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Adventure Kings Grand Tourer Roof Top Tent + Adventure Kings 110W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

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Adventure Kings Grand Tourer Roof Top Tent + Adventure Kings 110W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

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  • Sets up in under 2 minutes with large gas struts!

  • Tough 5052-grade 1.5mm aluminium construction

  • Fully insulated floor and roof

  • 75mm thick high-density foam mattress

  • 320gsm canvas with midge-proof mesh

  • Entry doors on all three sides!

  • 2.4m telescopic ladder

  • Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) construction offers improved mechanical strength and higher resistance to temperature, chemicals, corrosion & UV

  • Capable of producing up to 5.95A per hour in full sunlight!

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Grand Tourer Aluminium Rooftop Tent | 2min Setup | 75mm mattress | 2yr Wty


Introducing the game-changing Adventure Kings Grand Tourer Aluminium Rooftop Tent. A truly affordable Aluminium rooftop tent with a genuine sub-2minute setup time, massive gas struts, aircraft-grade Aluminium construction and an insanely comfy 75mm mattress!

We did it to swags. We did it to winches. We did it to driving lights. We did it to traditional folding-style rooftop tents. Now we’ve done it again, with the introduction of the game-changing, amazing Adventure Kings Grand Tourer Aluminium Rooftop Tent. Truly affordable quality, and thousands of dollars more affordable than the competition!

The shell is specifically designed with a powder coated 1.5mm 5052 grade aluminum which has allowed us to minimize weight and increase both strength and corrosion resistance. 

It has a reinforced roof and base – the roof is internally braced but you can clearly see the external bracing on the base – this prevents sagging and keeps the unit rigid. The roof and base both feature 50mm of insulation that’ll keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer and the internals are nicely finished with a carpet lining.

The awning is made from 420D waterproof polyester, and the tent canvas is 320gsm waterproof poly cotton canvas, ensuring the tent is 100% waterproof. It’s durable, lightweight and ideal for camping applications.

The Mattress is an incredibly comfy 75mm high density open cell foam – as you can see it fits the entire internal space, maximizing sleeping room. You can access up inside the tent from either side or from the back, that means you can run multiple Adventure Kings awnings or even the 270 degree king wing awning.

The windows and door feature midge proof mesh screens to allow air flow but stop any insects getting in. We’ve designed the windows to zip up from the bottom leaving the opening at the top. This allows the awning to prevent any rain coming in through a partially open window, that way you can have air flow even in wet weather. 

The roof is lifted and kept up by two stainless steel gas struts. There’s also a lock out safety pole to ensure that the tent remains open with occupants inside. also as a safety design feature the lock out pole allows you to continue to use the tent even if a gas strut fails.

For creature comforts we’ve added 2 internal pockets and 12volt zipper access to make running accessories from outside to inside the tent easy.

All seams are stitched and taped, the tent has a thick water and dust-proof seal, all zippers are high quality YKK zippers, and most importantly, every single fitting on the tent is stainless steel for ultimate longevity.

The fitting kit includes, 6 x heavy duty mounting plates, 12 x mounting track adaptors & 12 x M8 stainless steel nylock nuts & bolts.

The included collapsible 2.4m telescopic ladder allows you to access the tent even with a lifted vehicle and the ladder mounting bracket holds the ladder in place when you are climbing in and out of the tent for extra safety. 

To assist with pack up it has a bungee cord to pull the canvas in as the tent folds, a pull down strap and 2 grab handles. The over-centre locking latches are adjustable, lockable and hold the tent closed when travelling.

Finally, it has accessory rails that you can mount awnings, lights or other accessories to. It allows you to customize your setup without ruining the integrity of the roof top tent.

The Grand Tourer Aluminium Roof Top Tent was designed by Aussie campers for Aussie campers – it’s perfect for weekend get-aways or journeys right around Australia.

Adventure Kings 110W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

Low profile, durable and efficient Adventure Kings Semi-Flexible solar panels are able to output up to 6.53A and are the perfect choice for a permanent 12V set up on your vehicle!

Designed so they can be easily fixed to your canopy, roof rack, trailer, caravan or even boat, these panels offer enough flex to be mounted on curves or uneven surfaces*.

They’re constructed with tough and durable ETFE (Ethylene TetraFluoroEthylene) which is renowned for its high corrosion resistance, excellent UV and heat resistance so it’s designed to not deteriorate over time compared to other commonly used flexible solar materials.

ETFE has excellent self-cleaning properties so will generally be washed by rain or using a low pressure hose, while in extreme environments a light wipe is all that’s required to keep your panel working at its best. The Adventure Kings Semi-Flexible Solar Panels also have built in bypass diodes that mean if one cell is dirty or shaded the others will continue working at maximum efficiency.

Perfect for 4WDers and campers who use their rigs rain, hail or shine or even salt-spray, beating sun and snow with an operating range of -40°C to +85°C and an IP67 dust and waterproof rating.

Easy to join up, with pre-connected MC4 plugs you can simply extend out the wiring and connect to your Adventure Kings Solar Regulator, CTEK D250SA or most other DC to DC chargers to instantly start your battery charging.

Whether you want to keep your battery topped up while you’re around town, or leave the fridge running 24/7 while you’re at camp for long periods, adding an Adventure Kings Semi-Flexible can make it happen!

Measuring in at 107cm by 67cm and just millimetres thick (not including the small junction boxes) and only weighing around 4kg, they’re a great choice where you want big power without sacrificing fuel economy, or don’t want any extra weight on your roof that may affect your centre of gravity.

*Extreme or uneven curves can damage the panels, so be sure to support the panel during installation and when fitting into place. Do not bend the panel more than 30°

Grand Tourer Aluminium Rooftop Tent | 2min Setup | 75mm mattress | 2yr Wty

Dimensions Open (cm):

170H x 147.6W x 235.5L

Dimensions Folded (cm):

29.5H x 147.6W x 235.5L

Weight (kg):

88.5 kg including mattress and telescopic ladder

Tent Material:

320GSM canvas

Mattress Dimensions (cm):

228.5L x 140.0W x 7.5H

Mattress Thickness (cm):


Adventure Kings 110W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel


Cell Type


Rated Maximum Power (PM)



± 3%

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp)


Current at Pmax (Imp)


Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short-Circuit Current (Isc)


Normal Operating Cell Temp (NOCT)

47 ± 2°C

Maximum System Voltage


Maximum Series Fuse Rating


Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Application Class

Class A




107 x 67 x 2 cm


2.85 kg

Adventure Kings Grand Tourer Roof Top Tent + Adventure Kings 110W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

Grand Tourer Aluminium Rooftop Tent | 2min Setup | 75mm mattress | 2yr Wty

Adventure Kings 110W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

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