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Adventure Kings 1500W Inverter + 20AMP DC-DC Charger

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Adventure Kings 1500W Inverter + 20AMP DC-DC Charger

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  • Complies to AS/NZ 4763:2011

  • Thermal, Overload & Short Circuit Protection

  • Load Reactive Fans (quieter operation)

  • Low Voltage Shut Down

  • 20A Multi-Stage Battery Charger

  • ETFO Charging Technology

  • Recovers Discharged Batteries

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Adventure Kings 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Safely turn 12v into 1500W of pure sine wave 240 Volt AC - Runs all your home comforts off the grid - Thermal, Overload & Short-Circuit protection for safety!

The Adventure Kings 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter allows you to run all of the luxuries and essentials of home on your next trip by converting the 12V DC power of your vehicle to 240V AC.

If you’ve ever wanted a proper coffee at camp – or to use a hair dryer after a camp shower then you need one of these! 1500 watts is powerful enough to run large appliances including coffee machines or microwaves and even power tools! Plus it’s ideal for your smaller items like camera or laptop chargers and TVs. With two sockets you can run two appliances simultaneously, to make the most of the 1500W output.

Pure Sine Wave is critical for safely and efficiently powering AC devices. Running a modified sine wave can damage sensitive electrical devices, decreasing lifespan, and generating unnecessary heat and energy loss.

It’s also tough enough to stand up to life in your vehicle – the alloy housing keeps the unit protected and the mounting points make a solid custom 12V set-up easy.

To keep the inverter working smoothly even when it’s running power-hungry tools and appliances it features two load reactive fans, along with internal heat fins to keep the electronics cool and operating quietly and efficiently. Plus it offers thermal, overload and short-circuit protection to ensure it runs safely and alerts you if there are any issues.

Finally, a built in low voltage shutdown protects your batteries from over discharging.

With tons of essential features, the Adventure Kings 1500W Inverter will have your gear running smoothly and efficiently while you relax at camp!

Adventure Kings 20AMP DC-DC Charger

Meet the new King of DCDC charging! The Adventure Kings 20A DCDC charger.

Designed, engineered and tested in Australia and developed over the last five years – this DCDC charger is ready to take your 12V dual battery system to the next level.

Built to withstand extreme heat and harsh vibrations, The Adventure Kings DCDC charger uses industrial grade components made in Japan and the USA from companies including Panasonic, Texas Instruments and Linear Technologies. It’s been designed, prototyped, tested, revised and improved for over a year before being launched. Prior to that, earlier evolutions have been on the market for around 5 years. To say this is high quality is an understatement, we’re confident it’s one of the best DCDC chargers on the market.

Everything from wiring up the first prototypes to designing circuit boards and even overseeing production and quality control was performed by an Aussie based Engineering and R+D company – Intelliquip Solutions. With multiple decades of experience in the electronics and engineering fields, as well as being 4WDers and campers themselves, Intelliquip Solutions were the perfect team to lead up this project. Along with the research, development and testing team at Adventure Kings we’re all incredibly excited to launch this high quality and innovative bit of gear onto the market.

These are all the reasons that the Adventure Kings DCDC charger is a winner:

-          DESIGNED, TESTED AND ENGINEERED IN AUSTRALIA – Every step of development was achieved in-house in Australia, including writing over 10,000 lines of coding, designing the unique circuit boards and housings, dozens of stages of prototypes, component selection and all the laboratory and real world testing.

-          EXTREME TEMPERATURE, FULL OUTPUT (ETFO) CHARGING TECHNOLOGY – Adventure Kings DCDC Chargers can output their stated 20Amps of charge even in constant, extremely hot ambient temperatures of up to 60°C* and internal temperatures around 90°C*

-          TRUE MULTI-STAGE VARIABLE CHARGING – Able to input from 11.9-25V and vary output voltage and current this is a buck/boost converter that takes advantage of sophisticated charging profiles and curves. Over 10,000 lines of coding were written in house to ensure excellent charging across the board

-          RECOVERS SERIOUSLY DISCHARGED BATTERIES – If the Adventure Kings DCDC charger detects over 5V it will attempt to charge and revive the battery. This is a much lower value than many other chargers and could save you hundreds rather than having to buy another battery on the off chance you discharge it too much!

