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Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer + 35L Fridge Cover
Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer + 35L Fridge Cover
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Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer + 35L Fridge Cover

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Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer + 35L Fridge Cover

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  • Digital controls and LCD screen – set the temp anywhere from +10°C down to -18°C

  • Lightweight and compact with reversible lid to suit any vehicle!

  • Comes with 12V and 240V cable! Runs straight off your car’s cig socket, or home power point

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Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer | 12V & 240V | Fits 51 Cans | For Home, Car & Camping
Kings 35L Fridge Cover | Suits Kings 35L Fridge/Freezer | Tough | Durable | Insulated

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Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer | Compressor | Fits 51 Cans

The Adventure Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer will be your new best friend for road trips, picnics or weekends away – despite the fact it’s compact and lightweight, you can fit a huge amount of food and drinks inside! In fact, it’ll fit a huge 51 cans!

You can set the temperature anywhere from +10°C to -18°C – and this is a proper fridge / freezer that uses a compressor for fast cooling and high efficiency – just like your fridge at home! It’s NOT a thermo-cooler!

Simply use the up and down buttons, along with the easy to read LCD display to set your desired temperature and you’re done – the fridge will immediately start cooling. Once it reaches the desired temperature the compressor will cycle on and off only when needed which saves power!

The design means it’s easy to carry, with moulded handles to save on space and minimise extra weight. The insulated lid is reversible so you can tailor it to your vehicle or setup and the flat top make the perfect area to serve up some snacks and drinks.

Inside there’s a basket that allows easy access to the contents and makes packing quick and easy too.

Plus, it’s so multipurpose!  Because it comes ready to go with both a 12V cig plug cord for your vehicle and a 240V standard power point adapter for use at home it’s ideal as a drinks fridge, which you can easily pick up and put in the car for your next road trip, then just as easily take it out for an overnight stay at a cabin or hotel! You can even use it for your next shopping trip to keep your items chilled or frozen and stop them melting before you get home!

Some companies may charge you separately for the 240V power adapter, which can cost you up to an extra $50 – with Adventure Kings it’s included in the already low price!

With plenty of benefits and features an Adventure Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer offers great value to anyone looking to upgrade from a cooler bag, icebox or thermo cooler!



You might have seen other coolers on the market that are priced similarly to Adventure Kings fridge-freezers – but don’t be fooled, they’re not real fridges!

They’re what’s known as thermo-coolers or thermoelectric coolers – and sometimes it’s not obvious whether they’re real fridges or not. It’s a case of buyer beware – you need to do your research.

A thermo-cooler uses a constant supply of power through an electrical circuit that creates heat on one side of a thermoelectric component and cooling on the other. The cool side is placed inside the ‘fridge’ and the heated side is placed on the outside of the ’fridge’. This means they constantly need power in order to cool – and half the energy is going into creating heat inside your vehicle!

The other problem is they’re only able to cool down to around 25°C below ambient. Leave a thermo-cooler in your car on a hot day and as the car heats up to 40 or even 50° the thermo-cooler is only able to cool down to 15 or 25°C – that’s definitely not cold enough to safely keep your food!

On the other hand, a compressor fridge like all Adventure Kings fridge-freezers circulates refrigerant throughout the fridge walls to keep the contents cold – once the desired temperature has been reached the compressor cycles on and off to regulate the temperature and save power. Plus another advantage of a compressor fridge is the superior cooling ability! Able to cool down to around 50°C below ambient, even on the hottest days it’ll keep your food and drinks icy cold!

Compressor fridges (like the Adventure Kings range) are more efficient, are able to cool to a much lower temperature and can even be used as a freezer! There’s a reason your fridge at home uses a compressor. So, do your research as some ‘fridges’ that seem to offer good value aren’t really fridges at all!

35L Fridge Cover

This protective insulation cover for the Adventure Kings 35L Fridge/Freezer helps protect your fridge from damage and scuffs and offers an additional layer of insulation!

It features an easy zip opening and a clear window so you adjust your fridge settings or check the temperature at a glance.

The Adventure Kings Fridge Cover helps keep your 35L Fridge/Freezer even cooler and conserves battery life.

It also has:

• An easy to open zip, allows quick access to the top of your fridge

• A clear window for monitoring and controlling your fridge’s temperature

• Mesh vents for uninhibited air flow

• 4 D-rings (1 per corner)

Along with all these features, this cover will protect your fridge from bumps and scratches when you are out in the bush - keeping your fridge looking pristine.

Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer | Compressor | Fits 51 Cans

Fridge Type:

12V Compressor

Refrigerant Type:

R134a CFC Free

LCD Display:

Displays Temperature, Voltage and Menu/Settings

Temperature Range:

+10°C to -18°C


35L / 51 x 375ml cans

Input Voltage:

12V/24V | 240V to 12V transformer included for home

Adjustable power cut-off:



Internal automatic LED


Reversible side-opening


Heavy-duty Moulded

Tie Down Points:

Threaded Bolts – (optional tie down tabs)


Polypropylene body and lid, Polyurethane insulation




578mm (L) x 381mm (W) x 502mm (H)

Internal Dimensions(cm): 

Main Section – 280mm L x 235mm W x 415mm D

Dairy Section – 150mm L x 235W x 240mm D

Amp Draw set at 3°C Fridge (32°C ambient and 13.2V)

0.6 Ah (14.4 Amps per 24 Hours)

Amp Draw set at -15°C Freezer (32°C ambient and 13.2V)

1.5 Ah (36 Amps per 24 Hours)

Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer + 35L Fridge Cover

Kings 35L Fridge / Freezer | 12V & 240V | Fits 51 Cans | For Home, Car & Camping

Kings 35L Fridge Cover | Suits Kings 35L Fridge/Freezer | Tough | Durable | Insulated

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