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Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent "WEEKENDER" - Pre order for mid February delivery

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent "WEEKENDER" - Pre order for mid February delivery

45% OFF - SAVE $500
Worth** $1,095.00
+ Freight*

  Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent without Annex  


Not only does the Adventure Kings Weekender offer thicker canvas than the ARB Kakadu, it’s also less than half the price!

Check out the the table below for the facts and find out what you’re really paying for, as we compare it to similar imported roof top tents by other major brands in the industry!

As seen on Facebook we compared our Adventure Kings Weekender Roof Top Tent with the ARB Kakadu Roof top Tent.

As listed in the ARB price guide (available on the ARB website) as of 16/02/16 the Kakadu Roof Top Tent sells for $1561.

Matt from ARB Wollongong at 4:10PM on 16/02/16 who confirmed the price is $1561.


Brand Price Canvas Fly / Waterhead Mattress Cover
4WD Supacentre Weekender $750 340GSM 210 Denier / 2000mm 75mm high density open cell PVC 600GSM
ARB Kakadu $1,561 300GSM 300D high density extruded foam PVC 900 GSM
TJM Boulia $1400 280GSM 420D / 2000mm 65mm high density foam PVC coated polyester 1000D
Darche Intrepidor $1199 260GSM 210D 65mm high density foam PVC 600GSM


  • Absolute convenience – sets up in under two minutes!
  • Tough-as 340 gsm Poly Cotton Ripstop Canvas construction
  • High-density open cell mattress – moisture dries super quick!
  • Fully water and insect proof design – perfect for the tropics
  • Stronger, longer ladder designed for lifted 4WDs!

When it comes to camping, convenience is the number one priority when looking at your options. Nobody wants to spend longer than they have to setting up camp. Having a cold drink, a feed and a good night’s sleep are the main priorities.

A roof top tent is one of the quickest camping options you can get, thanks to their set up times of under two minutes. A roof top tent also provides added safety by keeping you well above the ground and away from nocturnal predators and any flash flooding.

Adventure Kings' Roof Top Tent has just arrived, and is designed to excel as a convenient and safe camping solution for Aussies. The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent is quick and easy to set up - it can be ready for use in under two minutes, and can be packed away just as quickly, thanks to the internal bungie cords that pull in the tent walls while it’s closing.

The tent is made from tough 340gsm poly cotton rip stop canvas with high-quality polyester medium to heavy gauge self-repairing coil zips. The fly is made from durable poly oxford with a 2000mm water head capability.

Traditional polyester edge binding has been replaced with durable flat fell seams ensuring no fraying and minimal risk of wicking (the ability of water to be drawn upwards by capillary).

All seams are sewn with a poly cotton core spun thread allowing for natural cotton swelling ensuring needle holes are filled and watertight when wet. The 75mm high-density open cell foam mattress makes for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Open cell construction allows air to circulate through the foam ensuring moisture quickly dries.

The tent is fully waterproof due to blade coat waterproofing application, and the windows feature a polyester sand-fly and midge-proof mesh woven using one of the finest mesh grids available - 150gm/M2. This still maintains anti-tear characteristics.

The aluminum ladder is suitable for installation on almost any model of 4WD coming to a total of 2.1m high. Ladder extensions are available for higher vehicles if required.

The PVC cover is made from heavy-duty 600 GSM, which means the tent is well protected from any low overhanging trees or other obstacles.

  Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent without Annex  


  • Outer Size: 240 x 143cm
  • Inner size: 240 x 143 x 125cm
  • Tent fabric material: 320gsm poly cotton ripstop canvas
  • Mattress: 75mm high-density open cell foam
  • Ladder: Aluminium
  • Zippers: Durable
  • Nylon synthetics and polyester with reversible tracks
  • Top flysheet: 210D polyester Oxford PU 2000m
  • PVC cover: 600gsm
  • Weight: 56kg


  • Loving my new set up!! The adventure kings roof top tent is so comfy and the breeze on a hot day is great! As well as the shade with the adventure Kings awning. Couldn't be happier and can't wait to add to the collection from the 4wd supacentre. You rock! – Bec Collins 

  • Love our new Kings Rooftop Tent we bought from 4WD SupaCentre. Made our camping experience at Teewah Beach for New Years so much easier. We will be definitely buying more gear very soon always get the best service." Cassie - Gold Coast, QLD – Cassandra Farley
  • My first trip out the beach with the new roof top tent while the other two mates one had camp trailer another had swag I slept as well as the camp trailer in my roof top an packed up as quick as the swag tickled pink keep the good work up Supacentre - Josh Koeppen 

