likely to rot or get moldy (always dry it before storing if for longer periods)!


The 170gsm durable ripstop polyester fabric is more than just waterproof, we made sure it is fully ripstop re-enforced so it can withstand all the abuse and prevent any rips and tears from starting and spreading (we’ve tested it).


Plus we even had it independently tested and rated for UV protection, resulting in a UPF 50+ rating, which is the highest rating you can get. UPF50+ means that over 97% of harmful UV rays are blocked from passing through the fabric. All of these awesome features mean that you can count on an Adventure Kings Awning no matter what the weather is doing!


Built to take a beating, the fully anodized folding aluminium frame also uses solid metal hinging knuckles at the pole junctions, unlike some of the cheaper plastic hinges you can find elsewhere on the market. During a stiff breeze or a heavy downpour, when you need it most, your Kings Awning will not fail on you!


To add to the incredible versatility of the Adventure Kings Awnings range, the team at Adventure Kings has released many accessories that are perfectly suited to enhancing your campsite setup.


Firstly there is the Adventure Kings Awning wall, this simple addition can add nearly double the space in your campsite and will also divert breeze up and over your setup meaning you won’t get as sandblasted on the beach! Installation is a breeze simply fasting to the bottom rail of the Awning along the C-channel or via Velcro tabs along the fold out rails, for instant doubling of your campsites sheltered space.


This is one of the most cost effective ways to extend your sheltered space at camp and savvy campers even add two for more than double the sheltered space at camp. Coupled with a 5m x 2.5m Mesh floor you can stay up off the sand and dirt easily and keep your campsite clean and tidy!


There are also specific awning accessories like the Adventure Kings awning mosquito nets, and Adventure Kings awning tents which easily convert the space under your awning into a fully enclosed space to protect you and your family from whatever insects or elements might be at your chosen location, these accessories install by simply sliding into the integrated sail track all adventure Kings awnings have included as standard.


When looking for a do it all shelter for your next trip away it’s hard to look past the value for money an Adventure Kings Awning gives you.


Being one of the easiest vehicle mounted Awning designs to use on the market, we even throw in a FREE mounting kit with every size awning it’s hard to go past the value you get with the Kings of Adventure!


With unbelievable prices on gear delivered to your door, online shopping is a great way to get your hands on your new camping gear. But did you know you can get better advice on the perfect way to upgrade your camping setup by simply dropping into one of our stores to not only see the gear in person and have a try, but to talk to our team of experts.


Still not quite sure about which Adventure Kings Awning style suits your specific needs? We’ve got a team of experts happy to help you figure it out, call us on 1800 88 39 64 visit us online at www.4WDSupacentre.com.au or drop into one of our Company stores or approved dealers to see the gear in person and see which would best suit your camping setup.


4WD Supacentre is one of the only places that stocks the best value outdoor awnings for camping 4WDing and touring in Australia, come in TODAY and see for yourself!