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Cooking Gear

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When travelling to remote areas with a fully self-supported campsite one of the most important pieces of gear you can bring with you is your cooking setup.

Everyone has a preference for cooking, whether that means getting your food warm over an open fire, or by cranking up the gas bottle for fast and hot meals on the tracks!

Within the Adventure Kings range of cooking gear there is a recipe for everyone with cooking solutions as simple as a cast iron skillet pan, or the Bedourie spun steel camp ovens all the way up to double burner gas stoves, and a self-contained hooded barbeque.

With all the choices available, you can save a lot of cash on your cooking setup, we dare you to shop around you won’t find a better price anywhere!



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19 Item(s)

Here at 4WD Supacentre we have a full range of Cooking Gear to make sure you don’t go hungry at your favourite campsite!


The range on offer, gives plenty of variety, whether you prefer to cook over the hot coals of your campfire, or whether you prefer the speed and convenience of cooking your meals with portable gas, we have you covered, and for much less than you imagined too!


Starting at the top, the portable gas canister range from Gasmate, gives you the versatility to cook whatever you’d like, easily, when you’re far away from home. The compact Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ is small enough to fit in a back pack, and is easily able to roast your favorite meats accurately using the integral temperature gauge and the easy to use heat controls. This is one barbeque that has earned its reputation as a real favourite among Aussies who double up and use this BBQ at home as well as on the tracks.


For those who are a little bit more traditional with the way they prefer to cook over the fire we stock the solidly built, Australian made Bedourie spun steel camp oven sets which are a traditional way to cook meals on the tracks. Initially these were used by rovers and swaggies and were built tough enough to survive a fall from horseback, unlike their more brittle cast iron counterparts.


The Durability of the Bedourie ovens is what has stood the test of time, and offers campers the ability to cook over the hot coals of a camp fire and eat tasty and hearty meals on the tracks with very little preparation and the compact lightweight spun steel construction means they are crack proof and sturdy for years of cooking ahead of you. With these you can bake, boil or fry your food!


To offer a simpler campfire cooking solution, the Adventure Kings BBQ Plate is proven a favourite for campers all over Australia. The folding metal legs allow it to be compact when folded and offer more versatility than other units that aren’t as compact in transportation for cooking over the campfire, and with the included canvas bag, you can easily keep your vehicles interior tidy, oil and grease free!


With a hotplate and grill section, there’s not a BBQ meat or veg you can’t cook on this handy cook plate. We even have a set of BBQ Tools that come with an included tool wrap that makes sure they are clean and at the ready whenever you need them!


There is no stopping the wood fired Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove, which for a fraction of the cost of competitors’ wood stoves, can direct smoke well away from your eyes and radiates heat warm enough for your whole campsite plus you can bake in it and fry on it! There is no denying it whatever you like to cook, wherever and however you like to cook it 4WD Supacentre is the only place you need to go to get set up with your camp Cooking equipment this camping season!


With unbelievable prices on gear delivered to your door, online shopping is a great way to get your hands on your new camping gear. But did you know you can get better advice on the perfect way to upgrade your camping setup by simply dropping into one of our stores to not only see the gear in person and have a try, but to talk to our team of experts.


4WD Supacentre Brendale, 4500 QLD is run by a passionate team of 4WDers with lots of offroad, recovery, and camping experience. They’ll help you with picking the best campsite and 4WD upgrades for the best price and put you in touch with a local workshop who can perform expert gear fitment to your vehicle!


4WD Supacentre showroom Parkinson/Browns Plains, 4115 QLD offers the full range of camping gear which is also available to view, try out and pickup directly from our expert team located in our newest national showroom located in the shopping district at Parkinson/Browns Plains.


4WD Supacentre Burleigh heads Showroom, 4220 QLD is popular for last-minute gear for trips away. The Gold Coast showroom is located in the heart of Burleigh Heads, and is perfect for many visitors heading north to the islands in Moreton and Hervey Bay or out towards the glasshouse mountains and can help with expert local knowledge tips and tricks!


Lilydale 4WD Supacentre Showroom, 3140 VIC this store acts as our Victorian regional centre, located conveniently at Lilydale, 3140 VIC It doubles as one of our distribution centres for many of our online orders spanning NSW, SA, WA, and across VIC. The team always makes sure that plenty of stock is always on hand for immediate pickup. The experts at 4WD Supacentre Lilydale can help you get setup for much less than you could imagine so come in and score a bargain TODAY!