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  Thumper Air Compressor MKII  

The Thumper MKII has been tried and tested all over Australia in the harshest and most unforgiving conditions, and no matter what you throw at it, the Thumper MKII is up to the challenge. Able to inflate five 31in 4WD tyres in just over 11 minutes, you can pull off the tough tracks, air up, and you’re half way home while other 4WD owners are still stuck at the servo!

Ideal for the 4WD, camper trailer, caravan and bikes, you can even use the Thumper MKII to inflate sporting equipment and air mattresses, thanks to the included adapters. 

NEW DESIGN – Better than the original Thumper, the Thumper MKII has an upgraded aluminium alloy cylinder head and is bigger and faster. 

HEAVY-DUTY – Made for real 4WDing! With rugged body, heavy-duty power cables and an 8m heavy duty rubber hose with inline pressure gauge. 

FAST – 160L of air per minute, and a maximum pressure of 150PSI, the Thumper MKII will completely inflate a 35in tyre from 0PSI to 30PSI in 3 min 25 sec.

As seen on Facebook we compared the Thumper MKII to the ARB High Output Compressor (p/n: CKMA12)
The $309 total cost of the ARB High Output Compressor is as quoted by:

Trent from ARB St Peters, 500 Princes Highway St Peters NSW at 2:46PM on the 02/02/16
*This model ARB Compressor doesn’t include a hose, just mounting bracket and wiring
*Price can also be confirmed with the ARB Pricing and Application Guide, available to download from ARB’s website

  Kwiky Tyre Deflator  

Get further off-road and get off-road faster with the Kwiky Tyre Deflator. Rugged build means you can leave it in your 4WD for when you need it! The Kwiky is a Bourdon Tube type gauge, renowned for their accuracy and sensitivity to small pressure changes - perfect for your 4WD tyres, where even 1PSI can make a difference.

PRECISE – Bourdon Tube design uses solid brass, fully geared precision movement that is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitude.

RUGGED – Built with corrosion resistant brass and stainless steel, wrapped in a shock-absorbing rubber housing

QUICK AND EASY – Simple mechanism removes tyre valve and allows for rapid deflation. Also easy to check pressure in one PSI increments during deflation, by operating slide.

  Thumper Air Compressor MKII  


  • Massive 160L/min air flow!
  • Heavy-duty air compressor
  • Cylinder: 60mm
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Air Flow: 160L/min
  • Maximum pressure: 150PSI
  • Maximum amperage: 45A
  • 2 stage air filter on intake
  • Handy storage / carry bag included (black)
  • Can be hard wired
  • Auto reset thermal protection
  • Heavy-duty 2m power cord with battery clamps
  • Features built in circuit breaker and automatic thermal cut-off
  • 8m heavy duty rubber hose with inline pressure gauge
  • Maximum voltage: 13.8V
  • Maximum amp draw: 45A
  • Maximum restart pressure: 150PSI
  • Maximum operating temperature: 140°F
  • Minimum operating temperature: -67°F

Airing up times:

Thumper Air Compressor MKII

  • 33” Tyre – 10 PSI to 32 PSI – 2 min 23 sec.
  • 35” Tyre – 10 PSI to 32 PSI – 2 min 32 sec.
  • 35” Tyre – 0 PSI to 30 PSI – 3 min 25 sec.

Original Thumper

  • 33” Tyre – 10 PSI to 32 PSI – 2 min 28 sec.
  • 35” Tyre – 10 PSI to 32 PSI – 2 min 44 sec.
  • 35” Tyre – 0 PSI to 30 PSI – 3 min 58 sec.


  • 340mm long x 230mm high x 150mm wide

  Kwiky Tyre Deflator  

  • Easy to read dial with one PSI increments
  • Allows for removal of the valve core for rapid tyre deflation
  • Provides accurate pressure reading via the simple movement of a sliding valve
  • Corrosion resistant brass/stainless
  • Fully geared, solid brass precision movement
  • Protective rubber gauge guard
  • Thoroughly designed and tested to ensure accuracy
  • Quality bronze Bourdon Tube gauge design ensures accuracy is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitude
  • Includes protective pouch


  • Got the thumper Compressor a few months back. A mate has an ARB branded compressor, he couldn’t believe it when I had finished all 4 of my tyres pumped back up to 38psi from 25 before he had even finished his third tyre! He paid over $200 more than I did, winning! - Dylan Moyle 
  • Just compared my thumper MKII to a near new Blackmax compressor.
    Did a time trial to find the thumper pumps in a couple extra psi with the same amount of time and a third of the price. Very happy with the performance. 
    Think I may have converted the opposition! Impressive! – Trent Antenucci

