Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter?

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We’re just about to come into the cooler months, which means one thing – awesome cooler nights around roaring campfires! We’re so blessed in Australia with a massive variety of climates, but regardless of where you want to go camping, whether it’s down south or up in the Top End, winter brings with it cooler camping temperatures.

If you’ve been spending a bit of time setting up your 4WD’s 12v system to let you run a portable fridge and LED camping lights when you’re at camp, you may be wondering about adding portable solar panels to your setup. A portable solar panel is a fantastic way to prevent your auxiliary deep cycle battery from going flat, letting you stay at that perfect campsite for longer. However many campers who are relatively new to camping solar panels ask the question whether it’s worth running a solar panel during winter, and our answer to that is always yes!

Of course, winter brings with it shorter days but here’s the funny thing. Heat is the enemy of electricity in general. The hotter the ambient temperature is, and the hotter the temperature of an electrical system component such as a camping solar panel gets, the less it is able to perform. That’s because a certain amount of the electricity flowing through any circuit gets lost through conversion to heat anyway, but when the wiring is already heated up, that loss of electricity (known as voltage drop) becomes even more prevalent.

Because of this phenomena, the irony is that although winter days are shorter and often not as sunny, when the sun is out, your camping solar panel will perform at its peak during winter! However because the days are so short, especially the further south you get, you need to be very much on top of always pointing your solar panel directly at the sun to maximize the power it can produce. The sun moves a lot quicker across the sky in winter, and stays a lot lower in the sky too. That means every hour you should be re-adjusting the angle of your camping solar panel to make sure it’s getting as much sunlight as possible, instead of every couple of hours like in summer.

One term you should be aware of is ‘Peak Sun Hours’. This is, as the name suggests, the amount of time in a certain location that will get full sun on a sunny day. It’s a lot less down in Melbourne in winter, for instance, than Weipa. To get the most out of your camping solar panel, do a good search for ‘Peak Sun Hours’ along with the location you’re going camping to. It’ll show you what the average mean daily sunshine amount is, which in Weipa’s case is 5.5 hours per day. You can then use that to calculate what sized portable solar panel you need. If you’re running a fridge that draws on average 2amps per hour, plus some LED lights and fans that’ll draw another 10A per day, you’re going to need to replenish 58A of power every 24 hours.

The Adventure Kings 160W Portable Solar Panel has a peak output of 8.75A, whereas the Adventure Kings 250W Portable Solar Panel has a peak output of 13.74A. If you’re getting 5.5 hours of peak sunlight, and need to replenish 58A of power in that time, you’ll need a camping solar panel that can produce at least 10.5A of peak power. That means the Adventure Kings 250W portable solar panel is the one you want in this scenario. However it’s worth mentioning that this scenario focuses only on solar panel power production – you can still produce power to recharge your auxiliary deep-cycle battery by going for a drive, or running your camping generator!

So, if you’re wondering whether winter’s a worthwhile time to invest in solar power for your campsite, the simple answer is yes! Camping solar panels are worth their weight in gold whenever you’re out camping, but they perform at their peak in cool, sunny conditions. Add an Adventure Kings Portable Solar Panel to your 12v system and you’ll be able to forget about the worries and headaches of a flat auxiliary deep cycle battery.

Understanding Your Deep Cycle Battery’s Voltage

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If you’ve recently installed a dual battery system into your 4WD, you’ve now opened up access to a whole range of 12v modifications that will massively enhance your camping experience. Whether it’s running LED camping lights, a portable fridge, an inverter to charge the kids’ DVD players or any other electrical camping gear, with a dual battery you can power it all without risk of running your main battery so flat that you can’t start your car in the morning.

Many campers install some sort of voltmeter at the same time as a dual battery system so that they can monitor their auxiliary deep cycle battery’s voltage and know how much it has in reserve, and when it’s time to recharge it. A voltmeter can be as simple as a basic LED meter, as complicated as a high-tech digital meter or even just a multimeter that you connect to the battery when you want to check voltage levels. However you monitor your deep cycle auxiliary battery’s voltage, it’s important to understand what it means because it can in fact be quite confusing. What’s worse, is if you let your deep cycle AGM battery drop below a certain point, you can damage it internally to the point where it can’t be recharged again. So how do you know when that point is?

When your engine is running and your alternator is charging, it will typically be putting out somewhere between 13.5V and 14.4V. Back in the days of old school mechanically-controlled engines with alternators that were simply driven off the fanbelt, you knew that if your alternator was putting out between 14.0V and 14.4V that it was healthy and in good condition. If when the engine was revving, it was putting out less than 14.0V it was an indication that the alternator was worn out or damaged in some way. These days it’s a lot more complicated owing to ‘smart’ alternators that don’t always put out a steady rate of charge in an effort to reduce load on engine and thus emissions. That’s where a DC/DC charger comes into play but that’s a topic we’ll discuss at another time.

When you’re parked up at your favourite campsite, and you’ve got all your electrical camping gear setup, you should monitor your auxiliary deep cycle battery voltage every hour or so. On hot days, your battery’s electrical capacity will be diminished since heat has an adverse effect on electrical systems. This is doubly so simply because you’ll be opening your portable fridge more often for a cold drink, causing it to work harder to keep the contents cool!

When you first turn your vehicle off, assuming there’s no load on the electrical system at all (i.e. you’re at home in your driveway and your fridge is off), a healthy auxiliary deep cycle battery should sit somewhere between 12.6 and 12.8V. As you add more load to the system the voltage will instantly decrease, as voltage isn’t strictly the best way to measure overall battery capacity. However it can give a general idea of how much capacity is left in your battery.

To measure proper battery voltage, first remove any load from the battery. That means turning off the camping fridge (it’ll be okay for 10 minutes!), the LED lights, etc. Then let the battery sit for about 10 minutes to let the voltage ‘settle’ before taking a reading.

At 12.4v, your auxiliary deep cycle battery is down to 80% capacity. That’s pretty standard sort of voltage to see when you’re parked up at camp with the fridge running for an hour or two. Most portable fridges draw somewhere between 3 and 5 amps per hour. By 12.0V, however, your battery is already down to 50% capacity, and by 11.8V it’s at 30% capacity. At this stage you need to recharge your deep cycle battery in some way, whether that’s with solar power, with a camping generator or by going for a drive. If you let your battery drop much lower than 11.8V then you risk causing internal damage that will prevent it from recharging properly. If your battery ever drops to 10.5V, then that’s what is generally accepted as 0% capacity and indicates that the battery is dead flat. There’s a very good chance that at that level you won’t be able to recharge your battery again, and it’ll be ready for the scrap pile. Keep an eye on your deep cycle battery’s capacity with a voltmeter and you’ll be able to keep the fridge cold and the lights on when you’re at camp!

Become a recovery specialist – Out top tips to getting your mates out of trouble on the tracks!

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What are good mates for? This is a how to guide, in becoming the mate that everyone wants and needs with them on the tracks!

So get ready for the flood of invites to come out 4WDing, thanks to these handy tips!


All the gear no idea!

Don’t be that guy! Plenty of people head out on the tracks with a vehicle full of top notch gear but have no idea on how to use it when it counts the most!

It is important that you know the ins and outs of every piece of gear (recovery or not) that you bring with you when you hit the tracks, this makes sure that you have the right tool for the job first time, every time.

By bringing a simple kit like the Hercules Essential Recovery Kit, or the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit to compliment your 4WD winch like the Domin8r X 12,000lb unit, on the tracks you will be equipped for about 95% of off road recoveries.

With the ability to pull even a fully loaded 4WD out of trouble using a double line pull whilst using anchor extensions to get the most ideal anchor location, with a comprehensive 4WD recovery kit even snatch strap recoveries are trouble free.

To make sure you know exactly how all the components in your Recovery kit work, you can take a 4WD recovery course from a reputable school in your area, where they will teach you all of the ins and outs of the most efficient methods for getting your 4WD free from trouble!

So learn the ins and outs of all the components of your recovery kit, to make sure when the pressure is on, you know how to setup in the safest way possible!

Get out and practice!

Just like with Formula 1 and MotoGP nothing beats track time, for getting better results and coming out on top!

In the 4WD world those who spend more time on the track often come off looking the best, combining experience and practice makes the best platform for figuring out the safest recovery methods on the tracks!

When you head out 4WDing in non-time critical situations you have the ability to slowly piece together an arsenal of knowledge about, what the best anchor looks like, and with all of this experience you can easily identify when something looks unsafe on the tracks.

Preparation is always KEY!

Ask any successful athlete, builder, architect, or business owner just how far a small amount of preparation can take you. The same applies for off road recoveries, by locating your 4WD recovery kit in an easy to access location in the back of your 4WD you are prepared for any eventuation. however, when you are on a section of track where it looks like you will be seriously challenged, preparation is key to getting past the section!

Here are some tips to make sure you are ready… plus you’ll look really cool to those who don’t know much about 4WDing!

Snatch Prep!


If you haven’t got a winch fitted to your vehicle yet, you aren’t destined to be stuck for good, there are a few specific tools you can pack to make sure you can get your vehicle free and safe on uneven terrain.
but the most useful tool if you have multiple vehicles is a snatch strap kit. With the ability to yank even a fully loaded 4WD free from a lot of situations, it can be more useful in certain circumstances than a winch!

To prep your snatch strap, it pays to pre-hookup your shackles and strap on the side of your vehicle that there is help, for example, if you are on the tail end of the convoy, hook your snatch up to your front rated recovery points with a shackle. Don’t forget to thread the bolt back out by half of a turn!

You should also connect your spare rated recovery shackle to the free eye. This acts as ballast in case you need to chuck your snatch to a location not close to where you are stuck!

Winch prep!

If your vehicle has a winch fitted, unspool your winch cable most of the way and engage the clutch mechanism, you can usually coil your winch cable around your bull bar, or in a figure 8 around your LED Spotties. We’ve even seen people pass the coil of winch rope through their vehicle window to make it accessible to other 4WDers outside the vehicle, and if it was me I would also plug your winch controller in, to make sure you don’t have to go for a free dive in mirky, silty, muddy water, blindly trying to find the controllers socket when it is semi submerged under the muck you are trying to escape.

Prepping this means if you get stuck, all you have to do is chuck your winch rope to a friend, wait for them to hook it up to a solid appropriate anchor, and you’re off scott free!

Why A Snatch Block Is Your Winch’s Best Mate

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If you’ve invested in a winch for the front of your 4×4, then you’ve added the cheapest insurance you can ever buy for protecting yourself against getting stuck when you’re out in the bush. It doesn’t really matter if you’re the type of 4WDer who actively seeks out the biggest, nastiest hill climbs and bog holes, or you’ve bought a winch as a bit of protection against being stuck by yourself on your way to your favourite campsite or fishing hole. An electric winch is a fantastic bit of gear that’ll pay for itself the first time you need to use it, when it will change what could have been a scenario where you were stuck for days, into a quick recovery that will be a good story to tell around the campfire.

Along with a winch, you should be carrying a recovery kit in your 4WD. A recovery kit has all the gear you need to effect a safe winch or snatch recovery, including a snatch strap, rated bow shackles, a winch extension strap and a tree trunk protector. Whenever you are using your electric winch and anchoring it to a tree, you should use a tree trunk protector to prevent damage to the tree by ring-barking it. However another crucial bit of gear that features in the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit and the Hercules essential recovery kit is a snatch block, and it’s your winch’s best mate!

A snatch block has a number of different functions. You use it by passing the synthetic winch rope through it to do one of a couple of things. In some recovery situations, even the toughest winch will struggle against a massive mud hole. You should never winch to the point where you’ve got your thumb on the ‘winch in’ button but the winch isn’t pulling the vehicle any further forward. What happens in this scenario is all the power from your alternator and battery are being jammed through one or two points on the winch motor, which can burn the contact points out. This constitutes user error and can quickly kill your winch.

If you ever find that the winch is struggling to move the vehicle forward, first assess why it’s not moving forward. Maybe it’s because one of the wheels is trying to climb a large step. If that’s the case then let the winch out, back the vehicle back and use rocks to build a makeshift ramp that’ll let the vehicle climb up easier when you winch in again. However if it’s a nasty bog-hole then use your snatch block to pass the synthetic rope through, anchor the snatch block to the tree trunk protector and bring the winch hook back to the vehicle. You’ll effectively double the pulling power of the winch, although it will winch at half the speed. This will often give your winch the power it needs to pull you free.

The other use for a snatch block is in changing the direction of the winch pull. Sometimes you won’t be able to line up directly with a vehicle you’re trying to winch free of a boghole, or winch up a hill, due to the way the track turns. In this case, you can use your snatch block to change the direction of the winch pull. Anchor the snatch block to a tree directly in front of both your 4×4 and the one that’s stuck, and pass the synthetic winch rope through it. You’re now winching at a 90° angle, and you’ll be able to winch that stuck vehicle free without having to position your own vehicle in a tricky or dangerous situation.

You can even, in an extreme scenario, use two snatch blocks in one recovery to triple a line pull and give your winch three times the pulling power. In that situation you’d likely need to use a winch extension strap to position at least one of the snatch blocks near to the vehicle, but if you’ve got either the Hercules Recovery Kit or the Adventure Kings Complete Recovery Kit you’ll have everything you need to complete a proper winch recovery. Your snatch block is your winch’s best friend when you’re out in the bush!

Adventure Kings Camping Generators – The silent generator killer!

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There are plenty of reasons why you should get a portable generator for your campsite, there are countless articles weighing up the pro’s and cons, and you’ve probably at this stage already decided that a camping generator is just what you need for when you hit the tracks.

But an affordable, reliable and powerful generator, must have some trade offs right?…. well not exactly, and for this reason, we are going to go over some of the unbelievable benefits you can get by choosing a generator from the Adventure Kings range of camping generators.

Portability and size

There are 2 camping generators in the Adventure Kings range, the first in the range is an Adventure Kings 2KVA Generator. Weighing in at 18.5 Kg this is one of the most compact generators on the market and having the ability to output a massive 2000W which is enough to recharge your 12v batteries and sensitive enough to power digital devices that may not operate safely with rough outputs from inferior inbuilt inverters.

The Adventure Kings 2KVA Generators measure 525(L) X 282(W) X 457(H) making them extremely compact and portable to nearly any campsite around Australia.

The next in the lineup of Adventure Kings Generators is the Colossus 3.5KVA, this is the heavy hitter of the family, weighing in at a hefty 33.5Kg this does have a bit more gravity than its little brother the Kings 2KVA generator. The 3.5KVA Generator offers a heap more output making it suitable for caravanners who like to free camp off the grid, whilst still being able to operate their 240v amenities, such as air conditioning units, microwaves and even built in refrigerators.

Sizing up to 614mm(L) × 341mm(W) × 506mm(H) means this behemoth is a little bit larger than the 2KVA Generator, but it offers a massive 175% gain in power output meaning your camping generator can power.



With similar generators on the market costing between $1000-1500 more than the Adventure Kings range, you have many reasons to consider your budget, the massive affordability of the Adventure Kings generators, is by careful selection of component suppliers, and through intense research and development. Making the Adventure Kings range of camping generators one of the best value available in Australia.

 With the bottom line being the deciding factor in camping equipment purchases, with the savings you make, you can purchase a whole campsite setup plus more when shopping with Adventure Kings gear! 


Noise rating

For beating the obscene levels of sound that some generators seem to put out both the Adventure Kings models of generators, provide excellent DB ratings via their 4 stroke engines fitted with nearly silent sound dampening technology.

Serenity when camping is one of the most important aspects for many people, and by being able to minimize the noise output of your camping setup the more positive your camping experience.

The Adventure Kings 2KVA Generator outputs 60.6dB on economy mode, which is on par with similar 2kva output units, when compared to a chart of decibel readings a standard conversation falls around 60-65dB. This makes the 2KVA generator whisper quiet, and perfect for use, just about anywhere.

Compared to the Additional 170% power output offered by the Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Generator, you are only subject to an additional 2.1dB of noise, with the sound output reading only 62.7dB making it almost as silent as its smaller brother.
Both the Adventure Kings camping generators, offer massive amounts of usable power, whilst also being, extremely affordable.

Not only do both Adventure King camping generators, offer excellent value, they are deadly silent whilst you set up camp!



Like all gear available from Adventure Kings, the 2 camping generators offer a massive 12 month, 365 day warranty, and a 30 day change of mind refund, for trouble free gear purchase.

So what are you waiting for, get out and get camping with a more affordable and feature packed Adventure Kings camping generator today for way less than you imagined!

Choosing the perfect camping portable solar panel

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When you head out into remote areas, providing your campsite with much needed power is a lot simpler than many people assume, with the advent of affordable solar panels and easy to setup dual battery systems, there is next to no excuse for running out of power in the bush!

With a massive range of portable solar panels available on the market, you can easily be overwhelmed by the selection process, with listings quoting Wattage outputs, peak amps, open circuit voltage, photovoltaic cell style eg, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, flexible, and the list goes on!

So we are going to break down the 4 most important things to check for when you are shopping for a camping solar panel;


When assessing the possible performance, quality and value of a solar panel there are a handful of factors that affect the output that is possible for a given size of panel. With modern technology there are 2 main competing styles of photovoltaic cell used in the production of camping solar panels.

Polycrystalline cell

These are the initial style of solar panel available on the mass market and were developed to be much more cost effective to manufacture, using a lesser grade of silicone material, whilst still outputting sufficient useful power for campsite usage.

Monocrystalline cell

Since the availability of higher grade silicone has become much more affordable, the ease of manufacture of higher performance solar panels means the surface area of a photovoltaic cell allows the size of camping solar panels to be much smaller than the styles previously available without increasing the cost, or size, means that it is now possible to power a whole campsite off one simple panel design, like the Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel.




The output of a solar panel is calculated into watts, watts are a scientific unit of measurement to measure total power. To figure out what this means involves a quick maths lesson, and the wattage of a solar panel is calculated with the formula below;



The wattage of a solar panel is calculated using the unregulated circuit voltage and the total possible amperage output, this calculation applied to the Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel is as follows.


13.8 Amps x 18.2 Volts = 250.068 Watts


This means your solar regulator has a total of 250 Watts of power to play with to keep your battery topped up and your campsite appliances running.




As mentioned above, the voltage output of the Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel outputs an average of 18.2 volts, anyone who knows about 12v systems know that a 12v system is usually floating around 12.8 volts and a healthy charging voltage floats around 13.8 – 14 volts

This means that you have an excess voltage of around 4.2 volts, that needs to be reduced to prevent the dangerous “overcharging” which can release dangerous Hydrogen gas, and boil the acid inside your 12v batteries

There are 2 main types of voltage regulation circuits commonly in use today, that adjust the output voltage to a healthy level for your vehicles battery setup.


PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) Solar voltage regulators emit constantly varying pulses of DC power of varying durations to control the current flowing into a battery, and efficiently provide the most available power to a battery system.

PWM regulators are one of the most popular styles of voltage regulation and is one of the most commonly included voltage regulators on many modern solar panel systems within the Adventure Kings portable camping solar panel range.


Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT), is an up and coming addition to the solar voltage regulator arsenal. The MPPT Regulators are considered cutting edge when it comes to extracting maximum potential wattage from a photo voltaic cell.

The MPPT regulators monitor the output voltage of the solar cell, and the ability of your battery to take a charge, and converts the output to the maximum potential current, to increase the speed of charge and efficiency of your solar panel. The MPPT style voltage regulators can improve performance up to 30% during overcast days!



When choosing a camping solar panel setup, you need to consider your average power consumption at camp. By calculating your average amperage usage per hour of all of your camping accessories, you can figure out your usual amp hour requirements.

For an example;

Appliance Amps per hour Amps over 24hrs
60L Fridge Freezer 0.83A (32 °C set to 5 °C) 19.92 Amp/hours
Illuminator 4 bar camp Light 5 A Max (6*hrs running) 30.00 Amp/hours
  TOTAL 49.92 Amp/hours

With these figures, we need our solar panel system to generate approximately 50amp hours of charge, So when looking at the Adventure Kings 120W Solar Blanket you have the a minimum daylight of 9 hours with a maximum charge potential of 7.41 Amps resulting in up to 66.69 amp hours of charge. Making it perfect for this simple camping solar setup!

Armed with this knowledge you should be able to select the perfect 12v portable solar panel setup for your setup, whether its weekend trips away, or school holiday breaks!

What does it take to create a great bush mechanic?

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We’ve been asked these questions many times on the side of the tracks and at the local bush pub, the answer is not simple, and it is not just a particular tool or a simple set of rules. A true great bush mechanic, is a combination of being prepared to fix nearly anything around and by using creativity to fix your vehicles issues with what is on hand.  understanding the way your vehicle operates, is key to being able to remedy any of the issues you may encounter using the resources you have at hand!


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Necessity is the mother of invention and the requirement to get your vehicle home, means that even with minimal mechanical knowledge, jury-rigging your vehicle back onto the tracks is absolutely possible!

With this being said, equipping your vehicle with a toolkit, like the Adventure Kings 150 Pieces Bushmechanic Tool Kit, you equip yourself with many tools you may require fixing, repair and identify mechanical issues you may encounter on the tracks. Coupling this with an Engine Data Scan device, you can monitor the digital sensors fitted to your vehicle trouble-free via the integrated OBDII port found on many modern 4WD vehicles.

By identifying potential mechanical issues before you encounter them ensures that you have less to fix, however with ingenuity nearly any mechanical issue can be remedied.

The Adventure Kings 150pc Bushmechanic Tool Kit includes;

14x 1/2″ Drive Chrome Vanadium Sockets

17” 1/2″ Drive Chrome Vanadium Breaker Bar

1/2″, 72 Teeth Ratchet

2x 1/2″ Spark Plug

5” 1/2″ Drive Chrome Vanadium Extension

1/2″ Drive Chrome Vanadium Universal Joint

Wire Strippers / Crimpers

9x Metric Allen Keys

24x12V Fuses


Long Nose Pliers

Combination Pliers

Side Cutters

12x Metric Chrome Vanadium Combination Spanners

10” Adjustable Chrome Vanadium Spanner

Philips Head:








4 in 1 Circlip Pliers

Carbon Steel Ball-Pein Hammer

8″ Half Round File

12″ Hand Saw

Chrome Vanadium Locking Pliers


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-133 on


The Adventure Kings 150 Piece Bush Mechanic Tool Kit offers just about every tool required to get your vehicle back on the road, but failing that there is plenty of room in the soft material bag, to allow you to add extras like Gaffer tape, zip ties, fencing wire, and your favorite lubricants and water dispersant sprays, and adhesives.

There are no limits when fixing your 4WD, we’ve seen people wire a sawn log to a broken leaf spring to keep it in place and cable tie stitch body panels back together, and even seen a front swivel hubs and CV’s serviced on the tracks using good old bush ingenuity and a sound understanding of how your vehicle operates means you can piece your vehicle back together when it counts the most.

Coupled with the ability to, digitally diagnose fault codes and get your vehicle out of limp home mode, you are equipped with the perfect 4WD Bush mechanic combo that will allow you to tackle harder tracks with less fear of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The Engine Data Scan device, has 4 main functions as a digital scan tool, handy for monitoring your vehicles sensors, gauges and digital systems, as a digital trip computer monitoring things like fuel usages, distance travelled and more, and review any ECU fault codes that may be putting your vehicle into “limp home mode” a default factory ‘failsafe’ that restricts the performance of a vehicle, and can be dangerous when you are a long way away from the nearest town.

The EDS allows you to unleash your vehicle and effectively “switch off” the limp mode, to ensure you can get back to civilization to repair the issue you encountered.

The EDS is another tool you can implement, to ensure absolute certainty that you and your 4WD will make it to the end of the track and all with a simple 1 plug installation.

By being creative and bringing an arsenal of tools with you when you hit the tracks you can be prepared for nearly any eventuation and can even undertake routine servicing at home using the awesome mixture.

240v generators are the taking over campsites all over Australia!

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Generators are taking over the way more and more Aussies get out and camp. With the ability to operate a portable 240v power source, in nearly any situation. However, a reliable quiet and easy to operate generator, for many years has been out of reach of the budgets, that many 4WDers and campers have been able to afford.

Small petrol motors for many decades are usually 2 stroke units that emit smelly smoke, require regular maintenance and are usually not very quiet or reliable, this makes 2 stroke models a poor choice for constantly running 240v generators.

Until recently the developments made by Adventure Kings have allowed the release of a small range of massively accessible 4 stroke portable power, suitable for tradies, campers, grey nomads, and anyone else who needs mains power in remote locations.

The range of Adventure Kings generators consists of 2 separate generators the 2KVA and the colossus 3.5KVA both of these models utilize reliable 4 stroke motors, with CDI ignition, have an economy mode, and low oil alert, and overload protection with 2x 15amp 240v sockets and 12v cigarette lighter plug. For simple 1 chord pull operation the reliability of a 4-stroke motor is yet un-matched!

The first in the stable is the Adventure Kings 2KVA air-cooled, 100cc 4 stroke, OHV, gasoline engine. The 2KVA Generator offers a 4L fuel capacity which has the ability to provide continuous operation for over 3.8 hours and up to 9 hours running time when idling.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-131 on


The Adventure Kings 2KVA uses a clever noise suppression system that can deaden the output volume to a maximum of only 60.6dB. The onboard circuitry, utilizes a clever, pure sine output inverter, which emits a clean power source, that can power 2000w of 240v accessories. And whilst you are not operating a full 2000W worth of accessories, you can flick your generator over to economy mode, which automatically decreases the RPM’s of the engine to save on fuel usage and improve your campsite longevity.

The next option within the Adventure Kings range, is the powerful Adventure Kings Colossus 3.5KVA generator, powered by a powerful 150cc, overhead camshaft, 4 stroke with a 7.5 liters of fuel capacity with a continuous operation rating of over 3 hours, coupled with the economy mode, you can ensure you extend your camping generators, fuel range.

The Adventure Kings Colossus 3.5KVA Generator offers enough power to run nearly any campsite, with surplus output, this is what makes it the best value generator for tradies as well.

On the jobsite we’ve seen the Adventure Kings 3.5 KVA generator, power up massive drop saws, circular saws, and even a massive 2400W 9” grinder.

The benefits of a 240v portable generator, are quite apparent, but with the lack of reliability provided by government infrastructure, with dramatic weather events and blackouts becoming more and more commonplace in every state across the country, the Adventure Kings 240v Generators have found themselves taking pole position as one of the most popular backup power sources that are available on the Australian market today!

The rising cost of living means that your supplies are more expensive than ever, and if you value the contents of your fridge are as expensive as ours. You’ll want a way to keep them cold and unspoiled.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-132 on


The Adventure Kings 4 stroke generators, offer an excellent all-purpose off grid power supply that is suitable for nearly any camping, 4WD, jobsite and emergency power supply, packed full of features and with the ability to maintain power supply to just about all your essential appliances, and with the ability to provide your critical power needs, in an emergency event.

The only maintenance requirements you have in the Adventure Kings 4 stroke generators is to add fuel occasionally and let it rip, with a gentle pull of the ripcord.

To find out more information about the Adventure Kings generators, or any other 4WD and camping gear available, it is important to checkout the range on the 4WD Supacentre website, or visit one of the dealerships and company stores, all over the country, or talk to one of our expert operators on 1800 88 39 64 for the best advice about which generator suits your needs the most.

Whichever generator you choose, you cannot go wrong with a 240v power source from Adventure Kings!

How to get set up with the ULTIMATE CAMPSITE!

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There are over a million camping setups, but without the proper equipment and forethought, you can be strung out high and dry when you need your campsite to perform at its best!

We are going to give our top 4 tips to ensure you have a reliable and absolutely comfortable campsite whether you camp on the beach, in the bush, the highlands or even in the desert!

1.Choosing your campsite!  

When searching for the best campsite around, it’s easy to simply setup where you have seen that other people have camped before, but finding your own spot offers a rewarding sense of ownership.

Things to look out for are, clear flat areas that won’t take forever to tidy (e.g. removing sticks and stones to make room for your swag) and without overhanging branches. Eucalyptus trees are extremely drought tolerant, and because of this have developed a handful of drought survival techniques, which include randomly droping large branches, to conserve water.  Sometimes dead eucalyptus branches are refered to as widow makers and should be considered when choosing a place to setup camp.

2.Setting up camp

When you are setting up camp, you need to consider things like the direction of sunrise, sunset. Where other campers may setup, whether you are blocking potential passing traffic and also which direction the wind is coming from.

We always use our vehicle as a campsite foundation, and setup our camp off of our vehicle. This means making sure you have parked your vehicle in the correct location to unroll your Adventure Kings Awning over the top of your campsite clearing.

Once you have setup your Awning, and pegged out your Adventure Kings awning wall, unrolling your Adventure Kings campsite mesh flooring is the next step, lining it up with your awning footprint to make sure you have the perfect base underneath your campsite.

The last step to setting up camp is to set up your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag, by choosing a location underneath your awning wall, you can ensure that the morning condensation does not dampen the poly-cotton canvas, however, you will also stay warmer through the night.

3.Cooking at camp

Satisfying your desires and cravings for food at camp can seem like a daunting experience, but it’s a lot easier than many people expect. Using simple equipment, you can cook up a storm, the Adventure Kings BBQ Hot Plate offers the perfect place to turn an ordinary campfire, into a full capable barbequing platform. The addition of a Bedourie camp oven to your campfire can also allow you to roast, stew, boil and bake your favorite meals on the tracks. without the requirement to carry bulky gas cans or liquid fuels. The Adventure Kings cooking gear lineup offers you the versatility to keep well fed at camp.

However, sometimes your campsite is too confined to operate an open fire place, this is where an Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove comes in spectacularly handy, far more efficient than a traditional campfire, this oven/stove combo elevates and contains your fire inside a heavy duty steel chamber, allowing you to control the temperature and airflow resulting in a far more efficient burn.

The Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove is one of the most affordable and efficient woodfire stoves available on the Australian market, and with its elevated 2.4m tall chimney, you can raise smoke up and out of your campsite. Retaining heat, without the stinging eyes and allowing your wood to last longer.

4.Camp lighting

At night time, seeing around camp is critical to safety and convenience, this is why the Adventure Kings Camp lighting range has been extensively researched and developed to be versatile and practical, whilst also being expandable, and adaptable to whatever campsite setup you have.

By connecting an Adventure Kings Complete 5 Bar Camp Light Kit, you can easily adapt and add a 4m MAX LED strip light, or an additional Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit to increase the amount of clear bright white light around camp, and with the included dimmer, on/off switches, you have easy control over where the light is and just how bright your campsite is.

These are just some of our top tips for setting up your campsite using the extremely valuable Adventure Kings gear.

Get your teenager out camping for less!

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With the modern age of digital technology, its next to impossible to motivate your kids to get out of the house, but if they are armed with their P plates and a car full of top quality gear it shouldn’t be too hard to get them out of the house these school holidays!

For many generations equipping your teenager with good quality gear was a right of passage into adulthood and would give them the tools to become independent, self-sufficient, and ready to engage with the world!

Here are 4 surefire bits of gear, you can equip your teenager with to make sure they are equipped to get out and explore for many years to come!



In recent years the word swag has come to have many different definitions, from being modern American slang for “cool”, to referring to a bundle of valuable goods, which is where the origin of the of the term coined by the old timer travelling workman to refer to their bed bundle which they stored money, food and spare clothes that they carried across their back whilst roaming the country looking for work in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

With the historic nature of a swag, they have become an icon of Australiana, and one of the most popular ways to head out camping, due to the fast setup and pack down. With many swags available on the market, it’s easy to be led astray with the impression that the more you spend the better your swag will be, however this is not necessarily the case.

With a range of swags that are incredible value, it’s hard to ignore the options on the table from Adventure Kings.

Starting with the ultra-compact and lightweight Adventure Kings ‘Kwiky’ Swag, your teen will have one of the fastest setups on the market. With plenty of mesh and a comfy 50mm thick mattress they won’t be disappointed.

From here you can go all the way to the top of the line Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, with an insane 70mm thick mattress, the Adventure Kings swag range all takes advantage of the tough and durable, yet lightweight 280gsm ripstop poly-cotton canvas fabric, that not only prevents, scuffs and scrapes from damaging the integrity of the fabric but also allows the natural fibers to swell and seal itself watertight.


2.Comfortable Camp Chair

When relaxing at camp, it is important to have a comfortable place to sit, without the fear of your camp chair collapsing, or digging into your legs, making camp uncomfortable.

Adventure Kings offers a handful of unbeatable value camp chairs that cater to space restrictions in your vehicle, comfort levels required;

Starting Adventure Kings Throne Camping Chair this chair is truly a throne, whilst being extremely comfortable, this may look like a standard collapsible camp chair, this camp chair is next level, utilizing a heavy duty telescopic steel frame, and reinforced hinge mechanisms. The fabric is a massive 600GSM oxford weave polyester, which has a static rating of 300Kg which is next to unbeatable!

The next option, in the Adventure Kings range is the Adventure Kings Director’s Camping Chair, this handy chair includes a built-in fold out table with a cup holder this chair utilizes a folding steel frame and suits those who prefer the more traditional style fold out camping chair without sacrificing quality.

The last and most recent addition to the Adventure Kings range of camping chairs is the Adventure Kings Deluxe Adjustable folding camp chair this camp chair offers a completely reclining backrest, using a reclining lock mechanism making it comfortable.


  1. BBQ hotplate

When your teen is out camping, they are going to need to eat, and when they are starting out on their streak of independence, there are a million ways to get cooking at camp, and there is no easier way to cook food than on an Adventure Kings BBQ hotplate. Simply set it up at the edge of your campfire, oil the surface, and your teen will be able to fry and grill many different meals easily and trouble free, without needing gas bottles, or special high-tech goodies.

4. BBQ tools

On the list of must haves for your teens next camping adventure, finally, is a quality set of BBQ tools like the Adventure Kings BBQ Tool Set. Wrapped up in a handy and clever tool wrap, the BBQ tools allow you to easily organize your bbq tools to cook up a storm at camp when you are done, the handy tool wrap allows you to keep the inside of your vehicle clean and tidy.

There is plenty of gear you can get for your teenager to ensure they have a great time away with their friends, but this list is a great starting point to get your offspring setup for camping with their mate!

Adventure Kings Double Swags – Triple the value!

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When deciding on a new camping setup for you and a significant other its easy to be bombarded by the choices, from tents to campervan setups, and even the new benchmark for comfortable camping, the roof top tent!

With all the options presented its easy to see why many people have decided that a double swag, is the way to go, and we know why! The quick and trouble free setup and comfort offered by a swag is hard to beat, and with the two choices available from 4WD Supacentre, at unbelievable prices, its no wonder the double swag range on offer from Adventure Kings are Australia’s most popular swags by far!

Seeing as a swag only uses a single layer to protect you from the elements, the choice of material is critical to performance, with the whole range of Adventure Kings using a 400GSM ripstop poly cotton canvas. This material incorporates a tough polyester grid, to reinforce the durability of the canvas, whilst the cotton fibers swell and bind with one another, to make sure that water beads up and rolls off. The upper fabric is absolutely waterproof and breathable, whilst remaining durable, thanks to the ripstop grid!

The other feature Adventure Kings Swags are famous for, their 500GSM PVC bucket floor, being absolutely impenetrable, our team even floated one down a river, to prove the point!

If you were looking for comfort look no further than the included 50mm thick open cell mattress found in the whole range of Adventure Kings swags, Keeping you a massive 2” up off the cold ground, the 50mm dense mattress is comfortable and cushiony enough to give a good night sleep

In the Adventure Kings range there are 3 swags in the double swag lineup, all offering benefits.


Starting with the most classic swag design, the Adventure Kings Escape Double Swag, offering the standard thickness 50mm thick mattress, that is a massive 1450mm wide and 2200mm long, there is plenty of room inside this massive swag to fit 2 adults, perfect for mum and dad, or even young blokes who want to hit the tracks solo, but have enough room to stretch out and be comfortable.

The next swag in the range is the famous Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag, this is one of the most popular swags in Australia, famed for its massive 1550mm width it is wider than your standard queen size mattress from home, inside this massive double swag, there is nearly enough space inside to fit 3 adults. Coupled with the huge opening doors on either side, and the massive amount of weather proof ventilation offered by the head and foot weatherproof flaps. You can stay warm and dry regardless of the weather, and with the center pole holding the end hoops rigid, the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag is designed to be completely free-standing, offering the perfect place to crash if you are camping out on rocky ground, with nowhere to hammer in a peg, and also for setting up in the living room if the relo’s come to stay!


This leads us to the king of all swags, the Adventure Kings Big daddy Deluxe Double swag, there isn’t much separating the Deluxe and the standard big daddy swags, they both offer the same waterproof durable polycotton canvas with a pvc bucket floor. They both offer the same pole design meaning they are extremely fast and easy to setup.

however, the biggest difference between the Adventure Kings Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swags, is the MASSIVE 70mm Thick mattress, made from the same dense open cell foam as the thinner 50mm mattress, the 70mm is a whopping 140% thicker! That makes It perfect for older swaggies who prefer a comfier nights sleep, the 70mm mattress is also perfect for those who sleep on their side. Offering improved, cushion for your hips and better insulation for those colder nights in winter.

The range offered by Adventure Kings is undeniably good value and being able to pitch your swag in just minutes with heavy duty ripstop polycotton canvas and a price tag that is under $250, you can pay nearly 3 times as much from competitors, to have a similar swag with similar features.

so what are you waiting for?! Check out the full range of Adventure Kings swags at

Portable Camping Fridge Buying guide – What to look in a camping fridge!

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The task of finding a great value camping fridge that does exactly what you expect can be daunting, but when you are armed with knowledge about the features you should be looking for, you can start shopping without the fear of picking up a dud, that cost you way more than you needed to pay.

To start with there are 3 main types of portable camping “fridge” that are available on the market, identifying which one you are looking at will help a lot in narrowing down your search!


The first style is a thermo-electric system, these are the least effective and use a thermoelectric ceramic that allows the heat within the cooler to be “sucked out” via a small thermoelectric element, and usually have the ability to reduce the temperature by about 15-20 degrees below ambient.  They are on the cheaper end of the scale, but in real world usage, you will find that using a small icebox, or cooler bag with ice bricks will be more efficient at keeping refreshments cool. Despite the affordable price, the ‘Peltier’ technology used in these units has a long way to go before it can compete with the next 2 categories of portable refrigerators.

The next style is a 3-way camping fridge, these are one of the most versatile camping fridge systems out there, with the ability to run off of a 9KG LPG gas bottle, 12v power, or 240v mains power. These systems are effective at reducing temperatures by quite a significant amount, however the way a 3 way camping fridge operates requires heating a solution of ammonia, so whilst operating on gas, the camping fridge is quite efficient, however when operating on 12v, the heating element uses around 75Watts of power, resulting in around 6-7amps of power draw, which is about 5-6 times more power consumption than an equivalent compressor style camping fridge.  So, a small generator like the Adventure Kings 2KVa Generator might be required to operate this system at a reasonable temperature effectively for extended periods of time, making this a slightly less desirable setup.

The last style of refrigerator, is a compressor style portable refrigerator like the Adventure Kings 60l Fridge/Freezer. This style of refrigerator works on the same principal as your refrigerator at home, by compressing a refrigerant and storing the pressurized gas inside a condenser, and releasing the compressed gas in a controlled manner you can quickly and efficiently reduce the temperature of the system, in the same way a gas bottle on a BBQ gets cold after it has been running for a while.

With a compressor style of portable refrigerator you tend to use a lot less energy, as there is less resistance in a system that isn’t trying to generate heat. This means the Adventure Kings compressor fridge uses an average of 0.85 amps/hour, making it one of the most effective ways to keep food and drinks cold, when relying on your vehicles 12v system.

The ability to take advantage of efficient and compact 12v charge systems like an Adventure Kings 120W Solar Blanket to top up the power used by your portable fridge, makes camping fridge systems like the Adventure kings 60L Fridge Freezer extremely popular.

The inclusion of high quality internal components also enhances efficiency. The Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer, offers SECOP components, which are one of the industries most efficient and best quality portable fridge component manufacturers, formally known as (DANFOSS) the BD35F SECOP compressor, offers superb performance, and engineered internal wiring make the Adventure Kings Portable Fridge range, on of the best value for money setups available on the market!

The Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer, takes advantage of clever temperature monitoring circuitry and uses a set and forget temperature controller and digital LCD display for simple to use controls, and as an added bonus you can also prechill your fridge by plugging it into 240v mains power to chill the refrigerator to the desired setting, ready to plug and play inside your vehicle using a standard 12v cigarette lighter plug, resulting in even less power draw for easy use refrigeration for your cold meats, leftovers, and refreshing drinks!

Now you are armed with knowledge about the internal workings that many portable fridges use to stay cold, you can make a better decision about which style best suits your camping needs and setup!

Adventure Kings Awnings – a hidden gem!

There is nothing more exciting than discovering a new way to do things, over recent years Adventure Kings and 4WD Supacentre have been looking for better ways to innovate the available gear on the market, to not only be more cost effective, but to expand the usability to cover more peoples needs than have been catered to before.

The Adventure Kings range of awnings has been developed and upgraded to be one of the best quality awnings on the market, and because of the popularity and sheer volume of sales, are now one of the most affordable on the market as well.

Because of the development and affordability of the Adventure Kings Awning range, it is only natural that a range of accessories are developed to add to the versatility and usability of the Adventure Kings Awnings.

The first development of the Adventure Kings range of awnings, was the humble Awning wall, seemingly just a piece of fabric, the Adventure Kings awning wall offers an easy to install and extremely practical addition to any awning setup. Simply attach it to your awning using the stitched in Velcro loops or via the Awnings integrated sail track, and the other side being able to be pegged out, your camping space can be nearly doubled. With the ability to block wind and allow rain to drain to one side of your camping setup, the Adventure Kings awning wall is a must have Awning accessory that will instantly enhance your camping setup. And with the ability to add your awning wall to all 3 exposed sides you can even grab 3 awning walls to add to your setup for additional privacy and protection from the elements.

Many people love the Ability to unroll your awning, and awning wall, and setup your Adventure Kings Swag underneath to protect it from the morning dew and light drizzle.

If you install your Awning wall to your Adventure Kings awning using the integrated sail track, you can pack both up easily by flipping the Awning wall to sit evenly on-top of your awning canopy fabric and rolling both up inside the heavy duty waterproof PVC cover, ready for the next time you unroll your awning at camp!

The next favorite hit with Adventure Kings Awning owners is the Adventure Kings Mosquito Netting. Using a similar fastening system to the Adventure Kings awning wall, the range of Mosquito nets are made to fit all popular side awning sizes. Made from a breathable and see through midge proof netting, the mosquito nets add an additional layer of protection for campers with more sensitivity to being eaten alive by blood sucking insects! By adding an Adventure Kings Mosquito netting to your Adventure Kings Awning, many campers find they are afforded a sheltered space to prepare food, and to eat, without the hassle of annoying blowflies, mosquitoes, midges, and sandflies. Making camping a much more pleasurable experience.


The Last and most popular Addition to many Adventure Kings Awnings, is the Adventure Kings Awning Tents. Built to suit the most popular sizes of Adventure Kings awning, they fasten in the exact same way as the Adventure Kings mosquito netting, taking advantage of Velcro loops and the integrated Awning sail track.

By adding the Adventure Kings awing tent to your campsite setup you instantly increase the functionalilty of your vehicle. Turning if from a comfy living space, to a completely sheltered, weatherproof, and private place to retreat from the weather.

The Adventure Kings Awning Tents offer easy accessibility with large opening doors on both the vehicle side and the outside, meaning you can still access gear inside the vehicle. Whilst also offering large mesh covered windows to allow the light and the cool breeze inside. The Adventure Kings Awning tents offer deep dish heavy duty PVC bucket flooring to prevent any leaking.

With the ability to unroll your awning in under 2 minutes and install your awning tent in just an additional 2 minutes, its easy to convert your vehicle into a campsite foundation and be kicking back in style in under 10 minutes!

There are plenty of ways you can use your awning, other than just as a waterproof UPF50+ Shelter. It can replace a tent for camping, become an insect refuge, and even just a place to hangout out of the weather, when you need to take a break on the tracks!

Camping solar panels – the season is not over yet!

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Through the summer months, the Adventure Kings Solar Panel range is in extremely high demand, with the ability to maintain power supply silently and easily for your 4WD’s 12V system, whilst you kick back and enjoy your campsite in peace and quiet.

But many people do not realize the absolute versatility and practicality of an Adventure King Solar panel, through the cooler months to maintain charge, and usable voltage for all of your camping accessories.

The whole range of Adventure Kings Solar Panels use IP68 waterproof circuitry, and heavy duty wiring to make sure you get the most efficient power transmission from the highly efficient monocrystalline photovoltaic cells.

The latest release in the range of solar panels from Adventure Kings, is the updated and more efficient than ever Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel, being the same unfolded width as the smaller output Adventure Kings 160W Solar panel, and only an additional 340mm tall, you add an additional 90W of output.

The Adventure Kings 250W camping solar panel includes a massive 5m lead with waterproof connectors and alligator clips to fasten the panel to your battery, all neatly packed inside a padded heavy duty bag.
The folded dimensions of the 250W solar panel are a compact 670mm x 1115mm and only 75mm thick meaning you can pack it easily in the back of your 4WD without taking up all of your cargo space.

When setting up your panel the best positioning of the solar panel can yield an even better solar efficiency, so we’ve added an additional length of cable allows you to position it in the best spot to absorb the usable sunlight, build with fully adjustable locking legs, you can position the tilt to be perfectly perpendicular with the angle of the sun no matter how uneven the ground, allowing for even greater efficiency in cloudy conditions or days where sun intensity varies.

The Adventure Kings 250W Camping solar panel, outputs a massive 22.3V of open circuit voltage, which is enough to damage your 12v battery system, for this reason, all camping solar panel setups require a voltage regulation system to maintain the correct output for your setup, without causing any damage.

The Adventure Kings 250W Camping solar panel, also has a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) Solar voltage regulator to control the power output, to maintain optimum battery voltage to run your whole campsite.

The Pulse width modulator senses the analogue output of the monocrystalline cells and automatically adjusts the output in varying length pulses to adjust and maintain the output voltage to match the requirements of the load on your battery, and enough voltage to charge your battery in the process.


With a peak current output of 13.74A, through the summer months depending on your location you can get up to 15 hours of daylight, meaning that your Adventure Kings 250W Camping solar panel offers a blistering 206-amp hours of charging ability.

However, all hope is not lost during the winter months, with southern states receiving a little over 9 hours of daylight, this equates to approximately 123-amp hours of charging capacity, which is quite a lot considering the actual amperage used by a typical campsite.

With an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer drawing approximately 2amps per hour, over a 24 hour period, that is only 48Amps drawn, even on a winter day with limited sunshine, there are 75amps of usable power left for all your remaining 12v accessories, like USB phone chargers, LED camping lights, and much more.

The usability of the Adventure Kings Camping solar panel range does not end with the end of summer, all year round versatility, and basically cost free silent power production, your campsite is seriously lacking without the insane value and limitless campsite power setup offered by an Adventure Kings camping solar setup.

So if you haven’t already it is time to get your hands on one of the best value 4WD solar camping setups on the market with an Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel setup!

Back it up – into the future!

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Safety both on road and off road is paramount, and clear unobstructed vision is critical to safely operating your 4WD anywhere! Now you can retrofit your vehicle, with a state of the art safety device that won’t break the bank, and will make reversing your large vehicle much less stressful!

This is why VMS has teamed up with Adventure Kings To release the latest in 4WD safety accessories, The VMS Reversing camera is one of the best ways to gain clear vision of what is behind your 4WD at any given moment. A simple plug and play installation, means you can install this device in just an afternoon.


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Fitted with a 150° wide angled lens you can clearly see not just, what is behind your vehicle, but what is beside you as well, there are far fewer surprises from obstacles and people that move into the path of your reversing 4WD!

The kit includes over 9m of extension cable so is easily suitable for installation on nearly any 4WD, van, family, SUV, camper van or camper trailer setup, and installation is quite simple, simply plug the IP67 dust and waterproof rated camera directly into your VMS Touring 700HDX and tap into your reversing lights for automatic operation whenever reverse is selected. This gives clear vision through the large 7″ LED backlit screen, for crystal clear vision!

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-123 on


With the added ability to see clearly and from a lower perspective means you can easily find your trailer hitch, and avoid running into the wall at the back of your parking space, you are also afforded the ability to reverse your trailer easily.

By simply installing a reverse camera, many people are given the ability to easily reverse larger vehicles, like dual cab 4WD utes in crowded areas with much more confidence than without this supplementary safety device connected, and with the simplicity of installation, you will have a feature that is usually reserved for much more expensive 4WD vehicles.

At 4WD Supacentre, we’ve found the addition of an extra set of eyes being installed in to the back of our 4WD gives better vision when off road. In the event of a failed hill start, or simply turning around on tight tracks, you may need to reverse down tight sections of track, that are particularly tough to navigate, and being able to see where ruts are behind you means you avoid the dreaded rut crossover, which can be disastrous. You will also be able to see obstacles like tree’s when doing tight 3-point turns.


There are plenty of situations where a 4WD reversing camera like the VMS Reverse Camera, can save the day by avoiding any minor collisions whilst parking, hitting trees on the tracks, and being able to see if there are any small children around whilst you are reversing out of your driveway. By being able to see so much behind you, the VMS Reversing Camera, also makes reversing much more comfortable, without requiring you to contort your neck all the way around to see what obstacles might be behind your vehicle.

The added safety benefits are far outweighed by the affordable price tag, for less than the price of a carton of beer, you can have one of the most high-tech safety aids, that you will use every day!

Digital upgrades for your 4WD!

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Over recent years technological developments have meant that more and more digital devices can feed us with much more information than has ever been available before. Some consider this an overload, but with more and more accessories in demand, the value of these products has never been so good.

With some clever research and development, at the touch of a finger you can have your vehicles real time speed, gps location, and tap into your vehicles sensors for accurate and up to date info about what is going on under the bonnet.

Thanks to adventure Kings these accessories have never been more accessible and compatible to 4WDers Australia wide.

Check out these awesome digital devices that make road trips and 4WD trips away that much easier, and without the heavy toll on the hip pocket either!


VMS Touring 700HDX

For generations navigation on the traccks meant whipping out a compass and unfolding large paper chart maps to work out where you are and which direction you should be heading. These maps are great, but in the long term they get out dated, and eventually the information presented on them is inaccurate and can lead 4WDers astray on the tracks.

Thanks to the VMS touring 700HDX GPS Navigator available at 4WD Supacentre this is no longer a problem that many 4WDers face on the tracks.

With over 3000+ topographic and detailed road maps of australia, and turn by turn navigation all clearly displayed on the easy to read 7” led backlit touchscreen display, finding camp will no longer be so difficult.

With touring made thousands of times easier, you can use the VMS touring 700HDX GPS Navigator in conjunction with a Reversing camera to make sure that you are absolutely safe when reversing, this can help with alighing your tow hitch, and even the proximity to walls, bollards, and other vehicles. Making the ability to reverse your 4WD both on and offroad as easy as pie!


At an insanely valuable price you can pick a VMS touring 700HDX GPS navigator for under $300, which smashes the value offered by similar offroad GPS navigator units!


Engine Data Scan


With the advent of common rail turbo diesel engines as standard equipment, many 4WD’s now take advantage the enhanced efficiency and control offered by electronically controlled diesel injectors. With all of the complicated circuitry required to run these beasts to maximum efficiency, it’s only a matter of time before something doesn’t go quite right. With malfunctions possibly meaning being stranded, it pays to be aware of what your vehicle is doing under the bonnet.

An Engine Data Scan computer, easily connects to and is powered by your vehicles OBDII port, this is  found underneath your dash, and is the same connection that mechanics use to diagnose engine fault codes in your vehicle. By using an Engine Data Scan, you can monitor your vehicles vital signs and have a heads up on whether your vehicle is running as it should.

With the added ability to operate as a vehicle trip computer, offering fuel usage stats, and coolant temperature information, you can ensure you have a thumb on the pulse no matter where you are. And as an added bonus the EDS computer, has the ability to scan a check engine code, helping to diagnose trackside ailments with the same accuracy as a dealership mechanic, and offers the ability to clear vehicle fault codes, getting you out of the dreaded “ limp mode” when you are stuck in remote locations, allowing your vehicle to operate normally until you can get to a location to fix the issue.

All for well under $100 this is a sure favorite for anyone who loves taking their 4WD into remote areas!


Adventure Kings Heads Up Display (HUD) Unit


With concentration on your speedo being critical in these days of highly restrictive speed rule enforcement all over the country, it certainly pays to be aware of your speed, with road safety authorities citing it as being one of the primary causes of vehicle accidents, other factors seem to have been ignored.

Fines can be heavy and if speed limits are exceeded you can lose over $200 easily by a simple lapse in judgement.

So when you need to keep your eyes on the road, the Adventure Kings Heads Up Display Unit, will pay itself off the first speed trap you pass, available for under $50, it clearly displays your GPS satellite calculated speed onto a reflective sticky strip directly onto your windshield meaning that getting caught out by a hidden speed camera is a thing of the past.

The range available from 4WD Supacentre is excellent value and allows 4WDers more piece of mind when escaping the city, without hurting the wallet!

Bush Fire Safety For 4WDers and campers

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For most of Australia, there is one season we look forward too regardless of the dangers associated, and that season is Summer. Whilst the mercury soars, it’s hard to ignore that our beaches are beautiful and considered to be world class for cleanliness and water clarity and the water is usually a comfortable temperature and quite refreshing. However, many people forget the ever present risk of bushfires in this hot and dry season.

With warm breezes and minimal rainfalls, the scrub, grass, and leaf litter tends to dry out, whilst the highly volatile eucalyptus oils, are still deeply seated inside the plant matter, all it takes is a misplaced ember, or a dropped cigarette, and you could be facing a potential disaster.

If you are someone who enjoys escaping the concrete jungle, and getting away from the rat race during the warmer months, it pays to be aware and vigilant to avoid accidentally causing, or getting caught in a bushfire emergency.

Like us you should have an effective plan to deal with fire dangers so you can enjoy your camping escapes, stress free.

Bushfire awareness and prevention is key


Learning how to identify when you might be at risk of a bushfire could potentially prevent you from accidentally stumbling into a dangerous situation. By assessing how strong the wind is and what the temperatures are forecast, you will get a better idea of how much risk you have of


It’s a good idea when camping to check with the local authorities if there are any fires already burning in the area you are heading, there are a handful of excellent phone apps like “fires near me” that are operated by local government agencies, that give you a fires current status, such as out of control, hazard reduction or, similar warnings to help you identify the danger, you can also talk to a park ranger, or call your local bush fire brigade to find out more information.

It also pays to be aware of the legalities of starting a campfire in the area you are in, as when the fire danger is high, many places restrict burning of solid fuels as hot coals can be reignited long after the fire has burned out, potentially starting life threatening bushfires well after you have packed up and gone, particularly in areas filled with dry vegetation.

This is where gas operated barbeques like the Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ come in perfect for your campsite cookups being fully self contained and running off gas you can easily control the temperature and quickly extinguish the flame in an instant. And if you are heading to a colder destination, including a Gasmate Portable Camping Gas Heater you can stay warm whilst still being able to instantly extinguish the flames.These leave no long term danger for other campers, and are usually permitted in just about any bushfire danger situation.

There are many other potential fire starters, things like misplaced cigarette buts, and even leaving glass bottles behind, in certain circumstances, glass can magnify sunlight and ignite small embers, potentially causing a bushfire.


If you are a smoker bring an ashtray, and extinguish your buts and bring them with you.



In addition, making sure that someone, knows what you are doing and where you are going, if you are in a more remote location, you may be cut off from communications. If you visit the local police station, or national parks office, you can usually register your name, contact number and estimated return time, back to civilisation. This trick could help you out in case of any other type of emergency you encounter, and fitting a UHF radio like the Oricom UHF380PK In-Car 5W CB Radio

to your vehicle will mean you have the ability to scan through the local radio transmissions, and by using the emergency channel and duplex function you can call for help if there is anyone nearby that can assist.


What to do if you are caught out!


Pack up and leave as early as possible; There is no point staying and crossing your fingers, with the heat and intensity of a bushfire, getting out whilst you still can, is sometimes the best option possible.

A setup that can pack-up quickly like an Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent or an Adventure Kings Swag will allow you to pack-up and get out as soon as possible. When leaving, make sure you take the most direct route following main roads, to make sure that you have a clear path.


If your exits aren’t clear and you need to stay, one of the best things you can do is find a large open space, or somewhere that has already been burned. By avoiding heavily wooded areas you are somewhat protected from the intense heat of a full on bushfire!


Taking shelter in your vehicle is the best option as it will shield you from direct heat, park in the middle of a clearing, leave your engine running and turn on your headlights,  if you can, use your shovel to clear the scrub and grass from around your car, close your vehicle’s doors, windows and block your air vents, get down as close to the floor as you can and cover all of your exposed skin with natural fibres like wool or cotton even better if you have a woolen blanket.


Make sure to Drink plenty of water before the fire reaches your car, and stay down and under cover until the sounds of the fire have gone.


As always use your better judgement and avoid travelling in areas that are bushfire affected.

Adventure Kings Swags are on top of the game!

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The history of swags is deeply rooted in Australian culture, and started when early settlers had to be mobile to follow the supply of jobs around the country. This meant they had to be fast and light on their feet, to get to the next job.

The wondering and nomadic nature of the swagman has been sung about and referenced throughout Australian culture, with songs like “waltzing matilda” even being suggested as a replacement national anthem, as it refers to the simple and troublesome life that many wandering workers lived.

The Swag has changed a lot over the years and when looking at the choices available on the market today, they make the simple canvas tarpaulins, the early settlers lived out of seem extremely primitive.

Nowadays the offerings on the table from Adventure Kings boast a minimum 50mm thick open cell foam mattress, with 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas, with sand fly proof mesh on all the windows and flaps to allow excellent breathability and a 500gsm PVC bucket base for absolute security in the heaviest storms.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-120 on

Adventure Kings not only offers extremely good quality swags, that are designed by 4WDers for 4WDers, they offer them at extremely reduced prices, making competitors on the market sweat. By including, all the same features, and easy to use setups, many people are converting to the cheaper side of the industry due to the practicality and affordability when compared to the older and somewhat outdated models on the market.

Whilst the Adventure Kings range only offers 5 models of swag, starting with the Adventure Kings Kwiky compact single Swag, Adventure Kings Single escape Swag, the Adventure Kings Double escape Swag, and the famous and industry shaking Adventure Kings Big Daddy and Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe.

Although the swag line isn’t the most varied in the industry, it offers an option for everyone, and caters for the fast and light, all the way to the portable camping palace found in the Adventure Kings big Daddy Deluxe Swag, to add to the versatility of the range there are countless accessories also made by Adventure Kings.

The Adventure Kings Self Inflating Queen size mattress, is the perfect match for the Adventure Kings Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe swags, offering an additional 100mm thick, foam cored mattress. The comfort offered by the Adventure Kings Self inflating mattress, is unrivalled and during the chill of winter can be coupled with the Adventure Kings Premium Winter/Summer Sleeping Bag (or 2) for the ultimate cold weather cocoon to stay warm regardless of the weather.

