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  Adventure Kings 'Big Daddy' Double Swag  


The Adventure Kings 'Big Daddy' Double Swag also known as the 'Horizon' is unbeatable out in the bush. Tested across Australia, and in every weather condition you can imagine, you’ll be toasty and warm in the freezing snow of the Vic High Country, or roll up the canvas to catch a breeze and keep cool in the heat of the Top End. Made from high quality materials and packed in a carry bag, the Adventure Kings Double Swag is durable, tough and is available for an unbelievable price!

*Khaki Swag colour may vary due to lighting
*Mattress cover colour may vary

SPACIOUS – Designed to cater for singles or couples who like plenty of room. This is one of the biggest swags on the market.

DURABLE – 400GSM Ripstop poly cotton canvas. The 550GSM PVC bucket floor base offers excellent water proof properties in any conditions.

EASY TO USE – Twin pole free standing design with easy to attach pole clip loops for simple setup and quick packup.

COMFORTABLE– Unlike some swags, you’ll never feel cramped in the Adventure Kings Double Swag thanks to huge interior space, large storm flaps on both sides and a 50mm high density mattress.

  Adventure Kings 'Big Daddy' Double Swag  


  • Canvas: 400GSM Ripstop poly cotton canvas
  • Base: PVC 550GSM Bucket floor
  • Mattress: 50mm high density mattress with poly cotton removable cover
  • 8mm alloy foot and head pole (hi tensile)
  • Telescopic centre pole
  • Canvas pole clip loops
  • Large storm flaps
  • Alternative entry
  • Carry bag 
  • Mattress Dimensions: 2100mm x 1550mm x 50mm

*Khaki Swag colour may vary due to lighting

*Mattress cover colour may vary


  • Best night sleep out in the bush somewhere deep inside Nagambie inside my big daddy swag from 4WD Supercenter. So comfortable and plenty of ventilation. Cheers guys. - Leo Torres

  • We took our kids camping before Christmas up near Beerwah Qld (pre zoo camping trip) just my partner and I with our 2 & 6yo. The afternoon we set up we got wind and a small bit of rain and stayed dry under our kings awning. Our son went from his tent to our double swag and in his own words "mum you gotta get me a swag like dad's, I need one" there's heaps of room in the swags and we use ours more than the tent which is a big thing bringing kids camping. – Angela Gill

  • Big daddy swag kept us warm, dry and it was breathable up at the Murray last week! Great buy – Sandy Fiske  

  • Finally got a chance to use my big daddy swag that i purchased a few weeks ago. Was already stoked with my purchase as it was delivered to Perth within 6 days, but now after getting the chance to use it, I could not be happier. No strings or pegs are needed and set up was a breeze. Thanks to everyone at 4WD Supacentre for this awesome product. – Matt Edwards

  • I was out camping with a mate last weekend and he had an Adventure Kings single swag, and I was hooked. I went into the store and bought myslef the Adventure Kings Double Swag and I could not be any happier with service, price, quality and comfort of the swag! Thanks 4wdSupacentre! - Lachlan Frampton 

  • I bought a swag for half the price of one of my mates and stayed dry in the rain, whereas his collapsed. - Lachlan Mcrae

  • Got my big daddy swag just in time for a week’s camping! Compared to my mates it was heaps cheaper and much bigger, got them wanting one now. – Cameron Carroll

  • Absolutely love the gear I bought from you guys, the Kings double swag has to be by far the nicest one I've owned and can’t get over how comfy it is to sleep in – Josh Fengler 

  • Here we are out at AUS camp oven festival in Millmerran 2016. Have had two great nights sleep in my adventure kings double swag one more tonight then can't wait to go out again and use best swag I've ever slept in! Thanks – Aaron O’Keeffe 

  • Took the kids camping over the holidays. The swags are the best!! Can have them up in less than 5mins! We recommend them to everyone as they really are the best! – Jade Krystle 

  • Discovered 4WD Supacentre about a year ago and more than impressed with their gear. We recently went to Fraser Island with the Kings Double swag and awning. The swag is so spacious and comfortable, the mattress is a lot thicker than the other swag we own. I was so impressed that I have since purchased the rooftop tent for my partner, much more affordable than other brands for exactly the same quality. We have now got all of our friends onto your gear and they are loving it!! – Brooke Thomson