  • I love my kings rooftop tent mounted on my trailer instead of a camper trailer tent & it's awesome takes me ten minutes to set up unlike my other tent that took nearly an hour, makes me want to go camping every weekend. - Scott Starkey
  • My camp setup for my fishing trip at NT gulf country. With stood a massive thunder storm with heavy rain and howling winds. Not a drop of water in the roof top tent. Loved the awning and sidewall. Big thumbs up for the sidewall. Many thanks for the great products at a great price. Made my trip a lot more comfortable than the last two years. - Scott Lindsay

  • Really happy with my rooftop tent ...spent 4 months up the Cape and the Gulf country... very comfortable and stood up to all that mother nature could throw at it. – Garry Scaife
  • Took the new roofer over to Moreton Island last w/end for the first time. Being perched up high like that made it easy for the misso & I to soak up the amazing view and enjoy the cool breeze. Thanks guys for supply such a top product at a great price! - Tony Kelly
  • I’ve slept in tents, swags, ute tray and blow up beds while camping and after getting the rooftop tent I choose the rooftop over anything simple to setup and simple to take down waterproof and comfort what else do you want thanks 4wd Supacentre. - Brendan Nash

  • My wife and I got a great deal on our roof top tent, portable compressor and LED lights absolute bargains. – Barry William Egan

  • Bought a rooftop tent for half the price of my mates that bought one a year earlier and it is is even better quality than the ones that they bought. – Ned Heathcote

  • Camping has never been better since I got my Kings Awning and Roof Top Tent, makes for a comfortable sleep and easy to set up, takes me all of ten minutes including my table and chairs. Makes for a good first beer while you watch your mates play around with their tent - Corey Franklin
  • I was looking at roof top tents, priced them everywhere 4wd Supacentre was a fraction of the price and as good if not better quality than any other ones I’ve seen. Extremely impressed. - Griffin Crouch

  • My Ford Courier with my rooftop tent from 4WD Supacentre. Everyone was amazed how quick and easy it was to set up. They were also impressed with the quality of the canvas after I told them how much I paid. - Ellie Lucas
  • Best rooftop tent ever!!! Very easy and has been my home for 4 months already :)... – Veggie Lingier
  • Mate bought an ARB roof top tent and paid nearly double than my Kings tent. Set them up side by side just as good quality and my tent packed away with ease as he battled to get his into the bag. – Logan Randall-Penn
  • I purchased the rooftop tent about a year ago, for the price you can't look anywhere else and is just as comfortable as other over priced rooftop tents. Best purchase I've made from you guys and definitely not the last purchase I will make. Keep up the good work and low prices. - Heinz Josh
  • I have many things from 4WD Supacentre but my favourite is when my mate was bagging me out about my Kings roof top tent saying his ARB is better. It leaked every time it rained. I stayed dry as a bone. - Janelle Kent
  • Kings roof top tents and the competitors roof top, both as good as each other, but the Kings is much cheaper and value for money as was the rest of my 4WD Supacentre gear. - Bryce Dorries

  • Some of my mates own another brand Roof Top Tent, paid twice as much for something that's inferior to mine. Love my Kings rooftop tent! - Brendon Williams

  • Love the Kings roof top tent. Did a three week tour to Uluru via Flinders Ranges and no complaints what so ever. Doing a four month trip to the cape and Kimberley and I'll be counting on the Kings to keep us comfortable - Dean Baker

  • Easily the best thing I've bought from 4WD Supacentre and the best accessory I have on my rig is my Adventure Kings roof top tent. There is no better way to sleep out in the bush or on the beach. It beats so many of its competitors in comfort and build. 10/10 recommend to anyone. - Wrangler323 (4WD Action Forum)

  • Awesome first trip to north Stradbroke even survived the storm cant wait for next trip highly recommend rooftop tent slept like a baby. - Kellie Went
  • I have an Adventure Kings roof top tent on my Colorado canopy - Won't camp any other way, incredibly comfortable, spacious and super quick to set up and fold away. It doesn't get any better. - Casey Andrews

  • Used my Adventure Kings rooftop tent and 2x3m awning for the first time this weekend. Loved it. Quality is excellent and the tent makes for a comfortable sleep regardless of the conditions. Very happy. - Luke Kersey

  • We have a rooftop tent from these guys and it always kept us dry and warm, I can't fault it. - Shane Mulloway Evans

  • Our Roof Top Tent has been through hell and still comes out on top! Would buy another one in an instant! - Lucy Eaton

  • My roof top tent is the best thing I've bought from 4WD Supacentre, let alone anywhwere! So stoked to have it on my car - Jack Ebert

  • My rooftop tent came with a free annex so there's value straight up. Easy to set up and very comfortable - Warren Johnson



Does the roof top tent come with a transit cover?
Yes, both of our roof top tents come with transit covers.

Can I mount a roof top tent onto my canopy?
Yes, you can mount a roof top tent onto a canopy. However, we recommend checking the manufactures load rating and/or reinforcing your canopy.