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Roof Racks

Don’t play Tetris trying to stack everything you want to carry inside your vehicle, when Adventure Kings roofracks are so affordable, and such high quality! Whether it’s the camping gear, work equipment or materials, the kids’ bikes or a surfboard, a roofrack will transform your ability to carry everything easily, safely and securely. It’ll even give you an easy way to mount an awning or two as well!

We sell two types of roofracks here at 4WD Supacentre – steel roofracks that go the full length of the roof, in seven different styles for carrying everything from swags, to timber, to rooftop tents, and also our alloy roof-bar kits for modern dual-cab utes.

Not sure of exactly what you’re after, or whether something will work for your setup? We’ve got you covered! Call us 8am-6pm Mon-Fri and 8am-4pm Sat-Sun to talk to our friendly team of camping and 4WD experts, or send us an email info@4wdsupacentre.com.au for a quick response. We live and breathe this stuff – and we’d love to help you.


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Adventure Kings Steel Roof Racks are some of the toughest and best value roof racks available on the Australian market!


Built tough from solid steel, the Adventure Kings Steel Roof Racks are over engineered and built to be seriously tough. The efforts of the designers was to build a set of racks that would suit the rugged environments found across Australia from the wild and winding coastline to the seemingly endless inland deserts covered in corrugations, without forgetting the rigors a full load has to endure crossing the mountainous Great Dividing Range.


Built with a fine eye and a high attention to detail means that all of our racks are tough, to prove this all of our full length designs were tested to meet the exacting standards and performance expectations set out by the current Australian Standards AS 1235-2000 (A.D.R.) regarding roof racks load carrying ability.


The rigorous AS 1235-2000 standard attempts to twist, contort and deform a roof rack from its mounts on a vehicle and undoubtably the whole range of Steel racks from 4WD Supacentre passed with flying colours and earned a massive independently tested load rating, allowing it to carry up to 500Kg of cargo (always check your vehicle’s load rating).


The Solid Steel Roof Rack range has a collection of alternative roof rack designs, built for single cab utes, ½ length racks, ¾ length racks, full length tradie racks plus many more designs!


Not only are Adventure Kings solid steel Roof Racks built Supa-strong, we build them to last. The Adventure Kings Steel Roof Racks are powder coated with a hard-wearing black fully weather proof durable scratch resistant powder-coating finish that seals the steel to protect against all environmental factors and adds ultimate all-weather durability suitable for use in salty coastal areas.


With your heavy duty steel roof rack you can rest assured that whatever the weather - rain hail or shine - you’ve got nothing to worry about, and your solid steel roof rack can cop the abuse!


On top of being extremely tough and durable, the Steel Roof Rack range is fully compatible with all of our Adventure Kings Awning and Adventure Kings Awning accessories range.


All of the Adventure Kings awnings include a FREE DIY installation kit that easily fastens to the mesh base found on all Adventure Kings Steel roof racks. This makes the Adventure Kings steel roof rack the perfect foundation for your entire campsite!


The heavy duty steel racks all include a front plate that includes pre-drilled front mounting holes and are the perfect mounting location for the Adventure Kings Illuminator LED Lightbar or even a set of Adventure Kings LED Driving lights, or with creativity can be the best location for mounting your UHF antenna for better reception when driving through the desert!


Plus if you have been eyeballing one of those mobile rooftop campsite fortresses, like the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents, there is even a rack specially designed for that too with side rails ending at the front end, making sure there is no obstruction for mounting and folding out your rooftop tent!


Easily mounted to many different models of vehicle there is a few mounting methods such as the Universal Gutter Mount brackets, suited to vehicles that come with rain channels that run the perimeter of the vehicle, often immediately above the doors and side windows of your vehicle.


There are also a handful of vehicles without rain gutters that we make specific mounting brackets to suit their black rubber roof channels too!


If your vehicle has no rain gutters and we don’t make a channel mount for, you can still fit a solid heavy duty steel roof rack using rated u bolts and existing cross bars or standard sports bars that run from front to back.


Priced as easily one of the most affordable steel roof rack systems on the Australian Market, it’s hard to look past the incredible value and build construction offered by an Steel Roof Rack System. So do yourself a favor, stop dreaming and start living with a torture tested and rock-solid Adventure Kings Steel Roof Rack TODAY!



With unbelievable prices on gear delivered to your door, online shopping is a great way to get your hands on your new camping gear. But did you know you can get better advice on the perfect way to upgrade your camping setup by simply dropping into one of our stores to not only see the gear in person and have a try, but to talk to our team of experts.


Ravenhall 4WD Supacentre Company Store, 3023 VIC Ravenhall is one of the largest showrooms of the exclusive Adventure Kings gear in Australia. with the ability to touch and feel just about everything in the range before you take your new gear home. Make sure you get in to see just what is possible with the Adventure Kings range as well as heading away with the best value camping setups in Oz!


Dandenong 4WD Supacentre Company Store, 3140 VIC this store acts as our Victorian regional centre, located conveniently at Dandenong. It doubles as one of our distribution centers for many of our online orders spanning NSW, SA, and across VIC. The team always makes sure that plenty of stock is always on hand for immediate pickup and fast dispatch for online and phone orders. The experts at 4WD Supacentre Dandenong can help you get setup for trips into Gippsland and the high country for much less than you could imagine so come in and score a bargain TODAY!


4WD Supacentre Brendale Company Store, 4500 QLD is run by a passionate team of 4WDers with lots of offroad, recovery, and camping experience. They’ll help you with picking the best campsite and 4WD upgrades for the best price and put you in touch with a local workshop who can perform expert gear fitment to your vehicle!


4WD Supacentre Company Store Parkinson/Browns Plains, 4115 QLD offers the full range of camping gear which is also available to view, try out and pickup directly from our expert team located in our newest national showroom located in the shopping district at Parkinson/Browns Plains.


4WD Supacentre Gold Coast (Varsity Lakes) Company Store, 4227 QLD is popular for last-minute gear for trips away. The Gold Coast showroom is located in the heart of Varsity Lakes and is the perfect destination for many visitors heading north to the islands in Moreton and Hervey Bay or out towards the Glasshouse Mountains, their professional team can help with expert local knowledge tips and tricks!


Newcastle/Heatherbrae 4WD Supacentre Company Store, NSW 2324 Situated right near the iconic Heatherbrae pie shop on the pacific highway round about, this extensive showroom has nearly the whole lineup of gear from 4WD Supacentre on display, and offers campers and 4WDers the opportunity to come in and touch and feel and walk away with some of the best value 4WD and camping gear in Australia.


Wetherill Park 4WD Supacentre Company Store, NSW 2164 Located between Parramatta and Penrith in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, the Wetherill Park 4WD Supacentre Store caters to the greater Sydney District with its convenient location for most of Sydney is the go-to destination for all 4WDers and campers across the city.


Narellan Area (Smeaton Grange) 4WD Supacentre Company Store, NSW 2567 Narellan to the south west of Sydney is packed full of outdoor enthusiasts and many 4WD clubs and blessed with the southern highlands right at the doorstep, the Narellan 4WD Supacentre showroom has a lot to offer and is open for business.