When considering the incredible value of an Adventure Kings swag, it pays to look at similar models on the market, where similar units to the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag, retail for over $600, which is over 3 times the cost of the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag.

The Adventure Kings Kwiky Single swag is so compact it competes with a bivvy bag for portability and comfort and for under $100 you’ll be rewarded with a fast and light camping system that can even be strapped to the rear of a motorcycle for quick trips away!

At Adventure Kings, we know how important it is that you trust your gear, when it counts the most, so we back all of our products, and on top of all the excellent features and the incredible price tag, all Adventure Kings swags are covered by a full 12 month warranty that starts from the date of purchase.

This warranty covers you against any manufacturing defects that you may encounter, and will make sure that you can get out camping sooner and happier.

To see the full range of Adventure Kings Swags and camping accessories head to

Adventure Kings Double Swags – Breaking the mould, and here to stay!

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Adventure Kings offers a range of Double Swags, that are triple the value of similar swags found on the market, packed full of features it’s hard to deny the insane value for money found within the range of tough wearing weatherproof comfortable and versatile Double Swags made by Adventure Kings Gear!

There are 3 impressive and top value double swags in the Adventure Kings range. they all offer a plethora of unbeatable features, that are usually reserved for far more expensive swags, and are built to suit your camping style and budget!


Adventure Kings Escape Double Swag


Often overlooked the Adventure Kings Escape double swag is incredible value for money, offering a plush and comfortable 50mm thick dense open cell foam mattress that sits atop a 500gsm PVC bucket floor, there is little chance of getting wet from ground water through this tough and waterproof ground barrier.

The 400GSM Rip stop poly cotton canvas offers supreme weather protection whilst the 1400mm width is plenty of width for couples on the go, or even singles who need a little more room.

The Adventure Kings Escape double swag is competitive with many other “premium double swags” on the market, and offers unobstructed views of the stars above, making this swag one that is perfectly suited to couples who like to stargaze from the shelter of their swag.


Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag

The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag needs next to no introduction, since its introduction into the Adventure Kings range, there have been very few competitors who can compete with the cavernous interior size. Offering 1550mm width the 50mm thick mattress is the same size as a queen mattress you would find on a bed at home.

with 2 hooped poles the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag design offers a massive entry on both sides, making it easily assembled in any camp setup, using the same 500gsm PVC bucket floor, and 400GSM Rip stop poly cotton canvas found throughout the Adventure Kings range you are sure to stay high and dry regardless of the weather

The hooped poles offer you a massive 1m of internal head room, making this easily one of THE LARGEST SWAGS IN OZ! a title yet to be disputed after a handful of years on the market!

The Adventure Kings Big daddy double swag has our competition beat, as not only is it one of the largest swags available it is also one of the most affordable. Being able to get one delivered* to many places across Australia for under $200, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better quality swag for a better price anywhere in Australia!

Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe

With the thickest mattress within the Adventure Kings Range the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag sets itself apart from just about every other swag on the market, with 140% of the thickness of the famous Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double swag, the Big daddy Deluxe, offers more comfort without sacrificing anything.

The supreme comfort offered from the additional thickness of the 70mm thick open cell mattress makes the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag the most cushiony nights sleep from within the range.

This 70mm thick mattress gives campers the ability to setup on hard surfaces without feeling the rocks underneath, it is also ideal for side sleepers who will feel the pressure of the ground on their hip, which in the cold of winter can also sap critical warmth whilst sleeping.

Old bones also love the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, due to its additional support, making sleep on the trails much easier and comfier.

The Adventure Kings Big daddy Deluxe Double Swag also comes with a thick and durable canvas carry bag, that is ideal for keeping it dry and dust free whilst in transit on the roof racks or in the tray of the ute.

With a concise and practically unbeatable swag range Adventure Kings has something for everyone, to suit all styles of camping, and the whole swag range carries the company wide 12 month warranty for additional piece of mind.

With a breakdown like that, what are you waiting for – check out the full range of Adventure Kings Swags, including dimensions and pricing click here >

Advanced winching techniques – Modern winching techniques highlighted!

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This article has some assumed knowledge, and when performing a 4WD winch recovery these tips could come in extremely handy giving your winch more versatility and pulling power, whilst slowing the speed of recovery down to give even more precise control when pulling a vehicle offroad.

Let’s get started and go over some of the more modern winching techniques that are getting more and more 4WDers out of trouble

Gear you need:


*All recovery accessories above can be found in the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit, and the Hercules Essential Recovery Kit.


Double line pull

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-116 on


The double line pull, technique is the go-to if a regular single line winch recovery fails, through the block and tackle principal you gain double the mechanical advantage over a single line pull.

The double line pull is simple to setup;

set up an anchor infront of the vehicle with the winch, this anchor can be a solid tree, a ground anchor or another vehicle. If you are using a tree ALWAYS use a tree protector to prevent damaging the tree, and setup your snatch block at the base of your anchor with a rated bow shackle.

With your anchor established, release the clutch mechanism and walk out enough winch line to reach your snatch block setup and back to your vehicle. The closer your anchor point can be to your vehicle, the better, as you will have to respool all your winch cable, so use your extension strap if required.

Feed your winch line through your snatch block and fasten everything together using your shackle.
Winch away, with double the pull of a normal single line winch recovery, you will have up to 24,000lb (over 10,000kg) of pulling power

PRO Tip: always back off your shackle a half turn so after you are done, it will release and cover any metal hardware in your recovery setup with a winch dampener to increase safety



Line redirect


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-113 on
A line redirect is perfect for recoveries around a bend in the track and will save your winch line from getting frayed on obstacles found on the track.

A line redirect is also great for winching from a direction that you cannot get the recovery vehicle into, like sideways on the track.

The setup for a line redirect uses identical ground tackle to that used in the setup for a double line pull except the anchor location should be inline with the vector of pull required to recover the stuck vehicle.

A line redirect is perfect for implementing in awkward winching situations and offers an alternative winching method for tight tracks!

PROTIP: Don’t forget a winch dampener anytime you use metal fittings in a recovery situation!



Slingshot winching


This method of winching is ideal for when you are offroad In a convoy and you have a stuck vehicle and recovery vehicle unable to turn around, and facing the same direction.

The same anchoring rules apply as above, hook up your snatch block infront of both of the vehicles, and set them up so your recovery vehicle winch returns back to the stuck vehicle, although you don’t get any additional mechanical advantage, you will be able to redirect the pull to get the stuck vehicle out of trouble with less fuss!

If you need to extend the anchor in this circumstance use the winch extension strap to connect the stuck vehicle to the winch line, this will mean you get more pulling distance out of the setup!

PROTIP: The simpler a setup is the safer it is, so don’t use more shackles or straps than is required for a setup.




Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-117 on

Belaying is a method used to arrest and control the sideways sliding or rolling movement of a vehicle being recovered. Belaying can be used to great effect in situations where you have multiple winches and winch recovery setups.

Usually belaying is not dealing with the same forces encountered with a line pull described above and is simply preventing unnecessary movement of the stuck vehicle.

Belaying can also be done by attaching an extension strap to a fastening point (chassis rail, bulbar hoop, or b-pillar and door frames in a last resort) .

Belaying is perfect for stopping a rolled vehicle from rolling all the way back over, when being flipped right side up, and can also help in situations where a roll over is imminent and center of gravity risks shifting.

No dog sitter? Take doggo with you!

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Mans best friend is exactly that, so next time you are heading out bush, consider taking Fido, for the trip of a lifetime! With thousands of new smells, and exciting adventures to be shared, you wont regret taking pup for their first camping trip away!


Here are some of our top tips to having an exciting time at camp with your best four legged pal!


1.Animal friendly campsite
When planning to take your dog away with you camping, do your research and find out the local guidelines and legalities of bringing your pet with you. Some areas may be tolerant of dogs in campsites, but may have certain restrictions, such as “no off lead dogs” this means you will need to plan ahead and ensure your dog always complies with the restrictions set out by the campsite authorities.


2.Camping setup with room for everyone!

When staying overnight, it’s a good idea to have a camp site setup that accommodates for not just your needs, but your dogs needs too. By setting up am Adventure Kings awning, coupled with an Awning wall, you will have a massive sheltered area, that will protect you and poochee regardless of the weather conditions. Depending on your dog, the sheltered area underneath the awning wall, coupled with your dog’s bed, make the perfect location for your dog to catch their necessary zzz’s!

If you are camping solo with your dog, investing in one of the largest swags on the market…. An Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe swag, inside this massive swag you will have enough room to get comfy and will also allow your pup enough room to stretch out without disturbing you.

This massive swag, is big enough that your pup wont feel claustrophobic, and doesn’t require you to carry pup up any ladders to join you!


3.Roof top Tent Tourer Annex, a puppy paradise!

We’ve found one of the best uses for the annex included with your Adventure Kings Tourer Roof Top Tent, and that is that it is a puppy paradise. By leaving your pets dog bed, in the enclosed space underneath the ladder your pup won’t have to sit in the wind and rain and will have a comfy spot, well suited for protecting mum and dad upstairs, not only will pup have plenty of room, you wont have to carry them up and down a ladder.


As an added bonus the ability to secure your pup inside will mean that when native wildlife are near your campsite late at night, your pup wont get lost at night chasing possums up a tree, when you are fast asleep.

4.Campsite mesh flooring.

This has to be one of the best value campsite upgrades for when you have pets at camp. The Adventure Kings Mesh Floor range offers 3 different sizes, 3m x 3m, 5m x 2.5m and a 6m x 3m.

We all know that our pups curiosity will eventually lead them to come home covered in dirt and mud, this isn’t too big a deal but when that dirt eventually ends up in the car, or in your bed, your opinion might change.
By taking advantage of the Adventure Kings Mesh floor’s clever weave, you can let doggo shake of the dust and dirt in a relatively clean environment, with the ability for sand and dirt to simply fall through and not stay around camp, you can kick back in the knowledge that doggo’s dirt won’t make its way back to bed, or the car!


5.Keep the dog food chilled
With an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge freezer you can make sure that your pets favorite cuisine is kept cold and fresh, making sure your pup doesn’t get sick eating spoiled food, the benefits of using a 12v fridge freezer is that melted ice, will not contaminate your food with the succulent flavours usually found in pet foods.
If you were concerned about sharing flavors with pup, and your budget doesn’t stretch far enough to cover a fridge. By sealing up the pup food in pre-portioned vacuum sealed bags using the Adventure Kings vacuum sealer, means your pups food can float around hygienically inside the soup in the bottom of your icebox, without fear, and when its dinner time, simply cut open 1 of the pre prepared food packets to feed pup, and throw out the waste.

Get set for retirement on the road with Adventure Kings Gear

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Adventure Kings gear represents hard to beat, bang for buck, and excellent performance camping gear, that easily upgrades a campsite, with levels of comfort that rival being at home. The range of accessories suits nearly any campsite, whether you sleep in a rooftop tent, a caravan, or an offroad camper trailer.

These are our top suggestions for grey nomads, looking to get the best value gear in Australia, whilst also not sacrificing on quality or performance, being able to get ready to head out bush and explore this great country, with no limitations, and no restrictions, no matter what your setup is!


1.Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Colossus Generator

When free camping on the side of the highway, staying in remote area campsites, or even whilst stopping for lunch, there is no denying that we are all reliant on 240V mains power to run everything from medical devices, to charging batteries, and if you are living out of a caravan, to operate the air conditioning.

An Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Colossus Generator is a reliable 4 stroke workhorse, that has more than enough output power to ensure that wherever you are, and whatever your power needs are, we have you covered!


  1. Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer

Fresh ice is hard to find in the middle of the desert, and if you do find ice, it’ll be expensive, and more than likely poor quality. Not to mention that if you are relying on ice to keep your food and drinks cold, that you are limited in range, and how long you can stay camped at a location

All of this changes with an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer, with the ability to set the temperature controls to maintain a frosty -18°C, you can even deep freeze your fishing catch to save it for dinner in a few days, without fear of it spoiling and can accomplish this on both 12v and 240v!

The Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer, is one of the best value fridge freezer units available on the market, and incorporates industry leading components at a price that is nearly half of similar units on the market.


  1. Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Mesh Floor

When you are camped up at a location for a couple of days, keeping your campsite tidy and dirt free, can present itself as a challenge, so to combat the dust and dirt around camp, a good quality campsite floor can make a massive difference to your comfort levels around camp.

this is why the Adventure Kings clever Camp floor mesh comes in, made from an intelligently woven polyester mesh, it allows dirt to pass through and stay underneath without allowing it back up and into your campsite.

An Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Mesh floor is large enough to keep your whole campsite tidy and protected.

  1. Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chairs

For supreme comfort at camp that is fit for a King, it is time to get a hold of a couple of Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chairs built to be durable and comfortable, they utilize a tough steel folding frame, and reinforced fabric, and have been tested to and rated to carry an unbelievable 300KG of weight, without a problem.

The Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chairs are also built wide enough for bigger framed people, whilst still offering comfortable arm rests, drink holders, and even a mesh map pouch on the back, with reinforced seams, and a durable padded 600D Oxford woven polyester with a water resistant PVC coating for mold and stain resistant.


5.Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel

The ultimate in silent power production, the Adventure Kings 250W solar panel is an industry changer, offering an easy to setup versatile battery charging system that operates with high efficiency even during overcast days.

Even through winter the 250W output of this solar panel is enough power to keep a 12v refrigerator running 24/7 offering up to 117amps of charge even on the winter solstice. Just about any power needs are covered by the massive output. and with the integrated PWM solar controller, you can simply connect it to your battery directly for the optimum charge rate.

The Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel takes advantage of Adventure Kings efficient monocrystalline panels, making it up to 14% more efficient than similar sized polycrystalline panels, and with its IP68 rating you can set up your panel at camp, whilst you head off and explore, and no matter what the weather is doing, you can rely on your panel to keep your setup topped up!

4 strict Do’s and 4 Don’ts of 4WD recoveries!

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When driving your 4WD off road, undertaking a 4WD recovery is almost just a part of life, so we are going to cover the 4 Do’s and the 4 Do not’s, to make sure you are safe on the tracks!

#1 DO – Use rated equipment

This is one of the most important of all the rules for offroad recoveries, the risks associated with using unrated equipment when 4WDing can be dangerous and in certain circumstances even deadly.

Rated recovery gear used to be expensive, but these days they are extremely affordable, and built to last, the Hercules complete recovery kit offers everything you need plus more in a tidy kit that is under $150 and is perfect for winching.




Taking your time is important when undertaking a 4WD recovery. Often in the heat of the moment people rush and this is where potentially lethal mistakes can be made. Ensuring a 4WD recovery setup is safe as houses, is for more than just safety, it also ensures efficiency, and that you don’t break your 4WD!


#2 DO – make it easy on yourself

By preparing your vehicle for a recovery, you can minimize the stress and strain on your vehicle, this means that if you can make the stress and strain on your recovery gear less, do it, for example, if you can reach underneath your vehicle with a shovel like the Hercules folding shovel included in the Complete recovery kit, you should clear away anything blocking your path, this will make the recovery easier, quicker, and less likely to damage your gear.
#2 DO NOT – Use tow points for recoveries

All vehicles are fitted with towing hooks, on both the front and the back, and you could be easily confused into thinking this would be a great place to connect your recovery gear. However, a 4WDs tow hook is not rated to take the stress and strain experienced whilst pulling a fully loaded 4WD out of deep mud.  In addition, a 4WD tow ball is also not rated for the pulling forces experienced when recovering, as a tow ball is engineered for downward forces only, this means if you hook up to your 4WD towball you could turn it into a cannonball potentially causing death of a spectator. (this has happened before)

So with this in mind, definitely look into fitting rated recovery points fitted to your vehicle to ensure that no matter what you encounter, you can get your 4WD out of trouble!


#3 DO – Set the correct tyre pressures

Tyre pressures are often overlooked in a recovery situation, in the past there have been situations where people who don’t know what they are doing have perished in the desert because their vehicle got stuck in an extremely remote area. When the authorities arrived, the leading police officer simply let the tyres down and drove the vehicle straight out.

By bringing a Kwiky Tyre Deflator with you and setting your tyres to off road pressures before hand, you can avoid getting stuck in the first place, and if you do get stuck, dropping your pressures another 3 or 4 psi can make getting free, many times easier.
#3 DO NOT –  Drive off road in 2WD

We’ve heard of people driving around in 2WD so that when they get stuck off road all they need to do is engage 4WD and drive out. This is a bit of a myth, by driving in 2WD you are more likely to get stuck off road on an obstacle that wouldn’t even bother you with 4WD engaged, and not only does getting stuck, suck… it wrecks the tracks, and means you will have a harder time getting out of trouble next time.

So when you are off road, chuck it in 4WD you’ll be rewarded with easier driving, and less damage to your 4WD!


#4 DO – Use precaution

Whether you are setting up a simple snatch strap recovery, or a complicated multi line winch pull with your Domin8r X 12,000lb winch, it is important to use precaution when setting up.

By employing a recovery dampener on any metal fixtures in your 4WD recovery setup, you reduce the risk of a failing metal component from turning into a bullet, as mentioned earlier, this can be lethal.

A recovery dampener is an air brake that uses weight to keep any possible projectile low to the ground, (well away from your melon) and also with the additional weight offered will slow the speed of the flying components right down making the risk during recovery, much less!


#4 DO NOT – Ignore danger

If you see someone setting something up in an unsafe manner, it is your duty and responsibility as a 4WDer to say something. By willfully ignoring danger during a 4WD recovery, you are responsible for any injuries or deaths that may occur due to the dangerous setup employed.

Hidden benefits of camping

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Its been a long Aussie tradition to head out bush and soak up nature, in history swagmen did this through necessity but their living memory has been passed on through the generations, and it now is one of Australia’s favorite pastimes.

The old timers discovered some that living a little more simply made life feel more valuable, but there are a few scientific facts that have been proven since, that reinforce their historic revelations, so check out these 5 reasons you need to get out camping!


1.Fresh air and exercise!

Without modern conveniences, provided at our fingertips camping requires us to undertake more activities that are labor intensive. Such as chopping wood, setting up camp and even just exploring the local area.

The benefits of fresh air and exercise are guaranteed to give just about anyone a boost of endorphins (happy hormones) and make the days more positive and rewarding!


2.Social bonding

Humans are a pack animal, and it is important for our mental wellbeing to be connected to our community around us, this is one of the reasons that social media has taken the world by storm.

When we hit the tracks or head out camping there are fewer distractions from the world that is right in front of us, so many people tend to find they connect a lot easier with others.

One of our favorite things to do at camp is sitting around the campfire or camp oven, in our favorite Throne camp chairs after the sun has set, and having a bit of banter with our buddies.


3.Vitamin D

Obviously getting out of the office, and getting into the outdoors, you are more exposed to the elements. Considering the Australian Bureau of Statistics research states that in 2017 Just under one in four (23%), or approximately 4 million Australian adults, has a Vitamin D deficiency.

This is due to more and more lifestyles, where people are living indoors, working indoors, and longer hours, resulting in never seeing the sunshine.

The benefits of vitamin D are felt when people head out camping, it helps our bodies absorb calcium and a lack of vitamin has been linked to a number of cancers, depression weight gain, heart disease and much more.

Sunlight is important for vitamin D production, however it is still important to shelter yourself from the direct harsh sunlight, with a UPF50+ shelter like an Adventure Kings Awning or Gazebo shielding you from more than 97% of the sun’s harmful rays whilst still allowing healthy vitamin D levels!


4.Less stress and better sleep!

Modern society has a tendency to make everyone feel wound up and stressed, with deadlines, and mounting pressure from our jobs, home life, traffic, and social life. This stress from the complicated nature of modern life spills over into our sleep, or lack there of and can take its toll on our productivity and mental wellbeing.

When you are at camp the only thing you are compelled to do is exist, this usually makes all of the concerns about the chaos of everyday life melt away, reducing stress and fatigue research has also shown that natural spaces can decrease depression and anxiety by large amounts.

When you exist without clocks you have no pressures or distractions, and the cycle of the sun and moon, allow our bodies sleep rhythm to return to a much more natural pace. Coupled with more darkness and the orange glow from our campfire, producing more melatonin (sleeping hormone).

Most people find that falling asleep at camp, is much easier and returns us all back to the way we should be.
5.Good tucker

We found that when we hit camp, you are somewhat limited for meal options resulting in, meals having to be simpler, and more healthy. We find cooking a campfire BBQ using our Adventure Kings BBQ Campfire Hotplate or by using our Bedourie camp oven for roasts and stews. Our digestive system has the opportunity to have a break from processed fast foods, and sugary crap.

Eating more nutritious meals on the tracks, often turns our mood more positive and gives us more energy to tackle the day with.

6.New challenges

One last major benefit to camping is the new challenges you face, we’ve found that our problem solving ability is much greater after a night under the stars and by challenging yourself with immediate and solvable problems, you  gain perspective on, and can solve larger issues that you may be facing back in the real world.

Dash cams – Why you cannot afford to not have one!

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Australia’s population is growing, and with more people comes more traffic… we’ve all encountered people who must have got their license from a cereal box, but when the boys (and girls) in blue show up, it’s their word verse yours!


Recent developments in technology over the last few years have meant that we are now able to film, record and save, high resolution videos, from compact and low power draw digital dash cameras like the Adventure Kings GPS 1080P Dash Camera.


One of the newer advances with these cameras is the ability to record GPS data along with the video, giving accurate time and location, making the information recorded a lot more comprehensive.


Because of video evidence from a dash cam being a lot more accurate than vague recollections from adrenalized witnesses, dash cam video footage has become a valuable tool for proving who was involved, who was at fault and when push comes to shove can make the difference between paying out your insurance excess, and having your back covered in one of those unpredictable disasters.


Hundreds of liability disputes have been saved with video evidence from dash cams, and with the ability to loop the recording through 1, 3 and 5 minute intervals and simply forget that it is connected, means the Adventure Kings GPS 1080P Dash Camera, offers simple operation, and in the event of a sudden impact the dash cam uses an integrated G sensor, that instantly locks the last interval to the memory of the device, ensuring critical video evidence is not lost, and offering the ability to save a recording during an emergency where your vehicle may not have even been involved in a collision, by simply pressing the button on the side.


The Adventure Kings GPS 1080P Dash Camera offers easy to view playback on the integrated 1.5” screen, you can make sure you recorded the whole event, and even show it to the authorities who are present at the scene, but with the easy to eject SD card, you can upload the video to your computer video GPS and all, and send it to the authorities, and your insurance company ensuring your side of the story is the strongest.


To install the Adventure Kings GPS 1080P Dash Camera all you need to do is connect the GPS module to the camera unit, and align the whole device on your window to ensure the best fitment, we find the best location to secure your dashcam is around the mounting location of your rear view mirror

Once the perfect location has been decided, simply peel off the adhesive backing and fasten your Adventure Kings GPS 1080P Dash Camera in the chosen location.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-107 on

Once the camera is fastened you need to run the power cable from the cigarette lighter socket around the internal trim panels all the way to the socket located on the GPS module connected to the camera. With the cable routed you should now be able to simply start the ignition of your vehicle and the Dash cam will automatically boot up, and begin its cycle of recording in the intervals you have preset. Allowing the SD card to fill up it will begin to record over the top of the initial recordings made without wiping the most recent data. This failsafe makes sure that you have all the details of an event including the events leading up to the accident captured in crystal clear 1080P!

The Dashcam made by Adventure Kings captures nearly everything in front of your vehicle offering a massive 135° wide angle lens, and crisp 1080p recording.

The Adventure Kings GPS 1080P Dash Camera allows you to logs every tough track you tackle, while capturing every diff-crunching moment, for the ultimate bragging rights. You can also upload it to a computer to view the whole route on a map and even pin-point your favourite camp sites and sections of low range. 

Every video captured also contains accurate date, time, speed and GPS information on screen, allowing you to review every trip in immense detail meaning you can relive some of the most exciting moments on track, over and over again, with the ability to share with all your friends on social media.


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With the capability of supporting SD and SDHC cards no greater than 32 GB (microSD card not included) it can track just over 1 hour of .mov video, for confidence driving on the roads and tracks around this vast country.


The Ultimate Family Campsite Setup – With One Vehicle!

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If camping for you means heading bush with the other half and the tin lids, then no doubt you’ll be used to taking bucketloads of camping gear with you. You may have even considered a camper trailer as a way to get everyone camping more.

Did you know that with the right setup of camping gear from 4WD Supacentre you can easily and comfortable housing up to six or seven family members camping out of the one 4×4? It’s true – and you can do it without dragging a box trailer’s worth of gear with you as well! It all comes down to how clever you are with your vehicle’s setup, and the types of camping gear you take with you.

Let’s run through this ultimate seven-person family camping setup that can all be achieved with one 4×4.


First off let’s talk about mum and dad. You’ve been camping for years and these days you want a comfortable camp setup that’ll give you plenty of room and a decent bit of privacy right? That’s where a rooftop tent comes into the picture. Add a rooftop tent to a roof top tent roof rack and you’ve instantly got the master bedroom sorted. The Adventure Kings rooftop tents are huge, comfortable and set up in minutes to provide an excellent night’s sleep when you’re out camping. You can even leave all your bedding in your roof top tent so there’s less to pack into your 4×4. Set it up so it opens over the rear of your vehicle – we’ll explain why in a moment.


The Adventure Kings Tourer roof top tent comes with an included annex that zips to the bottom of your roof top tent and turns into a full enclosed tent once setup. It’s perfect for throwing a stretcher or two into so that the really young kids can still sleep close enough to mum and dad. As a bonus, mum and dad will love the fact you can stand right up in a rooftop tent annex to get dressed of a morning, and the annex sets up and packs away in minutes once you’ve got your rooftop tent all setup.


You’ve already got your rooftop tent roof rack to mount your rooftop tent to, so why not hang an awning off the side? That gives you the opportunity to run an awning tent off one side of the vehicle that’s spot-on for throwing a couple of stretcher beds in for the primary schoolers. They’ll feel like they’re out camping on their own but you’ll still be able to hear them if they call out. Which may or may not be a good thing, come to think of it…


Everyone knows teenagers, like totally need their like, privacy. You wouldn’t understand what it’s like, mum and dad. To get those who would rather be at home out camping more, give them a bit of that privacy with their own Adventure Kings single escape swag. The swags are 100% waterproof, extremely comfy and are easy to setup so they can pull their own weight by setting up and packing away their own swag. Best of all, they can drag their swag a bit away from camp so they can have the privacy they crave.


Remember how we suggested you set up your rooftop tent so it opens off the rear of your vehicle? With this entire setup you’ll have one awning with an awning tent off one side of the vehicle, so use all available space by hanging an awning off the opposite side, complete with a couple of awning walls and a mesh floor. You’ve instantly got a sheltered, clean living and cooking area where the whole family can hang out. Add in a couple of chairs and a camping table from 4WD Supacentre and just like that you’ve got a setup that’ll house six or seven family members out bush, without having to tow your old box trailer behind you!

Five Ways to Take Your Awning To The Next Level

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Tens of thousands of 4WDers, campers and adventurers around Australia are running the Adventure Kings awnings on their 4x4s, cars, vans and trailers. They’re without a doubt some of Australia’s best-value awnings, by combining excellent quality with unbeatable prices. If you’ve recently added an awning to your vehicle then you’ve already discovered just how useful they are. You can set your 4×4 awning up in seconds down at the park, on the job site, at home on the weekend having a BBQ and a million other places.

4×4 awnings aren’t just for camping, they can be used every day! However, we’ve taken the humble awning to the next level by developing a range of accessories to go with your awnings that will make it even more useful and versatile. Each Adventure Kings awning features a modular design that means you can add on extra accessories to make it perfect for you. Here’s five ways you can take your awning to the next level with awning accessories from 4WD Supacentre.


The first upgrade you should make to your awning is the addition of one or two Awning walls. Awning walls are made specifically to suit your size awning, and attach to the awning’s horizontal support poles with heavy-duty velcro loops. Once you’ve attached the awning wall with all the velcro loops, you simply peg out the bottom of the awning wall to the ground, with the awning wall stretched tight. You’ve instantly created even more shelter from sun, wind or rain, and you’ll be well protected from the elements. The best part is awning walls pack away to next-to-nothing in size, meaning you can store your awning wall under your driver’s seat or anywhere there’s a tiny bit of spare room.


Going hand-in-hand with awning walls are mesh floor upgrades. The mesh floors we sell at 4WD Supacentre have a special woven design that allows dirt and sand to fall through, at the same time as keeping more of that dirt and sand from seeping up through the floor. Until you’ve camped with a nice clean mesh floor, you won’t know what you’re missing out on! The 6m x 3m Adventure Kings mesh floor is the perfect length for spanning under an awning, from one awning wall to the other. Definitely a great upgrade for your awning-based campsite.


If you haven’t tried camping in an awning tent yet, you’re missing out! Awning tents are brilliant because they use the awning you already carry on the side of your vehicle as the support poles, and then you simply attach the awning tent to the awning’s poles with velcro loops. What’s amazing about awning tents is that they provide so much room that you can genuinely stand up in them – something you can’t do in just about every other type of tent on the market! The awning tent itself is a genuinely, fully-enclosed tent too, with a heavy-duty PVC floor and mozzie and midgee-proof mesh. An awning tent has to be one of the best, quickest to setup and biggest tents on the market full stop.


If you camp in hot climates regularly, then an Adventure Kings mozzie tent as an addition to your awning may be exactly what you’re chasing. Mozzie tents function in much the same way as an awning tent, except that instead of heavy-duty canvas walls, each wall is constructed from mozzie and midge-proof mesh. That means you can have all the benefits of being protected from bugs without having to miss out on those beautiful cool evening breezes. Imagine how good it would be to have a massive fully-enclosed space that you could escape the flies in! A mozzie tent is the perfect addition to your awning and even lets you roll a swag out and lay on it without being nailed by the flies and mozzies.


