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Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ + Illuminator 9
Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ + Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (pair) + LED Driving Light Wiring Harness
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Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ + Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (pair) + LED Driving Light Wiring Harness

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Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ + Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (pair) + LED Driving Light Wiring Harness

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Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ + Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (pair) + LED Driving Light Wiring Harness
Gasmate Voyager Portable Gas BBQ
Adventure Kings Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (Pair) | IP68
Illuminator LED Driving Light Wiring Harness - to fit 9"

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Gasmate Voyager Portable Gas BBQ

Cook anywhere – compact setup just 600mm x 380mm x 360mm, easy rotary ignitor start , integrated roasting temperature gauge as well as a cast iron hot plate/grill.

Take your camp cooking to the next level and always be prepared for family day trips or unexpected BBQs with mates. The Voyager Portable Gas BBQs are changing the game when it comes to compact and portable feasts!

  • Stainless steel burner provides 12mj/h of heat output
  • Simply fold out the legs and connect to the gas cylinder
  • Satin enamel cast iron grill with a generous cooking area of 1600cm2
  • Rotary ignition for effortless lighting
  • Integrated temperature gauge - a must when roasting
  • Gas certified to Australian standards
  • Overall dimensions – lid closed - 600mm w x 380mm d x 360mm h

    These must have new BBQs run off universal LPG and are sure to impress family and friends on any occasion. 

    Adventure Kings Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (Pair) | IP68

    18,000 lumens per pair - 32x 5-Watt LED – deep focus reflectors – IP68 Waterproof - tough solid alloy housing – 3 bolt corrugation proof mounting system.

      Lux Specifications:  


      Flood lenses Sold Separately  


    Best value LED spotties on the market – over 18,000 lumens per pair – Waterproof IP68 rated solid alloy housing – easy DIY installation – unbeatable price!

    Check out the independent test recently conducted by Unsealed 4x4 magazine.

    4WD Supacentre were not included in the LED driving lights comparo. When we saw this, we realised that the public were not being shown the full story. We wanted to give the full picture to the public, so we have gotten our lights independently tested to see how they stack up.

    The full test report by the Light Emission Distribution Laboratory can be seen below. You will be amazed by the results!

    In a field of 16 LED driving lights, 4WD Supacentre’s 9” LED driving lights would have beaten 14 other lights – with some costing over four times the price!

    Our new Illuminator gives you more lumens for your money. You would have to be crazy to pay more for the others and get less bang for your buck!

    At the time the retail price for a pair of 4WD Supacentre’s 9” LED driving lights was $349 a pair ($174.50 each).  This is a saving of $1,371 over the next ranking light.

    It is clear that 4WD Supacentre’s 9” Illuminator LED driving lights are the best value for money on the market and they come with a 1 year warranty.

    Not only can you get the best value for money on all of our product range, you can rest assured that we will continue to improve our range with high quality items and pass on savings to you.

    Charles Vella
    Founder – 4WD Supacentre

    Our Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights are rugged enough to survive any 4WDing challenge. They throw out a huge amount of light which makes them ideal for remote touring, while the tough design and dust and waterproof rating means they’ll stand up to punishment in any conditions. So whether you’re tackling the tip of Cape York or slogging through mud on the west coast of Tassie, bolt up a set of these beauties and out shine your mates!

    SUPER BRIGHT – 32x 5Watt LEDs in each spotlight for huge light output in any situation.

    TOUGH – Made from an aluminium alloy housing that is water and dust, shock and vibration resistant. Three hole mounting bracket for solid connection to your 4WD.


    As seen on Facebook we compared the 9” LED Driving Lights to the Great Whites 18 LED Lights (p/n GWR5181).

    As quoted on the Great Whites Website on the 03/02/16, $765 each and $1,530 for a pair.

    Michael from Repco Lidcombe, a Great Whites Distributor, at 10:35am on 03/02/2016 quoted $765 each if only buying one or $650 each if buying a pair which totals $1,300 for two.