  • Great time at Fraser the three Kings swags worked great. We felt bad for the guy we brought with the tent. – Nelson Gaskell 

  • Spent the first night in the new Big Daddy Swag on the beach. I love the fine mesh fly screens on the swag, kept the midgies out no problem. – Aaron Taylor

  • Love the swag plenty of room for me and my little boy for now, and the 9" illuminators make it easy for the night time getaways to find a good spot and set up. Cheers Supa centre. – Glenn Graham 

  • This swag keeps the water out so no bedding getting wet, unlike other ones – Kelly Linden 

  • Purchased the Big Daddy swag with the partner, amazing price and we received it within 2 days! We were so excited that we slept in it the night we got it! 
    Friends were all jealous because they paid a lot more money for smaller swags! Has all the space in the world that I still manage to take – Emma Stalenberg

  • Love the Kings awning and double swag. The best few nights sleep I've had while camping ever and kept me bone dry during 10hrs of non stop rain. Not to mention the Kwiky tyre deflator, the Thumper air compressor, Hercules 12v impact wrench, tyre puncture repair kit, 22 inch LED light bar, the Hercules recovery kit and the Dominator winch all purchased at bargain prices. Adam Smith

  • Finally set up the awesome Kings 'Big Daddy' double swag. Can chuck somersaults in there there's that much room. Camping at its finest at my favourite secret spot. - Wade Marshall

  • Stayed nice and warm in the snow in my new Adventure Kings double swag from 4wd Supacentre over the weekend. Plenty of room for my gear inside as well. Very impressed. - Joel Grant

  • Our Kings double swag turned up on Friday. So couldn't wait to get out and try it out over the weekend. Can say I'm more than impressed with it. So easy to set up and held up to the wind great. Especially for their size because they are massive and have so much room. - Jamie Stout

  • Absolutely love climbing into a nice bed after a big day of exploring Five Rocks and now finally got to try out this new addition to our gear.. Absolutely loved it. Super comfortable & cosy when it got cooler during the night. Can't wait to get the new awning set up too!! Definitely holds up against the other brands! - Grace Keller

  • Nothing like having a quick and convenient setup to be able to use at the drop of a hat. Proudly sponsored by 4wd Supacentre. Awnings, swags, led lights, bbq plus much more including lift kit in the truck. - Josh Foster

  • We love our Kings double swag. Havent used the camper in 12mths since buying this. So comfy and easy to set up and such a bargin price. Have a huge wish list from 4wd supercentre to get now before our trip to Cape York. - Charmaine Baird

  • If it doesn't compare to the other big brands, it surpasses their quality and you can't go wrong for the price. Very happy with the quality of swag and the customer service of 4WD Supa Center! – Josh Wendt

  • Nabbed the King Daddy swag and hot plate combo on sale! Turned up on time and husband is happy we both fit in it (with Bub as well!) and he won't get pushed out onto the dirt during the night like in our old swag. 
    Wife is happy it was on sale and even including delivery got us more swag for our Buck than mates who purchased from another well-known camp gear chain store. Cheers guys! – Anne McClure

  • Bought a big daddy swag & it's great! unzips on both sides unlike our mates one which only unzips on 1 side & ours was half the price too! Happy days. – Rebecca Trend

  • Bought a big daddy swag and oh my god. Best sleep I've had in ages. So comfy me and my 10y/o couldn't wait to go camping so we put it up in my lounge room and slept in it. can’t wait to sleep in it again. Might get rid of the bed and just use my big daddy swag. – Ned Stow

  • Best swag I've ever used. Can't imagine how good the new deluxe one is going to be? – Luke Martin

  • These swags are dead set awesome. Couldn't be happier with them, Up at Jeeralang in the Strzelecki Ranges. Even the girls are stoked with how warm they are! – Nate Brigham

  • Took our new items out to dargo on the weekend and all it did was rain but that wasn't a problem as these items are waterproof if i got these items anywere else we would of been stuffed thanks 4wd Supacentre for our awning and side awning and our swag. - Kelly Linden