Here’s a beaut little solution for when you’re camping on the beach, or on really rocky ground. If you can’t drive pegs into the ground or they won’t hold, swap them for a couple of the sandbag kits! These fill with sand and then wrap around the bottom of your awning legs to secure them in place in windy conditions.

What Can You Run Off A Generator While Camping?

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Here at 4WD Supacentre, we sell a range of portable generators that are perfectly suited to taking out camping, no matter how big or small your setup is. For decades, Aussie campers have been using generators to power their campsites, but the big difference is that generators of yesteryear were noisy, hard to start, smokey and generally a massive pain in the backside to use! These days you can buy a quality four-stroke, easy-start generator for bugger-all money, and power just about anything you want at your campsite. A camping generator is easy to transport, easy to use and will bring the comforts of home to any campsite. Whether you need reliable 240v power for charging your batteries, watching the footy out bush, or even for health-related reasons like running a CPAP machine, the Adventure Kings 2kVA portable generator and the Adventure Kings 3.5kVa Colossus portable generator are build to take camping with you! Here’s just a small selection of what our customers most commonly use their generators to power when they’re camping.



If you’re parked up at that absolutely perfect campsite and the fish are biting, or you’re just having fun enjoying relaxing around camp, then the last thing you want to do is stress about your batteries going flat! A portable generator lets you run all the 12v appliances you want, such as LED camping lights, portable fridge, inverters and the like without running your batteries flat.

Just add a 240v battery charger to your electrical system and run it off your generator and you’ll never have to stress about flat batteries again. You’ll find that just a couple of hours charging per afternoon will typically be enough to keep your batteries completely topped up.


If you’ve made the step up into a nice comfortable caravan complete with air conditioning, then you’ll want to make use of it as much as possible! Imagine how good it would be to run your air conditioning at a remote free camp on one of those horrible 30°C breezeless nights. The Adventure Kings Colossus 3.5kVA generator is capable of running just about any caravan air conditioning unit. That’s camping in comfort!


If you’re a footy fanatic or you just want to catch up on the news, then a small TV and a sat dish will let you keep in touch with the world wherever you are. A portable generator will ensure you can power your telly and your sat dish even when you’re a hundred kilometres from the nearest 240v powered campsite. Just think how good it’d be to watch the grand final out in the bush. You wouldn’t have to get up all night to get a coldie from the fridge because you’d be so popular, that’s for sure


Whether you have a crossover camper trailer, a caravan or a decked-out motorhome, carrying a small microwave oven with you when you go camping can let you cook dinner in minutes if you have a portable generator. However microwave ovens draw considerable amounts of power, and even a small 800w oven will use about 60A of power to run. Your batteries alone can’t handle that, but if you’ve got a constant healthy supply of 240v power from your generator then you’re set to cook.


Maybe you haven’t quite made the switch to LED camp lights yet, and you’re still using a full halogen camp lighting setup to light your camp up at night. A generator will let you run just about as many lights as you want, which is especially beneficial if you’re camping with a couple of mates and have a large communal camp area to light, as well as your own campsite. Just run your generator 50m away from camp with a couple of extension cords and you’re set.

Many campers require 240v power to power medical related equipment such as CPAP machines. That doesn’t mean you’re confined to cramped caravan parks though! If you need to power essential equipment throughout the day or the night then you can rely on your generator to keep everything running. Don’t miss out on seeing the best parts of Australia, carry a portable generator!

Swag v Tent v Rooftop Tent

Getting away camping is definitely something more Aussies should do as much as possible! Here at 4WD Supacentre, we’ve made it our mission to make camping more affordable and more accessible to every single Aussie. We pride ourselves on the fact that we make some of the best value camping gear in Australia. Whether it’s our game-changing swags, rooftop tents or tents, they all have that perfect mix of excellent quality and unbeatable price. If you’re just starting out camping, or you’re in the middle of changing or updating your camping setup, you might have stumbled across the age-old question that hundreds of thousands of campers have asked over the years – should I camp in a tent, a swag or a rooftop tent? We’ve put together this essential guide to each of the three camping accommodation options to help you choose the right setup for your own needs.


  1. SWAG

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The single biggest benefit of a swag is its simplicity. Back in the early days, and even right back to the days of the Aussie bushies, swags were basic bits of canvas you pulled over the top of yourself on a cold night. Of course these days swags are a whole world ahead, and the range of swags from 4WD Supacentre are designed to offer comfortable camping to a variety of campers. What we love about swag camping is you can leave all your bedding, sleeping bags and pillows inside your swag when you roll it up, meaning that setting up or packing away camp is made much easier and quicker. This also saves valuable space inside your 4×4, car or van that would otherwise be taken up with that bedding. Strap your swag to your steel roof rack and you’re ready to camp! Swag come in single or double sizes, and the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swags from 4WD Supacentre are absolutely huge, with well enough room for a couple of adults, the kids and even the dog. There’s also something almost a bit romantic about a swag, something nostalgic about pulling up to your favourite campsite and rolling your swag out.


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  1. TENT

Just like swags have evolved, so have tents! Tents these days are a far cry from the tents of even ten years ago, with their hundreds of complicated poles and painful setup and pack up. Hands up if you remember spending an hour connecting Pole A to Pole C, then attached Vertical Support 5 and so on? We’re particularly loving the new Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent that we retail here at 4WD Supacentre.

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It’s so quick to setup – just open up your 3x3m or 3x6m gazebo and then attach the tent to the camping gazebo frame with the included velcro straps and buckles. The tent is fully enclosed, with its own heavy-duty PVC floor, and even mozzie and midgee-proof flyscreen windows! And then there’s the thing we really love about the gazebo tent – it’s absolutely massive. You can genuinely stand up inside it without crouching. Not having to roll around in bed to get dressed of a morning or change clothes to go for a swim is an absolute game-changer!




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Rooftop tents have by far and away become one of the most popular ways to camp these days. Everywhere you look you see a 4WD, van or even a car with a rooftop tent attached to it. Without a doubt one of the biggest benefits of a roof top tent is in how quick it is to setup. The range of rooftop tents we sell here at 4WD Supacentre are unbelievable quality, incredibly well-priced and set up in minutes. Just unzip the heavy-duty PVC travel cover, undo a couple of straps, fold it out and set up the window awning poles and you’re done. You can also leave your bedding inside your rooftop tent when you pack it away, making your setup and pack up of camp even quicker. Rooftop tents are also great in warmer regions because they let you get up off the hot ground and grab any bit of cool breeze that’s around. The 4WD Supacentre range of rooftop tents are also massive, and there’s plenty enough room for a couple of adults and the tin lids too!

Top 5 Gift Ideas for 4WDers under $100

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Good quality 4WDing gear isn’t usually determined by its price tag, so working out what is good and what is not can be a bit confusing and if you yourself are not a 4WDer, you’d easily be confused looking for a gift for the 4WDer in your family so these are 5 AWESOME ideas to grab as gifts for the 4WDer in your family!

1-Hercules Essential Recovery Kit

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As the name suggests, this kit contains all the 4WD recovery Essentials, which can help with winching, snatch strap recoveries, towing and much more.

All of the components in the Hercules kit are rated to be safe for 4WD recoveries, and everything neatly stashes away in the included recovery damper.

The Hercules Essential recovery kit includes;

1 x Snatch Block, 8,000kg

1 x Snatch Strap, 8,000kg, 9m x 60mm

1 x Tree Trunk Protector, 10,000kg, 3m x 75mm

1 x Extension Strap, 5,000kg

2 x Bow Shackles 4.7T each

1 x Winch Dampener

A recovery kit is like a good first aid kit, except any serious 4WDer will tend to use their recovery kit far more often. This is the reason why the Hercules kits pay particular attention to detail when they designed these kits!


2-Offroad Jack

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The Advent of traction control and extremely grippy tyres with excellent road holding abilities, this has meant that large lift kits are no longer essential to getting your vehicle up and over off-road obstacles.

There are however, a handful of limitations to having a lower ground clearance 4WD, one of those being the lack of ability to clear large boulders, and also high siding on rutted sections of track. By using an offroad 4WD jack like the Hercules offroad jack, they can pick their vehicle up and out of the sticky terrain, then being able to pack underneath their tyres to simply drive out of trouble!


3-LED Lightbars


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When driving off road at night time, terrain features and other hazards like animals, that may be on the road ahead. No matter what vehicle you are driving you will find that your headlights are somewhat lacking and will not provide a satisfying amount of light to illuminate the tracks.

This is where LED lightbars come into their own, a powerful and bright LED lightbar offers plenty of additional spread and throw of light and when looking at the performance of the Domin8r LED Lightbars, you will find that even the smallest of the group with the 22” Domin8r LED Lightbar offers over an incredible 5400 Lumens of bright white light and can spread that light a massive 140° wide.



4- EDS computer

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This clever device is a revolution, when you are 4WDing in remote areas, far from the help of the nearest mechanic, you simply plug the device in and are instantly able to diagnose engine trouble with the flick of a switch, as well as being able to recognize minute changes in your engine temperature.

The Engine Data Scan, is a simple plug and play device that operates with the vehicles OBDII interface, and taps into all of the vehicles sensors, acting like a black box recorder, also with the ability to check fault codes and check engine lights. Meaning your 4WDer friend can keep their 4WD running smoothly no matter where they are, without the expensive fees mechanics charge to operate similar diagnostics computers.

5-First Aid Kit


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Just like a 4WD recovery Kit, it is very important for a 4WDer to carry and know how to use a comprehensive first aid kit.

Without the ability for fast access from paramedics or an ambulance, it is very important to know how to treat everything from snakebites, to head wounds, lacerations, and everything else in between.

4WD Supacentre offers, plenty of options of first aid kits that can help 4WDers patch up friends on the tracks; starting with the Adventurer rescue swag, a full comprehensive system that integrates QR codes, to allow you to utilize your smart phone and an offline app, to receive assistance in undertaking first aid practices.

The next in the lineup is the Survival Vehicle First Aid Kit which contains over 100 vehicle specific first aid components, the survival first aid kits utilize a clever one-of-a-kind pressure bandage that utilizes a stretch indicator to ensure you have the exact right pressure on a wound like a snake bite. The correct pressure is critical to survival.

5 top Tips for taking your teenager camping!

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With the modern age, we are all tapped in to digital media 24/7, it feels like an impossible ask to drag a teenager away from that connection, lets be honest, its nearly Impossible to drag anyone away from their phones these days.

So we are going to outline 4 top tips, to making sure you can enjoy camping with your teenager, and ensuring both of you enjoy your time away together! We’ve found the biggest key to having a great time with your teenager is to get them involved with setting up camp, by giving your teenager responsibilities around camp, they will feel accomplished and rewarded when the tasks are finished!

There isn’t much more that will help you to bond with your young ones that heading out and enjoying the Australian bush!




When heading out camping with your teenager, you will need to provide a way for them to keep their digital entertainment charged, whether there is reception or not this can pose a problem.

The easiest method, is to switch the device off, but the likelihood of that is very minimal, so to make sure you have a steady USB power source, you can look into the Adventure Kings Solar Panel Range.

With everything from a small 10W backpack USB system all the way up to a 250W auxiliary campsite power source there is plenty of choices for making sure the young ones are entertained, and all the batteries are charged


  1. Personal Space!

You probably already know, but teenagers aren’t partial to being crowded, they are discovering their independence, so to ensure you stay on their good side, it might be a good idea to get them their own place to stay.

For generations a Swag has been a gift and a rite of passage for a teenager becoming an adult. And a good quality swag will last your teenager for decades of camping sessions, sleepovers and for taking a break on long trips.

With the mountains of options when shopping for a swag you can be forgiven for not knowing where to start.  We think the Adventure Kings range has a few options perfect for a first swag!

With the top of the range Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe being available for under $250, you’ll be giving your teen, a massive amount of personal space to escape and have solitude to read, listen to music, and sleep independently.

Plus the responsibility of setting up their own swag, will start their own personal collection of camping gear and give them pride in maintaining their own camping equipment.




No matter how old you are, eating a meal you prepared and cooked yourself from an open campfire, is one of the most satisfying things there could be. So here are a few easy ways to cook your dinner over the fire with the help of your teen, and Adventure Kings cooking gear.

If you prefer BBQ food the Adventure Kings Campfire BBQ hot plate, is perfect, using hot coals from your campfire, you can easily sizzle and fry your favorite BBQ foods.

If you are into more hearty meals a Bedourie camp oven, offers the ability to roast all of your favorite meals over your campfire coals


4.Campsite Lighting

To make sure you and your teenager can see your way around camp when the sun has gone to bed, the Illuminator camp light setups on offer from 4WD Supacentre are perfect for brightening the shadows and helping you to see around camp.

On offer are a handful of different styles of camp lighting that range from 1.3m strip lighting all the way to a complete customizable Illuminator 5 bar camp light kit.

With an Adventure Kings LED campsite lighting kit you have the ability to dim and completely switch off your campsite lighting, and as a bonus with the more complex kits, you also have the ability to turn some sections off or dim them whilst the remainder of the lights are independently controlled.

The ability to completely customize your campsite, means your teenager can see the icy cold cokes at the bottom of your icebox without complaint.

As far as campsites go, an Adventure Kings campsite offers you the tools you need to have a great time at camp with your teenager.


6 4WD hacks – to get more from your 4WD!

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It doesn’t take too much time whilst off road driving, to find an obstacle that won’t back down, and won’t let you past easily. This can be disheartening, and troublesome, but with these 6 top 4WD hacks, you can get your 4WD further off road without spending a squillion on heavy duty, hardcore modifications.

1-Quality recovery kit

When driving off-road, it pays to carry a 4WD recovery kit, even if you aren’t planning on hitting anything too challenging, a recovery kit is almost on par with a first aid kit, and on the tracks you will use it much more than you could imagine.

There are dozens of different styles of recovery kits available on the market, to suit nearly any 4WD in any offroad circumstance, but when push comes to shove, any rated recovery kit is suitable for assisting you in a recovery. We’ve found that one of the best value 4WD recovery kits on the market is the kits available within the Hercules range, offering both an “Essential recovery Kitand aComplete Recovery Kit”.

Within the Essential recovery Kit there is a snatch strap, rated recovery shackles, a winch extension strap, a tree trunk protector a rated snatch block, and a winch dampener blanket that doubles as a carrying pouch. For many 4WDers this kit will cover most bases and get you out of trouble.

But by grabbing the Hercules complete recovery Kit, you also get a Kwiky tyre deflator, a folding shovel, a pair of leather gloves and a handy carry bag to keep everything organized.


2-Tyre deflator

There are countless benefits to reducing your tyre pressures when you head off-road. One of the main benefits is the additional traction you get for tackling rocky outcrops and hill climbs. The way this works is by allowing the sidewall area to sag and allowing more of the contact surface to reach the terrain underneath, this protects your tyres from punctures and snags on the tracks, it also allows the tread to conform to the rocky surface.

The added benefit, to increasing your grip is it reduces the PSI exerted on the track surface, allowing your 4WD to simply float over softer surfaces, like sand and greasy mud.

Over the years, there have been many different ways that 4WDers have reduced their air pressures to a suitable off-road level, this has ranged from using the edge of your ignition key to depress the valve core, to complicated electronic devices that digitally control tyre pressures.

The best value and easiest tyre deflator we’ve used is the Adventure Kings Kwiky Tyre Deflator. The Kwiky Tyre deflator works by screwing onto your tyres air valve, then using a captured core removal tool, is able to remove your valve core whilst keeping pressure inside your tyre, until you release the valve and check the falling pressures on the integrated gauge, this handy device allows you to match all 4 tyres to the right pressures, and maintains stable and predictable driving characteristics




3- 48” Offroad jack

When driving off road, soft sand and rock ledges, can pose a serious problem to stock standard 4WD’s, and sometimes it isn’t as easy as just ‘giving it the berries’ and the ability to pick up your 4WD and set it back down could mean the difference between driving out of trouble and being seriously in trouble.

This is why many 4WDers carry an off road recovery jack like the Hercules 48” recovery jack. These have been used for over 100 years on farms, and by the military, as a functional vice, jack, tyre de-seater, in a pinch can even be used as a winch not to mention the terrific lifting power, available at any given moment.

Whilst being extremely practical, anything that has the ability to output stacks of pushing, pulling or crushing force, should be dealt with, using supreme caution!

4- Shovel

A good quality long handled shovel is one of those bits of gear no one should leave home without. A shovel, offers you a toilet, a toilet roll holder, the ability to dig a rain trench around your campsite, move hot coals around your fireplace, and even dig the sand, mud and dirt from underneath your 4WD.

There are many different types of shovel you can buy, and even one of the compact Hercules Recovery Folding Shovel can get you out of trouble in a pinch and pack down into nothing inside your recovery gear bag.


5- Winch

For generations a 4WD couldn’t be taken seriously if it wasn’t fitted with a reliable winch, nowadays a winch is not as out of reach as they have been for generations. By fitting a Domin8r X 12,000lb winch to your 4WD you can easily pull yourself free from trouble.

Coupled with the wireless controller, you can have absolute control from the safe and dry interior of your 4WD.

Fall asleep under the stars – A desert campsite on a budget!

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There are few campsites that are more rewarding than a remote desert campsite – far from the light pollution of the cities and towns, a desert campsite offers hours of endless star gazing, and during a full moon, the complete lack of necessity to bring with you any camp lighting, as you can see campsite obstacles with ease without any additional lighting.

So to help more and more people have the experience of starring at the starry night sky in the middle of the desert, Adventure Kings offers affordable and accessible 4WD and camping equipment that is not only easy to use and access, but also extremely practical and built to high quality standards. Check out this list of must have camping accessories for your desert camping experience!



1.Kings Escape Swag

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-85 on

Available in both an Escape Single swags and the Escape Double Kings swag, these swags offer comfortable 50mm thick mattress and wide see through mesh paneling, the Adventure Kings Escape swags offer the perfect place to kick back and observe the milky way and shooting stars.

The tough base is made from 550GSM PVC which offers extreme durability for the shale and rocks found on the desert floor.


2.Cozy Warm Sleeping Bag

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-86 on


The temperatures in the red center through the colder months drop well below zero and can cause quite a chill so by adding a cozy warm Adventure Kings Premium Winter/Summer Sleeping Bag you can ensure that you stay toasty warm and enjoy the nighttime stars even during those freezing cold winter nights!

There are plenty of benefits to choosing an Adventure Kings Premium Winter/Summer Sleeping bag, with the tough 270GSM polycotton canvas it easily repels frost and morning dew, allowing you to fall asleep watching the stars.  With the ability to zip 2 (left and right) together you can share body warmth and share the experience with someone close to you.




Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-87 on


When setting up camp, anywhere in Australia there is nothing better than the smell of a campfire, they are great for warmth when the sun drops, and are excellent to cook dinner on,  when you are out in the arid regions you will find it quite difficult to find firewood, so bringing your own wood is almost imperative.

This means you need to burn the wood you carry in a more efficient manner, there are a few different ways to improve the efficiency of you campfire, the most efficient and cost effective, is to add an Adventure Kings Campfire oven to your setup.

with an adjustable flue, you can slow down the rate at which your wood burns, and by elevating smoke up and away from your campsite you can prevent stinging eyes at night. As an added benefit to containing your campfire within a campfire oven, you will also reduce the amount of light pollution from your campsite, making UFO spotting and chasing meteors with your eyes, much easier whilst still staying warm.



Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-88 on


With more and more methods for seeing your way around a dark campsite, one thing you shouldn’t leave home without, particularly during a new moon cycle, is a reliable bright and dimmable LED camp lighting system.

The Adventure Kings Illuminator range of LED Camp Lights offers plenty of dimmable and easy to operate lighting to make absolutely certain you can find your swag zipper when its bedtime, and also that you have the ability to blackout your camp when you are ready to stargaze!



Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-89 on

This one is a simple one but comes in way more effective than many would realize. The ability to let sand and dirt fall away from your campsite, whilst keeping your campsite tidy seems more suited to coastal beach campsites, but with the necessity of keeping the red dirt out of your swag and vehicle being just as important as when you are on the coast.

An Adventure Kings mesh floor is one of the most affordable campsite flooring systems available and by utilizing an extremely efficient polyester weave, can keep your desert campsite looking tidy and clean, no matter how sandy and dusty it may be.

With all of these pro tips on setting up a desert campsite, you are now armed to head out and hit the desert highways, with the right gear to enjoy the vast open skies, and freedoms that the desert has to offer you!

5 tips to pack your 12v Camping Refrigerator!

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When shopping for a 12v refrigerator, it’s easy to look at the specifications, brand names, and flashy features to help decide which one suits your needs, regardless of which model you choose, there are a handful of ways to help you get even more efficiency from your fridge, so check this out and take some tricks with you on the tracks to pack your 12v camping fridge more efficiently!


1.Keep the door closed!

When you head to your Adventure Kings refrigerator at camp, the less time the lid is open, the better. The longer the lid is open, means that your camping fridge will have to work harder to recover the cool air that escaped. This is the same reason your mum used to yell at you for hanging around the fridge door. For this reason it pays off to put your refrigerator in an easy to access location or mount it to a fridge slide so you can, get in and out easily and access all the contents when you need them

When you are packing your fridge, it’s a good idea to put items you need to keep cold for a couple of days, towards the bottom of your fridge, things like tomorrow nights dinner, and your bacon and eggs. Where things like beers and soft drinks can afford to be more towards the top, this also means you spend less time lingering with the door open!


2.Divide and conquer


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The Adventure Kings 60L fridge freezer, and many other 12v fridges available on the market offer internal mesh dividers, which allow you to separate all of your fresh food and drinks in an organized manner, along with the integrated dairy compartment.

The 2x internal dividers included with the Adventure Kings 60L fridge/freezer, allows you to pack your food and drinks and allows cold air to circulate, keeping all of the fridge contents icy cold, and easy to access!


3.Cover your assets!  

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Just about any 12v fridge system, has small inefficiencies in the insulation, where the door gaskets and inside insulation, allow small amounts of cold air to “leak” by adding a foil lined cover, that adds an additional Pearl Wool (EPE Foam) layer which increases the insulation efficiency, whilst still allowing airflow through the internal components.

By using a fridge cover over the top of your Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer you can decrease the amount of battery you use to keep your food and drinks cold and speed up the time it takes for everything to chill down!



4.Keep shady

when you are setting up camp it is important to consider where the sun will be shining, as a refrigerator in direct sunlight will suffer and use more energy than is necessary. For this reason, it Is important to park your vehicle with shade in mind. You can use anything from one of those cheap foil window shields all the way to fitting an Adventure Kings Awning to your vehicle to cast a shadow over the interior of your vehicle.

Not only will your refrigerator thank you, but so will your camp buddies, with waterproof and UPF50+ Shelter over your campsite you will find that everyone will want to kick back and relax at your campsite.



5.Preparation is the key


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By packing your refrigerator with prechilled food and drinks, your refrigerator won’t have to work as hard to chill the rest of the contents. One pro-tip is to pre-freeze water bottles to chill the fridge to operating temperature before it is even plugged in, and once they melt you’ll have icy cold water to drink.

By preparing your meals ahead of time you can also freeze them and your meats to help chill down the temperature in your fridge.

6.Top up the empty space

What you put in your fridge can greatly influence the efficiency and energy consumption across a range of conditions, and surprisingly enough by adding more contents to your fridge to remove any unoccupied space, you can do this by constantly topping up your fridge with warm drinks, and a water bottle or two.

By filling the space inside your fridge, you prevent the refrigerator from losing cold air every time the door is opened. This trick works excellently, and will always supply you with a fresh supply of icy cold beers, ready to go!

Swags for a new generation of Aussie Campers!

The current generation of young Aussies are facing challenges, like unaffordable house pricing, increased cost of living, and overdeveloping cities, they aren’t left with many lifestyle alternatives than to escape the busy and overpriced way of life found inside and on the fringes of Australia’s major cities and satellite cities.

The growing trend with the younger generation is to pack up and escape to the rugged wilderness that Australia has to offer, to recharge and get back in touch with nature. However, with the aforementioned expensive cost of living and limited disposable income, the expensive brands that formed the status quo of the 4WD industry have had to make way for the new industry experts in camping…. Adventure Kings!

Offering exclusive products with excellent build quality, for extremely competitive prices, the Adventure Kings business strategy is to offer undeniable bargains, to campers and 4WDers who don’t want to sacrifice quality but cannot afford the inflated prices of the old players in the game.

With a range of camping shelters, like awnings and gazebos, and a large range of 4WD camping accessories, like recovery gear, winches, spotlights and more the Adventure Kings range is constantly growing, but the elements of the range that have not changed and don’t need to change are the swag range. Offering campers a more traditional alternative to camping in a tent, the Adventure Kings swags take young Aussies, back to the days of the traditional swagman.

Where a large portion of the Australian workforce were mobilized through the great depression, to follow the available work and help boost the Australian economy from the depths caused by the great war!

The Adventure Kings Swag range is hard to look past for a convenient and comfortable way to setup camp, with the Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe double swags taking the stage as one of the most cost effective ways to get out camping, in comfort and in style. Boasting massive 1550mm wide mattresses and over 1 meter of head height, you’d be excused for mistaking this popular swag for a polycotton canvas barn.

There are more options in the range than this goliath, with the Adventure Kings Escape swag range offering even better value, with a slightly more compact setup that comes in both a single and a double size, using the same reliable and waterproof 400gsm ripstop poly cotton canvas and finally the ultra compact Kwiky Single swag, consisting of a foot and a header pole, and a large fly mesh cover, this is one truly fast and light setup,  you can easily set up the Kwiky in just a matter of minutes, and with the 750mm width, will fit just about any broad shouldered bloke, no worries.

All the offerings within the Adventure Kings range of gear offer excellent products with next to no margin, meaning that nearly anyone can afford to get out and go camping when they shop with Adventure Kings.

  Top 5 4WDing mistakes (and how to avoid them)

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With the advent of affordable practical, capable and comfortable 4WD’s flooding the market, its no wonder why more and more people are trying their hand at 4WDing some of Australia’s more popular 4WD camping locations.

But do you really know what you are doing, and if you don’t, should you really be tackling some of the tough sections of track, with next to no modifications to your vehicle?

We’re going to go over some of the cardinal sins of newb 4WDers and how to avoid them when you hit the tracks the first couple of times!



1 No Communications

The first mistake many people make is hitting the tracks alone, and with no effective method of calling for help. When you are in remote areas, devices like mobile phones generally won’t have reception particularly when you need it most, so bringing an alternative method of communication that doesn’t require a service network to operate, such as a UHF radio or satellite phone, you can call to anyone nearby to come and help.

Satellite phones, tend to be expensive and if you don’t end up needing to use them, the cost of keeping one in the vehicle can be considered prohibitive, so a 5W vehicle mounted UHF radio like the Oricom UHF380PK In-Car 5W CB Radio. Although a UHF wont offer limitless reception like a satellite phone, it is cost free after your initial purchase, and allows you to contact anyone on the same channel within around 25kms of your location.

A UHF radio can also be used to find out if sections of track are open and what the condition is up ahead, as well as being able to maintain connection with your 4WD convoy.



2 Inadequate recovery gear

The first rookie mistake many 4WDers make when they first head out to tackle tough tracks is not being equipped with suitable or adequate recovery gear to get themselves out of a bind.

There are a handful of things that are critical to bring with you on the tracks; starting with a rated Snatch strap, and rated recovery shackles, this will get many 4WDers out of most tricky situations without too much fuss, and doesn’t require a winch to use, so tends to be the ‘go-to’ recovery method many people turn to for easy and nearly foolproof recoveries.
The snatch strap cannot solve it all, combining the snatch strap and shackles with a shovel, you can clear the sand or mud out from under you’re axles to make snatch recoveries easier.  But by grabbing yourself a kit like the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit, you’ll get everything you need for winch and snatch strap recoveries, as well as for towing, with everything being contained in a neat zip up bag, to keep everthing organized.


3 Not enough Light

When dusk kicks in, it’s feeding time, and all of the marsupials come out to graze on the side of the road. Because of this, many people who live in remote areas fit Auxillary lighting and reinforced bull bars to the front of their vehicles to get as much heads up to what animals are ahead, to avoid costly, potentially irreversible animal strike damage, to their vehicles.

By fitting an LED Lightbar or a set of LED Spotlights you can, light up the track up ahead, and get plenty of warning of what’s coming, saving you thousands, in the event of an animal jumping out in front of you


4 No backup plan

One of the most arrogant things someone can do when heading offroad, is not coming up with a backup plan before they leave. What happens in the event of being blocked by rising rivers, changing tides, a log bridge being degraded to the point of not being able to cross, or simply just experiencing turning weather conditions, going hell for leather into the unknown, blindly believing there is a way through.

The smartest always have a plan B to get to the next destination, so plan ahead and become familiar with the tracks, this is made easier with a GPS navigator like the VMS touring 700HDX, a universal on road and off road turn by turn navigator which uses, topo mapping and street maps to navigate you to exactly where you need to go, with the 7” touch screen and ability to add a reversing camera to easily see what’s behind you, when you are backing up, on the tracks or at home, in the driveway.


5 Incorrect tyre pressures

Last but not leastly, tyre pressures are often overlooked when people first get into 4WDing and running standard highway pressures often leads people into becoming stuck off road. By running higher tyre pressures you also risk encountering punctures from sharp sticks and roots, as well as ruining the tracks for the next group to come through.

by dropping your tyre pressures down to a suitable level, you allow the sidewall to sag a small amount, effectively stretching the contact patch and enabling more rubber to meet the road, the added benefit to this is the sagging tread patch can conform a lot more easily to the uneven terrain underneath your vehicle, allowing your 4WD to walk up tricky sections that you wouldn’t think possible.