  • It was extremely handy to have such a fast & reliable thumper air compressor to adjust tyre pressures accordingly to optimise passenger comfort and vehicle capability. The flat was discovered the next morning but it didn't hold us up for long, about 5-10 minutes we were ready to roll again. Our convoy of 7 cars were paying attention to the thumpers efforts, especially when a competitors brand compressor overheated, ceased up & our thumper gave them reason to be impressed. Fast. Reliable. Efficient. Light & easy enough for a girl to use enjoyably. And I think it's quite a cute lil unit. Thanks guys! Recently brought a few extras, BBQ hot plate, (loved it! Best steak!) mesh flooring etc. Looking forward to adding a deluxe double swag and a drag chain to the collection. – Holly Elizabeth Wynn

  • Very impressed with my THUMPER air compressor and 9" illuminator spotlights they both work great and I couldn't have made a better purchase !! - Demi Poort

  • Tried the thumper air compressor out, I'm really happy with the performance on it. Sure beats going to a servo. - Elias Bradley
  • First time up to Fraser Island was a breeze using the Kwiky tyre deflator and the Thumper air compressor. Tyres were all back up to 34psi in a matter of seconds once we hit the tar back at Inskip. Even helped out a tourist from Sydney deflate his tyres as he had no gear. It was too easy. – Mick Kenny
  • The Thumper air compressor is extremely quick and for only $100 it's crazy value for money. It runs rings around my dad's ARB air compressor, highly recommended to anyone in the market for a new compressor, can’t say enough good things about it, I can air up to 38psi for all tyres in under 15 minutes! Best purchase – Cameron Krause
  • Blown away by the price and performance of the Thumper air compressor we bought! Compared to our old one that was more than twice the cost its the best item we have bought by far. - Chris Barnes
  • So happy with the thumper compressor. Not only does it pump up my 32 muddies after a day in the bush, it also pumps up the air beds in less than 30 seconds. – Dale Bennett
  • I bought a Thumper a few months ago and love it! 15-40psi on 31" tyres in 60secs. Highly recommended. – Mick Cannon
  • The Thumper pumped up my 33s faster than the air at the 7 11 servo this afternoon. I waited in line just to see how fast this thing was compared to the servo and I won't have to wait in line anymore. Off the sand then pull out the Thumper and away she goes. Awesome price and awesome product – Brendon Schatkowski‎ 
  • I’ve had the Thumper compressor and 18L tank combo for a while now and finally got to put it to the test on my last trip to double island. Not only did it smash my mate’s ARB compressor but it did all 4 tyres before the barge had time to cross the Noosa river and back. And all for a fraction of the price of other brands. - Dimetro De Marco
  • My Thumper Air Compressor is the bomb! Recent trip I could pump up my 37” tyre quicker than my friend could pump up his 32” tyres and he has one of the top brand compressors on the market. Can’t get better than the Thumper and the price of it! – Nik Tanjga
  • I just started 4WDing and I bought the Thumper mk 2 compressor - I just went for the cheapest because I'm just starting out. My friend has the TJM compressor which was twice as much. When it came time to pump the tryes back to highway pressure (same size wheel, same starting and end pressures) the Thumper had finished and cooled down enough to pack away at the same time the TJM one was done inflating. I spent the next 10-15mins for his to cool down so we could get underway. that 100 odd dollars I saved paid for my fuel that trip. It is because of 4WD Supacentre and products like this that I'm able to afford to go offroad. – Matt Stanley
  • Pulled over after day trip in the bush to air up, so I grabbed out my thumper air compressor. 1 mate who didn't have a compressor opted to drive the 25km to the nearest servo to air up. I pumped my tyres from 20psi to 32, them pumped my brothers 4wd the same, we set off and found my mate still airing up at the servo, gotta love the thumper! – Shaun Lowe
  • Recently I bought the Thumper air compressor and a friend of mine got his from TJM. To say there was a performance issue is an understatement. I waited for him as his pump tripped its thermal switch after 3 tyres. He begged to use my Thumper, which I let him and afterwards he bought one for himself, for at least half the price of the TJM one. – Peter Borg
  • We purchased a thumper air compressor from 4wd supacentre and compared to other brands my friends have bought for twice the cost it is both faster and more reliable. – Chris Barnes
  • Airing up with the Thumper after an arvo on 7 mile beach. 70 seconds per tyre from 20psi to 40 psi. Great gear. - John Ponch Peard
  • The Thumper is awesome quick. I’m surprised how quickly it inflated my 275s back to 35 PSI from 18 after cruising Inskip Point. – Gary_M (4wd Action Forum)
  • I bought a thumper air compressor from 4wd supacentre and was blown away by its performance! Compared to the price and ability of other brands it’s an awesome buy! – Chris Barnes 
  • Pumping up tyres in the car park with my Thumper MkII after beach driving and was able to finish the job and drive off while others, who were pumping their tyres when I arrived, were still pumping. Couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Love the Thumper.  Des Walsh
  • Our latest purchase of the Thumper air compressor is a game changer! We recently camped on a beach and had our tyres back up and running road worthy within minutes whilst we waited for our mates to pump theirs up at the servo! *yawn* – Jessica Wilkinson
  • I just bought the thumper air compressor and after going on a 4wd trip with my dad I’ve compared it to his ironman compressor and at less than half the price it blows away his for speed! Top product! - Ben Metcalf
