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  • Adventure Kings 90L Fridge Cover

    Adventure Kings 90L Fridge Cover

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  • Titan Fridge Slide |Suits Up To 60L Fridges | Twin Locking Runners | Heavy-Duty

    Titan Fridge Slide |Suits Up To 60L Fridges | Twin Locking Runners | Heavy-Duty

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  • Titan 100L Fridge Slide | Rated to 125kg | Dual Locking Runners | Adventure Kings

    Titan 100L Fridge Slide | Rated to 125kg | Dual Locking Runners | Adventure Kings

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  • Adventure Kings 12V Accessory Panel

    Adventure Kings 12V Accessory Panel

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  • Wireless Camping Fridge Thermometer | 30m Range | Works w/ Any Brand Fridge | Adventure Kings

    Wireless Camping Fridge Thermometer | 30m Range | Works w/ Any Brand Fridge | Adventure Kings

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  • 12v Fridge Wiring Kit | Cig Plug | 6m Cable | In-line Fuse

    12v Fridge Wiring Kit | Cig Plug | 6m Cable | In-line Fuse

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  • 12V Control Box

    12V Control Box

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  • Adventure Kings 25AMP DC-DC Charger Mk2 Lithium Compatible (with MPPT SOLAR)

    Adventure Kings 25AMP DC-DC Charger Mk2 Lithium Compatible (with MPPT SOLAR)

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29 Item(s)

Portable Fridge Freezers

Forget old leaky iceboxes and melted ice, because the best way to keep your food and drink cold and fresh on your next camping adventure is a realiable and highly efficient Adventure Kings 12v Fridge/Freezer!


Every one of these incredibly affordable fridge/freezers are equipped with a powerful, efficient compressor motors which are designed and manufactured by the design and development industry leader SECOP. This brand has led the charge with small intrinsically safe compressors that are effieicient and effective at providing the best possible refrigeration. The SECOP brand are so prevalent that in many cases are almost identical to the motor in your fridge at home, which means unlike thermo electric fridges, a compressor style will keep everything at the perfect temperatures nice and cold, even on the hottest summer days.


Because, these fridges run a compressor, they require a good quality refrigerant, just like your vehicle’s aircon system, for this application Kings fridges use a quality R134a refrigerant which goes through phase change to extract plenty of heat from within your refrigerator and allow the system to remain extremely efficient with minimal power consumption.


Every Adventure Kings Fridge uses easy to read digital displays and press button operation allowing some of the easiest digital temperature controls in the market with the digital readout display which lets you have the ultimate intuitive control over the temperature of your fridge freezer.


Simple controls allow anyone to adjust an Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer, making it the perfect way to keep the whole families food and drinks at the perfect temperature.


Spending time in the back of your 4WD or family van can be rough on gear which is why the whole range of Adventure Kings fridges are built tough with the single zone varieties having a durable and wear resistant polypropylene moulded body, with the dual zone models offering a powdercoated metal body.


All of the Adventure Kings portable fridge freezers are lined with thick polyurethane insulation for enhanced insulation, coupled with extra-strong cold air seals durable heavy duty hinges and handles means they’re up to the task of living in the back of your vehicle. They’re even strong enough to run 24/7 so you’ve always got a cold fridge on hand for the groceries or your lunch!


Multiple sizes of camping 12v fridge-freezers are available, with both single and dual-zone models to suit your needs, all at red-hot prices that makes the competition seem, well – a little luke-warm. Once you’ve stepped up to an Adventure Kings fridge/freezer, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Seeing that all of these fridges run on 12v, they use either a standard locking cigarette lighter socket, which locks into place in approved receptacles, which is perfect for bumpy roads and standard Australian corrugated tracks, but can also be run on 240V using the supplied cables.


Adventure Kings Gear is all designed and developed by avid 4WDers, this is why the Adventure Kings range of Fridge/Freezers and Coolers, tick all the boxes of 4WDing Camping caravan boat enthusiasts.


Many aussie campers already know that Adventure Kings is the worst kept secret for getting the best value portable camping fridges in the country, packed full of features whilst still retaining its reputation as one of the most affordable, portable compressor fridge ranges that you can get your hands on in Oz!


The first product in the renowned lineup has set the benchmark for affordable portable refrigeration, the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer was developed with the assistance of some of the industry’s most competent engineers and uses components that are considered to be some of the industry’s best, like the Secop BD35F Compressor whilst maintaining the throne of ‘most affordable’ 12v fridge freezer in the Australian market. Whilst being able to fit an incredible 88 can internal capacity, there is more than enough space for most campers hitting the tracks for extended weekends and even for the week away at Christmas!


The next most popular in the car fridge line up is the newly released, Adventure Kings 15L Console fridge, this compact unit still takes advantage of the internal compressor unit, whilst making the perfect replacement for a standard vehicle console. By converting your centre console to a car fridge, you can make sure that all your favourite snacks and refreshments are always on hand, which is great for extended road trips, keeping everything at your fingertips.