Setting your tyres to the correct pressure for the terrain you are driving with will offer higher performance gains than with any other 4WD modification you could make. And it is made extremely simple with the Kwiky Tyre Deflator, a clever tool that allows you to drop your pressures quickly and accurately, being able to drop all 4 tyres in under 5 minutes.

Get more organized on a budget!

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image ute-drawer-4 on

Titan Rear Drawers
are one of the best value and most durable vehicle mounted Rear Drawer systems available on the market. Packed full of features that others charge extra for, the Titan rear drawers are also nearly 1/3 of the price of many similar competitors!

Built from an extremely durable galvanized steel chassis and fitted with tough double roller bearing the Titan Rear Drawers are able to smoothly hold an unbelievable amount of weight, and to test this limit our team, loaded up with 2 whole wheelbarrows of pavers the Titan Rear Drawers still opened and closed smoothly, and the tough metal latches could hold the whole weight no sweat!

All vehicles are different sizes, so to accommodate the various needs that many people require their rear drawers to cope with the Titan Rear Drawers have 4 main models, the 900mm single sided drawer, the 900mm double drawer, the 1070mm drawers and the 1300mm Ute drawers. All models of drawers, except the 900mm single drawer offer the option to install a wing kit tailor suited to specific models of vehicle, aswell as the ability to custom fabricate a wing kit using the Universal Ute Wing Kit , which fills in the vacant space between the drawers and the internal trim panels of the vehicle.

These wing fill panels offer the perfect place to stash spare parts out of sight, whilst still being able to load equipment on the top of the drawers, making Titan Rear Drawers the perfect accessory for 4WD touring, camping, the jobsite, and everyday use.

The internal capacity of the Titan Rear Drawers allows people to pack and secure all of their necessary emergency equipment like a full recovery kit, cooking gear and even Awning accessories, neat and tidy and out of the way, secured and locked away by the key locking metal latch mechanism handle.

Covered in a dark marine carpet the Titan Drawers offer a quiet, noise dampening surface to quieten vibrations and minimize echoing in the cab. The marine carpet also offers excellent water-resistant qualities and prevents equipment from sliding around easily on top.

All Titan Rear Drawers are also fitted with heavy duty spring loaded tie down points that prevent rattles and clunks, when not being used, whilst allowing heavy loads to be easily secured to the top plate of the Titan Drawers for secure luggage, even on the toughest tracks.

As an even better value added bonus, the double sided Titan Rear Drawers also all include an integrated self-latching fridge slide. Offering stacks more value, and the ability to extract your fridge from the rear of your vehicle to access the food and drinks stashed at the bottom!

Five Adventure Kings Gear Hacks to improve your campsite

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When heading out camping there are a handful of hacks that can turn your campsite from a shamble to an easy and organized setup which can make you look like a pro in no time!

So pay attention and buckle in for some campsite hacks that will knock your socks off and bowl you out for six (no tampering needed)!


HACK #1 – Eat like a King!

To speed up your cooking time at camp and fill your tum, with tasty bush tucker, try pre-preparing all of your meals at home, and sealing them in a vacuum sealed package, using the Adventure Kings Vacuum Sealer. Not only does the Adventure Kings Vacuum sealer seal in all the freshness and flavor of your favorite meals, it makes reheating meals on the tracks extremely easy and quick.

The sealed pouch also makes keeping food fresh in the bottom of your ice box easier being fully sealed, your meat won’t get soggy.

To heat your dinner simply boil some water and place the vacuum sealed pouch in for a few minutes, and you are done, it’s as simple as that.

HACK #2 – Chill out

This hack is to help you get more value for money out of your ice inside your Adventure Kings Icebox.
To make your Ice last longer, it pays to use larger blocks of ice, we usually pre-freeze 1.25L bottles filled with water, don’t forget to leave room for the ice to expand. This also stops your ice from pooling in the bottom of your Icebox, meaning you won’t have to go fishing through ice water for you’re the rest of the submarine snags, or the last couple of drinks.

If you forgot to pre-freeze some water bottles, and absolutely have to buy your ice from the servo, you can make it last a lot longer if you don’t break down your ice bags. By keeping the ice in the bag mostly solid, it has less surface area which will allow it to stay cold for longer!


HACK #3 – Double up and share the warmth

This hack is for keeping warm through those the long cold nights. By grabbing a Left and right hand zippered Adventure Kings Premium Winter/Summer Sleeping Bag, you and your partner can unzip and then reconnect your two bags zippers together, creating a cozy warm, double sleeping bag. Allowing for sharing warmth and feeling less restricted than sleeping in 2 separate bags.

Another way to add warmth, particularly when camping in snow, is to add one of the foil “thermal blankets” you can find in many first aid kits, underneath your swag mattress, this will add a layer of extra insulation without making noisy crinkling sounds throughout the night.

HACK #4 – Keep the insects away!

This is an old trick that goes back many generations.

When you are set up at camp and the insects are starting to bite, but you forgot your insect repellants and citronella candle, you have probably reserved yourself to being eaten alive.

An excellent way to protect yourself is to make use of animal poo specifically the grassy kind left behind by kangaroos and wombats. This grassy poo is a natural insect repellant, and by adding it to your fireplace, whether your firepit is a hole in the ground or a portable camp oven like the Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove, it emits more smoke than a normal fire, and the sweet smell naturally repels the blood-sucking insects that can make camping an itchy mess.

The other alternative is to burn green leaves like tea tree or eucalypt to produce more smoke, to protect your campsite from all flying insects!

You can thank us for this one later!


HACK #5 – Save the nectar of the gods!

There is nothing more frightening than losing your booze on the trail, it’s less of a sin when you are drinking beers or ciders, as you usually have plenty more, but a bottle of wine or spirits cracked on the tracks might result in some bitter passengers at camp.

There are a few good tricks to saving your glass bottles when you hit the tracks, but if your drinks are available in cans, that’d be our first suggestion, sometimes due to flavour and preference glass is sometimes unavoidable.

So to save your drinks when you are hitting the tracks, we usually stash our alcohol in our clothing bag to cushion the bottles from colliding, if you want your beers and wine to be icy cold when you get to camp, you can wrap at least one turn of electrical tape around beer bottles and a few more bands of tape around bottles of spirits and wines this will help to cushion the glass inside your Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer, preventing the dreaded crunch, on large drop-off’s or through rough corrugation sections.

With all your drinks saved, you can enjoy them at camp in moderation!

How to make sure your better half has a bonza time at camp!

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The secret to getting more time out camping all comes down to getting permission from “the minister of war and finance” (the better half). without the thumbs up, trips away can become nearly impossible to undertake.

With everything at a bargain price we’re going to give you 4 surefire ways to get the tick of approval from the more delicate of the pair, to make sure you can hit the tracks and enjoy camp more often!


Comfy Bedding

There is no doubt that everyone has a better night sleep with a comfy bed, this is why it is so critical to make sure that the other half has nothing to complain about. There are a few options for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The first being to choose a Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag, with its included 70mm mattress you will both be propped up off the ground allowing you to catch a better nights sleep!

You can also check out the Adventure Kings Self Queen size Inflating mattress. This plush bedding foundation, offers a massive 100mm of foam cored air mattress allowing you to customize the pressure to exactly what you find most comfortable. It fits easily inside the Big Daddy Deluxe swag as well as the Tourer and Weekender Roof Top Tent. And setup is a breeze, simply unscrew the air valve and let it go then seal it back up for the best night sleep on the tracks!



Making sure there is always somewhere to comfortably go to the bathroom is important. From our reports, this is one of the critical factors between getting out into the outdoors and being stuck at home doing chores all weekend.

To make sure your better half is covered, hook yourself up with an Adventure Kings Portable Camping Toilet, with fresh water flushing and a 10L holding tank that has a double seal on it, your better half can discretely go to the bathroom comfortably without the need to dig a hole.


Comfy chairs

When relaxing at camp, you are likely to spend a lot of time, kicking back and relaxing around camp, this can all be blown out of the water, if you are trying to relax on flimsy, uncomfortable camp chairs.

This is where Adventure Kings truly has your back covered!

With both the comfy, compact and lightweight Adventure Kings Throne Camp chair made famous for its 300KG weight rating, and the Adventure Kings Directors camping chair with integrated fold-out table, you have choices galore for how you wish to relax at camp. Both are extremely comfortable and built to be versatile enough to suit different camp setups.

With the Adventure Kings Range being so affordable it has never been easier to sit back and relax at camp, with the range of camp chairs on offer from Adventure Kings!




When hitting the tracks with the boys, the rules about hygiene pretty much fly out the window, no matter how long the trip is. This can come as quite a shock when the more hygienic of the couple comes away for an escape with you. To make sure you don’t pong out the swag, or the campsite with bad B.O. or grubby mits, when you are cooking up dinner, you should grab yourself a Kings Portable Shower kit, at less than the price of a case of beer, you’ll be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

By having a rinse after a long sweaty day at camp, and by giving your partner the ability to do the same, you will both be much happier at camp, feeling a little bit less rotten after a long day in the bush!

to take advantage of the best part of the 12v shower, you can even heat up your water supply by the fireplace, offering a toasty warm shower, to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Adventure Kings offers plenty of great gear that can help you make camping more enjoyable for yourself and your better half, so why not check out the range and improve your campsite to make it more comfortable and more enjoyable so you can get out and explore this great country more often!

The full range of Adventure Kings camping accessories are available online and in the stores and dealer network, more information can be found at

6 Gifts for campers under $60!

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If you are shopping around and have found yourself absolutely stumped for a great gift idea for the camper in your family, have no fear, we’ve put together a list of Adventure Kings MUST HAVES that suit campsites all over the country. And with the awesome value for money on offer at 4WD Supacentre you can grab all these awesome bits of gear for under $60!


1 Adventure Kings Throne Camping Chair

If you’ve ever been camping before, you know the importance of a comfortable camp chair. Even if you aren’t a seasoned camping veteran, you’ve probably sat in an uncomfortable camp chair, and odds are it had a busted arm rest, or a hinge mechanism that felt flimsy and like any sudden movement might cause catastrophic failure.

The revolutionary Adventure Kings Throne Camping Chair has changed all of that!

Built with a heavy duty 16mm and 22mm steel frame, with reinforced supported hinges, there is absolutely no fear of unexpected failure with this stout folding mechanism. The strong frame is complimented by a heavy duty padded 600D PVC coated seat fabric that boasts an incredible 300KG weight rating that we’ve tested thoroughly to make sure it will last!


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-67 on


This is one chair not to be messed with!


2 Adventure Kings Mesh Campsite Flooring

As much as camping is a way to get in touch with the elements, nothing beats having a campsite floor protector like the Adventure Kings Mesh Floor. Available in 3m x 3m, 5m x 2.5m and even 6m x 3m for larger campsites.

This is more than just a tarpaulin; this clever campsite flooring uses a unique weave of 100% high density polyethylene to create a durable 280gsm fabric which allows gravity to assist sand, dust and dirt to fall straight through whilst, preventing it from climbing back up between the fibres of the fabric.

The Addition of a Kings Mesh Floor to any campsite can prevent sand and dirt from making their way into the cab of your vehicle and even into your bedding, making this perfect for beach campsite setups!

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-68 on




3 Adventure Kings Awning Side Wall

If your camper has an awning on their vehicle, they’ll love an awning wall, the addition of an Adventure Kings Awning Wall to an Awning can effectively double the usable space underneath, and stop the wind from blowing and rain from pouring into sheltered space.

In just a handful of minutes, you can be set up with shade and shelter, and with the ability to add an awning wall to the three exposed sides of an Adventure Kings Awning you can set up more walls for more privacy and more shelter.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-69 on



4 Adventure Kings Camp Fire BBQ Plate Grill and Hotplate with Included Canvas Carry Bag

Every camper loves a good campfire, and there is little more rewarding than being able to cook a hearty meal over the hot coals of a campfire, this is where the Adventure Kings Campfire BBQ Plate shines. Being built strong and with heatproof, corrosion resistant paint, you can cook anything you would normally cook on the BBQ, with cleanup being a breeze, simply scrape the scraps into the fire, fold down and pack away into the included canvas carry bag.

When Adventure Kings released this awesome campfire BBQ they became an instant hit, making campfire cooking a pleasure!


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-70 on

5 Adventure Kings BBQ Tool Set

No matter how your camper likes to cook at camp, an Adventure Kings BBQ Tool Set offers them the ability to flip, toss, scrape and clean their BBQ at camp. The kit is contained within a handy woven polyester fabric roll, that keeps the BBQ tools handy, and easy to access no matter where they are stashed, and all the while keeping the interior of the vehicle clean and grease free until you get home and can wash them with dish soap!

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-71 on

The Adventure Kings BBQ Tool Set is certainly a winner when it comes to campsite cooking!

6 Adventure Kings 12v Portable Shower Kit 4L/min Adjustable Pressure


Nothing beats a shower, particularly after a couple of days in the bush, and for a high-pressure shower from just about any water source, nothing really beats the Adventure Kings 12V Portable Shower Kit, by simply connecting to a vehicle battery you have a fully controllable shower, which allows fully adjustable flow and with a hook mount or suction cup mount you can have a rinse at camp easily and hassle free.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-72 on

Some people warm up their water on the campfire in a metal bucket or billy-can, to have a nice hot shower when you are far away from civilization!

3 day getaways – Gear you simply must have!

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When planning for the perfect campsite setup its easy to be distracted by all of the top level touring gear, it’s shiny, fully featured, and is definitely something you could brag to your mates about over a beer at the pub. But what if you are only planning a handful of shorter 3 day escapes?

This is a list of the 5 essentials you need to get a better value weekend escape setup!



1.Adventure Kings Awning

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-62 on

With time being a premium on the weekend escapes, it is extremely important to be able to set your campsite up without wasting hours of time getting everything just right!

You can see an Adventure Kings Awnings mounted to vehicles all over Oz, and it is no wonder, the range offers fast and reliable shelter wherever you pull up in your car. With its easy to setup design you can set one up single handed easily and be kicking back and relaxing with shelter,

* UPF 50+ rating for absolute confidence in the sun

* Fully waterproof 280GSM ripstop polyester canopy – durable and lightweight

* Anodized aluminium hardware



2.Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-63 on


Fast becoming one of Australias most popular swags, the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag is easily a strong contender for the title. Being packed full of features found on models over double the price. The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe is one of the largest swags that is available on the market, and for under $250!
* Massive 1550mm width and 2150mm length

* 1m internal head height

* Tough and waterproof 400gsm ripstop poly cotton canvas

* Plush 70mm thick open cell foam mattress mattress

* Waterproof, hole proof 550gsm PVC bucket flooring

* Includes pegs, poles and canvas carry bag



3.Premium Sleeping Bag


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-64 on


With the warmer months now behind us, you can easily stay toasty warm all year long with the Adventure Kings Premium sleeping bag. With a soft flannelette zip out liner you add an additional layer of 125gsm polyester insulation all the way around you.

The Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bag also offers mating zippers for both left and right hand zippers, meaning you can convert 2 bags into a double bag that perfectly fits within the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag or the Adventure Kings Tourer Roof Top Tent!

* Cozy Flanellette zip out lining

* Tough 270GSM Poly Cotton Canvas Exterior

* Inside and outside layers of cozy 125gsm polyester fill

* Rated to -5 degrees celcius

* Left and right zippered bags can be connected to make a double bag



4.Mesh flooring

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-65 on


No campsite is complete without an Adventure Kings mesh floor!

Designed with an ingenious mesh weave that takes advantage of gravity to allow sand dust and dirt to fall through whilst not allowing it to pass back through from underneath, an Adventure Kings Mesh Floor offers the perfect foundation for underneath any campsite to keep sand and dirt out of your bedding.


* Clever weave drops sand and dirt right through

* Durable Woven 100% high density polyethylene 280gsm fabric

* 3 x different sizes 3m x 3m, 5m x 2.5m and 6m x 3m




5.Camp Oven


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-66 on


Heading into the cooler months its important to stay warm and the perfect way to stay warm at camp is by setting up around an Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove. By containing the fire inside a steel chamber, the heat can reflect internally and provide a complete combustion for all of the fuel inside, this means no more wasted wood and a much warmer fire to boot.

On top of being more efficient the adjustable flue dampener, allows you to have full control over the airlflow within the camp oven allowing you to crank up the heat or get a little more burn time out of your last log.

The Adventure Kings Camp Oven is compact and with its chimney reaching over 2.4m it makes sure that all your campfire smoke gets lifted up and away from camp allowing you to relax in the warmth of your fire regardless of the wind direction and not head to bed with stinging eyes.

* Easily cook on top

* Compact campsite fireplace

* Self contained and folds down to just 45cm x 250cm x 150cm

* Tall 2410mm high chimney keeps smoke out of eyes.

* adjustable flue to control fireplace temperature.

Cure a severe track-side hangover – Campfire fry ups made easy!

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We’ve all been there and done that, many have denounced their lack of self control the night before and a big night is usually followed by a flood of statements like “I’ll never drink again” and “I think the chicken last night was a bit off”, and the dance around piles of late night chuck-up from around the campsite but the effects of drinking too much alcohol the night before, are hard to fix!

Other than drinking lots of water, and dropping a headache tablet or two, there aren’t too many things you can try to make the agony of the night before disappear. Some people swear by hair of the dog, but our favorite thing to do after a big night on the grog, is to have a huge fry up, high calorie, greasy food, usually works a treat at helping us get back into the swing of things. So we thought we’d share how we cook up some of the most filling and satisfying food to help cure a hangover on the tracks!

Firstly we like to get our campfire burning hot again, usually some embers from the night before are still hot enough to kickstart a morning fire, and by adding a small amount of tinder and kindling (paper and wood, not the dating app) some coals can be fanned to get the base of the fire started again, after you start getting solid flames, slowly add some split firewood to your fireplace, being careful to not smother the fire, adding too much wood can starve the fire of oxygen resulting in having to start the process all over again.


If you are in an area that requires you to have a self-contained fire, up off the ground, you can use an Adventure Kings Camp Oven/stove which will use less firewood than a traditional campsite fireplace.

With the fire raging its time to get prepped for breaky, depending on taste our favorite fry up is usually called an “English breakfast” consisting of some garlic fried mushrooms, bacon, egg-in-the-hole, hash browns, sausages, fried tomato (if you wish), some baked beans never go astray either!

So let’s get cracking! Take your Adventure Kings BBQ Hotplate and your Kings Cast iron Skillet coat them with some oil or butter to prevent any sticking. Place them by your fire and steal enough hot coals to form a bit of a bed underneath to cook over. Whilst waiting for your cooking surfaces to heat up, its time to start preparing your food.

One of the greatest things about all of these ingredients is that they require minimal if any pre-preparation. The only bit that requires a small amount of prep is the egg-in-the-hole, take a cup and press it into the center of your slices of bread to cut a perfectly round hole. Once this is done, you are ready to start cooking.

By now your cooking surfaces should be nice and hot.

Pull the bacon and hash browns from your Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer, and spread them out evenly on your BBQ hotplate, once it has started to brown a little, you can flip them over with the spatula and your tongs from the Kings BBQ Tool Roll and clear some space for your egg-in-the-holes.

This is the fun bit, you can place your slices of bread with the hole on the flat section of hot plate, now simply crack your egg inside the hole and let it cook into the bread.


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Once your egg in the hole has been started, you can begin frying up your mushrooms and garlic in the cast iron skillet, there is no special recipe here, simply chop some garlic and chuck it in the pan with your mushrooms, and sautee for a few minutes.

Whilst waiting for the mushies to cook, and once the egg has started to cook you can flip your egg-in-the-holes.

Your bacon, egg-in-the-hole, hash browns and mushies are nearly done, all that is left is to heat up a tin of baked beans. For this we recommend taking the mushies out and plating them up as this last step will only take a couple of minutes, place your baked beans in your cast iron skillet, and stir with a metal spoon until at a desirable temperature.

When everything is ready, you can plate up enough plates for everyone at camp. This wont cost much but will definitely make you the most popular guy at camp, by cooking up breaky for everyone, you may even earn yourself a recovery or two on the tracks!

Detox in the desert – a guide for escaping the big smoke!

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It’s easy to get caught up in the fast paced, high urgency lifestyle of living in one of the many major cities and satellite cities across the country, however, this pace can be detrimental to your health in the long term. Every now and again, to recharge your batteries and to put life in perspective it is a good idea to escape the everyday conveniences of the big city life and head out into the vast and unrelenting desert of Australia.

A journey into the unknown can be exciting and one of the most liberating things you can do, but it is important to not go unprepared into the vast expanse of land, as if you are caught off-guard the result could be catastrophic. This is a quick reference guide for what to bring and how to pack it, for your next spiritual journey into the vast Australian outback desert!

With modern society placing a heavy importance on being constantly in touch with everyone else at all times, being in remote areas can come as a shock, with limited mobile phone reception, and next to no 4G coverage, staying in touch can be difficult when visiting the arid regions.

But it is still important to stay connected regardless of the telecommunications grid for information on the track conditions ahead, and in case of emergencies. This is why it is critical to install a 4WD mounted UHF radio like the Oricom UHF380PK. A handy 5W unit like this coupled with a handy 6.5dBi Antenna (included in the installation kit), allows you to contact anyone using a UHF radio that is within 25km of your vehicle, with 80 channels of communication and a handful of dedicated emergency channels to keep you in communication with emergency services when mobile phone reception towers are nowhere in sight!


First aid

Next to being able to make clear communication in an emergency, bringing a fully equipped first aid kit with you into the vast outback is a very wise idea. But just like any piece of equipment you should know how to use it, taking a day course in first aid is a great idea and will equip you with knowledge and skills to be able to handle anything from cuts and bruises to full trauma.

When you are in the heat of the moment it is easy to forget your training, so an Australian based company called Rescue Swag has built an innovative, new feature into their Adventurer Rescue Swag, each internal compartment of their comprehensive remote area first aid kit, has QR codes which can be scanned in to a purpose made First Aid Assistance App that works offline, and prompts you with easy to follow instructions for undergoing first aid assistance on a patient, whilst not being a complete substitute for real first aid training, it helps trained individuals to recall the steps in helping someone out.



Without the ability to simply drop by the local, to pick up something for dinner, it is important that you provide yourself with all the essentials required for living out of the back of your 4WD.

Packing enough fresh food and drinking water to last you a few days in the desert is important, with the requirement for between 2-6L per person per day, you should have at least 3 days emergency supply of water, this should only be touched as a last resort and should also be supplemented by an alternative source of water including drinking bottles and camelback hydration systems.

Along with water, you should also bring enough fuel (or ability to carry fuel) to travel a couple of hundred(3-400) kilometers without relying on the next servo having the type of fuel you need or being open. It is important to fill up wherever possible, as “waiting till the next one” could result in running your fuel dry, and ending up being stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Enough food is another important thing to bring with you, by fitting a dual battery system and an Adventure Kings 60L refrigerator you can keep your water chilled to icy cold and all your meats fresh no matter where the next ice is (hard to find good ice in the outback).


No matter how organized you may be, your vehicle can end up being a grubby mess in the space of a few days of desert travel. By fitting a set of drawers in the back of your vehicle, you can secure all of your bulky gear without fear of cargo bouncing all around, Titan rear drawers start at just $199 and compared to the competition on the market represent unbeatable value for money!

another popular way to carry your cargo through the desert and to be able to bring more accessories with you into the outback is with a solid steel roof rack like the range available at 4WD Supacentre. Easy to fit and extremely good value this is one accessory you shouldn’t leave home without!
Camping setup

A fast and easy to erect camping setup is crucial for camping in the outback, with dozens of different setups, one of the most easy to setup would be the combination of a swag, like the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe and a Kings Awning. This represents an insane value setup that can be had for just a couple of hundred dollars and offers protection from the morning dew and the scorching sun when stopping for a lunch break, and the comfort offered by the big daddy deluxe swag is next to unbeatable.

one of the best things about a swag is the ability to open up the waterproof canvas flaps whilst leaving the fly-screen shut, on a clear night in the desert this will let you stargaze until your heart is content!

With these tips and tricks you can discover what It means to be remote and isolated without getting caught unprepared for the harsh and unforgiving Australian Outback, enjoy the wide open skies, and the peace and solitude of being camped up in one of the most picturesque locations in the world!

Beach camping in the colder months!

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It is undeniable that one of Australia’s favorite summertime pastime’s is to head to the coastline and camp out, soaking up the rays having a dip and sinking back some refreshing beverages at your favorite beach!

However, for some reason, Aussies retreat by the hundreds, when the temperature dips below, 25 degrees Celsius. When considering the world’s climate, some countries would be lucky to hit 20 degrees during summer, and with the weather being somewhat more stable during winter, you could almost argue that winter camping on the beach is a better time!

Being able to pick your campsite due to the lack of demand, and not being camped on top of all the other campers, you’d almost be forgiven for preferring the cooler weather.

The beach driving conditions during winter aren’t too much different than in summer, the same types of hazards can be encountered, such as washouts, and soft sections of sand, however you have the added benefit if you drive an Automatic transmission 4WD that your transmission temperature is less likely to skyrocket on the roasting sand.

If you are not quite sure, you may want to add a handful of gadgets to get more out of your beach camping setup to be able to setup all year round. So we are going to go over some of the winter, beach camping essentials, that you need to get the edge over all of those who don’t understand the pleasure of beach camping through winter!
Stay toasty warm!

Cozy bedding is critical to make camping through the cooler months much more bearable, one of the most critical things to keeping your body warm and insulated from the elements is by using a quality sleeping bag like the Adventure Kings Premium Winter Sleeping Bag, rated to a minimum of -5°C and with the ability to zip two together, you can share warmth with your better half.

On top of keeping warm whilst in bed, you can add an Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove to your setup to make sure that your campsite can stay warm, regardless of the wind, or rain. The Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove is extremely efficient, and by internally reflecting the heat of the fire, all of your wood fuel is burnt without leaving much ash, this means that your firewood goes further and burns hotter without needing to restock with new firewood as regularly!

The camp oven also, packs down extremely small with the collapsible chimney being able to be stashed inside the oven body, whilst in transport, and the 3 stable legs able to be folded and locked into place, on the underside for the ability to stash the unit just about anywhere in your vehicle!

Shelter and shade.

Regardless of how cold it is it is a good idea to slip slop slap, with the length of the day feeling much shorter through winter, it is still a solid 9 hours, and when you are out enjoying the day, it is easy to forget to reapply sunscreen, particularly on overcast days, however this is when you are more likely to feel the kiss of the sun. as the clouds difuse the direct UV light but do not block the light completely.

To protect yourself and your family from the sting of the sun, as well as the spray of those misty winter days, putting up a fully protective shelter like one of the fully waterproof and UPF50+ rated Adventure Kings Gazebos, available in 3m x 3m or 6m x 3m you can protect your campsite from anything mother nature has to throw at you.

or if you wanted a faster setup that is a little more versatile for fast and easy trackside setups, an Adventure Kings vehicle mounted awning might help you out, rated with the same waterproofing and UPF50+ rating that the Gazebo range offers, with the ability to set it up wherever you can get your vehicle, an awning offers protection right up to your vehicles doors, making accessing your camping gear inside much easier, it also offers you the ability to setup your awning down wind of your vehicle making camp less windy, using your vehicle as a wind blocker.

No matter what time of year it is you cannot look past the Adventure Kings range for good quality extremely good value camping gear that offers the versatility of year long camping at whichever beach is your preferred setup!

Give the kids a show and tell to brag about!

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With some states already in school holidays and the rest of the country closely following, it can be nearly impossible to come up with a quick and easy method for piquing the kiddos attention for longer than 5 minutes. We’ve put together some sure-fire tips to make sure your kids have a show-&-tell that they can seriously brag about when they get back to the classroom and it doesn’t involve digital devices!

There are nearly endless expeditions you can take to impress the young ones, but the best value setup can just about always be scored with a stack of top quality Adventure Kings camping gear.


The first step is to decide where you are going to go, there is an endless resource on the topic to be found searching on google, and within 5 minutes of searching, you should be provided with some concise campsite information and directions for getting there, whether there are fees, or even better if it is free, and also what to expect for the campsite facilities.


When you have set the destination, you need to stock up on all of the essentials, and even with campsite facilities that boast everything from hot showers to flushing toilets, sometimes the information may not be valid anymore, so being prepared to be mostly self sufficient is a good idea but don’t worry Adventure Kings has you covered with a stores and a dealer network in nearly every corner of this massive country with gear in stock ready to be picked up immediately!

The following gear is a list of things, we think are the most essential bits of gear for keeping the small army satisfied and happy and ready to brag about where you took them in their break!



Cooking Gear!


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No matter where the kiddos are it is important to give them good wholesome food to nourish them, in our eyes it’d be unfair to take them on an epic journey, with plenty of adventure and running around to only have them eating out of a tin of baked beans.

To make sure the kids are fed well, adding an Adventure Kings Campfire BBQ plate, will allow you to cook up sausages, snags, chicken skewers, burgers and just about anything else for the little ones giving them fuel for throughout the day and all for less than a case of beer!

The BBQ Plate does require coals from an open fireplace, so if this is an issue and you are currently in a fire ban, it might be wise to bring a gas fueled BBQ instead, something like the Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ, which offers all of the same versatility, plus the ability to roast things like a leg of lamb or a chook.


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Whichever cooking method best suits your needs, you are going to need a way to bring the fresh meat with you, within the Adventure Kings range we stock a 60L Fridge Freezer, that can keep all of your supplies chilled with its adjustable temperature, meaning you can keep it topped up with soft drink and cool water and juice, making sure they always have cold drinks on hand.

