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Premium Camping Gear


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Battery and Battery Chargers

Don’t let a flat battery ruin your day, or your camping trip! The Adventure Kings range of AGM deep-cycle and starting batteries are all extremely high quality at a price that leaves the competition for dead.

Want to run a fridge, lights, inverter and more while camping? Check out our range of AGM deep-cycle batteries, plus our cracking industry-leading Battery Box to turn your battery into a portable power hub.

Plus we’ve got a huge range of cracking 12v accessories, from heavy-duty jumper cables, to dual-battery isolators, battery monitors, inverters and more to get the most out of your batteries.

Not sure of exactly what you’re after, or whether something will work for your setup? We’ve got you covered! Call us 8am-6pm Mon-Fri and 8am-4pm Sat-Sun to talk to our friendly team of camping and 4WD experts, or send us an email info@4wdsupacentre.com.au for a quick response. We live and breathe this stuff – and we’d love to help you.


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At 4WD Supacentre we endeavor to give you the best value for money on the 4WD and camping gear you need the most, this is why we have worked hard to help provide all of the most important 4WD and camping power sources for remote power no matter where you are or what you are doing.


The Adventure Kings Range of 12v power accessories starts with the obvious, with our own line of high capacity 12v Deep Cycle AGM batteries and an assortment of dual battery systems from the Adventure Kings Dual battery voltage sensitive isolator, all the way to industry leading technology found within the comprehensive CTEK battery charging and maintenance systems.


The Adventure Kings Dual Battery voltage sensitive isolation system uses a simple 140Amp voltage sensitive smart relay to isolate your secondary Deep cycle battery from your vehicles starter battery. This means when your starting battery drops below 12.8 Volts the secondary battery takes over all of the work of keeping your campsite powered. This means no matter how late into the night your night time camp celebrations go you will always be able to start your vehicle with a healthy and full starter battery first time every time!


The CTEK battery systems are certainly industry leaders in high performance charging setups and their products can be found as standard equipment on many of the worlds luxury car brands like Porsche and Ferrari. Needless to say the range we carry is fully comprehensive and easy to install, whilst offering one of the smartest setups available in the world.


CTEK’s CTX battery sense technology is a smart monitoring system which keeps track of your vehicle’s battery status sending Bluetooth information directly to your smart phone giving you an instant update on your battery, so you don’t get to the boat ramp or campsite and realise you’ve got a flat!


We also stock CTEK D250SA DC/DC charger which can isolate your accessory battery and will intelligently divert your smart alternator output or solar panel and regulate voltage and amperage to charge your battery.


The range of batteries and battery accessories offer an alternative way to keep your campsite powered through the night, with the ability to easily connect and forget, you can set up a self managing system that does all the heavy lifting at camp.


No matter how simple or complex you’re 12v system needs to be 4WD Supacentre has you covered with the perfect solution in your price range!



With unbelievable prices on gear delivered to your door, online shopping is a great way to get your hands on your new camping gear. But did you know you can get better advice on the perfect way to upgrade your camping setup by simply dropping into one of our stores to not only see the gear in person and have a try, but to talk to our team of experts.


Ravenhall 4WD Supacentre Company Store, 3023 VIC Ravenhall is one of the largest showrooms of the exclusive Adventure Kings gear in Australia. with the ability to touch and feel just about everything in the range before you take your new gear home. Make sure you get in to see just what is possible with the Adventure Kings range as well as heading away with the best value camping setups in Oz!


Dandenong 4WD Supacentre Company Store, 3140 VIC this store acts as our Victorian regional centre, located conveniently at Dandenong. It doubles as one of our distribution centers for many of our online orders spanning NSW, SA, and across VIC. The team always makes sure that plenty of stock is always on hand for immediate pickup and fast dispatch for online and phone orders. The experts at 4WD Supacentre Dandenong can help you get setup for trips into Gippsland and the high country for much less than you could imagine so come in and score a bargain TODAY!


4WD Supacentre Brendale Company Store, 4500 QLD is run by a passionate team of 4WDers with lots of offroad, recovery, and camping experience. They’ll help you with picking the best campsite and 4WD upgrades for the best price and put you in touch with a local workshop who can perform expert gear fitment to your vehicle!


4WD Supacentre Company Store Parkinson/Browns Plains, 4115 QLD offers the full range of camping gear which is also available to view, try out and pickup directly from our expert team located in our newest national showroom located in the shopping district at Parkinson/Browns Plains.


4WD Supacentre Gold Coast (Varsity Lakes) Company Store, 4227 QLD is popular for last-minute gear for trips away. The Gold Coast showroom is located in the heart of Varsity Lakes and is the perfect destination for many visitors heading north to the islands in Moreton and Hervey Bay or out towards the Glasshouse Mountains, their professional team can help with expert local knowledge tips and tricks!


Newcastle/Heatherbrae 4WD Supacentre Company Store, NSW 2324 Situated right near the iconic Heatherbrae pie shop on the pacific highway round about, this extensive showroom has nearly the whole lineup of gear from 4WD Supacentre on display, and offers campers and 4WDers the opportunity to come in and touch and feel and walk away with some of the best value 4WD and camping gear in Australia.


Wetherill Park 4WD Supacentre Company Store, NSW 2164 Located between Parramatta and Penrith in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, the Wetherill Park 4WD Supacentre Store caters to the greater Sydney District with its convenient location for most of Sydney is the go-to destination for all 4WDers and campers across the city.


Narellan Area (Smeaton Grange) 4WD Supacentre Company Store, NSW 2567 Narellan to the south west of Sydney is packed full of outdoor enthusiasts and many 4WD clubs and blessed with the southern highlands right at the doorstep, the Narellan 4WD Supacentre showroom has a lot to offer and is open for business.