  • Got the Thumper delivered today and my dad couldn’t believe how much I paid for it he was even more shocked when I used it to pump up the traction tyres in half the time he would normal have to do it. Really happy with the thumper – Jayden Storr
  • We bought the thumper air compressor for $75!!! Amazing value! Our mate couldn't believe how cheap and how great it worked compared to theirs which they paid over quadruple for the price!! Bonus zip up bag to store in our camp box keeps it altogether. BARGAIN!! – Baz Bec Sims
  • Thumper is a pumper, beats the eBay specials for the same price. Helps get the coal going quick for damper when we pull into camp late. - Reuban Keeley
  • My Thumper air compressor is the most used bit of kit I have from 4WD Supacentre- it added to my safety by ensuring I am never shy about airing down and never too rushed to air back up. – Captain Jack (4WD Action Forum)
  • Extremely impressed with the thumper! Gave it a real test yesterday. Mates poked fun at me for buying a cheap compressor. Sure showed up their big brand compressors with all 4 of my tyres pumped back up to road pressures before they even had 2! They almost fell over when I told them the price! - Ryan Bichel
  • We bought your Thumper and dirty gear bag! We went down to the dunes in WA and it beat our mates $600 air compressor, enough time for my hubby to drink a cold one. True quality in these products! Would 100% recommend! - Diana Baker
  • Tried the Thumper Air Compresor after a trip to Double Island, have to say couldn't be happier!! That compressor could keep a blimp in the sky! 4 tyres reinflated in a matter of minutes! - Will Sloss
  • Couldn't ask for a better compressor Pumped up the 35's with ease after a great weekend 4wding at Dargo. – Jake Mizzi 
  • Scored my Thumper compressor for $99 from your Brendale store and my mate ended up paying $199 for a TJM compressor! Needless to say I'm very impressed with the Thumper! – Remo Mattioli
  • I know I work too hard for my money to throw it away on a unit three times dearer than my $99 Thumper I bought and it out performs all my mates ones which makes it even better. – David Burnes
  • The Thumper air compressor is great value for money, it out did my mate's mean mother one which he payed $300 for! – Aaron Dennis
  • I'd have to say that my Thumper air compessor is a must have. Pumping up 3 tyres in the time my mate's ARB compressor does 1, for half the price!! – Kyle Lowin
  • Brought a Thumper air compressor from you and it's great, way better than my old compressor and faster than my mates ARB compressor which he paid over double the price for! Definitely recommend it to others – Ben Malpuss
  • Couldn't be happier with my new thumper air compressor!!! Pumps my tyres up after a day out on the beach nice easy and quick!!! Now I can stop using the dodgy compressor that’s attached to my jump start kit, thanks 4wd Supacentre!!! - Andrew D'Arcy 
  • I purchased the Thumper Air Compressor and love it. I am always the first person to have all tyres inflated after a fun day on the beach. My mate spent more money on his compressor and is now going to buy a Thumper. – Rose Cresswell 
  • Got back from Fraser Island recently and finally got to use my Thumper Air compressor and tyre deflator both purchased from 4WD Supa Centre. Not only did they handle the car tyres, but the compressor came in handy pumping up the rubber rings for the kids! - David Dickinson
  • Went for a run down the local 4wd beach this afternoon, got pumped back up and back home just before sunset thanks to the Thumper air compressor. – Liam Moore 
  • After going camping with mates who brought along there new compressor that they paid $295 for to put up against my thumper, will all I can say is the thumper won big time, and they are now buying one! - Karen Martin
  • First purchase on the site was a Thumper. Best move I've made. A trip to Bribie was a breeze. After a busy day on the sand and time to head home my mate and I both had a Thumper and another mate had an ARB compressor, well didn't we show him up! Fully pumped all four of our tyres up on both cars whilst he was still on his fronts. Obviously gave him a hand got the rear tyres done in no time. Not buying anywhere else but 4WD Supacentre. – Tim George
  • Don't you just hate it when the weather turns it on and when you hook up the boat you find that the tyre on the trailer is flat. Then to top it off you’re fishing mates compressor dies as he tried to pump it up. Thank god for the Thumper compressor that I had just purchased we got going again when my mate asked how much the compressor cost he would not believe me that it was less than half of his unit that was now in the bin. He has now ordered one and an awning to go with it. – Wilhelmus Kruize
  • I bought a Thumper Compressor and it beats any other brand big time! My mates were left behind by the time id finished all 4! – Cameron Loader
  • Went out for a bash on Saturday and at the end of the day it was time to pump the tyres back up. I have a Thumper MKII and he had a ARB compressor. He didn't get through one tyre before it blew a seal. Mine ended up doing both vehicles. When I felt the top of the compressor at the end it was just warm. Great value my mate is now getting one he was so impressed with the inflation rate. – Sam Bessell
  • Was airing up the morning after a night run in Barrington Tops and old mate in the 4WD next to me said he wished he'd bought the Thumper. I helped him with his last 2 tyres after I'd finished mine. – Ron-e Rowley 
  • Wettest Day in Adelaide History they say and I wake up to a flat tyre!!! Never fear, straight to the back of the car and get my trusty THUMPER air compressor out and away we go to get my morning coffee before work! – Damon Wilkie
  • My thumper compressor is just as fast as my mates ARB compressor. The only difference is my compressor doesn’t chew through as many hoses and is a third of the price! – Joel Hickey