    See the results below as published in Unsealed 4x4 Magazine Issue #9

    Manufacturer Weight Size (HxWxD) Price (Single) Price Pair Warranty (Years) Lumens
    Opposite Lock Nitro 3.5kg 240mm x 235mm x 110mm $650 $1,300 3 10881
    4WD SUPACENTRE 9" LED DRIVING LIGHTS 3.5kg 225mm x 220mm x 120mm $175 $349 1 9062
    Great White 18 LED 2.8kg 183mm x 170mm x 114mm $860 $1,720 5 8875
    Peak Xplorer 6000 2.6kg 185mm x 179mm x 109mm $594 $1,188 5 8750
    Halo Raptor 2.6kg 195mm x 175mm x 86mm $699 $1,398 2 8101
    Lightforce 215 LED 3.3kg 196mm x 216mm x 97mm $695 $1,390 3 7791
    ARB AR32 3.2kg 245mm x 220mm x 119mm $745 $1,490 2 7681
    Rigid Industries Q Series 2kg 172mm x 171mm x 87mm $590 $1,180 Life (limited) 7039
    ARB AR21 2.5kg 212mm x 190mm x 116mm $495 $990 2 6950
    Rigid Industries R Series 2kg 147mm x 144mm x 75mm $545 $1,090 Life (limited) 6616
    XRAY VISION 220 2.9kg 235mm x 220mm x 109mm $630 $1,260 2 5998
    LIGHTFORCE 180 LED 2.1kg 196mm x 181mm x 97mm $495 $990 3 5178
    VISION X SOLSTICE 2.4kg 181mm x 166mm x 81mm $753 $1,506 Lifetime 4797
    GREAT WHITE 9 LED 2.9kg 183mm x 170mm x 114mm $490 $980 5 4435
    IMPACT LED 2.5kg 195mm x 175mm x 86mm $229 $458 2 3600
    JW SPEAKER TS3000R 1.5kg 160mm x 166mm x 105mm $599 $1,198 4 2402




    Specs sourced from ARB website

    Specs sourced from Lightforce website


    Illuminator LED Driving Light Wiring Harness - to fit 9"

    Suitable for Kings 9” Spotties – includes H4 & HB3 headlight adaptors – 90% pre-assembled - Easy to follow plug and play installation instructions.

    Simple plug and wiring kit, includes H4 & HB3 headlight adaptors and clear easy instructions, no guesswork required.

    Illuminator LED Driving Light Wiring Harness only fits Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights. Not suitable for Illuminator 7" Round Driving Lights.

    This kit has two LED Light connections (For two Light Bars, Spotlights etc)

    Stop mucking about with dodgy wiring, electrical tape and scotch locks – get yourself an Illuminator Wiring Harness and make sure you can rely on your LED lights to deliver, everytime you need them!

    90% assembled in the box, all you need to do is hook-up a few plugs and you’re ready to go – a neat, plug and play solution that stops your engine bay being a mess while protecting your investment from short circuiting and burning out thanks to the inline fuse and relay.

    Designed to stand up to the hot, tough conditions under your bonnet Illuminator Wiring Kits are made with quality components as well as being fitted with heat shrink, protective conduit and waterproof Deutsch plugs for reliability and long life.


    Gasmate Voyager Portable Gas BBQ



    Universal LPG

    Firebox Finish:

    Vitreous enamel


    Rotary piezo

    Roasting Hood:

    Powder coated

    Temperature Gauge:


    Main burners:

    1x Stainless Steel


    12 MJ/H

    Cooking surface finish:

    Satin enamel cast iron

    Cooking area hot plate:

    230mm x 330mm

    Cooking area grill:

    230mm x 330mm

    Total cooking area:

    460mm x 330mm

    Overall dimensions:

    Lid closed
    600mm (W) x 380mm (D) x 360mm (H)

    With legs folded
    600mm (W) x 380mm (D) x 290mm (H)

    Adventure Kings Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (Pair) | IP68



    Dimensions (with brackets):

     245mm high, 220mm wide, 120mm depth


     9 Inches (228.6mm)

    Current Draw:

     8.30A @ 14.4V (per light)

    Input Voltage:


    IP Rating:


