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900mm Titan Rear Drawers suitable for smaller wagons
900mm Titan Rear Drawers suitable for smaller wagons
Titan Drawer System - 900mm (without wings) - Suitable for Prado 120

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Titan Drawer System - 900mm (without wings) - Suitable for Prado 120

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  • Strong galvanised steel frame

  • Double roller bearings

  • Easy DIY installation

30 day money back guarantee

Free Rear Drawer Wings at cart - sold today for $48.95 + $15 P&H*


Titan Drawer System - 900mm (without wings) - Suitable for Prado 120



Unbeatable value for money – you can’t make or buy other drawers this good for this price – Free Built In Fridge Slide, Easy DIY install, heavy duty, locking handles, side wings available, fits heaps of SUVs, Wagons, Utes and more!

Titan Rear drawers are at the top of most 4WDers’ wishlists but high prices put them out of reach for many people.

4WD Supacentre’s wholesale prices to the public mean you can now get a top quality set of drawers for a lot less than you thought.

You won’t find drawers this quality at this price - look at the features of the Titan rear drawer system

  • Quality double roller bearings (90 bearings in total)
  • Strong galvanised steel frame
  • Built in fridge slide – saves you up to $200 as it is an extra on many other brands
  • Strong tie down points
  • Locking handles
  • Heavy duty marine carpet inside and outside
  • Full DIY fitting kit included. Can be fitted easily by 1 person in under 3 hours.
  • Side infill panels to suit a wide range of models.
  • Beautiful fit and finish
  • The strong locking mechanism is protected and fully sealed on the inside so your cargo won’t get caught in it.

    When fitting Titan Rear Drawers into an 8 seat Prado, you will need to space the drawers up slightly if you want them to sit level with the rear cupholders.

    Titan Drawer System - 900mm (without wings) - Suitable for Prado 120


    Features: When fitting Titan Rear Drawers into an 8 seat Prado, you will need to space the drawers up slightly if you want them to sit level with the rear cupholders.NOTE: Titan Rear Drawers are only available with BLUE Marine Carpet

    Drawer Size:

    900mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 270mm (H)

    Drawer Internal Size:

    790mm (L) x 430mm (W) x 190mm (H) (2 drawers per set)

    Top Slide:

    900mm (L) x 500mm (W)

    Net Weight:


    Drawer Extends Out:


    Fridge Slide Extends Out:



    Galvanised Steel with multiple mounting options


    Double Roller bearings (x90)


    Hard-wearing marine carpet, inside and out

    Fridge Slide:

    Yes, left hand side


    Key locking handles and heavy duty

    Tie Down Points:

    Yes, on both fridge slide and stationary drawer top

    Customer Reviews


    Said 1000mm wide but is 1010mm, had a bit of mods to do but love them all the same. Great quality.

    Review by Brett, QLD (Posted on 8/09/2018)

    Review by John, WA (Posted on 4/09/2018)

    900mm Titan Rear Drawers suitable for smaller wagons: I bought the draws to suit a Prado since they were the best match for my Pajero. After seeing many others fit the Titan draws in their 2nd gen Pajeros I decided to take the leap. I had to adjust the rails on the bottom, file a little out of the back rail so the holes would line up for a bolt to fit. I trimmed my plastics and knocked the inner guards in a little so the draws would fit without sitting up 40mm. The instructions were straight forward and ver

    Review by sheridan, TAS (Posted on 11/08/2018)

    Review by Russell, SA (Posted on 18/07/2018)

    Install was a little more involved than expected ... very happy with final result

    Review by alan, QLD (Posted on 5/07/2018)

    Great all round

    Review by Mick, WA (Posted on 29/06/2018)
    Fantastic to hear mate, did you install them into the 120 Prado or a different vehicle? - Samantha

    Reply by 4WD Supacentre (Posted on 2018-06-29 13:06:10)

    Didn’t fit properly and needed to be cut. But love the drawers

    Review by Fiona, NSW (Posted on 5/06/2018)

    I have a Pajero Sport GLX, and these were the only size to get. I had to put an extra base under it so that I could access my spare wheel release, but I am quite satisfied with them.
    Kevin Skinner

    Review by Kevin, NSW (Posted on 5/06/2018)

    Love my drawers. They make it easy to leave packed with stove, cooking and eating equipment, food and recovery gear ready to leave at a moments notice on another camping trip.