  • Me - Thumper compressor $119. Brother - ARB compressor $400 plus. Cape York trip re-inflating tyres I'm back on road first every time. Winning already! – Simon Burnett
  • Our Thumper air compresser is our favourite. We ordered ours and it came in a couple of days and for Darwin that is incredible! Father in-law saw our compressor and now wants to sell his ARB compressor. We are stoked with it! Not only great quality AMAZING price!  Brianna Jade Weber
  • I just bought a Thumper MkII compressor and my brother in law bought a different one from another 4x4 shop, both used the first time and mine didn't blow a fuse!! Happy days!!... And he paid a LOT more $$ than I did! – Brett Cockburn
  • Well like a lot of other guys on here grabbed my Thumper compressor out pumping up my tyres after being on the beach, my mate was laughing saying 'how long is that going to pump up all your tyres'. I was on the 3rd tyre when he was still pumping up his first with his new hotshot compressor when it started smoking then stopped working. He had to come and borrow mine, he was not happy, he took his compressor back the next day got a refund and went out and bought himself a Thumper. We have a beer and a good laugh about it now so thanks for a great product. – Rowan Doherty
  • I've always been one to buy only the very best 4WD and camping gear, spending thousands on a few My Thumper compressor smashes my mate’s ARB compressor, I’ve pumped up all four of my tyres and started on my mate’s tyres before he has finished two. – Lachlan McGrath
  • 4x4 rigs. When my ARB compressor spat the dummy and stopped working I was bloody gutted. With a beach run planned for the weekend I needed a compressor quick so I swung into 4WD Supacentre the next day and got one for a hundred bucks. Cheering. Expecting it to just get me through the weekend, I was stoked when I cracked it open and seen how she was built. The carry bag is smick too. On the weekend I pumped up my rig and my mates cruiser in the same time my mate aired up his Prado with his ARB compressor. It’s a little ripper. By the look of it I should get a few years out it too. My mate is spewing hahaha. Thanks guys.  Rosy Luke 
  • We've used our Thumper air compressor a few times now after a beach run. Works a treat. It's fast, reliable and we recommend it to everyone we see using a different brand which seem to take twice as long to pump up. Thanks 4WD Supacentre – Carmel Misiaszek
  • I've got a Thumper and I love it, it's unreal! – Terence Greaves
  • I have had a Thumper for a couple of years now and they are bloody good. – WayneSouthern
  • The Thumper air compressor is a weapon! – Kyle Briggs
  • I have a Thumper and have used it over 20 times. It still runs and works like a treat! – Cam Jenkin
  • I have a Thumper Air Compressor and am bloody happy with it! – Waffel Weatherall
  • I have had a Thumper Air Compressor for a couple of years now. It's really fast and has been used heaps up the Cape and the Kimberley with no issues. – Steve Jacques
  • I got a Thumper and it works spot on and is so quick! – Colin McLaughlin
  • Got my Thumper today. Thank you heaps guys and girls for the very fast delivery. I'm very happy with the product and can’t wait to test it out! – Simon McWaters
  • Thumper, it's a beast. I thought it was going to be like the others, how wrong was I. – Paul Chapman
  • Got the Thumper – awesome left my mate’s air compressors hands down. ­ Luke Gunner
  • Airing up after great day out and my new Thumper mk2 had my tyres fully inflated while my mates were still lined up at the servo waiting for air. – Paul Idec
  • Half the price of the competition and it's a great unit, never fails not like my mate other brand. - Stephen Chynoweth
  • Got to test out the kwiky tyre deflator and the thumper air compressor at the beach yesterday and couldn't be happier. I had finished all four tyres before my mates had even finished two. Everyone was amazed at how good they were for the low cost. – Mitchel Byrne
  • I finally bought a thumper air compressor off the Supacentre and I am more than impressed by its capability and how quick it pumped my 33s back up. I used the kiwky tyre deflator that came with it and lets them down nice and controlled as well. I am now waiting on my Hercules recovery kit and am looking forward to purchasing a lot more off the Supacentre. - James Forbes
  • Bought a Thumper fast delivery and really good quality very happy with my compressor I have also bought 2 big single swags once again fast delivery and very good quality so happy with 4wd supacentre. Cheers guys you rock. - Dan Anderson-Mckelvie
  • Elim beach set up on the way to the Cape.. We are the Kings of King products both camps love the quality, just amazing.. We also used the roof bag, dirty gear bags, side awnings, light bars, thumper and car seat organisers on this tough trip through rain, wind and beating sun...cannot fault any of it brilliant! - Karen Kneebone
  • Had our first full try out of the new roof rack, rooftop tent, awning, side wall, 9 inch spotties, 42 inch light bar, thumper compressor and 4 bar camp lights on one of the sweetest days ever seen at lucky bay W.A. The amazing prices and quality of these products really talk for themselves. The roof rack alone makes other brands seem inferior! The whole family and the dogs had plenty of shade and sleeping room. The thumper compressor made short work of the air situation before hitting the highway to drive home. All the blokes at the camp were so impressed they are buying from 4wd supacentre before their next outing. Thanks for a ripper week. - David Armstrong
  • Recently bought a roof rack and awning from 4WD Supacentre and my mates are absolutely amazed at the quality and at well under half the price of the big brands I couldn’t be happier! Not to mention my Thumper pumped up my tyres in half the time of my mate’s ARB compressor. Thanks Supacentre! - Nathan Cassidy