    Colour Temperature:

     6500K (Cool White)

    Operating Lumens Output:

     18,000 LM (9,000 LM each driving light)


     Cast Aluminium Alloy (Black)

    Lens Material:

     Premium PMMA

    Weight (each):


    Water and Dust Resistant

    Shock and Vibration Resistant  


    Our Driving Lights also come with an 150mm plug and wiring to suit both positive and negatively switched vehicles. This allows users who have not purchased a 4WDSupercentre harness to correctly wire their lights


    Floodlenses & Wiring Harness Sold Separately 


    Illuminator LED Driving Light Wiring Harness - to fit 9"



    Assembled wiring harness including:

  • Relay
  • Press button on/off switch
  • Inline fuse holder + fuse
  • Connections for battery and LED lights

    Headlight connecters including

  • H4 adapter
  • HB3 / 9005 adapter


  • Spare relay
  • Heat shrink x2

  • Note: Negatively switched vehicles may need some wiring changed to suit. 

    Gasmate Voyager Portable Gas BBQ

    Adventure Kings Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (Pair) | IP68

    Illuminator LED Driving Light Wiring Harness - to fit 9"

    • ‎Installed one of the plug and play wiring kit. Honestly the easiest kit I've ever installed. Im an accessory fitter by trade and I've never fit a kit thats so simple and straightforward. The high beam switching plug is a brilliant idea and definitely takes the guess work out of finding and splicing the correct wire. 100% would recommend.  – Alan Hewett

    Adventure Kings Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (Pair) | IP68

    How far do the LED lights project?
    Our 9” LED spotties project hundreds of metres down the road, offering 26 lux at approx. 300m. Stay tuned for a full diagram showing all of our LED light bar and driving light spreads and distances which will be uploaded to the website shortly.

    Are the 7” mounting brackets the same size as the 9” mounting brackets?
    No, the 7” and 9” lights have different brackets specially designed for each size. Please see the detailed measurement diagrams on the individual product pages for exact sizes.

    Are 4WD Supacentre LED Light Bars and Driving Lights easy to install?
    Yes! Please view the Wiring Harness Installation Video found on all of our LED light pages to see just how easy our lights are to install. We also show you how to easily get your lights working on negatively switched vehicles as well.

    Can I use an Illuminator Driving Light Wiring Harness with an Illuminator 22” LED Lightbar, or two?
    Yes you can. All of 4WD Supacentre’s driving lights and light bars are fitted with the same style deutsch plug. You can connect two Illuminator Lightbars or two 7" or 9" Driving Lights to the Illuminator Driving Light Harness. With the Illuminator Lightbar Wiring Harness you can connect one light.

    Does 4WD Supacentre sell 9” or 7” lights separately?
    Our 9" (and 7") Illuminator LED Driving Lights are only sold in a pair, though some spare parts are available. For more information, email info@4WDSupacentre.com.au

    Are Illuminator light bars suitable to be submerged underwater?
    All our lights have an IP rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection. The first number IP(6)8 means that our lights lights are dust tight, while the second number IP6(7) or IP6(8) refers to the water proof rating. 

    Our Illuminator lightbars are rated to IP67 – that means they’re dustproof and good to be submerged for up to a metre below the surface for up to 30 minutes. Our Illuminator driving lights are IP68 rated – that’s also fully dustproof plus they're rated up to 3 metres submersion continuously.

    What is the difference between the 7” spot lights and the 9” driving lights?
    Size and total lumens are the two biggest differences, with both lights sharing the same high quality design features and materials that have made the 9” lights one of Australia’s most popular aftermarket accessories. Please refer to the detailed specs on each product for a closer comparison - 7" Led Driving Light and 9" Led Driving Light

    Can you run the 9”inch driving lights and the 32” light bar on the same wiring harness?
    Our light bar harness comes with one light fitting, while a driving light harness comes with two. Without modifying the harness, you can only run a maximum of two individual lights.

    Do we sell brackets separately for the driving lights?
    Not at this point. All driving lights come with the brackets needed to mount them.

    Additional Information

    Manuals and Documentation No