And for mum it even has room to keep a bottle of wine chilled to the perfect temperature, without needing more ice!

If your camping budget doesn’t stretch this far the Adventure Kings Icebox range offers an affordable and easy to use alternative that is more efficient on ice than your dads old Styrofoam model. By including a thick wall of CFC free polyurethane insulation, the Adventure Kings Icebox range can keep ice frozen for days, keeping food and drinks cold. However, may have issues with constant opening and closing.

No matter what they get up too they will certainly eat well with cooking gear from Adventure Kings!

Campsite Setup

This bit is essential, within the range of Adventure Kings gear there will be something for nearly everyone. From the reliable Adventure Kings swag to a comfortable and roomy roof top tent, you can make sure that everyone’s comfort needs are provided for.

the Adventure Kings Swag range offers everything from smaller and more compact Kings Kwiky single swags all the way up to the famous Kings Big Daddy Deluxe double Swag. If your kids get along you could chuck them in a Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, and have one for you and the other half.

Or alternatively, you could set up inside an Adventure Kings Tourer Rooftop Tent and inflate an Adventure Kings self-inflating queen size mattress down below for the kiddos. The Tourer Roof Top Tent offers a 5-minute campsite setup, where you simply unzip the cover and fold it out, then zip on the massive ground floor annex for additional sheltered space.

There are even awning and gazebo tents that offer an enclosed area that easily and quickly fastens to your portable shelter.



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This one is last but not least, any parent knows the importance of making sure their kids are freshly bathed at least once a day, but with mud dust and dirt and sweaty kids in the mix, bringing an Adventure Kings Portable shower kit coupled with a Kings Shower Tent will be a lifesaver for putting the kids to bed clean and tidy!

As a handy trick if you add some boiling water to your water source you can make sure that the shower is the just right temperature, so the kids won’t have to have a cold shower.

There isn’t much more you need to make sure everyone has a great time camping away from all the distractions of home. But with Adventure Kings you can save a lot of cash, and still have a great time with all of your new great quality gear.

Save more with a Titanic Time Saver!

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Once apon a time the only way to get the cargo area of your 4WD organized was to build yourself a set of dividers and drawers out of plywood from the hardware store. But since the release of the Titan Rear Drawers, times have definitely changed.

Factoring in the cost of roller bearing drawer slides, heavy duty tie down points, and marine carpet, not to mention the cost of the lockable latches. With the entry level Titan Rear Drawers you can now get the rear of your vehicle organized and get change from as little as $250.

With a massive range of sizes and wing kits infill panels to suit nearly every vehicle on the road you can unpack and install a full kit in just an afternoon. 4WD Supacentre took all the guesswork expensive cost and mess out of installing a rear drawer system into the back of your vehicle.

There are 3 main sizes that are available; 900mm, 1070mm & 1300mm as well as a single-sided 900mn deep drawer within the range.


The Titan Rear Drawers are built using a tough and corrosion resistant galvanised steel chassis with adjustable mounting positions, that use a predrilled bolt on system. These drawers are designed so you can easily fasten them to just about any vehicle on the road and with the tough wearing and water resistant marine grade carpet they really look the part too!

The solid Titan rear drawers slide on dozens of doubled up steel roller bearings and have a massive weight carrying capacity, we’ve even tested the weight capacity by loading them with an engine block, 2 wheelbarrow loads of pavers, and whilst loaded up even jumped on them to see how much they could take, and we’ve still never had an issue.

All Titan Drawer systems also include heavy duty key locking metal latches that can provide maximum security for all of your expensive camping gear, keeping your valuables out of sight and out of reach of people who might want to borrow them forever.


One of the additional benefits of installing a set of Titan Rear Drawers to your vehicle is that once they are bolted down they then become an extremely strong and stable platform, for fastening all of your bulkier gear to such as swags and camping chairs being able to ratchet them down with a set of ratchet straps using the integrated spring-loaded tie down points for secure transportation.


Once all of your gear is locked down to the top the structure of your drawers holds your gear down fast to the body of your car, meaning no more equipment bouncing around in the cargo area of the cab of your vehicle and along with the organization offered by your drawers all of your bulkier gear stays put and you can find nearly anything in just a second!


To add to the incredible value of all models of double Titan Rear Drawers include a built in heavy duty fridge slide, if you were to purchase one separately even if you were looking at a more affordable fridge slide, you’d be looking at over $100 and that is not including installation costs.


The Titan rear drawer fridge slide is capable of carrying an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer or even up to an 80L Fridge, all that is required is to simply fasten the fridge to the integrated cargo hooks and you are good to go.


The Fridge slide operates with a simple auto locking latch, to release you just press the button release and you can slide the fridge out up to 785mm (with the 1300mm model) for easier access inside your fridge without needing to unpack your whole cabin and If you don’t have a fridge setup in your vehicle people have also used the integrated fridge slide as a temporary pull out work bench, perfect for cooking food or performing trackside emergency surgery on parts of your vehicle.


The included Fridge slide uses similar heavy-duty rollers found in other parts of the Titan rear drawers for smooth and trouble-free operation. Not only are these a feature packed and affordable a set of Titan rear drawers can be installed easily in an afternoon with a little help lifting it into place and a handful of bolts to fasten it down and install the drawer tops you’ll be more organized than ever, for far less than you would have thought.

Take your awning to the next level

The Adventure Kings Awning range is one of Australia’s most popular 4×4 Awnings. As much as we originally started selling these awnings to suit 4WD’s stacks of customers have made use of the universal fitment kit included with every awning, and made the Adventure Kings Awning fit a number of different vehicles.

It’s no wonder either the Adventure Kings awnings have to be one of the best value awnings available on the market right now.

For under $100 you can order it online and have yours shipped straight to your front door, there’s multiple sizes that are available to fit nearly any vehicle, and the quality is incredible too!

So here are a few clever things that you can do with your awning that you may not have thought of yet!


Run more than 1 awning!

Considering the purchase price of an Adventure Kings Awning, you can afford to run two or even three for less than the price of one from our competitors. We’re big fans of running an awning down each side of the vehicle. This gives you somewhere sheltered  so you can cook one side to share with your mates when you have the wagons circled  and the last one on the opposite side as a ‘bedroom’ for your tent or swag offering a little more privacy.

There’s nothing like having more than enough adequate shelter, and a set of Kings Awnings are an incredibly cost-effective way to do this.


Fit a Rear Awning

Our 1.4m wide awnings are perfect for running across the rear of your roofrack. If you have a 4×4 or SUV that has a drop-down tailgate, you can easily use the tailgate as a camping table for cooking or preparing meals when you’re at camp.

For extra shelter simply unroll your 1.4m awning above the rear of your vehicle and all of a sudden you’ve got an awesome shelter from sun and rain which will let you cook your tucker protected from the elements!

No more trying to cover the snags with a bit of tin-foil when that unexpected afternoon shower rolls through.


Mount one to your Utes Roll bar

If you love chucking your swag on your ute’s tray when you’re camping, then this one is for you. Mount one of the 1.4m wide awnings across the top of your ute’s rollbar and you’ve now got an instant shade to camp under when the weather turns a bit savage.

Or, if you take your pup to work with you, its easy enough to pull out the awning and they’ll be snoozing in the shade all day while you earn a buck.


Trailer mount your awning
Awnings don’t need to be mounted to a set of roofracks. The mounting system on all Adventure Kings awnings uses standard-sized M6 bolts that slot into tracks on the rear of the awning’s frame. That means you have heaps of options for mounting it wherever you want.

All that is required is a couple of holes an if you’ve got an enclosed trailer for your landscaping business, or to haul your dirt bikes or go-carts around, this is spot on and means you can leave your shade setup without needing to roll it down everytime you need to get some ice or supplies from town!


Mount one above the Barbie! 

You could spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on having a custom fabricator come and design an awning to extend from the side of your shed or to shelter the BBQ, when some clever thinking and an Adventure Kings awning could do the same job.

Let’s say you’ve got a barbie around the side of the shed or against a wall out the back of the house, you can easily mount one of our 2.5m x 2.5m Awnings above it using some wall plugs and M6 bolts.

In an afternoon you can be setup for a chillout session with your mates no matter what the weather.

The best bit, is once you’re done, it simply rolls away and takes up no room, so your lawn doesn’t need paving.

Pair your awning with your mates at camp

This is a beaut little setup, it’s perfect for taking advantage. If both you and your mates have awnings, roll one out and get it set it up. Then simply unroll the other out without unfolding the legs, and whilst you’re holding onto it, get your mate to maneuver his 4×4 into position so the outer rails of the awnings meet up with yours. Peg down the second awning down then use a couple of cable ties or a bit of electrical tape to secure both sets of legs together, and you have a massive under-cover communal living area to hang out under!


Of course there’s a million more ways you can use your awning, but these are some of our favourites to help take your Adventure Kings Awning to the next level!

Top Value Adventure Kings Buys

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It is now easier for more Australians than ever before, to have a completely self-sufficient campsite, thanks to the extremely affordable, and incredible bang for buck equipment you can find in the Adventure Kings Range at 4WD Supacentre. So we are going to go over some of the best value products that simply cannot be beaten from within our range.



Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-50 on

The Adventure Kings 120W Folding Solar Blanket offers easy to use and compact off-grid power which has never been as reliable and affordable,

Easy to store under your seat or in your door pocket. Simply set it up and it will provide a massive 120W of regulated 12v power to quickly recharge your batteries.

The Adventure Kings 120W Folding Solar Blanket deliberately uses monocrystalline cell technology because of its high efficiency and extreme durability. The Adventure Kings panels are all made from a high grade silicon material, offering a much higher efficiency rating than similar sized panels that use inferior technology.

That means they’re extremely effective at converting solar energy into usable electrical power.


  • Pulse Width Modulation PWM controller.
  • Durable, Anderson style plugs with heavy-duty wiring
  • 4.4m extension cable with battery alligator clips included
  • Stitched in attachment loops for the easier
  • Extremely compact measuring 400mm x 400mm when folded
  • Only 6.5kg including all accessories




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The Adventure Kings Complete 5-Bar Camp Light Kit is the easiest and most customizable way to brighten up your campsite. The kit includes five thin magnetic, 50cm long LED magnetic bars, each offers it’s own dimmer switch and wiring extensions, there is stacks of possibilities for how you can set up your campsite lighting.


The Kit offers many alternative mounting options including both magnets and Velcro, and includes 10x Velcro straps(2 per bar) and in-built magnets to fasten to the side of your vehicle, you can mount these LED light bars on your gazebo, your 4WD’s door panels, steel roof racks or even a steel bullbar. With over 20m of included cable length you can easily light up a huge campsite.


  • 5 x 50cm LED magnetic bars with on/off dimmer switches
  • 1 x 3m quick connect lead with cigarette lighter plug
  • 1 x battery terminal clamp to cigarette adaptor
  • 10 x Velcro straps
  • 1 x padded bag with carry handle
  • 2 x 1.5m extension leads; 2 x 3m extension leads; 1 x 10m extension lead
  • 2 x two-way splitters; 1 x three-way splitter





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Even in the middle of the bush, the Adventure Kings 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter means you can safely run all your home appliances and accessories.

An inverter simply converts the 12V DC power stored in your vehicle’s battery, to 240V AC power you have at home. The Adventure Kings 1500W Inverter.



Ever wondered what this means?

Modified Sine Wave inverters are much more basic than Pure Sine Wave and will do the job when it comes to less sensitive appliances such as heaters and simple incandescent lighting.

Pure Sine Wave inverters use a much more sophisticated technology and produce a smoother power output that is more congruent with more sensitive electronics.

With a pure sine inverter you can run sensitive electronics such as laptops, smart phones and cameras without fear of fault. Unlike the Adventure Kings 1500W inverter, your lesser quality import inverters will not produce a Pure Sine Wave output.

  • Pure Sine Wave output, meaning you can safely power sensitive electronics
  • 12V DC to 230V, 50Hz AC so you can power your home appliances and accessories
  • Features thermal, overload and short-circuit protection
  • Low voltage shutdown: if the battery drops below 10V (±0.5V), the device will turn off saves battery from over discharging





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This one is a hidden gem, the Adventure Kings Premium Waterproof Roof Top Bag offers an easy to use fully waterproof cover that you can use to secure all of your gear to your roof racks. Suitable for use all around Australia you can keep everything clean and dry. By offering a large zip close space you can protect all of your clothing and camping gear from dust and water.


This heavy-duty roof top bag is waterproof and dustproof. So whether you’re travelling the dusty outback roads of the Simpson desert or you’re just spending a weekend away, this is the must-have that’ll keep all your campsite gear secure and in top nick.



  • Made from rigorously tested, tightly woven polyester
  • Features a PVC lining with overlapping seams for flexibility and durability
  • With 6 straps and a zip to open, it’s super easy to pack and unpack
  • Fits most full and ¾ roof racks
  • Measurements: 1600 x 1000 x 300mm

Are you ready for a recovery?!

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Getting out and exploring the Aussie bush in a 4WD is a lifestyle many dream of, and part of that is being able to safely extract your vehicle from just about any tricky situation, including soft boggy sand, deep greasy mud and even from the misfortune of a partial of full rollover.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-49 on

When people aren’t prepared for a recovery you might find the process to be as close to a living nightmare as possible, however, even with the right gear, it certainly pays to know what you are doing, to prevent the situation from becoming worse!

A good quality recover kit is by far one of the most critical pieces of gear that a 4WDer can purchase so when it comes to shopping around for your own, do you really know what it is that should you be looking for?


Weighing up your recovery gear!

A snatch strap is one of the first bits of recovery gear that many people purchase to help get their vehicles free from sand and mud. The weight rating of a snatch strap is important, as a snatch strap works like a big elastic band, so when choosing a new Snatch Strap the minimum breaking strength should be between 2-3 times the vehicle’s gross vehicle mass.

The Hercules 8,000kg strap should cater to most mid/full sized 4WDs but if your pride and joy is a Patrol or Cruiser that is loaded right up to it’s GVM and you regularly tow a camper it might be wise to consider going with the Hercules 11,000kg strap.

A set of rated bow shackles are also extremely important and any gear that says “not to be used for 4WD recoveries” in the fine print is not safe to use, ever!

Recovery hitches and extension straps need to be rated around 4.5t or over, while a tree trunk protector and a snatch block should be rated to around double that of your winch.



What should your budget be?

Gone are the days where price is an accurate indicator of quality. There are very good examples of premium gear that’s competitively priced, and average quality items that are clearly over-priced. So when it comes to bagging a bargain, don’t just go with what you see on the shelves of your local auto parts store.  Make sure you shop around and do your research.

Look for kit like the Hercules complete recovery Kit that offers a good warranty and includes just about everything you might need to perform an offroad recovery on the tracks.

If you spend a little time comparing prices, it could reward you by saving you thousands over the long term.


Snatch it out VS. Winching

You can’t discount the use of a massive amount of kinetic energy when it comes to extracting a 4WD from a bog.

A general rule of thumb is that the more “bogged” the vehicle the better someone can make use of the amount of pull a snatch strap can offer and if a vehicle is resting on its chassis on a beach or belly deep in a bog hole, using a winch may cause trouble by digging the vehicle deeper, in this case it is better to extract it using a snatch recovery.

If the vehicle is halfway up a monster of a hill climb and simply cannot bite traction, it is usually better to take a little time and spool out some of the synthetic winch rope from the Domin8r X Winch for a smooth controlled winch recovery.

These rules are guidelines and are meant to be broken and generally for the most part, it comes down to the experience and knowledge of those who are involved.





Snatch Recoveries made simple


  1. Make sure the path in front of the vehicle is clear, remove passengers from the vehicle if possible and clear out sand from in front of the tyres, diffs and any low hanging components on your 4WD.
  2. Make sure you are using a RATED snatch strap, as mentioned earlier, they have around 30% stretch and are suitable only for vehicles within the particular weight range that is recommended.


  1. Attach your snatch strap to a rated recovery point on both vehicles. This should be a rated recovery hitch that goes into the tow hitch receiver in the rear of the recovery vehicle and a rated recovery point on the front of the stuck vehicle.Make sure the strap is flat and doesn’t twist or coil along its length.


  1. Around half way along the strap, form an “S” with approximately 1m of overlap to allow the recovery vehicle to gain momentum before it ‘snatches’ the stuck vehicle free.


  1. Jump on the UHF and establish a clear line of communication so both drivers know exactly what’s going on, then start with a gentle extraction. Most of the time this will be all that’s needed to get the stuck vehicle out of trouble.


  1. If gentle doesn’t work, back up and give it a little more power. If you try two or three times with no luck, reassess the whole situation and look for other ways to dig the stuck vehicle out before trying again.



  1. Even the best snatch straps won’t stand up to neglect, so as soon as you get home, give yours a bath to ensure it lasts. Fill a bucket with water and gently massage any mud, dirt or sand out of the fibres. Avoid pressure washing it, as it only pushes the dirt further in. Rinse it a few times until the water comes out clear, then let it dry in an airy position out of direct sunlight.



  1. Don’t panic! The second you get into trouble, stop, take a few deep breaths and calmly assess the entire situation.
  2. Only ever use a rated recovery point. The factory down hooks can and will break, and in unfortunate circumstances become deadly projectiles.
  3. Carry a quality and fully stocked recovery kit like the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit that includes everything you’ll need to get yourself out of any situation.
  4. Use a rated recovery hitch to help distribute the load of the recovery evenly across the rear of the vehicle.
  5. Utilise a Hercules snatch block where you can to reduce the load placed on your winch.

6 ways to reduce your Fridge power usage!

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We all love the convenience of setting up our fridge, chucking a bunch of our favorite bevvies in there when leaving town, and being able to crack icy cold one’s all night long at camp. But how can you extend the range of your 12v refrigeration system, without needing a jumpstart in the morning!

These are our top 5 pointers to getting the most out of your Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer running at its most efficient.

Seeing as the capacity and power source that runs a 12v fridge isn’t nearly as powerful as your fridge at home, these tips could really save your hide when push comes to shove in the bush!

1.Keep cool!

The first trick to getting the most out of your 12v refrigerator is by making sure all your drinks and food are well chilled before you chuck them in. If you fail to prechill all of your food and drinks your fridge has to not only cool itself down to your desired temperature but then it has to push even harder to try and cool down all of your goodies inside.

By chucking all your meat and even a couple of freezer blocks in the freezer at home before you leave, you can pre chill your fridge and reduce the amount of battery capacity needed to drop the mercury inside your fridge!

2.Keep it topped up

Just like you, your 12v fridge loves to be kept topped up with food and beers, so be a responsible fridge owner and make sure you keep your fridge full!

The reason a fridge likes to be full is because it has less air to chill, this rule seems counter intuitive but the icy cold air is prone to leaking regardless of how good your fridge seals are, and on top of that every time you open your fridge, all of the air, your trusty fridge worked hard to cool down is lost.

So by keeping your fridge full, even with spare water bottles, you’ll find your fridge doesn’t have to kick in to rechill all that empty space!


3.Clear space
By crowding your fridge in the cab of your vehicle it’s easy to believe that you are helping to insulate it from warm air in the vehicle. In reality what is happening is quite the contrary, by crowding your refrigerator you are preventing the refrigerators components from removing excess heat, meaning your refrigerator will struggle to stay cool and possibly overheat.


By fitting a set of Titan Rear Drawers in the rear of your vehicle you can fasten your fridge to the tie down points on the included fridge slide and easily keep the area around the fridge compressor free, to allow air to circulate and remove excess heat.


4.Keep your cabin temps down

The easiest way to Improve your refrigerators performance is by reducing the temperature within the cab of your vehicle. This can be difficult and just like the warnings about leaving your kids or pets in the car, your vehicle on a sunny 30 degree day can reach temps in excess of 65 celcius in under an hour.

To help keep your 4WD cooler you need to introduce air circulation, by fitting a side awning and rear awning you can keep your rear door open and your windows cracked no matter what the weather is. Meaning no matter how warm the day your fridge can breathe!
5.Cover your fridge

No matter how good your fridge is, more insulation can improve the performance and energy efficiency.

By simply adding a Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer cover you can enhance your refrigerators efficiency by lots. The cover uses highly efficient Pearl Wool (EPE Foam) padding, and a reflective aluminium film on the inside to trap in the cool and hold out the heat.


One of the easiest ways to improve your refrigerators performance is by upgrading the wiring that connects your fridge to your vehicles battery. If you are running on factory wiring or too thin a gauge of wire, you can find that you experience massive voltage drop issues over very short distances, this often results in your refrigerators “low voltage cut out” kicking in, this usually stops your battery from being over drained.

To combat depleating your batteries too low, heavier gauge wiring can definitely improve your refrigerators performance, and enable you to squeeze every last volt of battery out of your dual battery setup!

Get more out of your firewood for under $150!

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When preparing to escape civilization for a weekend, a week, or a couple of months, there are few joys quite like the pleasure of starting a small fire to keep warm and to cook by. But with more and more people heading out to go camping and the restrictions placed on harvesting firewood, it is getting more and more difficult to enjoy the simple pleasure of listening to the eucalyptus crackle and pop at camp.

In most National Parks across Australia, it is now illegal to collect firewood as it is considered damaging to the habitats of our threatened native wildlife, and if caught, you can incur expensive fines that make the whole process simply not worth it.

So with increased difficulty in sourcing wood for our campfires, campers have had to turn to bringing wood from home and burning it using more efficient method’s to make the wood last much longer. This gives us a few additional issues, such as the extra bulk and weight of carrying the firewood and also where to get it from, 0with many service stations in cold areas selling precut logs ready to burn it may seem simple enough but efficient burning to make your logs go further is still an issue….

Here at 4WD Supacentre we’ve found that one of the most efficient ways to get your campfire burning hotter, for longer on less wood is with a self-contained fireplace like the Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove. By elevating your campfire up off the ground using its stable 3 foldout metal legs, and by containing the heat of the fire, you can get more out of the wood you bring with you by creating less smoke and more red-hot coals that can burn more than a standard fire on the ground.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-45 on


The Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove has an adjustable flue, and a settable latch on the door so you can fully control the air that can circulate throughout the stove allowing you to maintain the perfect temperature no matter what the season. The added benefit to this self-contained stove is that with more complete combustion, you have less ash, and your fire is also much easier to start.

Choosing a simple system like the Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove even allows you to cook on top of it, and inside it with absolute control, letting you boil bake, fry and roast with relative ease all whilst keeping the smoke out of your eyes.

Coming standard with a chimney that reaches a massive 2.4m above camp you can set up your stove with the chimney running up past the top of your awning or gazebo whilst allowing you to have a toasty warm campsite sitting dry and out of the rain, and keeping your eyes from the sting of the smoke.

when you are finished with your stove and it is time to pack it up, it is as simple as removing the chimneys 5 sections and inserting them all into the barrel of the stove. Now the chimney has been removed you can easily fold your legs, by removing the retaining pins and folding the legs down. You don’t have to worry about losing these pins thanks to the handy keeper chains.

With all three legs folded down, you can easily carry the whole unit to the back of your 4WD or ute, by the integrated carry handle.

Where you would require a whole pile of firewood to get enough hot coals cook on an open fire, you can get away with just 3 small logs and a handful of tinder in this easy to use compact campfire stove.
Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-46 on

With all of these features plus more, it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to an Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove to stay warm at camp all year long.

For under $150 Regardless of the weather and using less wood than ever before you can cook and keep control of how quickly your logs are burning all without the pain of stinging eyes and melted boot soles thanks to Adventure Kings and the cooking range at 4WD Supacentre.

Pro Tips For Your 12v Setup

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Reading online forums, you may have heard the term ‘smart’ alternator to describe the charging style of many modern 4WD’s. To put it simply a ‘smart’ alternator doesn’t provide a full level of charging output and tends to vary the level of output depending on battery voltage level and the total load requirements. The basic principal is that if the alternator doesn’t have to work hard all the time, it can save you (very small) amounts of fuel by reducing the total load and drag on the engine. The problem for many 4WDers is that this means the alternator won’t always produce enough juice to properly charge your auxiliary battery.



Out of any issue you may encounter within your 12v setup, this is one of the most overlooked issues. Any circuit is precisely that, a circuit and has to have an unbroken path for the electricity to travel through. Without having your circuit earthed back to the source any 12v system is going to fail.

Earthing completes the 12v circuit back through the body and the chassis and finally back to the vehicle’s battery and One of the biggest mistakes 4WDers make is not ensuring adequate earth connections are built into the system.

The good news is the number one cause of 12v problems can be fixed for about $10 by adding an extra earth strap to your vehicle. It’s as simple as running cabling from your battery’s negative post through to a good clean, unpainted earth point on the body. At the same time, remove the big earth lead that runs from the negative battery post to the side of the engine block, and use a terminal cleaning tool or some sand-paper to thoroughly clean the lugs and the earthing points.

If you’re running batteries in the rear of the vehicle, don’t rely on running earth cables all the way to the engine bay – add an extra earth to the chassis somewhere in the rear. You can never have too many earths!



Heat and dirt are relentless and will degrade the performance of just about every electrical component found on a typical 4WD. Unfortunately, both of these factors are unavoidable when looking at your engine bay. If you install your DC-DC charging system under the bonnet of your vehicle it will be located near hot and vibrating engine components, and over time this could reduce the performance of your charger.

This poses us with a small issue as the longer the cable running from our DC-DC voltage regulator, to our battery the more voltage drop you will encounter, so choosing a location closer to your battery setup or using a thicker cable to do the job whilst keeping the charger up and away from heat sources like your exhaust manifold and engine block is the absolute ideal setup.

This also means that if you have your second battery in the rear of your 4WD you should consider mounting your DC-DC charger, in a similar location to your Auxillary battery to maintain maximum charging potential.



Dual battery systems aren’t all made equal, when looking at DC/DC chargers like the D250SA from CTEK, you will find operate as a ‘smart’ charger which means the device takes all available electrical current from the input and intelligently charges your auxiliary battery the way it needs to maintain and maximise your battery life.

A DC-DC charger can also protect your battery by monitoring the temperature and adjusting its charging levels to prevent over-charging or boiling a battery. The D250SA also includes a built in solar voltage regulator to let you charge batteries either via the alternator or an unregulated solar panel like the Adventure Kings 110W Fixed solar panel.

Most alternators will put out somewhere between 60 and 100amps. That doesn’t mean they’re putting that many amps into the battery, though. When the vehicle’s running a large portion of the alternator’s output is taken up by the vehicle’s electrical systems, like the the ignition system, the headlights, the stereo, the heater/air conditioning system and so forth, so alternative charging solutions are a great option to maintain your batteries health and charging ability.




There aren’t many things that are more frustrating than completing a 12v accessory installation and having it not work as you expected. The problem comes down to using lower-grade components to save on cost.

The biggest mistake that many 4WDers make when they install a 12v system is using cheaper lower quality plugs, terminals and connectors, and under-sized wiring particularly from a DC-DC Charger to the battery. Absolute reliability in off-road environments is crucial, but this can be sacrificed by choosing to use cheap parts that won’t stand up to vibrations, dust, heat and water.

The simple message here is don’t cut corners. There’s no point trying to save a few bucks on your wiring if it compromises the rest of your $500 system, or could cause a fire, ruining the rest of your vehicle.

So don’t be afraid to ask the chap in the Auto store or electrical supplier what cabling best suits your application, cheaping out here could cost you a battery, or even worse, your 4WD!

Solar power has gained stacks of popularity for campers all over Australia in a big way over the last couple of years, the increased affordability allows many 4WDers to be able to camp for much longer without having to waste any fuel running their motor in the morning to recharge their batteries.

To get the most from your solar setup, first you need to make sure your voltage regulator can cope with the supply from your solar panels.  There are two main types of regulators used – Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). A PWM type drops down the input voltage (near 20v) to the required output charge voltage and turns excess voltage into the charging amperage using pulses and during the spaces in between checking the voltage.

Where an MPPT type regulators like the Adventure Kings MPPT Regulator monitors the amount of voltage being accepted by the vehicles battery and adjusts the output to suit It does this by monitoring the power and voltage being output by your solar panel/s and adjusts the charging voltage for maximum usable power. In general, an MPPT type regulator will improve the amount of power able to be extracted from your panels by up to 30% in varying light conditions and offers more efficiency overall.

Get out camping with your 4 legged best bud!

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With winter approaching many people get on the back foot when considering a place to get out and go camping. But there is plenty of time left to get out and explore for a weekend.

Plus there isn’t a better time of year to plan on going on your first camping trip away with your beloved doggo, the campsites are less busy and just like the first time with children can be a very stressful experience trying to be fully prepared.

Will they be overwhelmed with the new space and fresh scents? Will they bother other people camping? Where will they sleep, particularly if they’re a little too pampered at home? Are they even allowed at your favorite campsites?

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-40 on

All these questions are worth asking but with the following 5 camping accessories you’ll have all the answers you could ever need.


Adventure Kings Gazebo

The Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo is the perfect shade solution for your pups first campsite. They don’t require mounting to your vehicle so can be set up anywhere and not only are they built tough from good quality materials, they set up really quickly.

The Gazebos from Adventure Kings are easy to use and provide the perfect match to most common sizes of Mesh Floor. If you’re camping with more than one of man’s best friend a 6m x 3m Kings Gazebo is a great way to cover more space while still not breaking the bank. The benefit of a free-standing Gazebo over an Awning or Awning Tent is that in case you need to leave camp you don’t have to pack up before driving away.


Adventure Kings Mesh Floor

Available in 3 different sizes perfectly designed to suit nearly any campsite – an Adventure Kings Mesh Floor offers your doggo a comfy and clean and tidy spot to lay down wherever you are set up. The special weave design of the mesh, easily allows dirt and sand to fall through while preventing anything underneath from working its way back up, including grass seeds and spurs you may find around camp. The Adventure Kings mesh floor isn’t just for your doggo, it will make your camping experience much more comfortable, and for a steal when compared to other floor systems available on the market.