  • I just got back to Sydney from a trip to Moreton Island in the zooky. The best bit of kit I brought with me was a Kwiky tyre deflator, it works cleverly by sealing the valve stem and releasing the valve core to release pressure quicker than any other system I've ever seen, it dropped my pressures accurately and fast. It was so quick I was first in line for a pie and coke on the Micat barge while everyone else was mucking around downstairs letting their tyres down with an assortment of keys, pens or the back end of their $2 tyre gauges.. only regret is not buying one sooner!! Go get a kwiky!! – Liam Arthur
  • The Kwiky tyre deflator is the best and because it is so quick and easy to use I always 'air down' as soon as I hit the tracks and I haven't had 1 flat or damaged tyre in the last 18 months since I started using it. Prior to owning it I had a few damaged tyres because I couldn't be bothered going through the hassle of letting them down. – Darrins (4WD Action Forum)
  • The most useful thing I have bought is the Kwiky tyre deflator it makes airing down a breeze. – Shaunrodeo (4WD Action Forum)
  • First time up to Fraser Island was a breeze using the Kwiky tyre deflator and the Thumper air compressor. Tyres were all back up to 34psi in a matter of seconds once we hit the tar back at Inskip. Even helped out a tourist from Sydney deflate his tyres as he had no gear. It was too easy. – Mick Kenny
  • Got to test out the kwiky tyre deflator and the thumper air compressor at the beach yesterday and couldn't be happier. I had finished all four tyres before my mates had even finished two. Everyone was amazed at how good they were for the low cost. – Mitchel Byrne
  • Got back from Fraser Island recently and finally got to use my Thumper Air compressor and tyre deflator both purchased from 4WD Supa Centre. Not only did they handle the car tyres, but the compressor came in handy pumping up the rubber rings for the kids! - David Dickinson
  • Kwiky to let it out and a Thumper to put it back in. Both awesome. 2 cars aired up in less than 20mins. Next time will be quicker after the father in law buys his own!! - Nathan Johnson
  • Airing down earlier today with my brand new Kwiky tyre deflator! Quick and easy. Got my Thumper out on the way home and avoided a fifteen minute detour to the servo. - Damien Thorne


Are we getting more Air Tanks in stock?
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