Because of the success of the 60L model and with the high market demand, Adventure Kings worked tirelessly with the same engineers on a smaller range of Fridge/Freezers designed using the tried and tested design of the 60L but with the same BD35f compressor but a more compact overall size, with a reduction of the shell size and reduction of internal space many space restricted campers, who have tighter budgets area able to escape on a much tighter budget thanks to the Adventure Kings 45L Fridge Freezer.


This fridge is smaller in stature but still manages to fit 67 cans inside which is great for weekend escapes, and extended solo trips!


As a popular alternative to the single compartment Fridge/Freezer range the Adventure Kings Designers have created a fantastic dual zone fridge range, starting with the incredibly practical 70L fridge freezer which has two zones, each zone is 100% independently controllable, which allows a larger refrigerated space or even the ability to deep freeze your meals for longer trips away and even living full time in your van, caravan or 4WD. By introducing a section of the fridge you can freeze, you open up more meal opportunities when the standard snags and steaks is wearing a bit thin.


The versatility of the 70L is added upon thanks to its roomy 105 can internal capacity, whilst not the largest, certainly leaves very little wanting of many Aussie campers!


The same set and forget technology and dual zone refrigeration applies to the largest in the range, the Adventure Kings 90L Dual Zone Fridge Freezer, this behemoth is large enough to carry 144 cans at a stable temperature and is ideal for larger families, bigger groups and even living out of for extended travels. 90L is equivalent to many bar fridges, but with the top loading design can be packed much more tightly creating an even more efficient refrigerated space!


The efficiency and convenience, is added to by the small touches, all of the Adventure Kings fridges use sturdy carrying handles, this gives you the ability to easily move it around, but additionally they are tough enough so you can use a set of tie downs to secure your fridge freezer in the back of your vehicle. This is why the whole Titan Rear Drawers range all include heavy duty tie down points and the two sided drawers have a built in fridge slide with tie down locations for all sizes of fridge.


Another simple convenience you might of completely overlooked unless you have ever been camping with an old fashioned icebox is an automatic internal light, which lets you see exactly what is inside the fridge thanks to the bright white LED light, this clever accessory improves the usability at night time, and thanks to the LED light longevity will never need to be replaced. The entire range of Kings Fridges use magnetic switches, meaning the internal light compartment can be fully sealed from the frost and moisture build up inside your fridge freezer.


The entire range of Adventure Kings car fridges operate with both refrigerate and freeze functionality you can set and forget the temperature via the digital display to anywhere from 10°C to -18°C meaning this is these fridges absolutely are without a doubt TRUE Fridge/Freezer units, perfect for keeping your food and drinks icy cold and your steaks and snags for much longer than inside a traditional ice box.


Whilst the range operates on 12v, it’s a great idea to prechill them by plugging them into your 240v plug at home before you leave, this will mean the overall power required is much less because the hard yards have already been done.


When you are at camp, you might have the ability to use a dual battery system, but a simple and affordable 12v camping solar panel setup will give you the power you need, on demand to keep your AGM battery running efficiently for an indefinite amount of time.


When you are on an extended trip, it’s a great idea particularly when your battery voltage is decreasing to consider using the 3 stage adjustable battery protection switch, this engages a low voltage cut out at three different settable voltages, these also have a voltage cut in, which means you have to get your battery back up to charge before the fridge will kick in. This feature will easily let you milk the last drops of voltage out of the battery, keeping your fridge running smoothly in an emergency and with the easily accessible fuse on the side of the fridge, any issues on the tracks will be made safer and more secure.


With a full range of portable solar panels, to keep nearly any size fridge setup running effortlessly, you will have an awesome range of options ready to go when you tackle your campsites. Starting from a more compact permanently mounted Adventure Kings 110W panel which outputs a maximum of 6 amps of 12v charge, all the way up to our largest panel in the range the 250W Adventure Kings Portable Solar Panel which boasts an impressive 13.5 amps output every hour, which is enough to run an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer, for more than 13 hours non-stop, so with just 2-3 hours of sunlight your battery will have enough juice to keep your fridge running 24/7!


The fridge/freezer range by Adventure Kings is part of the bigger objective of Adventure Kings and 4WD Supacentre to help make 4WD camping and long range touring and play more affordable for everyday Australians.


Affordability is one of the critical factors for many Aussies who like to head out camping, but the cost shouldn’t have an impact on the quality or performance found when heading out bush. This is why Adventure Kings pays special attention to the factors that make a product reliable and have done pretty well at offering 4WDers campers and adventurers all over the country a hassle free and easy 24-month warranty period.


The Two-year warranty offered on Adventure Kings Fridge freezers ensures that your gear works when you need it most, and with hassle free warranty, you and your family and friends can enjoy the great outdoors smiling that you bought the right gear from Adventure Kings!


If you are not sure of exactly what gear you might be after, or whether some of the gear we offer will work perfectly for your setup? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered for all your camping gear needs, just call us on 1800 88 39 64 jump on our website www.4WDSupacentre.com.au and see the entire range of gear available for making your campsite incredible, or you can drop into one of our camping stores to talk to our friendly team of camping and 4WD experts we’d love to help you get the best bang for buck setup out there!