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Adventure Kings 12V Control Box + 12V Battery Monitor
Adventure Kings 12V Control Box + 12V Battery Monitor
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Adventure Kings 12V Control Box + 12V Battery Monitor

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Adventure Kings 12V Control Box + 12V Battery Monitor

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Adventure Kings 12V Control Box + 12V Battery Monitor

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12V Control Box
Kings 12V Battery Monitor | Easy DIY Install | Adjustable Low-Voltage Cut off | LCD Display

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12V Control Box

This is the Adventure Kings 12V control Box – a feature packed bit of gear that will make anyone’s 12V setup better! If you’ve been dreaming of an epic camping 12v system, then this is the bit of gear you’ve been waiting for. An ultra-premium quality product, without the premium price tag!

First, the box itself is built with laser cut 1.5mm powder coated aluminium and the lid is 2mm thick for strength. Coming in at 400mm by 305mm and 80mm deep, it’s compact enough to fit just about anywhere while still providing plenty of room for all the switches, wiring and 12v gear.

Going from the outside in, there’s a grommet on each side which makes it easy to position and wire this up, no matter where you want to mount it.

On the front you’ll notice the space at the top left, along with the extra grommet – this space is designed so you can mount a DCDC charger directly onto the box – feed the wiring through the grommet and you can wire up to the internal posts for an all-in-one install.

Next up there’s an easy to access fuse holder – these fuses run the switches, plugs and sockets that run along the bottom of the control box.

From left to right you’ve got 2 quick connect plugs – the first can be easily configured as a solar input for your DCDC charger. Then there’s a voltmeter, three 20A-rated cig sockets and a double USB socket with 1amp and 2.1amp USB connections.

Above that you’ll see 5 x 16Amp rated rocker switches – these are pre wired with fused power so you can easily switch any added accessories and circuits on and off. You even get a sheet of pre-labelled stickers to customise your setup for your own needs!

The face screws off and inside you’ve got a negative bus bar and negative M10 binding post as well as two positive binding posts for your starter and auxiliary batteries. That means wiring up both batteries for a dual battery system is easy!

With heavy duty wiring the Adventure Kings 12V control box is ready to go – all you need to do is add fused power from your battery. Plus because it uses ring and spade terminals, it’s easy to modify, upgrade or update the whole setup as you go. Whether it’s changing the quick connect plug to become your DCDC charger’s solar input, or using the switches to trigger relays and run all your vehicle’s camp lighting and 12V accessories.

The Adventure Kings 12V control box will take your 12V setup to the next level – whether you’re using it as a power hub directly off your deep cycle battery, or connecting a dual battery system complete with a DCDC charger.

Kings 12V Battery Monitor | Easy DIY Install | Adjustable Low-Voltage Cut off | LCD Display

With the Adventure Kings 12V Battery Monitor (*PATENT APPLIED FOR) you can easily keep an eye on and control the power coming in and out of your auxiliary battery.  Designed, engineered and rigorously tested by IntelliQuip Solutions; the same Aussie engineering team that developed the Adventure Kings DC-DC chargers, this is a smart bit of kit that is easy to install and instantly takes your 12V system to the next level.

First it gives you an instant read out of the battery voltage and the amount of current (in amps) that is either being charged into your battery or is coming out of your battery to power gear like fridges, camp lighting or other 12V Accessories.

It’s smart too and calculates the sum of the current. So, if your solar is providing 10 amps, but your accessories are drawing 2 amps, it will display 8 amps! This makes it easy to ensure your system is working correctly and you’re not over discharging your battery.

To prevent battery damage and over discharge it has a built in low voltage disconnect too. That means that if your accessories draw too much power out of the battery, it will disconnect them until the battery recovers or recharges – at that point it will automatically reconnect so your accessories continue working properly.

It also has an over-voltage protection setting to protect your batteries from over-charging  – and importantly all the parameters can be changed – so you can set the low point, recovery point and high voltage point to suit your setup. No more relying on a pre-set low voltage that’s way too low and risks permanently damaging your batteries!

It also features an over current cut-off that you can set between 5 and 100 amps – this is ideal for preventing your battery being discharged too much or too quickly due to appliance faults or short circuits.

The Adventure Kings Battery Monitor suits batteries or battery banks between 80 and 360AH capacity. Plus, there are selectable profiles for lead acid, AGM or calcium battery types which allow the Battery Monitor to display an estimate of the remaining battery capacity with an easy percentage displayed on screen.

Built into a tough and compact housing that’s able to work in harsh conditions from -10 to 60°C, as well as offering an easy to diagnose LED status indicator and very low standby power use (with a built in, programmable sleep mode that turns off screen illumination), this is the ideal way to monitor and protect your 12V setup!


12V Control Box

Box Material:

Black powder coated laser cut aluminium

Box Size:

400 x 305 x 80mm



Lid Thickness:


Box Thickness: 


DCDC Charger:

Provisions for CTEK D250SA or Kings DCDC Charger 


Black Powder Coating

Recommended Fuse Size for Batteries: 

40A (Input cable from vehicle’s battery needs to be fused as close as possible to the battery using a 40A inline fuse or circuit breaker)

Recommended Cable Size for Batteries Depending on Length:

0-1m = 8 Gauge Battery Cable

1-3m = 6 Gauge Battery Cable

Kings 12V Battery Monitor | Easy DIY Install | Adjustable Low-Voltage Cut off | LCD Display


9cm x 8cm x 4cm  

Operating temperature

-10oC – 60oC

Auto over current shut off

Set by user: 5 –100A

Auto over voltage shut off

Set by user: 14.2 V – 17.2V

Auto low voltage shut off

Set by user: 10.5 V – 12.5V.

Auto reconnect voltage

Set by user: 11.0 V – 12.8V

Reverse battery protection

Auxiliary battery connection only

Idle current draw – Auto


Idle current draw – Output load shut off 


Status indicator

Red/green LED

Battery Monitor

LCD screen – instantaneous battery voltage, sum of charging & output current, estimated battery percentage

Suitable battery/battery bank size

Set by user: 80 – 360Ah

Adventure Kings 12V Control Box + 12V Battery Monitor

12V Control Box

Kings 12V Battery Monitor | Easy DIY Install | Adjustable Low-Voltage Cut off | LCD Display

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