Kings Portable Shower Kit

Hygiene is important – seeing your dog come back from a walk covered in mud is enough to make you cringe so how can you beat that at a campsite? Simple, with a Kings Portable Shower Kit you can hose down their grubby paws before letting your best bud into your back seats covered in all sorts of bulldust, mud and dirt. You can easily plug it into any 12V DC power source and place the pump into a water container you’ll have a maximum flow rate of 4L/min which is fully adjustable and enough pressure to even wash your hair!



Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer

If your doggo is pampered like a baby at home(we all do it) you can make sure that when you have setup camp, your best mate can eat comfortably with minimal fuss, thanks to an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/ Freezer which offers plenty of space to pack cool drinking water, dog treats and a few packets of wet food without having to sacrifice space to feed you and the other half too. The 60L Fridge freezer offers set and forget temperature controls which can be turned all the way down to -18°C!

This means that no matter how hot it is outside, your pupper’s food inside will be safe to consume and won’t smell out the cab of your vehicle!


LED Camp lighting

Every dog owner knows that their four legged friend will protect you no matter what and if you’re sitting around camp, it is important to be able to see what your buddie is up to, when they are sniffing around camp. Plus being woken up in the middle of the night to a protective barking doggo, the last thing you want is to be stumbling around looking for a torch, to see what the little dude is warning you about. The Kings range of LED camping lights will light up your camp site with ease. From LED light bars to LED strip lights with included dimmers there’s no way you’ll kick your toes,  trip on guy ropes or find anything that goes bump in the night by using your shins.


When you tackle the momentus event of going camping with your pet pooch you shouldn’t struggle and it shouldn’t be a chore and by preparing yourself with the range of Adventure Kings camping accessories available from 4WD Supacentre, there has never been more affordable time to head out camping with your best mate!


Handy Hint – Dogs are vulnerable to the same pathogens in water that humans are. If you’re needing to treat water for yourself, make sure you do the same for your pup – they’ll definitely thank you for it.

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Camping Lights

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LED camp lights have without a doubt taking the camping scene by storm! Just about every single campsite setup in Australia now runs LED camp lights, because there are so many benefits to led camping lights over ‘traditional’ halogen camp lights or even the old style gas-powered lights. It’s easy to see just how bright you can light your camp with one of the different types of led camp lights from 4WD Supacentre, but here’s a few other reasons why led camp lights are the way to go around camp. It’s no secret that we love LED lights here at 4WD Supacentre, and with good reason!


The thing that really sets led camp lights apart from halogen camp lights is how little power they draw. Old-style halogen lights literally convert electricity into light by pumping it through a small filament, with a huge amount of that power being lost as waste heat. LED camp lights use a tiny percentage of that power to simply ignite the tiny diode that creates the light, with very little electricity being wasted through heat. That’s why you can leave LED camp lights on all night you won’t flatten your deep cycle AGM battery anywhere nearly as quickly as you would with halogen camp lights. You can even get away with running a strip or two of LED camp lights off a starter battery if you only have one battery in your vehicle, without seriously risking not being able to start your car in the morning. We still advise that you should sooner or later invest in a dual-battery system though.



It’s a scientific fact that white light is cooler on the colour spectrum than yellow light, and the cooler the light is, the better it is for your eyes. If you suffer from eye strain or wear glasses or contacts, then LED camp lights can substantially reduce the strain on your eyes around camp. If you like to kick back after dinner and read a book or the newspaper then this will be very much noticeable. Compared to the yellow light that halogen camp lights puts out, you’ll see the difference (no pun intended!) that switching to LED camp lights has after your very first night’s camping.


On the spectrum of light colour(Kelvin), a typical halogen bulb ends up being somewhere near 3200K which is a warm orange colour, however the closer to 6000K light is the more like midday sunlight it is, meaning your eyes aren’t strained trying to make out details in the shadows.


We all hate camping around bugs, and we can’t always camp inside a mozzie net either! If you’re camping up through the Top End or just anywhere that lights attract bugs, then you’ll want to take a look at a brand new product we’ve just released here at 4WD Supacentre. The new Orange LED Camp Light Extension Kit plugs into our four or five bar led camp light kits and provides you with an orange light for around camp that will attract substantially less bugs. That’s because they can’t see the orange light as clearly, meaning your camp stays bug-free for longer!


When you’re sweating your way through another breezeless night camping, you don’t want to add to the heat! Halogen and gas-powered camp lights are notorious for emitting immense amounts of heat when they’re being used. Hands up if you’ve ever walked past your old halogen camp lights and felt the beads of sweat instantly appear? That’s because so much energy is being wasted by a halogen light, turned into heat instead of light. The end result a sweatbox of a campsite, but it doesn’t have to be! LED camp lights create very little heat during their operation, definitely nothing anywhere compared to halogen or gas powered camp lights. That means your campsite stays cooler without having to turn the lights off!


The beaut part about the four and five bar LED camp light kits from 4WD Supacentre is that they are all modular, and they plug together. That means if your mate has one of our led camp light kits, you can join them together to light up an entire campsite! Run as little or as many as you want, and dim them or brighten them to your own liking with the included dimmers.


Five Bits of Gear That’ll Instantly Transform Your 4×4

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If you’re relatively new to 4WDing, then you can definitely be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed when it comes to how to modify your 4×4. There are so many options on the market these days for all types of interior, exterior and mechanical upgrades and we’ve all got limited budgets! Here’s a bit of a secret that not many people will fill you in on. You don’t need the biggest, baddest 4WD out there with massive tyres and monster suspension! In fact, when you’re just starting out, a massive lift and huge tyres can actually work against you as they can cause a vehicle to become unstable and unpredictable in certain situations. Far from worrying about how big your 4WD is, take it from us – you should first think about how to make your 4×4 more capable in all different aspects, especially camping. Here’s our guide to five things you can add to your 4×4 that’ll instantly transform it into an offroad camping machine!

    Before you even start to worry about upgrading your 4×4, you should first give consideration to preparing for all types of eventualities, including boggings and breakdowns. A quality recovery kit will include at least a snatch strap and a couple of rated bow shackles to allow you to either recover another bogged vehicle or allow another vehicle to recover you if you get bogged. Add in a tyre repair kit so that you have the ability to plug small puncture holes caused by rocks, screws or tree roots. The range of Hercules recovery gear and tyre repair kits from 4WD Supacentre are excellent value and cover everything you need.
    It doesn’t matter what type of 4×4 you have, you can always use more storage! If your 4×4 didn’t come with a roof rack, then you should definitely consider fitting one early on. You’ll use it all the time, whether it’s for runs to the hardware store, helping a mate move or especially when you’re going camping. Being able to store large, lighter but bulky gear like swags on your roof rack will mean you don’t have to chock the inside of your 4×4 full of gear, and that’ll make everyone happier! At 4WD Supacentre, we retail a full range of heavy-duty steel roof racks to suit everything from a single cab ute to a full wagon, with multiple styles depending on your usage.
    Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-35 on
    Another added bonus of fitting a roof rack is that it allows you to fit a 4×4 awning easily! An awning is one bit of camping gear that you’ll use so often once you have it. You’ll find yourself rolling it out on the job site, down at the park when the kids or the dog are running around, and especially at camp. A 4×4 awning is just so easy to use and setup and provides such excellent shelter that you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. 4×4 awnings mount to your 4×4 roof racks and a quality awning like the Adventure Kings awnings range will come with included mounting brackets so you’ve got everything you need in one box.
    When you start to go camping more often you’ll want to power camping gear like LED camp lights and a portable fridge. If you try and run this type of 12v camping gear off your starter battery, you’ll flatten it and not be able to start your 4×4 again in the morning. That’s why you need a dual battery system like the Adventure Kings Smart Isolator Dual Battery Kit, along with an Adventure Kings AGM deep cycle battery. These two bits of 12v camping gear will allow you to run a 12v fridge, LED lights and other camping gear like an inverter without risking flattening your battery.
  5. GPS
    When you start to wander out of phone range and explore further afield, google maps won’t be much help to you! That’s why you need a dedicated GPS like the VMS touring 700HDX GPS Navigator that we retail here at 4WD Supacentre. It’s one of Australia’s best-value 4WD GPS units and comes pre-loaded with the entire country’s worth of mapping of 4×4 tracks and campsites. Best of all it doesn’t need phone reception to run either!

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Four Surprising Benefits Of A Battery Charger

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For most of us, charging our deep cycle batteries in our cars, vans, 4x4s or SUVs is mostly done while driving or by using solar power at camp. However adding a 240v battery charger to your 12v camping gear setup has massive benefits that many people wouldn’t even consider. Here at 4WD Supacentre we retail a large range of CTEK battery charging gear including many of CTEK’s 240v battery chargers. If you camp somewhere that has access to a powerpoint, then a 240v battery charger will be one of the best bits of camping gear that you ever invest in. Here’s four surprising benefits of a 240v battery charger that you’ll use every time you go camping!


Battery chargers don’t just charge batteries when you’re plugged in to a powered campsite! A quality battery charger with decent ‘reserve’ capacity has the ability to act like a power supply for your entire campsite, converting 240v power to 12v power to run your portable fridge, LED camp lights, inverters, the lot. When we say ‘reserve’ capacity, we mean a charger with at least 15A charging capacity like the CTEK M200 or M300 battery chargers. They’ll top your batteries right up but they’ll also be able to supply power to everything you want to run at the same time. That means you’ll be able to watch the footy on your telly through your sat dish, let the kids power their portable DVD players via the inverter AND keep all the fridges and lights on at the same time!


This one’s for anyone who has ever watched their battery voltage dwindle and anyone who has ended up a little hot under the collar as a result. Battery stress is real and it effects thousands of campers every single weekend! If you watch your voltage drop to 11.5v, then 11.0v, then 10.5v, you’ll know how stressful it can be trying to keep your campsite powered without killing your deep cycle battery. If you’ve got a battery charger then those stresses simply disappear – just plug it into a 240v power socket and let it do its magic! There really is nothing like checking your battery voltage and seeing that it’s sitting at a beautiful 14.0v+ even while the fridges, lights and the kids’ portable DVD players are all running.


On many of the CTEK range of 240v battery chargers, there’s a ‘recondition’ mode that is worth its weight in gold. When batteries, particularly deep-cycle batteries, get deeply discharged and fall below 10.5v, they run the risk of permanent damage. The CTEK battery chargers that have a recondition mode can, for brief periods of time, supply extra voltage to the battery to bring it back from the dead. We’ve personally witnesses a range of CTEK battery chargers bring multiple batteries back to life, paying for themselves every time! When you consider that the average battery starts around $150 and can easily be up over $300, that’s serious money you’d save if you could save a battery from the scrap heap.


Solar power is incredible and everyone should have some sort of Adventure Kings solar power setup on their rig. The sun literally provides free power that can keep your deep cycle battery topped up whenever you’re around camp. If you hard-mount a solar panel to your roof rack or to the top of your roof top tent then it can be constantly powering your dual battery the entire time too. However solar power obviously depends on the sun, and if you end up camping on a less-than-perfect weekend in terms of weather then your solar panel isn’t going to be anywhere near as effective as it would be on a sunny day. A battery charger completely takes away the battery stress that stems from solar panels not performing in average weather by letting you power your entire campsite even while it’s pouring down with rain. That’s a win in our books!


4WD Supacentre has a price-match guarantee on the entire range of the incredible CTEK battery chargers. That means if you can find a better genuine price anywhere in Australia, we’ll match it! Terms and conditions apply, see


What To Look For In A Quality 4×4 Recovery Kit

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If you head out 4WDing often, you should definitely carry a recovery kit with you. For the uninitiated, recovery kits contain all the gear you need to get a vehicle unbogged from the most common scenarios out in the bush or on the beach. A quality 4×4 recovery kit doesn’t have to cost the earth, and it doesn’t need to be massive either. In fact, if you have just a few basic bits of gear in your recovery kit then you’ll be geared up to handle the most typical 4×4 recoveries that you’ll come across. Even if you don’t plan on getting bogged or driving challenging tracks yourself, it’s like the old boy scout motto – always be prepared!

Here’s a list of what to look for in a 4×4 recovery kit, exactly like the Hercules Essential Recovery Kit or the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit available from 4WD Supacentre.


A snatch strap will be your best mate out in the bush! Snatch straps are literally like heavy-duty rubber bands. They have a certain amount of stretch built into them during their manufacturing stage, which allows the strap to stretch during a snatch recovery. When the towing vehicle takes off, the strap stretches and then recoils, and as it recoils the energy stored within it has the ability to pop the bogged vehicle free. In a 4×4 recovery kit, make sure your snatch strap is rated to 8000kg and you will easily be able to recover most of yours and your friends 4WD when you are offroad.

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Shackles are how you attach your strap to your vehicle’s rated recovery points. It’s vitally important that the shackles you use in 4×4 recoveries are rated to 4.7t so that they can withstand the forces involved in a winching or snatching recovery scenario. Ideally you should look for a 4×4 recovery kit that comes with two rated 4.7t bow shackles as these are the most common types of shackles and are engineered to work properly in a 4WD recovery.


Whether you have a winch or not, a rated tree trunk protector is such a great piece of equipment that you should look for in a 4wd recovery kit. You should never wrap a winch rope – even synthetic winch rope – around a tree because it will ring-bark the tree and kill it. Instead, use a tree trunk protector to evenly distribute the load around the tree and ensure you don’t do any permanent damage to it. Tree trunk protectors can be used for other recovery scenarios too, such as providing an anchor point from your towbar pin for another person’s winch.


4WD recoveries aren’t always straightforward, so your 4×4 recovery kit should be equipped with a winch extension strap to ensure you can deal with whatever scenario comes up! A winch extension strap can be used to extend the reach of your synthetic winch rope, or your snatch strap if you can’t get a towing vehicle close enough to the bogged vehicle. At 20m long, the winch extension strap in each of the Hercules recovery kits is perfect for almost any recovery situation.



Snatch blocks are amazing bits of gear, because they use mechanical advantage to effectively double the power of your winch! Whether you’ve got the Grande Mk3 12,000lb winch, the famous Domin8rX winch or any other, a snatch block can be used to either change the direction of the winch recovery, or to double the winch hook back around to your own vehicle and give you the power to pull yourself through just about any boghole. Definitely an important part of any recovery kit!

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It doesn’t matter where you get your recovery gear – by its very nature, recovery gear is a wearing item that over time will need replacing. If your snatch strap, winch extension strap or synthetic winch rope have seen better days after being dragged through mud, there’s a chance they will not have as much strength as they once did. Even if your recovery gear is brand new, it’s excellent practice to use a Winch Dampener over your strap or synthetic winch rope. If something does break or let go, the dampener will catch it before it can cause damage to life or limb. The Hercules Complete Recovery Kit comes with its own dampener, and the really cool thing about the Hercules Essential Recovery Kit is the bag itself is a dampener!


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In more recent years high efficiency 12v systems and an entire market have been built for versatile and easy to use 12v accessories, and what these systems offer Australian campers has bought us along a seriously long way.

Now with more companies competing for your dollar than ever before, there’s an absolutely mind-blowing amount of gear on the market to cater to your every 12v desire, so with added complexity of 12v systems, you are more likely to encounter issues in yours and your friends setups, when installing electical compenents and be baffled by words that people who might know what they are talking about mention,  troubleshoot electrical circuits in their 4WD’s cars or even motorcycles you may be a little bit baffled or confused as to the actual meanings of some of the words and phrases that they use.


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So we’ve put together a short list of some of the most important keywords you may hear, to help you understand better, how your 12v system works;

An easy way for people to understand electricity is to think of water travelling through a pipe. Voltage is like the pressure of the water travelling within the pipe and determines how much push there is behind the flow. A healthy resting voltage (without help from a charger or alternator) for a 12v battery is more likely around 12.7v or higher. where a dead 12v battery is usually on 12v or less.


Amps (current), when thought of, in the same analogy as used above represent the volume of water travelling through the pipe and therefore the overall “power” that is available to do work. and are what does the


A measurement of how many amps a battery can supply over a period of time. An Adventure Kings 115Ah AGM battery that can safely be drained to 50% has roughly 60 amp-hours (Ah) of capacity. If an Adventure Kings 60L fridge/Freezer draws an average of 1.5 Amp, then that battery can run the fridge for 60/1.5=about 40 hours before it gets down to the estimate of around 50%.


This is when there is a break in the electrical circuit that stops the power from flowing, such as a blown fuse.


In 4WD terms, when a cable that supplies power prematurely comes in contact with a short out, which is usually to earth like the body or chassis, this is called a short circuit.

Just like a tap regulates the flow of water, a voltage regulator like the MPPT and PWM found in solar panels prevent voltage from rising too high, whilst adjusting amperage to suit.


Acts similar to a 240v car battery charger that you’d use to charge your batteries in the garage, except it is powered by 12v. Will typically include a voltage isolator to only charge when it senses that your vehicle is running, and often has an in-built solar regulator to allow charging by solar panels. Example would be the CTEK D250SA isolator.



This is a more basic 12v relay that opens or closes depending on the voltage that is supplied to it. In a dual battery system, this relay works by opening when it senses enough voltage at the designated battery, through this it can tell if the engine is running. A VSR like the on in the Adventure Kings Dual Battery System Kit, allows the auxiliary battery charge off your crank battery. When the vehicle is switched off, the relay closes, isolating the second battery and ensuring your 12V fridge and LED Camping lights don’t drain your crank battery’s power.



A way of joining two batteries in a daisy chain from positive to negative. This instantly doubles the voltage of the 2 batteries. This setup is typically used in older 24v diesel motors using 2 12v batteries connected in series.


A way of joining two or more batteries positive to positive and negative to negative, adding the batteries amp hour capacities together without changing the overall voltage.

Two Adventure Kings 115Ah 12v batteries connected in parallel essentially form one giant 230Ah 12v battery – which is what you’d want if you wanted to power your fridge or camp lights for a long time.


Voltage drop is a phenomenon, where voltage decreases over the length of a wire due to electrical resistance, this is why the wires that connect directly to your battery are thick and meaty. Thicker wiring prevents voltage from dropping below an acceptable level and in some circumstances can be prevented by placing a DC-DC charger or voltage regulator closer to the battery that requires recharging as the voltage drop from the regulated output is decreased the closer it is to the source.


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Off-road Etiquette – 6 Things to make sure you do on the tracks

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When you are off the beaten track, you won’t cross the path of other travelers very often, this means that it is especially important to maintain a helpful and friendly attitude to other 4WDers and campers you come across. One of the most common things you find in the outback and more remote areas, is the wave we give drivers that are approaching. The sense of mate ship is deeply rooted in Australian culture and is one of the reasons many people head out travelling through the vast countryside.

So, these are our top tips to making sure you have the best good fortune on your side when you hit the tracks!

#1 If you see someone having a tough time, don’t just watch them!

What goes around comes around, so if you see someone having a tough time, slow down and offer some assistance. You may have a good chuckle at the misfortune of other people who had trouble navigating the tough section of track you just tackled.

You should always bring a full complement of Hercules 4WD recovery gear no matter where you are heading, it can always come in handy and could save yours or someone else’s vehicle on the tracks or even more importantly a life!

A small gesture like this can take some of the panic and stress out of a new 4WDers experience and you never know, you make a friend for life.

You never know, that may be you one day, and after all, the other person is just like you, they picked the same awesome track to hit, on the same day to get away from the fuss of town, so you probably have more in common than you imagined!


#2 Be prepared
No matter where you are going it is extremely important to bring extra fuel, water, food, spare parts, and tools. There is nothing worse than getting yourself into trouble through lack of preparation, and nothing more embarrassing than having to call for help, as someone will have to come and get you out of trouble.

Most of the tools you need to get out of trouble can be found in an Adventure Kings Bush Mechanic toolkit. But using creativity and initiative can save you from a situation becoming much worse than it needs to be.

#3 Be Aware of Others in the area

By fitting a UHF CB radio to your 4WD you can monitor other vehicles in the area. Many think that these devices are only really useful when you have a convoy, but you can find out a lot about the tracks ahead and whether or not sections of track are navigable.

We’ve even heard of people using other groups UHF radio chatter to calculate how close oncoming 4WD’s by monitoring the strength and static interference of transmissions whilst travelling through the Simpson desert and with a properly setup system you will have a good clear 25km heads up or situations where head on crashes whilst cresting dunes could potentially occur.

#4 Watch your dust!

Most tracks in Australia are dusty, we are famous world wide for our fine red dusty desert sands, but even in our wetter districts like in Cape York or Tassie we have extremely dusty tracks through the dry seasons, which can blind other drivers and yourself.

Make sure your wiper bottles are topped up, and your wiper blades are fresh as a light coat of dust will stick to nearly any surface and make its way into every crack and crevice in your vehicle including a fine covering on your windshield and there is nothing worse than driving blind particularly heading into the sun across the Nullarbor.

So keep that in mind when you blast past oncoming vehicles at 110km/h in dusty environments, if you are throwing a dust trail. Slow down when you have someone oncoming, otherwise you might be smoke screening them to all the hazards ahead they now cannot see!

This point leads us to our next bit of advice…..

#5 Don’t tailgate

Tailgating on the road (intentionally or not) contributes to over 1 third of traffic accidents, and according to studies our reaction times whilst at the wheel is approximately 0.5 seconds but with a more complex situation the time between recognizing a hazard and a reaction taking place can be up to 5 or 6 seconds.

At a speed of 80km you travel 22m every second, so you may potentially travel over 130m which is 1.3 football fields before you react to a hazard, so being 1 car length behind your mate on a dirt track may not give you enough time to avoid rear ending his vehicle.

Tailgating can also cause stone chips and window cracks when on dusty dirt tracks and during steep hill climbs the person in front can roll backwards a couple of meters on a failed attempt, so good advice is to give plenty of room for the person in front to mess up the section of track and miss hitting the front of your 4WD.

#6 Don’t wreck the tracks

As 4WDers we face a terrible amount of critisicm from the outside world through lack of understanding and irresponsible behavior from a small minority.

So when you are hitting hard sections of track, avoid ripping them up by spinning tyres unnecessarily, this can be prevented by dropping your tyre pressures down to an appropriate level using a Kwiky Tyre Deflator or other purpose made tyre deflation tool.

This rule also applies to garbage… if you pack something in, it is important that you bring it out with you as well. The tracks are our last touch with a pristine and natural environment, and by making sure you don’t leave rubbish behind, you will maintain that pristine environment for the next group to come through.

A Dirty gear bag from Adventure Kings, gives you a great place to chuck rubbish so that the smell doesn’t penetrate through your whole vehicle cab.

These are just a handful of tips to help you to contribute the kind and friendly nature of people who enjoy getting out and about in the bush. In our opinion there frankly isn’t much in the world better than getting to some remote spots. And making sure that ourselves and others are always welcomed back

Upgrade your 4WD for less!

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For decades rev-heads have modified and upgraded their vehicles by removing factory restrictions that have been implemented in their vehicles design, put in by the product development team to meet emissions control standards and fall within budgeting and engineering constraints,

When a vehicle is upgraded, the limitations found on factory vehicles are removed and the overall performance characteristics of a vehicle are enhanced and tuned to suit the purpose of the owner.

One of the biggest restrictions on modern vehicles, is the factory exhaust system and by fitting a free-flowing exhaust system to your vehicle you can enhance performance. By allowing a motor to breathe more freely you enhance throttle response and can increase horsepower and as an added benefit you will also be rewarded with a meatier exhaust note than the typical factory kit.

So here at 4WD Supacentre we’ve done some research in an attempt to compare the value for money you can get from a full Domin8r 3” 409 Stainless steel exhaust system on offer at 4WD Supacentre, with other units on the market the can exceed a $1500 price tag which is around double the price of the Domin8r 3” Stainless steel exhaust.

We’ve been looking hard to find a better value bolt on exhaust kit anywhere else on the market, the Domin8r Stainless exhausts come standard with a high flow catalytic converter and sports performance muffler for excellent exhaust gas flow.

Being a simple bolt on addition from your turbo dump pipe the free flowing nature allows your turbo to spool up easier and with less drag on the system.

All bends are made using a mandrel to maintain a nominal internal bore diameter of 3” the whole way to the muffler tip and being built out of 409 stainless for vibration and heat cycle durability, you really cannot beat the performance gains a stock motor can get from a Domin8r 3” stainless steel turbo back Exhaust System.

The performance gains you receive by freeing up your exhaust is perfect for offroad driving, with more throttle response and a torquier motor your low end will feel a lot more full, making steep rocky sections, mud driving and in particular, driving on sand a much more pleasant experience.

As a bonus all Domin8r Exhaust Systems are made in Australia and the 409 Stainless models even includes a 5-year hassle free warranty!

For the same price as one of our competitors Exhausts you could even add a bunch more Adventure Kings gear and come out with some spare change.

HERE IS WHAT YOU COULD ADD TO A FULL 3” Stainless steel Domin8r Exhaust system.
By adding an Adventure Kings Tourer Roof Top Tent with an Included Annex to your exhaust you can have an epic touring setup with enhanced horsepower and expand your camping setup to open up dozens of remote campsites all across Australia.

OR instead you could add a Steel Roof Rack, to carry more gear with you and fasten the most popular 2.5m x 2.5m Adventure Kings Awning and a famous Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag and a full setup of Illuminator 5 bar camp lights for an ultimate customizable camping setup, coupled with a full 3” Exhaust system, you begin to see how crazy some of the prices our opposition are asking for essentially the same product.

OR finally you can add a 12v 60L Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer to bring with you on trips away coupled with the enhanced performance of your new 3” full exhaust system.
Increased power production and incredible value are only some of the major benefits of a larger diameter exhaust, but did you know that it can also improve fuel economy too? Because there’s less restriction on your motor, you don’t need to plant your foot as much to push your vehicle uphill or maintain speed. The less you stomp on the accelerator the less fuel you use – it’s that simple! Domin8r exhausts have a bucket load of benefits, so the only real question is, why aren’t you running one already?


Our 4×4 exhaust system is also built tough as nails too and is genuinely designed for the rigors of off-road work. Fitted with 10mm 4 Bolt flanges along with the ultra heavy-duty exhaust mounts and hangers. You can bang these 4WD exhausts around on the tracks, or scrape them up against rocks and they’ll come back asking for more, time and time again!




Can you use your Kings Generator in National Parks?

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When you are setup away from urban civilization, there is not much that can truly beat the ability of being able to power all of your camping accessories without hesitation or self-restriction no matter what the weather is doing. And with a 4 stroke camping generator you are afforded the freedom to unplug from the grid. But are you truly free to use your generator anywhere you camp? If you are in a national park or a camping ground it pays to know the rules about when and where you can operate your generator to avoid being kicked out or told off by other campers.


No matter how quiet your generator runs, some authorities may automatically deem your generator to be too noisy and unreasonably restrict its usage. So we are going to go over some general rules and state national park regulations for operating your 240v camping generator at your campsite, if everyone follows the rules, the people in charge of legislation will make sure we all can continue to use and enjoy these facilities without being hassled for years to come.
Your first pointer for setting up your generator at camp, no matter where you are, is to make sure that you consider other campers in the area. If you can imagine, setting up your campsite in a peaceful location not too far from another camper and going for a short walk to check out the scenery, and returning to find a roaring 4 stroke motor cranking away near the head of your swag, tensions may rise.

To help find a perfect spot, make sure you find a location that is well away from other campers (including those who haven’t arrived yet) and not in the middle of a vacant campsite or 35m from your site and 2 m from someone elses.

Once you have set up, you should make sure that others don’t have an issue with the location you have chosen, and that any extension cables you are using are not blocking roadways or pathways, as people may drive over them or trip on them in the dark, causing a power outage at your camp, and if damage occurs to your cable even an electrocution risk.


New South Wales

According to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) people are permitted to operate generators in most campsites, if campers abide by a handful of rules to prevent antisocial behavior:

  • Only 1 generator is permitted per group
  • Don’t operate generators within fire bans
  • Some campsites operate with noise curfews, ensure you abide by these
  • Make sure you are always present whenever the generator is operating


As always more info can be found on their website or by talking to the National park’s ranger at your chosen campsite.


Western Australia

In W.A. the rules are a little stricter than in NSW, and generators are only permitted at certain campsites, at certain times of day usually 8am and 9pm but may vary depending on the location.

In some locations they may not be used at any time and a small number of larger sized campgrounds have separate generator and ‘quiet’ (no generator) areas.

Otherwise the rules of operation are very similar to those of NSW and are based around respect for other campers should always be observed:


  • Choose a location closer to you than to other campers
  • Ensure cables and extension cords do not cross areas used by other visitors
  • Keep running time to a minimum
  • Keep a clear space (at least 3m) around the generator
  • Never leave a running generator unattended


As always more info can be found on their website or by talking to the National parks ranger at your chosen campsite.



In QLD, the rules reflect those of WA and NSW but have a few restrictions not found in other states.

Only generators, up to 2.0 KVA, with a noise level output of 65 dB at 7 m or less are appropriate in QLD camp sites, unless it has been otherwise specified. If you own an Adventure Kings 2KVA Generator you can still operate yours thanks to the nearly silent 60dB noise output.


To reduce the risk of starting a wildfire from your generator, please:


  • Position the generator in an area clear of fuels, dry grass or other combustible objects
  • Ensure extension cords do not cross access tracks and are rated for external use
  • Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe operation of your generator
  • Ensure you are present whenever the generator is operating
  • Never use the generator on days of local fire ban.


As always more info can be found on their website or by talking to the National park’s ranger at your chosen campsite.

Northern Territory

Usage of generators in Northern Territory national parks varies from location to location, so it is best to contact the local office to make sure you can use your generator at the sites you are going to be staying at.