  • Slept through a thunderstorm last night and not a drop made it into the Double Swag! So comfortable I love it – Lance Deal

  • We just love our Kings Double Swag. Our mates call it the Taj Mahal because it's so massive! It's so spacious and much cooler than the tent! Great for camping out bush in the NT!! – Kat Millane

  • Used the Kings Swag for first time this past weekend on the way to Tom Groggin. Had a lot of rain, but stayed perfectly dry inside! Also surprised how warm it was inside given the overnight temp... Couldn't be happier, especially knowing what some of the other guys had paid for their swags.... Happy days. – Frank Mindum

  • I bought a Kings double swag couldn’t be happier quality size and price are amazing. That’s a queen size doona in there!!!! Our mates wasted so much money on their swag and when we showed them ours and what we paid they nearly fell over. - Toni-Maree McHigh

  • Went away with the boys for a bucks weekend, safe to say I had a great sleep in my Kings Double Swag as did the others with Kings Swags. The other half wished they had bought kings I heard it with my own ears. - Trent Douglas Schaeffer

  • I bought an Oztrail swag but being a big guy when I lay down not much room. But just recently my partner brought me a Kings swag and not only cheap but heaps of space can fit the whole family in it. Since I’ve signed up to Supacentre I’m definitely not going anywhere else. Cheers guys – Nick Gibson

  • I’ve been out twice now with my new Adventure Kings double swag in the VIC High Country. It’s been absolutely fantastic compared to the old tent, it’s warmer, I have enough room to get dressed and sit up in it and it doesn’t leak. Compared to my mate’s Darche double, mine is way wider and has significantly more head room, that and it cost literally 1/5 of the price. On the plus side his is 10 years old and still going strong, although from my experience I don’t see why mine won’t be after that long as well. Thanks guys! – Joel Hartley

  • Bought one of your Adventure Kings double swags and it is bloody brilliant I love it, so much room and I have been out in the pouring down rain and it did not leak a drop both my brothers in law have Darche swags and leaked like sieves but not mine - I was dry as a bone, just want to get an Adventure Kings awning now and I will be set (my brother in law has a Darche awning too and the poles bent on first use. It's flimsy as.) – Christopher Eyers

  • Absolutely stoked with my new big daddy swag. Even with a bit of rain.dry as a bone. Very comfortable. - Rhyss Morrison

  • My mate paid over 1000 bucks for a Double Swag and it leaks water. I paid $380 for a Kings awning and they’re awesome. Love this store – James Martin

  • Got my Adventure Kings double swag for a third of the price of my mates Jolly Swagman one. Cost far less and is almost twice the size! – Ali Brill

  • Received my Kings double swag in the mail and I am amazed with the quality and how easy it is to set up. Couldn’t wait to set up so had to set it up in the backyard and test it out. So roomy. Will be definitely recommending to all my friends and family, still blown away with the price and quality! – Jaimie Hansford

  • Bought a double Adventure Kings swag, my mate bought one for more than double the price. His has ripped numerous times but with the Adventure Kings non rip material has lived up to its name. Anyways brilliant products you have for sale at a bargain of a price compared to others. Looking forward to decking out the rig with your gear – Peter Koureas

  • Got my Double Swag late last year and it’s an absolute cracker. Comfy as, loads of space inside and surprisingly light. A mate bought one at the same time and paid well in excess of $150 more with a dodgy mattress and a lot poorer quality. I'm stoked with mine best swag ever!!! – Ben May

  • I’ve never been a swag person, i always felt with any swag i got in there was no room to breathe, then we tried our friends swag and i honestly was more comfortable in that than in any swag or tent ive ever slept in. So when we looked to buy a swag we didn’t even have to compare brands, instantly went straight to your site and purchased the adventure king double swag, and at a killer price of $199 WITH an LED light strip!!!! Never been happier with a purchase decision – Amanda Leigh Williams

  • Bought a double swag last weekend. Arrived on Thursday and set it up last night. Having owned a few swags and still have another one, I have to say the $200 I spent on the one from 4WD Supacenter is hands down the best swag I have ever had. The amount of room in it is bloody unreal – Tig Davidson

