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Domin8r X 12,000lb Winch with rope - IN STOCK NOW!

Domin8r X 12,000lb Winch with rope - IN STOCK NOW!

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  Domin8r X: 12,000lb Winch  

NEW MASSIVE 7.2 HORSEPOWER MOTOR – FASTER, SMOOTHER and STRONGER, it's our most powerful winch yet!

NEW 218:1 GEAR REDUCTION RATIO – For more torque and greater pulling power, plus it's geared lower but pulls faster than the original Domin8r! 

NEW RE-ENGINEERED, UPGRADED BRAKE – Larger surface area for better braking power, to hold the heaviest 4WDs on the steepest tracks.

NEW WIRED / WIRELESS REMOTE – All built into one unit so you'll be in control no matter the situation

NEW THICKER 9.5MM SYNTHETIC ROPE  – New, stronger Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene rope, lightweight but high strength.

PRECISION ENGINEERED – The 3-stage planetary gearbox means smooth and quiet operation over long periods. You'll have to hear it to believe it!

TRIED & TESTED – Coming from a long line of winches used all around Australia

TOUGH – Built for the punishment that Aussie 4WDers put their gear through everyday

10" x 4.5" BOLT PATTERN – Standard bolt pattern to suit most bullbars or winch cradles - plus easy DIY installation and wiring.

  Domin8r X: 12,000lb Winch  


Rated Single Line Pull 12,000lbs (5,443kgs)
Motor  7.2hp / 5.2kW Series Wound
Main Body Sealed
Control Wired / Wireless (3.7m detachable lead)
Gear reduction ratio 218:1
Clutch Keyway Cam
Braking Action Automatic in the drum
Fairlead Hawse Fairlead
Battery Leads 2 gauge, 1.83m long
Rope 9.5mm X 26m Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Dimensions 21.3" X 6.3" X 8.6"
(537mm X 160mm X 218mm)
Bolt pattern 10" X 4.5" (254mm X 114.3mm)
Net Weight 27kg


DC12V Line Speed & AMP Draw (First Layer)

Rated Line Pull (lb/kg) No Load 4,000/
Line Speed (ft/min) 22.6 14.7 10.3 6.1
Line Speed (m/min) 6.89 4.5 3.14 1.85
Motor 12V (Amps) 70 170 290 430


12,000lb Line Pull & Cable Capacity

Layers of cable 1 2 3 4
Rated line pull per layer (lbs/kg) 12,000/
Cumulative cable capacity (ft/m) 17/


  • Couldn't be happier with my dominator winch. Just got back from a trip up to the tip. Bought this winch just as an in case as it was a great price. Well, we did some pretty gnarly tracks including Old Coach Rd, heading to Laura. This winch got my fully loaded Triton and 2 tonne camper trailer on the back up a huge rocky hill after the Triton just didn't have enough berries to get all that weight up. Too easy for the dominator...not even a challenge. So happy with my purchase. – Carly Jones 

  • Just fitted the Domin8trX winch and headed to the Coorong just needed to drop the tyre pressure to make it into the dunes but gave the winch a workout to test. Skull dragged the triton no worries at all wife now understands why I "needed" to buy and fit the winch. Best $400 ever. – Kevin Stubber 

  • Love our new Dominator winch it's an absolute machine and at a 1/2 of the price of some of its closer competitors it's a absolute steal!! - Luke Yeomanson

  • Fitted up my new Dominator winch on the weekend. Fitted straight in to my GU Patrol factory winch bar and wired it up easy as. Very happy with it. Used it the next day to test it to see if it would pull my patrol up hill. It surely did. Very happy with it. – Roland Hall

  • Just intalled the domin8r, took it out for a solo test... found myself at the bottom of a steep slippery hill with no way out but back up. Safe to say the winch works! Cheers! - Robert MacAoidh

  • We just bought the dominator winch... well; its been used... big time. Pulled landcruiser and trailer 40meters through 40cm soft mud without fail. Passes the test for me..... - Anna Coventry

  • Put this bad boy on today. HEAPS quieter then the previous model. Plus it's a tad smaller and fits in the bullbar alot nicer. Love em. - Ben Scott McLennan


Do we stock winches for boats?
No we don't.

Do we stock any winches that you can rotate the clutch housing?
The clutch housing can be spun on the Domin8r winch, while on the Domin8r X and Grande models you can rotate the whole gearbox housing to relocate the clutch. This can affect the seal if not reassembled correctly.

Can I upgrade my Domin8r winch to the new Domin8r X?
Provided your Domin8r hasn’t been sent to you yet, you can phone us and pay the difference to upgrade to a Domin8r X.

Does the Domin8r X come with an isolator switch to install under the bonnet?

What type of rope is fitted to the Domin8r X and Grande winches?
We use ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is tested in Australia by NATA laboratories and rated to their respective breaking strength. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene offers a strength to weight ratio around 8 to 15 times greater than steel.

Do we stock 9500LB pound Winches for Aluminium Bull Bars (as that’s the max they can hold)?
We currently only sell two 12,000lb winches i.e; The Domin8r X and Grande.

Does our winch fit onto an ARB bull bar?
Most ARB bars come with the bolts and space required to mount a winch, if in doubt check bolt spacing and dimensions in our winch specifications page.