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Domin8r 409 Stainless Steel Exhaust + VMS Touring 700 HDX

Domin8r 409 Stainless Steel Exhaust + VMS Touring 700 HDX

Worth** $2,090.00
* Postage & handling $50 per bundle
VMS Touring 700 HDX - Pre order for late January delivery

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  Domin8r 409 Stainless Steel Exhaust  

Don’t buy any aftermarket exhaust until you’ve seen this one!

• Improved power, torque and fuel economy.

• Better on road, off road, towing performance

• Proudly Australian made

• Easy DIY fit at home in under 1 day

• Precision fit and alignment

• Superior gas flow

• Long life, anti rust 409 stainless steel

• Heavy duty materials and hangers for increased strength

• Improved clearance for off road use

• Sounds great – hear the turbo spool up – no drone


Finally! A high performance, heavy duty exhaust system designed especially for turbo diesel 4WDs and off road use.

The new Domin8r 4WD exhausts by Berklee are Australian made in Ballarat.

Berklee’s 52 years of exhaust manufacturing and design combined with decades of off road experience to bring 4WDers a purpose built exhaust for more power and torque, better fuel economy, long life, and a tough sound.

We looked at all the 4WD exhausts on the market and saw an opportunity to make big improvements.

See how this new premium Domin8r by Berklee exhaust system ticks all the boxes.

- premium 409 grade thick walled stainless steel, This is the perfect grade stainless for 4WD exhausts. 409 is the same as expensive vehicle manufacturers use because it is more durable and can stretch and flex under the heat and vibration stress. It can be welded with most welders in the bush and offers excellent rust protection and heat dissipation properties. We use stainless hi flow catalytic converters and 409 stainless mufflers as well.

- includes everything you need for easy DIY fitment with dump pipe through to tail pipe, to save you expensive workshop fitment costs. For 5 decades Berklee have been known for their easy, accurate fitment.

- come with threaded sections welded in ready for either factory or aftermarket exhaust gas temperature and oxygen sensors to be fitted.

- Berklee have pioneered their special “pipe through flange” design which offers simpler, more accurate fitment and even better gas flow.

- high flow 3 inch diameter and mandrel bent that turbo diesels really need.

- large diameter dump pipe included straight from the turbo. This massively aids exhaust gas flow which improves economy and performance.

- quality stainless steel high flow catalytic converters and specially designed mufflers offer huge improvements to gas flow.

- We go the extra mile and use 10mm thick 4 bolt flanges with heavy duty gaskets. Some manufacturers use thinner 2 bolt flanges.

- specially designed heavy duty, premium quality hangers – one of the first things to fail on off road exhausts.


A new Domin8r turbo diesel 4WD exhaust is one of the biggest bang for your buck mods you can make – especially at  4WD Supacentre’s wholesale prices direct to the public.


Our prices include the complete DIY system with everything you need to fit them including turbo dump pipe right through to the tail pipe all in short lengths for ease of freight to anywhere in Australia.

Our wholesale price on 409 grade stainless steel exhausts direct to the public is cheaper than some aluminised or mild steel exhausts! Make sure you don’t pay too much elsewhere!

If you want an even lower priced alternative we do the same quality systems in aluminised steel.

  VMS Touring 700 HDX  

Powered by VMS OFF-Road, Number #1 in Off-Road Mapping

The VMS Touring 700HDX Has been the number 1 navigator to hit the Aussie Tracks! with over 3000+ Maps pre-loaded on a massive 32GB VMS SD Card!

WA Topo being the latest addition to the family, means we have greater coverage in more areas. Over 800+ FREE campsites which have been exclusively reviewed by On The Road Magazineto ensure the accuracy of the information, but also the available facilities at the site. 5 years of FREE STREET MAP updates means we've got you covered.


  Domin8r 409 Stainless Steel Exhaust  

All Domin8r by Berklee DIY exhaust kits include as standard;

• Full exhaust system from turbo outlet to tail pipe (includes turbo dump pipe)
• Flex pipe
• Hi flow catalytic converter stainless steel in the 409 stainless exhausts
• All gaskets
• All bolts, nuts and fasteners
• Full stainless muffler in stainless exhausts
• Pre welded in threads for EGT pyros and oxygen sensors


  VMS Touring 700 HDX  

  • 7" Easy to use touch screen
  • Over 3000+ maps pre-loaded
  • Turn-by-turn street navigation with spoken street names
  • Auto on / off with vehicle
  • Free camp sites by On The Road Magazine
  • Reverse camera Input supports NTSC video input signal (REVERSE CAMERA NOT INCLUDED)



  • Finished installing my 9" Illuminator LED Spotlights now to install my new Stainless Steel Exhaust and then this weekend I will be installing my new Ute Draws. I am so impressed with the quality of the products. This is one very happy customer thanks 4WDSupacentre.com.au. – Quinton Kessner

  • The Domin8r 3 inch stainless steel system fitted spot on a great job guys the flanges fitted straight in bolted up perfectly no leaks from the join didn’t even use any gasket glue. – Andrew Mavin

  • Fitted my 3" stainless exhaust from 4wd Supacentre last weekend. A great DIY kit. Sounds and performs great on my 2013 Ford Ranger. - Garry Irwin

  • Thanks to the 4WD Supacentre for the new 3 inch stainless steel exhaust. Now I just need to fit good excuse to have the boys around for a few beers. – Chris McInerney

  • 3 hours change over one man job fitted like charm, sounds better, goes great! - Feliccity Steele

  • When the old rusty GU factory exhaust cracked in half, I invested in a new 3" Dominator S/S one, couldn't be happier. Easy install, and has improved performance significantly.  Mark Sonofwhit

  • Got my stainless steel 3” exhaust for my Prado today and fitted it. What a difference it has made. Great product at a fraction of the other brands price. – Gavin Partridge

  • I got the Domin8r Stainless Exhaust for the BT50, great exhaust, big improvement and sounds and goes heaps better. – Richard Harvey

  • Got the 3" stainless system bought for only $749 with shipping included, me and my mate fitted it our selves. The exhaust shop quoted $1300 for a mild steel system. Domin8r was the best value for money, was here within 5 days after paying for item and it had to be sent to far North Queensland – Josh Glasser

  • The Domin8r exhaust system has removed the turbo lag and given me the power I need at take off. It's also given me power and better fuel economy. – Travis Hertweck

  •  Bought one of the exhaust for my GU patrol, now it runs like a dream. – Adam Dunning



    • I recently purchased a VMS GPS 700HDX from 4WD Supacentre in a package deal with a 22” LED light bar. Not only was it a great price, but I have been out 4WDing with it and compared to some mates who purchased competitor brands which were not only more expensive, it was better quality and the maps were also better quality and more accurate. I got to the destination no problems, but some of my mates with competitor brands got lost due to their GPS. Thank you 4WD Supacentre. - Andrew Cummin


    • Love the VMS, easy to use and has more tracks and features than my brother’s HEMA and it was a hell of a lot cheaper. - Gaz Hollis


  • Bought the VMS GPS from you guys a few weeks ago, absolutely amazing! My mates are so jealous they didn’t get it from you guys and save a lot of money! – Martin Shaw


In your daily newsletters you show pictures of a muffler system in aluminised steel & stainless steel. For what make/model is this pictured system?
Please check out the ‘exhaust’ category of our website for a full list of vehicles we make exhausts for. If your vehicle is not on that list, unfortunately we don’t stock an exhaust for it.

Does the exhaust come with an extractor?
No, all our exhausts are fitted with a large diameter dump pipe, which connects directly to the factory turbo.