-          INDUSTRIAL GRADE COMPONENTS – Industrial grade components are a step above commercial grade and are rated to suit higher working temperatures

-          MULTI CHEMISTRY BATTERY SELECTION – Suitable for Flooded Lead Acid / GEL, Calcium and AGM deep cycle batteries

-          SMART ALTERNATOR MODE – Adjust voltage cut off and isolator function with the smart alternator mode to suit modern vehicles or for use in trailers and caravans

-          LED INDICATOR LIGHTS – Shows connections, charging status and any error codes through dual colour LEDs

-          DOUBLE INTERNAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR – Reporting back to the charging chip, two temperature sensors monitor different parts of the circuit board and electronics to protect and regulate the unit for high efficiency and longevity

-          EXTERNAL BATTERY TERMINAL MOUNTED TEMPERATURE PROBE – Rather than resting against the battery or using ambient temperature, the Adventure Kings DCDC charger always uses an accurate and precise reading of the actual battery temperature for safe and effective charging every time.

-          BUILT-IN PROTECTIONS – Properly protected against reverse polarity, short circuiting, under/over voltage, over current as well as over temperature and battery under/over temperature.

-          TOUGH ALUMINIUM HOUSING – Will survive harsh conditions and engineered with built in heat sink for excellent passive cooling

-          TESTED ACROSS AUSTRALIA – With more than 5 years of heritage and over 12 months of testing on this design alone, the Adventure Kings DCDC charger has been tested across Australia from East to West as well as in the lab in extreme heat and cold.

-          ULTRASONICALLY SOLDERED, SOLID COPPER LUGS – We’ve innovated a new way to mount high-current wires to circuit boards for the ideal electrical connection and so it’s rugged enough to take on Australian off-road conditions.

-          HEAVY DUTY, HIGH QUALITY WIRING – All approved for electronics use and approved by the underwriters laboratory USA

*tested under lab conditions by IntelliQuip Solutions.


Adventure Kings 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter




Output Waveform:

Pure Sine Wave

Input Voltage:

12V DC

Output Voltage:

240V AC

AC Frequency: 


Total Harmonic Distortion: 

≤ 3%


420 x 240 x 110mm

Mounting Points:

390 x 135mm



Power Usage on Standby Mode:

Under 2Ah

Adventure Kings 20AMP DC-DC Charger

Max. Charging Current:

20A (multi-stage, buck/boost charging)

Vehicle Input Voltage Range:

11.9 -  25V

Min. Input start-up Voltage - Vehicle:


Vehicle Input Voltage Range (Ign wire NOT fitted):

12.8 – 25V

Min. Input start-up Voltage - Vehicle (Ign Wire NOT fitted):


Min. Aux Battery Voltage:


Max. Charging Voltage / Current at 25°C:

Wet lead Acid 14.2V/25A, AGM 14.6V/25A, Calcium 15.3V/25A

Idle Current Draw:


Operation Temperature - Aux Battery:

-10 °C - 50 °C


142mm x 125.6mm x 33.5mm



Temperature Compensation:


Temperature Sensor(s):

Yes , two internal, one external with ring terminal for accurate battery temperature 


Powder coated aluminium

LED Indicator lights:

Yes - for status, connections and errors

Battery Chemistry Selection:

Yes - AGM, wet lead acid/gel, calcium

Fuses required:

Yes – not supplied (50A suggested)

Recommended wire size:

Up to 8m – 6 AWG.     8-15m – 4 AWG

Adventure Kings 1500W Inverter + 20AMP DC-DC Charger

Adventure Kings 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Adventure Kings 20AMP DC-DC Charger

Kings 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter | Safe, Reliable 240v Power In Your Vehicle/Campsite


With a max output of 1500 Watts, you’re able to run many of your appliances from home, so long as it does not exceed the 1500W maximum.


Power use is dependent on the appliances plugged in and running, as well as covering the efficiency losses.

For example if you were running a 120W appliance, you can get a rough estimate of the amps required by dividing by 10. Usually you would divide by 12 for the battery voltage, but dividing by 10 offers a slight buffer to allow for efficiency losses. So 120/10=12 Amps.

If using the total 1500W, dividing by 10 gives 150 amps – in this scenario,


There are two types of inverters available – pure sine wave and modified sine wave. The pure sine wave type outputs smooth and constant power just like your powerpoints at home, while modified sine wave is a more square and blocky output.

Modified sine wave can damage some sensitive electronics, so a pure sine wave inverter is recommended for any application.

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