    Review by jenn, VIC (Posted on 24/03/2018)
    Super stoked to hear this Jenn, being organised makes a big difference - Samantha

    Reply by 4WD Supacentre (Posted on 26/03/2018)

    Titan Drawer System - 900mm (without wings) - Suitable for Prado 120

    Titan Drawer System - 900mm (without wings) - Suitable for Prado 120

    Do we sell fridge slides?
    We do sell the Dunn &Watson fridge slides for custom touring setups, however, all of our Titan Drawers come with a built in locking fridge slide!

    What are the dimensions of the wings for the drawers?
    These vary from model to model. If you measure your boot using the width of the drawer made for your 4WD, the excess space on either side is the approx width of the wings.


    Do we sell 150 Prado series drawers?
    We do not make a specific set to fit the 150 Series Toyota Prado, however people have had great success with some minor modifications to the 120 Series Toyota Prado model Titan Drawers.


    Will we be getting wings for the Ute drawers?
    The 1300mm Titan Drawers do not include wings, however we have just released a DIY Universal wing Kit to suit most single and dual cab Ute trays.

    Do we sell Ute drawers to fit in a 2010 Ford ranger XL?
    Our Ute drawers fit most popular makes and models of single and dual cab utes. For individual model confirmation, please use our detailed measurements outlined on the ute drawer product page to measure against your Ute before buying.


    Do you sell single drawers?
    we have just released a single Titan Drawer unit, it is 900mm Long and 500mm wide and will fit in nearly every make and model of 4WD on the market.

    Can drawers be divided and stacked on each other?
    As Titan Drawers are mostly assembled upon delivery, we don’t recommend trying to separate and stack them.

    Do we make Titan Drawers for Troopies?
    Not specifically, however, MANY Troopy owners have successfully fitted ou1300mm Titan Ute Drawers and the Universal wing kitin the back of their Troopy with minimal fuss and a neat and tidy finish.

    Are drawers easy to install?
    Titan Drawers are VERY easy to install. You need a few basic hand tools and a couple of spare hours. Check out the video in the drawer category to see how much of a set comes pre-assembled. You certainly don’t need to be a mechanic to install these drawers!


    Are Titan Drawers waterproof?
    Titan Drawers are covered in a very hard-wearing marine carpet. They are robust and water-resistant, however, they are not 100% water proof. We do not recommend installing drawers on a ute without a canopy or weather proof tonneau cover.

    Are Titan Rear Drawers or Titan Ute Drawers available in other colours?
    Titan Rear Drawers are currently only available with blue marine carpet covering.

    Can you swap the fridge slide to the right side?
    The fridge slide cannot be moved from the left to the right side.


    Does the fridge slide on the ute draws drop down or slide out?
    The fridge slide on Titan Drawers does not pivot or drop down however it does slide smoothly – for other fridge slide options please see the Dunn & Watson Range of heavy duty fridge slides.

    When the seats are folded down in vehicle do the seats sit at the same level as the rear drawers?
    With our drawers made to fit so many 4WD wagons and utes, it’s hard for us to say with certainty how yours will line up compared to your seats as every 4WD is different. Our advice is to take the measurements we provide on the exterior height of our drawers and measure those against how your seats fold down.


    I have child restraints in my vehicle; can I still install Titan Rear Drawers? 
    Yes, provided the Titan drawers are not used as an anchor point and the drawers do not obstruct a direct line to an anchor point. 
    For more information, contact an Authorised Restraint Fitting Station. 

    Additional Information

    Manuals and Documentation No