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Camping made easy with expert advice!

January 18, 2021   |   By Liam Arthur Camping made easy with expert advice! - image 200707-Luxury-Touring-Couple-Central-Coast-8-of-342 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

We’ve all heard the expression ‘all the gear & no idea!’, we want to make sure that you don’t end up being that guy at your favourite campsite.

To maximise your time relaxing at camp and avoid any confusion we’ve put together a handful of our best tips from the pro’s to get the most out of your Adventure Kings camping gear.

  1. Warm rinse for everyone!

Of you are a bit of a bush rat and love a good weekend away with your mates, you are well acquainted with the dreaded 4WDers pong, a smell that stings the nostrils, and makes long drives practically unbearable! From experience we’ve nailed it down to a combination of bad body odour, sweat, dirt, grease and campfire smoke that can make the trip home from a fun weekend away, something to lament even more!

To make sure you don’t make the fuel station attendants nose hairs curl, or women and children in the street run in fear at your wafting stench, nothing beats a nice rinse under a shower before you head home.

We have a few tips to get you clean and fresh, without blowing the budget and without being freezing cold.

The ever handy, Adventure Kings 12V shower simply plugs into your cigarette lighter socket which powers it to provide fully adjustable high pressure water from any water source.

With up to 4L/minute flow rate you can definitely wash off the layers of filth easily accumulated from even a few short days on the tracks.

To make this experience a little more pleasurable, particularly in the colder months, our expert advice is to heat up your water before you shower. By quickly boiling up a billy (kettle) and slowly adding it to your water jerrycan till you get the a nice and warm temperature.

This trick gives you a toasty warm rinse in the middle of nowhere. Just make sure you test the water first like you would in a bathtub so nobody gets burned by unexpectedly scolding hot water.

Try this one out next time you hit the tracks and your loved ones will be grateful when you walk through the door when you get home not stinking like week old roadkill!


  1. Solar setup efficiency enhancers.

Solar panels are one of the most popular ‘non fossil fuel’ ways to generate electricity, and because of their popularity and silent, practically cost free operation they have taken over campsites all over oz, thanks to the Kings range being an incredible and cost effective way to keep just about any campsite powered up constantly with reliable 12v power all day long. When coupled with a dual battery system a solar panel setup gives you nearly limitless solar charging potential.

However when shopping around it is important to know that some solar panels don’t include a solar voltage regulator, and without one, you risk serious damage to your 12v setup. Solar voltage varies depending on the amount light hitting the panel, with moving clouds, and can dip as low as 0 volts and depending on the panel as high as 22 volts. The purpose of a solar regulator is to maintain a steady voltage output at around 13.5V and make sure your battery is kept at its optimum health and maximum charge.

Until recently a cost effective PWM regulator was what was included to get you most of the way, and was included as standard equipment on many Adventure Kings solar panels, it will keep your batteries topped up safe and sound but when you compare its performance to the latest addition to the Adventure Kings range of solar panels the smarter and more efficient style of MPPT solar regulators, you may feel like your older system could do with a little bit more juice, and installing a quick easy upgrade of an MPPT regulator to get you up to 30% more power in certain conditions.

An MPPT regulator monitors your battery health more closely and manages the solar output to optimise charge.

The easiest way to get more power from your solar panels is to align your panel perpendicular to the rays of the sun. This allows the panel to soak up 100% of the sun’s rays and ensures maximum performance!


  1. Double your space

More people than ever before are installing on of the incredible value 4WD Side awnings, they are fast becoming a more essential 4WD upgrade than the trusty old lift kit or big rubber.

Thanks to travel restrictions more families and friends than ever before are taking their vehicles on the beach and away for camping escapes, and these clever awnings are fast and easy to setup and allow people to relax in the shade.

Adventure Kings awnings come with a UPF50+ rating meaning they block more than 96% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Easy to setup, it’s also very easy to forget to tie down your awning, particularly if you are on soft sand and normal pegs don’t work. This difficulty means many people have unfortunate incidents when their awnings catch the cool summer breeze. This is why we always use a set of Adventure Kings Sand Bags to hold our awnings down on the beach! They cost less than some 6 packs and will save you a stack of drama!

There is also an option for their brand new 270° King Wing Awning which offers a full wrap around setup which offers many of the same benefits as a standard style of awning whilst also offering a HUGE amount of additional shelter.


  1. More comfort at night!

A comfortable night’s sleep is absolutely critical to feeling refreshed in the morning and enjoying your trip away, wherever you are camping, improving the comfort of your sleeping setup is essential to fully enjoying your trips away, without feeling exhausted and burned out.

Adventure Kings offers Aussie campers an unbelievable range of accessories to enhance your comfort at night, starting with an Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, with an Adventure Kings Queen sized self-inflating Mattress, this mattress is incredible and offers a plush 100mm thick foam core and a soft flocked top for comfort, the density of the mattress provides comfort even on uneven rocky terrain. This incredible mattress provides the perfect upgrade to an Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Tourer, as it fits perfectly inside.

There is no excuse to not head out camping, and with years of experience camping in the bush under our belt, these tips are just the beginning to excellent nights away, on the tracks, with the family or even on big road trips – keep any eye peeled for more articles about how to get the most out of your camping setup!

To see the full range of gear from 4WD Supacentre head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one of our fully equipped showrooms to see the gear in person and head away with an unbeatable bargain on your next campsite upgrade!