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Need a quality generator for camping, your caravan, remote power in your shed or on the jobsite, or just as home power backup during blackouts? Then you’ve come to the right place! Adventure Kings portable power generators are all extremely high quality, at an incredibly affordable price. They’re designed to run on four-stroke unleaded petrol, so there’s no mixing fuel like with old generators, and have powerful inverter circuitry for running anything from sensitive electronics inside a laptop, high consumption power tool requirements to a welding machine!


We’ve designed our generators to be ultra-reliable, and to start first pull of the starter. We’ve got extra-quiet generators for campers and caravanners, tough steel-caged generators for the jobsite or the home, and even a whopping 5.5kVA portable generator that can run just about anything and is perfect for your remote area job site!


Not sure of exactly what you’re after, or whether something will work for your setup? We’ve got you covered! Call us 8am-6pm Mon-Fri and 8am-4pm Sat-Sun to talk to our friendly team of camping and 4WD experts, or send us an email info@4wdsupacentre.com.au for a quick response. We live and breathe this stuff – and we’d love to help you.


Adventure Kings Generators are a solid and reliable workhorse for any ocassion!


If you need fuel efficient power at play or when you are hard at work, the range of Adventure Kings generators boasts more than enough juice for well under budget!


Designed to be easy to use reliable and to also be able to keep your site cranking along smoothly when you need it most!


Available for nearly any application in both a sturdy 2KVA (2000W) and its meatier 3.5KVA (3500W) bigger brother.


The Adventure Kings Generator range caters to all of your off grid power demands, whether you just want to run all of your 12v accessories without draining your car battery or you need to run heavy duty power thirsty power tools like a tough 9” angle grinder or a drop saw the Adventure Kings Generator range has just the model for you!


The range of Adventure Kings Generators also have 12v output for unregulated 12v battery charging, this comes in handy for operating accessories like your Adventure Kings 12v air compressor for extended periods whilst your motor is not running.


Both the 3.5KVA and the 2KVA Adventure Kings generators are fitted with a smart pure sine wave 240V output from a clever integrated inverter meaning you get the absolute cleanest power to run even the most sensitive electronics like laptops or phone chargers without risk of damaging circuitry.


The 2000W and 3500W models make Adventure Kings Inverter Generators easy to operate and are fitted with smooth and quiet running 4 stroke engines with muffler noise suppression and an economic CDI Electronic ignition to ensure they maintain absolute reliability.


The Adventure Kings 2KVA generator gave a recorded decibel rating of 60.6dB, and with its 1500W of additional output the Adventure Kings 3.5KVA is measured at only 62.7dB both models noise suppression systems are extremely efficient and effective at making these an almost silent source of 240V AC power.


The trusty Adventure Kings 2KVA generator is fitted with a 100cc Air-cooled 4 stroke, pushrod operated OHV (Over Head Valve) unleaded petrol engine, which requires minimal servicing and maintainance offering excellent fuel ecconomy with its tiny 4 litre fuel tank providing a massive 9 hours running time which is incredible milage for such a small motor!


Whilst its bigger brother the Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Generator uses a 150cc Air-cooled, 4 stroke, OHC (Over Head Camshaft) unleaded petrol Engine, for maximum power output and reliability no matter where you are and all without handling thicker smelly diesel fuel like a larger industrial style diesel generator!


Both units are fitted with C.D.I. Electronic ignition which means the Adventure Kings generator has efficient control and can automatically adjust the engine idle up and down as it is required when set to economy mode this conserves fuel and reduces noise when on, this will make sure you get more out of your Adventure Kings generator.


To give you an idea of just how powerful the Adventure Kings camping generators are our 2KVA generators can run stacks of appliances, starting with 2x of the massive Adventure Kings 60L fridge/freezers, a plethora of Adventure Kings Illuminator LED Camp Lights offering stacks of lighting for your whole campsite.


All of these common camp site accessories only equals about 200w of power, add in a couple of camera battery chargers and we are still only at 300W include your whole campsites phone chargers and you will have a total nearing 450w, include a 1000w toaster and we are still only at 1450w on an Adventure Kings 2KVA Generator you have over 500W remaining, and on the colossus Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Generator you will still have over 2000W of clean pure sine wave power remaining which is enough to run power thirsty tools like an angle grinder or a microwave on top of everything else!


Packed full of features, it is easy to see how great the Adventure Kings generator range are at powering campsites, worksites and even as an emergency power source. In recent months, with power outages all over Australia the Adventure Kings Generator range has become a go too power source for many peoples emergency power supply!


If you are looking for the highest performance and best value for money you can get, an Adventure Kings Generator is definitely the way to go.


The team at 4WD Supacentre are ready to back our excellent Adventure Kings generator design and build quality with a trouble free 12-month warranty period, not that you’ll need it, just so you’ll have peace of mind!


So get your own Adventure Kings Generator today, to have reliable power no matter where you are!


With unbelievable prices on gear delivered to your door, online shopping is a great way to get your hands on your new camping gear. But did you know you can get better advice on the perfect way to upgrade your camping setup by simply dropping into one of our stores to not only see the gear in person and have a try, but to talk to our team of experts.