  • I got the Double Swag for my son for his b/day. Awesome price too, his mate got a single swag for twice the price go figure, and wasn’t even close to as good as the Kings. – Malcolm Mulcahy

  • The best purchase from 4WD Supacentre was my Kings Adventure Double Swag. I took the kids and wife to Kalbarri and finally after numerous tents, swags, 4WD mats and crappy inflatable beds, my partner actually had the best sleep she has ever had in the bush. All thanks to that bloody awesome swag. Now it’s a regular fixture when we go away and she is even asking if we can go somewhere over Christmas. Love it. – Dean Hopkins

  • My 17 year old son just bought your Kings double swag. It was delivered Thursday, put it up in the lounge room that night and he took it camping with his mates for the weekend. We couldn't believe the quality and size of the swag and he said the mattress was really comfortable to sleep on. He's on his L's still and just bought an old Toyota Hilux, so I'm sure he'll be buying more from you guys. Thanks – Kerrie Gearside

  • After purchasing your Kings Double Swag I'm impressed. the quality is great for the price. Even the missus is impressed and we're now taking it to Fraser Island laterthis year. giving us a lot more flexibility in where to camp at short notice. Cheers! – Dave Charlton

  • Bought the Kings double swag and BBQ plate combo, best ever. I looked around many camping stores they wanted between $400-$600 for a king single, so I took my old small single swag which was wrecked and so hard to get in and out of when I went away a couple of weeks ago. Should have just gone to Supacentre first, it would have been so much more comfortable and would have had a better sleep. Well now I have it for the next trip thanks guys so roomy and so cheap. – Daniel Passmore

  • I purchased an Adventure Kings swag, absolutely loved it, took it on a couple trips where mates just had single swags, next trip we went on 3 months later 4 of my mates had the Adventure King swags! Ripper swags! – Ryan Jones

  • Purchased one of the double swags and absolutely love it! Have used it every camping trip since and even had mates check it out and purchase one! Great quality, affordable and most of all very comfortable – Ness Saffin

  • My wife ordered the Kings double swag a week before my birthday as we live in the goldfields of Western Australia and postage usually takes for ever but in this instance it arrived right on time a day before my birthday, so I set it up in my lounge room and spent the night it... I was very impressed with how much room it has inside and how comfortable and easy it was to set up... great value for a great product – Mark Gadd

  • I've got the Kings swag and every trip a new person asks where I got it from and how much it cost. I love the look on their faces when I tell them the price as they have payed either double or triple haha. Next on the list is an awning with led strip lighting can't wait – Hayden Mcinnes

  • Received my Kings double swag in the mail and I am amazed with the quality and how easy it is to set up. Couldn’t wait to set up so had to set it up in the backyard and test it out. So roomy.. will be definitely recommending to all my friends and family, still blown away with the price and quality! – Jaimie Hansford

  • Had a cracker of a long weekend in the Adventure Kings Double Swag. 10/10 would recommend. – Karl Hage

  • I went to the Lilydale warehouse for one Double Swag but once we saw the quality and size of them we got two… extra one for my daughter after she said “Wow! So much bigger and better than my mate’s after he paid more for a single!” – Michael Robert Mizzi

  • I recently purchased a Kings double swag… which is so much cheaper and doubles as a play pen and fly-free dining room while camping with the little bubby… my mates have been buying other brand name swags which are nowhere near as big or flexible… am loving it – Christine Lakeman

  • Was looking around for the best swags and found the Kings double. Definitely my best camping purchase yet, it's the comfiest swag to sleep on. I prefer it over my own bed!!! Couldn't miss it on a trip for anything. – Will Gardner

  • I talked the missus out of getting an ARB swag and we got a Kings swag instead. So much more room inside considering it rolls up to the same size, plus its so much quicker and easier to put together. She ended up buying one for her dad as well. – Kevin Purkiss

  • I'm living large in my Adventure Kings double swag in WA right now (am from Vic). I'm 6'2 and have never owned a swag I fit in until now. This thing isn't a double, it literally measures to a queen. Perfect, and none of my mates have one but they will in future after camping with me! – Tim Veness

