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Research & Development Testing Videos

Take a look at how we test our products.

Watch the huge loads applied as we test them to destruction at a NATA approved test lab.

Hercules Tree Trunk Protector

Watch our Hercules tree trunk protector being tested to destruction at a NATA approved test lab.

We tested it wrapped around a post to represent how it would perform in a real world situation during a recovery. The results far exceeded typical loads you’d encounter in a recovery.


Bow Shackles

Here’s the footage of our Hercules 4.75T rated bow shackle being tested at a NATA lab.

The test jig broke at high load before the shackle did. Take a look.


Clevis Hook

We wanted to show just how strong our clevis hooks were in a NATA test lab. The loads got so high we stopped the test.

Watch how much load they took.


Hercules Winch Extension Strap

Watch us test our Hercules winch extension strap to destruction at a NATA test lab.