  • Had the Kings big daddy swags set up at Fraser last week . I must say they have plenty of room and are comfy as. - Nathan Jamieson

  • Love the 4WD Supacentre gear! Recently bought the Kings double swag and love it! Since then my family and friends have bought gear from the same store. – Kristopher Ross

  • My Kings Double swag has been one of the best camping / 4WD purchases I've made, comfy mattress, easy to set up, and best of all, great price. – Tosh Polmear

  • Recently purchased an incredible priced Adventure Kings double swag. It’s extremely spacious and a breeze to assemble and disassemble. I've also got various other items from 4WD Supacentre at the right cost. The pricing not only allows you to purchase more great items it gives you the ability to use them on the tracks. – James Field

  • The Adventure Kings swag has proven to be one of the best camp purchases I made! Easy to set up and pack down. Now I just need the roof racks I need to transport it more easily! – Tim Harrison

  • Had a heavy bit of rain last night in wee jasper. The double swags kept us dry all night long! Cheers guys! - Adam Austin

  • Thanks 4wd Supacentre we love our swag, so easy to set-up! Out at landcruiser park in QLD a few weeks ago. - Demmi McDermott

  • Our Kings swag offers the perfect night’s sleep out on the tracks! – Wayne Broome

  • The Kings double swag has been a great addition to all my camping gear, hard to beat as far as value for money goes! – James Alexander Beasley

  • My Kings double swag has been my best investment by far! Great value with plenty of room for me and the missus. – Scotty Davies


  • Nothing better than sleeping in my Kings double swag. I would rather be in my Kings swag than my own bed. – Tom Dowling


  • Kings swag is by far the best value for money on the market. Comfortable dry and warm. – Brock Austen

  • I took 2 of the big daddy swags away for the long weekend. It rained cats and dogs and I didn't season the canvas before we used the swags. I was a bit worried about them leaking but not one drop of water came into the swag. For the price of these you can't go wrong. - Mark Hulme

  • 100mm of rain in Katherine yesterday. The kings swag was still bone dry inside!!! - Travis Egan

  • Adventure Kings double swag great product hasn't let me down. Great mattress and water tight - had it in a heavy down pour and stayed toasty warm. Great product. – David Rotheram

  • I received my Kings Double Swag recently to replace my old Manky one, which had seen better days. I just am totally amazed by the overall Quality, Finish, Design, ease of use and total Ruggedness. This is one tough swag and very comfy. We have an off Road Caravan but we travel to Tassie in Winter often and there are places you just can't get the van into. These Swags are a vital piece of survival equipment than can and do save your life, and the Kings is without doubt the best value, best Quality Swag I could find. I paid 3 times what I paid for the Kings, for my old swag and my wife and I are just amazed how much better it is. Congratulations on this product and Thank You. Cheers! - Glenn Pascoe 

  • I used my Kings double swag for 3 days out on the Holland Track - Hyden. It was awesome. Quick to put up and quick to pull down. - Darren Wilson

  • This is the swag I'd get as it's possibly the best value swag on the market! It's big and roomy that's for sure. - James Ronan 

  • Definitely the best investment i've made has been the Kings Double Swag and awning. Many times I have woken to find the area covered in ice yet the still being nice and warm in the swag and also a dry swag thanks to the awning. - Aus_Jeep (4wd Action Forum)

  • I bought my kings double swag and it was the best investment I ever bought from the super centre it's so good - Grimley 01 (4wd Action Forum)

  • My best and favourite purchase from 4WD Supacentre would have to be my Kings double swag. After moving to Victoria from Darwin it has been quite cold over the winter and has been hard to get out camping in the elements with my wife and two young daughters. - Moseshasacruiser (4wd Action Forum)


What is the difference between the Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe?
The Deluxe has a 70mm high density mattress vs 50mm mattress for the Deluxe (also known as ‘Horizon’). The Deluxe also has a canvas carry bag and the Horizon has a polyester bag.

How do you waterproof the swag?
We’ve got a great video on how to season your swag in the ‘videos’ tab of our swag category.

I ordered a 'Big Daddy' and the package says 'Horizon', did I get the right swag?
Yes you have received the right product, the 'Big Daddy' and 'Horizon' is the exact same swag.