South Australia
General information about using generators in National parks in South Australia is difficult to find if you need to use a generator with your setup, it is best to directly contact the park you plan on visiting to get confirmation.


There are many popular National parks where Generators are not permitted however the rules vary depending on the park more information can be found specifically about the park you plan on visiting on the Parks Victoria Website or by calling their number.



In Tasmania the rules do vary and camping with a generator isn’t always accepted so call ahead and make sure your setup it is best to directly contact the park you plan on visiting.

As we’ve outlined above the rule general rules of thumb for most campsites, it is that you should double check with the local authorities before using your generator to ensure that your campsite doesn’t breach the rules set out by the governing bodies.

But wherever you happen to setup, it’s a good idea to exercise respect and common courtesy with other campers to prevent issues from arising due to generator usage, and we should all be able to get along for many years to come!

4WDing Safely Through Winter!

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Winter is famous for it’s rain, cold weather and if you are the proud owner of a capable 4WD it’s an exciting time to go and play in the mud. To be prepared with whatever may come on the rainy muddy, slippery tracks you must make some critical decision’s and choices to make sure you don’t get too stuck and make it out to tell the tale another day.

These are a few tips and tricks to help you get more out of a winter 4WDing trip!

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Choose the right shoes

Different terrain demands, different types of tyre tread, when you are expecting to hit greasy mud it is a good idea to equip your vehicle with, mud terrain tyres or heavy duty all-terrain tyres.

It’s not all about, the tread of the tyres, letting your tyres down to the right air pressures works the same on mud as it does on sand. By using an Adventure Kings ‘Kwiky’ Tyre deflator.


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Know your limitations

With the increase in vehicles claiming to be 4WD or confusing their owners into thinking they are capable off-road with flashy television ads. It’s important to know the true limitations of your vehicle. If you have a low range gearbox selection, you will find it much easier to navigate through soft mud.

It is also important to read through your vehicles owner’s manual to find out exactly how deep your vehicle is rated by the manufacturer to go. This can be called a “fording” or “wading” depth and will determine how low your air intake is.

When you are armed with the parameters of your vehicle, you will be able to confidently hit harder sections of track!
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Recovery gear

There are stacks of different methods for recovering your 4WD, but with the suction and hold that greasy mud can have on a 4WD you need to consider all of the reasonable alternatives to the good old fashioned Snatch strap recovery, which may not be able to help you out and could cause damage to your vehicle.

Fitting a Domin8r X 12,000lb Winch to your vehicle offers tons of controlled and stable pull, coupled with a reliable recovery kit like the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit, which has winch extension strap, tree trunk protector and Snatch Block which doubles the effective pulling power and slows the speed of the winch.

You can also utilize a set of MAXTRAX MKII to enhance the footprint and grip of your tyres on the greasy mud, they work like snowshoes by increasing the surface area underneath your tyres and bites into the slippery surfaces with a gnarled and toothed gripped surface.

If in doubt walk it out

The golden rule to off-road driving is to gauge the depth, firmness and stability of a surface before you drive it, get out of the cab and walk the track, if you can’t walk it you shouldn’t drive it.

If you aren’t too sure but have next to no option but to face the track head on, you should prepare your recovery gear by unspooling your winch rope and coil it up on your bulbar ready to run out to the nearest recovery point.




Take it slow and you will not break anything… maybe

Even armed with recovery gear and armed with knowledge about the limitations of your vehicle, it’s tempting to truly believe your 4WD is powerful enough to plow through any situation ahead.

This can end up breaking components on your vehicle and getting you stuck more often than you need to be, the best bit of advice we can give is take it steady without losing your momentum, but if you get stuck, don’t keep accelerating it’ll only make it worse.

Sometimes the best solution is to back it out and try again!


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Bring water dispersant and use it liberally

Driving through the slop, the pea soup, and the greasy gunk, can cause issues with the electrical systems on your vehicle. This is all due to poor waterproof seals, and potential failures in preventing water ingress, and on older diesel motors with mechanical injection systems once started would never cease, but with modern common rail units and petrol motors there are injectors distributers and any number of electronic sensors that tell your vehicle which part is doing what.

To ensure that you don’t encounter these issues you need to bring a few cans of water dispersant spray, there are several manufacturers that produce excellent products that work wonders at making sure water doesn’t short out all of the electrical connections under the bonnet.



Organise Your Offroad Setup!

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With more and more creature comforts coming to camp with you, sooner or later, if you haven’t strategized an ideal way to pack the interior cabin of your 4WD, everything can end up in a right old mess. And when your vehicle resembles pure chaos, it can be a real struggle to get your vehicle and campsite to a point where you could comfortably access and grab the equipment you need when you need it without unloading your whole 4WD.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-20 on

This all seems like an overwhelming task but with a few industry secrets, you can get yourself far more organized for much less than you thought would be possible thanks to a few clever innovations from 4WD Supacentre and Adventure Kings.

Firstly, the quickest way to clear up cabin space and make your 4WD Camping setup more organized is by installing a set of Titan Rear Drawers. They are built around a solid galvanized steel frame which is engineered, folded, welded and bolted together with the toughest hardware and double roller bearings for extreme durability and ultimate strength.


The double roller bearings mean that all the weight is distributed evenly and allows the drawers to roll smoothly, even when they’re carrying heaps of weight.


We had to test the strength of our drawer systems so stacked them high with 2 wheelbarrow loads of pavers and got one of the blokes to stand on top, with no worries or doubts about their strength or durability at all, that is how tough they’re built.


Available in 900mm, 1070mm and 1300mm double sided drawers, and a 900mm single sided drawer, they can be fastened to the back of just about any vehicle. With a nearly universal fit, you can tailor the Titan Rear Drawer mounting points to match the fasteners in the rear of your vehicle.


Titan Rear Drawers are all fitted with heavy duty tie down points which is perfect for tying down all your bulky camping gear and coupled with a smooth operating fridge slides you can fasten you 12v refrigeration system, or icebox down without any issues and gives easy access to slide your fridge out.


You can instantly enhance the cargo carrying capacity of just about any vehicle by adding a heavy-duty steel roof rack from the Adventure Kings range of roof racks.


Over-engineered powder coated steel, and are tested to carry over 500kg, which is perfect for all your bulky 4WD gear including swags, food boxes, gas bottles, jerry cans and even tool boxes! This amazing weight-carrying ability is made possible through the use of strong steel tubing run in a double channel down each side, and then reinforced with cross-bracing for extra support.


This tough frame is then covered in steel mesh, which means you don’t have to worry about smaller items or firewood falling through and damaging the roof of your 4WD. Plus this mesh gives you extra mounting point options for securing items to your roof racks.


All of 4WD Supacentre’s roof racks are tested and comply with Australian Standards AS 1235-2000 (A.D.R.). All testing was performed by a NATA accredited Australian laboratory, according to Australian Standard AS1235-2000.

To complement the strength of these roof racks, 4WD Supacentre roof racks are powder coated for durability, which means you’re less likely to damage the finish when you’re loading them up for a trip, so your roof racks will stay rust-free and looking as good as the day you bought them.

By Adding an Adventure Kings Premium water-proof Roof Top Bag you can compress and keep gear stashed away on the roof racks secure elevated and water tight.


To add even more organization with in the cab of your vehicle for all of the smaller gear that hasn’t got a pocket, there is always an Adventure Kings Car Seat Organisers. Offering 11 easy access compartments and quick fastening Velcro attachment, it’ll stay upright, with your handheld UHF radios, First Aid Kits, and paper maps, keeping everything within arm’s reach but in its own place.

With all of these tips and tricks it’s easy to get your gear sorted and your 4WD sorted and organized for the tracks with some pro tips and bits of gear from Adventure Kings.

The secret to Chicken Parmy in the bush!

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There is nothing tastier than a Chicken Parmi from the pub, this Aussie classic has become a staple food available anywhere across the country and gives punters an alternative choice to steak and veg at their local eatery/watering hole.

But what do you do if you are out camping with the boys, but there isn’t a pub in sight? Have no fear, we’re going to tell you how to cook up a chicken parmigiana for you and your other half whilst at camp with some simple ingredients and make all the others at camp jealous of your feed, when they are left heating baked beans in a can.


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What you’ll need;

Bedourie Aussie Camp oven (with Trivet inside)

– Camp Fire (to cook with)

Collapsible shovel (to steal some coals from your fire)

Adventure Kings BBQ Tools

– 3 bowls

– A few toothpicks.


– 4x Good sized chicken breasts

– Small packet of breadcrumbs (or make your own)

– Half a cup of plain flour

– 1 egg

– Dash of milk (can use long life if you have it)

– 4x Slices of ham

– 1 can of pasta sauce,

– 100-200g of grated cheese to melt

– 4 small potato’s

– 1 dash of olive oil or butter for the camp oven

– sprinkle of Italian herb seasoning

– Salt, pepper and chili powder to taste.


Firstly, we need to get some good coals burning, to get your campfire burning strong, it’s wise to start with some kindling, moving onto larger sticks and eventually some split hardwood logs. Because you are going to be cooking with your fire it is best to avoid using accelerants to get your fire burning, it will starve the wood of precious oxygen, and take longer to get your coals burning and can give a nasty sooty chemical taste to your dinner.




When you have a nice hot fire burning, it doesn’t take too long before you will have some nice hot coals to use for cooking. The reason we choose hot coals and do not want to cook over the flames is because coals provide us with a hotter heat that is more even, where flames tend to lap at the sides of our Bedourie Aussie camp oven and change direction with the slightest breeze, coals also put less soot on our cook wear making for easier cleaning later.



Preheat your camp oven to get it up to temperature, whilst waiting for it to get hot its time to mix a dash of milk and your egg in a bowl and whisk it all together. Take your chicken breasts and lightly coat them with a dusting of flour

Once your chicken has been coated in flour, dip into your milk and egg mixture and then coat with breadcrumbs making sure the whole breast is coated. Repeat until all of your chicken is now coated with breadcrumbs.


Lightly coat your camp oven lid with oil and place over hot coals to use as a frypan, when up to temperature, place crumbed chicken breast in the pan and lightly brown both sides of the chicken for a few minutes until the breadcrumbs are golden brown and remove from the heat.

Once the chicken has cooled a little coat the schnitzels with your pasta sauce, a slice of ham and a sprinkle of cheese to cover. Hold the slices of ham to your schnitzel using a toothpick to hold it in place.

Whilst preparing cut your 4 potatoes in half and coat them with butter or oil and place in the base of your camp oven

Place your schnitzels in the oven using the trivet to space them up off the base of the oven, and cover with the lid.

Cover your oven with a small amount of hot coals to evenly heat, bake for approximately 30 minutes, and check after about 20 minutes to make sure your cheese has melted and is getting a golden-brown jacket.


Make sure your baked potatoes are ready and serve alongside your chicken parmie and a cold beer from your camping fridge and enjoy whilst all of your mates are eating tinned baked beans.

What Can A Roof Top Tent Do For You?

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-16 on

Over the recent years you have probably seen more and more roof top tents popping up at campsites all around Australia and wondered just what the appeal of a setup like that could be. Whilst not perfect for everyone there are certainly some benefits you should know about when shopping for a roof top tent.

So we are going to run over the top 5 features you can find in a roof top tent and just how much they may change the way you camp and make trips away to be much more comfortable and simpler.

1. Massive Mattress

When shopping around, you will find that many roof top tents offer a mattress thickness and size that puts just about any swag to shame (even the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe). This will vary depending on the brand and the model, but within the Adventure Kings range boasts a minimum thickness of 75mm found in the Adventure Kings Weekender and the Tourer W/included annex and a massive 80mm thick mattress when looking at the Adventure Kings ‘Kwiky’ Pop-up roof top tent.

Not only is the mattress thick, they are quite large. Both the Adventure Kings Weekender and The Adventure Kings Tourer offer a mattress that is almost as large as a queen size mattress at home measuring a huge 1430mm wide and 2400mm long you can rest easy. With the Kings Kwiky roof top tents, you lose a small amount of space but still have a roomy 2080mm length and a reasonable 1100mm width.


2.Enhanced Ventilation

No matter where you camp and what season it is, ventilation is more important than many people give it credit for. Whilst being dry and comfortable at night is nearly taken for granted, the human body can emit over 2L of body moisture overnight, as vapor, particularly in cooler weather this presents us with a problem of that moisture vapor condensing on the cool tent fabric and dripping or pooling at the bottom of our tents, swags and possibly wetting out your bedding when you pack everything away in the morning.

This is where a rooftop tents excellent ventilation comes in handy, as you are surrounded on all sides by extremely waterproof fabric it pays to crack a window. The other benefit to being on the roof of your vehicle is you are up and out of the sheltered areas of camp and this allows any breeze to pull that dampness out of your tent making sure you are dry and warm even on those icy cold winter nights.
The Adventure Kings Tourer and Weekender roof top tents also have a double skinned roof. This may not seem like an important feature, but it serves to do more than just add an additional layer of waterproofing. This double skinned roof is referred to as a tropical roof, it is a natural method of air conditioning, naturally regulating temperature by allowing air to flow through and remove excess heat when the straps are set loose, and when tightened offers a semi-sealed air barrier that acts as extra insulation, keeping you warm through winter.

3.Million Dollar Views

The words ‘million-dollar views’ get thrown around a lot, and with todays property market, probably describes a view of a brick wall and an apartment block’s bin bay. But when we say it, we mean that you can have 360-degree views of whatever scenery surrounds your campsite. Meaning water views and massive bush landscapes that don’t cost a cent.

The Adventure Kings Range of roof top tents offer massive unzipping windows which can seal out the weather and offer more privacy, but when opened you have a view of the whole surrounding area without any obstructions and can really turn an average campsite into a dream setup.


4.Minimize campsite clutter

When setting up camp, you usually need to choose a location that can accommodate both your vehicle, and your camping setup, in busier locations this can be difficult, and you can find yourself setting up right on top of yourself with little room to maneuver around your setup. By using the space on the roof of your vehicle you clear up stacks of space for sitting around under shelter and relaxing.

The addition of the Annex with the Adventure Kings Tourer rooftop tent adds another level to your campsite setup and is perfect for stashing everything you need to keep dry and out of view of sticky fingers, and makes the perfect second bedroom for young families and for bringing friends out camping with you.



53Any surface, any terrain!

Not only does a roof top tent offer the versatility to setup camp in just a few minutes, a rooftop tent can be setup, literally anywhere you can get your vehicle. Without requiring a fully cleared campsite like traditional tents and swags do, you can open up a world of campsite opportunities and get out and see more of this vast country without worrying about what the campsite surface is.

Smarter campsite lighting!

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image 180129-illuminatorled- on

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, campsite lighting has advanced in leaps and bounds, and at this rate, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down in any way shape or form.

Starting with the introduction of bright and energy efficient LED Lighting to the camping world, it’s almost impossible to look back to where we came from. Originally lighting camp with a campfire, and then lanterns  that run on oils like kerosene, only more recently did we have options like gas lighting, which used fragile mantles, and glass lenses to turn the heat of a gas flame into bright light, but not only were these systems inefficient, and unable to be used inside a tent or swag due to fire safety danger, but could burn you very easily if care wasn’t taken.

Whichever option you chose, the likelihood of attracting insects was high and would be one of the perils of being able to navigate your way around the campsite.

But now with the latest release in the Adventure Kings campsite lighting range, we can take advantage of the visible light wavelengths and science to keep annoying insects at bay.

The brand new Orange LED Camp Light Extension Kit is the perfect addition to many of the Adventure Kings range of LED Camp lighting. The Orange LED kit uses the same quick fittings as most of the range of LED lighting available from Adventure Kings plus the extension kit includes a 3-way splitter cable and a 3m extension lead to add additional reach to your campsite lighting.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image 180129-illuminatorled-1-1 on


The main piece to this camp lighting upgrade is the 2x 50cm long orange coloured LED light bars, that include quick connect fittings which enable you to daisy chain the 2 light bars or replace other lights from different kits within the range to extend your campsites versatility. The 50cm long Orange coloured LED Light bars are also fitted with magnetic attachment points on both ends allowing the kit to be fastened to any ferrous location such as car bonnets, or the side of a vehicle, to the steel frame of a Kings gazebo or can also be attached to the canopy of an Adventure Kings awning using some steel washers that have been thrown on top of the awning at the location you want to fasten the light. The Light bars also include a handful of Velcro fasteners which can be used to attach the lights to the cross bar of a swag or the alloy cross bars or vertical legs of a kings awning without fear of the light moving or dropping through the night.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image 180129-illuminatorled-0328 on



When coupled with the Adventure Kings Complete 5 Bar Camp Light Kit you can expand your usable light to 7x 50cm long strips for an absolute cracker of a nighttime campsite with easily visible and usable light that can be setup inside and outside of your Swag, Kings rooftop tent, underneath your awning or gazebo.


These clever and handy orange LED lights don’t use magic to keep insects away, they work by taking advantage of the light that is visible to humans, but invisible to insects. This invisible light falls into the 590-595nm wavelength of light, and appears orange to us, but is absolutely invisible to those pesky blood suckers, quite the opposite, compared to a bug zapper which is more towards the 350-400nm wavelength of light which appears bluish in colour to us and irresistible to those flying menaces!


The benefits to these innovative orange coloured LED lights is that they are just as bright and easy to use as nearly the whole range of LED Camp lights on offer from Adventure Kings, and just the same as the range of Adventure Kings gear, you will easily be able to connect and fully customize your campsite lighting taking advantage of dimmer switches and waterproof connectors.

The easy of use enables anybody to enjoy their time at camp, much much more than when the white lights draw insects from miles around, to bother you at camp.

When you are done brightening camp the whole this supplementary Orange LED Lighting kit can be stashed into the portable and tidy Adventure Kings zip up storage bag for safe and secure transportation to wherever your travel ends up taking you.

Offgrid Power For Your Free Camping Adventures!

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When camping and 4WDing in remote areas, well away from the conveniences of civilized society, it is important to be somewhat self-sufficient. There are many things that need to be considered when getting your gear setup for these remote locations, one of the most important is having access to reliable and alternative power source, like an efficient solar power setup and or a reliable 4 stroke generator.

With dozens of options available on the market, some being much less affordable than many campers budgets can reach, there are few choices that offer the same excellent value for money found in the Adventure Kings range. But the price isn’t everything, function and reliability are two of the most critical features you should look for when sizing up, your auxiliary power sources for camp.



With many recent advances in photovoltaic technology, solar panels are becoming more and more efficient and now offer a viable alternative to just running extra batteries under the bonnet. By implementing a properly calculated auxiliary power source, the size of a second battery or battery bank can be dramatically reduced.

When you have figured out the 12v power draw of your camping setup it is important to work out what kind of power supply can meet your demand.

160W Panel

With a Kings 160w Solar Panel, you have the ability to output a massive 8.75A which over 9hrs of sunshine (during winter solstice) will give you a massive 78.75AH of battery charging potential. Even when running a massive 80L Fridge/Freezer, with an average 2 Amps of current, you will only use 48ah of battery leaving just over 30AH of spare power, perfect for your LED camp lighting.
250W Panel

With a Kings 250w solar panel the usable output nearly doubles with 13.8A of usable amperage resulting in over 124.2AH of battery charge. When considering the same load of an 80L Fridge/Freezer equaling 48AH over a 24hour period, you are left with a massive 76AH of usable charging capacity left for all of your other 12v accessories, which is much greater than many people usually require.



Considering a 4WD alternator can output over 100Amps (sometimes more reasonably up to around 120 Amps), if you are running a bunch of power hungry accessories, you may exceed the amps that a solar panel setup can provide throughout the day, the other issue you may encounter is cloudy days, or even days where you get to camp late, meaning your auxiliary battery may not stay topped up with additional power enough to run all of your power thirsty creature comforts as easily as you’d like.

Fear not a 240v camping generator may be just the ticket for your remote campsite setup… Offering mains power for many home appliances, cooking, lighting and even running your 12v refrigeration.

2000w Generator

This energy efficient Adventure Kings 2000w Generator offers excellent durability and portability. Built with a 100cc 4 stroke powerhouse at its core, this generator includes a pure sine wave inverter that offers clean and safe power output suitable for operating, whilst also offering eco mode, an automatic rpm adjust to suit the power demands on the unit.

The 4 stroke reliability using a pushrod operated O.H.V. valve train, and CDI ignition. Operation is simple, just add 91 octane fuel, engage the choke, pull the ripcord and you are off.

3500W Colossus generator

Similar to the massive 2000w Kings generator, the Kings 3500W Colossus Generator offers an additional 1500W of power output, this unit is perfect for all the additional power that power-hungry caravans require including enough juice to power up caravan air conditioners.

This unit is powered by a massive 149.5cc 4 Stroke OHC motor for more power output, but coupled with the same auto RPM adjusting ECO mode, and 12/240V output provided by the pure sine wave voltage regulating circuitry.

With affordable and easy to use self-sufficient remote area power supplies that are both affordable, and practical for long range travel, it’s easy to see why Adventure Kings has taken the Australian camping and 4WDing market by storm.

Adventure Kings offers more than just easy to swallow price tags, but also top quality performance that is reliable for no matter where you are, for plenty of power, no sweat!

Brand New 250W Solar Panel From Adventure Kings!

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There is little denying that solar panels are the way of the future, and with a flood on the market of low cost campsite power alternatives, its easy to see the economic benefits to fitting out a campsite with a self-sustaining power supply that is emissions-free, affordable and requires minimal to no maintenance through its entire lifespan, other than the occasional wipe down.

Even with many makes and models of solar panel, becoming more and more affordable, there aren’t many that can boast affordability and absolute power output, like the latest release panel in the Adventure Kings range of solar panel systems.

The BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel is a refreshing update to the outdoor industry, and unlike its predecessor within the Adventure Kings range, this updated panel offers the same 250W output from a more efficient and compact photovoltaic cell, without requiring 2 separate sets of solar panels. Being able to output 250W of clean and regulated 12v DC power the brand-new panel offers stacks more output than the “trickle charge” that many other less powerful panels on the market advertise.

With a peak output current of 13.74A even during the winter solstice in Hobart (the shortest amount of daylight of the year in the country) a 12v campsite setup still has over 9 hours of usable charging time which equates to over 120Amp hours and over a full summer day with up to 15 hours of daylight, can provide over 200Amp hours of juice to power camp.

For an even better perspective and more clarification, most 12v camping power setups require less than 100Amp hours to last over 24hrs at camp even with a 12v refrigerator running full time.

With a powerful and convenient 250W solar panel Aussie campers can stay at remote bush campsites, with a silent, emission-free, and virtually cost-free power supply offering absolute independence from the grid, and from overcrowded paid (powered) campsites.

The additional benefits of adding a 250W Solar Panel to a camping setup is the integrated 12v PWM regulator that is built in, not only does this help by sensing the voltage of the battery and the overall current draw the 250W solar panel output is then also regulated to prevent overcharging and potential damage to a vehicles battery and to also ensure that the maximum efficiency is achieved. The regulator isn’t included on many panels that are available on the market, so this addition definitely adds plenty of value to the setup and allows campers to simply plug and play without a hassle!

Any remote area campsite setup can serve to benefit from a high performance 12v solar panel, and with more and more 12v accessories becoming available for campsite setups. Upgrading to a powerful 250W solar panel setup makes a lot of sense being able to power even the most power hungry campsites, no matter what time of year you go camping.

For more information about this BRAND NEW release and any other detailed information about the Adventure Kings Solar power setups visit or call 1800 88 39 64 to speak to our professional staff.

Don’t let the weather hold you back!

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Autumn is well and truly underway, however to many people that are new to camping the cooler months might seem a little bit daunting to get out and go camping in.


To the uninitiated the thought of winter camping brings on prophetic visions of fighting uncomfortable factors like cold temperatures, rainy weather and the likelihood of bright sunny days plastered with those postcard idyllic blue skies becoming less and less likely.

But the biggest secret that many experienced campers know is, that in the shoulder seasons (autumn and spring) along with a good portion of time, either side of winter you can still enjoy beautiful sunny days, with fresh mornings, where the days may be shorter but sitting around a campfire becomes a toasty and cozy way to keep warm, and enjoy the pleasure of kicking back at camp watching the night sky float past!

With a massive range of gear that is suitable for yearlong camping it’s hard to look past the range of camping gear available from Adventure Kings. The range of swags, ranging from the fast and compact “Kwiky swag all the way to the famed “Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag”. All options offer you supreme waterproofing, with ripstop polycotton canvas shell and PVC bucket flooring materials no matter how damp your campsite is, you will stay dry and coupled up with the plush and cozy Adventure Kings premium sleeping bag, you can stay warm down to chilly minus 5 degrees Celsius nights without any dramas.

The Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bag offers absolute versatility, from summer campsites all the way to the dead of winter, by including a completely removable inner flannelette lining, and the ability to zip a left and right zippered version together you can easily create a double sleeping bag that will keep you warm even into the sub-zero temperatures found in the dead of winter.

Whilst setup at camp a waterproof shelter offers somewhere out of the weather, where you can take refuge from the elements, Adventure Kings has 2 offerings that can protect you and the family. With either an Adventure Kings Awning or an Adventure Kings gazebo you can keep sheltered from rain, but also make sure that when you wake up in the morning your whole campsite isn’t covered in a blanket of morning dew.

By setting up a sensible campsite that includes waterproof shelter, a comfy warm bed and a place to sit back and relax by your campfire. This leads us to the last handful of winter campsite essentials you must have at camp. The first being a set of Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chairs, built out of strong steel and with extremely durable joins, they are rated to carry a load of up to 300KG! although you may not weigh this much, the weight rating is more of an insurance policy to ensure your chair doesn’t break or fail, when you are in the middle of nowhere. The Kings Throne Camp Chairs are exceptionally comfortable and won’t let you down no matter where you are camped.

Lastly but not least is the highly transportable, and extremely efficient Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove, designed to be easily portable, the collapsible chimney fits inside the body of the oven and the folding legs means the whole unit packs down into a compact and easy to transport solution to sitting in the cold during winter camping sessions.

By elevating your fireplace inside a steel container, the Camp Oven/stove allows your wood to burn completely leaving only a small amount of ash, coupled with the adjustable flue, you can even control the airflow for temperature adjustments whilst cooking.

The added efficiency means you don’t have to bring more wood than necessary on your journey, and the cleanup of ash is a much simpler process than with a traditional fire pit.

With these helpful tips all that is left to do is crack a refreshing beverage and kick back at camp, knowing you have all the right gear for keeping toasty warm when the mercury plummets and the skies turn a little grey.

Armed with the additional knowledge about cold weather camping, many more Aussies can get out and enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather is doing thanks to being prepared and having the right gear all because of Adventure Kings.


Top 5 reasons to try a Roof Top Tent this camping season!

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Rooftop Tents have been around for many years, in one form or another, and until fairly recently have been seen as an expensive option for people who prefer to be up off the ground and prefer relatively simple to setup campsites, suitable for tourers and others who also prefer not to tow a camper trailer!


With the introduction of the Adventure Kings range of Rooftop tents, many of the older preconceptions mean that you may have thought about Roof Top Tents have all but died. Offering similar performance, quality and comfort as the expensive options found on the market. An Adventure Kings roof top tent offers insane value for money and nearly the whole range can be yours for under $1100!


As mentioned before, a Roof Top Tent offers a premium way to get out and camp, by offering so many benefits to traditional style camping.


In this article we’re going to cover our top five  reasons why an Adventure Kings Kwiky roof top tent, Adventure Kings Tourer roof top tent or an Adventure Kings Weekender rooftop tent will change the way you camp.


So much space you could swing a cat!

It doesn’t matter which out of the three 4wd roof top tents you choose from the Adventure Kings range, they are all extremely roomy inside!  With enough room for two adults and their baggage, you’ll even have some space to get changed for the day ahead!
Even camping with a family of teenagers tends to not cause any dramas if you have chosen the Kings Tourer rooftop tent, it comes with an included removable annex that sets up easily in a couple of seconds and offers stacks of additional space when you need more sheltered space whilst camping.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-12 on


SUMMER NIGHTS – (no not that oldies song)

We all know what it’s like trying to keep the sweat minimal whilst hitting the sack at camp during  the scorching heat of summer – it can definitely be difficult!

With a roof top tent on your 4×4 or car, you can keep cool in a handful of different ways.


Firstly, the tent itself is huge and offers plenty of circulation, all three massive Adventure Kings rooftop tents have large zip open windows fitted with mosquito and midgie proof fly screen mesh. By unzipping the weatherproof flaps you can allow heaps of air flow to circulate through the tent.

Secondly, being elevated, well off the ground, allows the roof top tent to catch more of those beautiful cool summer breezes that work like air conditioning that many campers otherwise miss out on laying in a swag on ground level.


Speedy setup and pack down

This is one of the main reasons people fall in love with camping in a Kings roof top Tent.

Being able to unzip the cover, and simply fold out, you are about 95% done, all that is required is to insert the window supports. Meanwhile all your mates are still fumbling around with their el cheapo dome tent, with half a broken pole and no pegs.

You can have your roof top tent set up in just a couple of minutes. You’ll be able to choose the best spot by the campfire and kick back with an icy cold drink in hand before the others have even pulled their tent out of the bag. Not to mention packing away when it’s time to move on is just as easy! Especially because of one simple trick that we absolutely love…


Don’t unpack any of your bedding!

The three Adventure Kings roof-top tent designs, incorporate plenty of room so that you can leave your pillows and your sleeping bag inside when you fold it away in the morning!

No longer do you have to unpack half your bed and stuff it into the cab every morning, taking up half of the free space inside your car or 4WD with pillows and blankets during the day whilst you are on the move and then having to remake your bed each night at camp. Simply leave everything in there and fold the roof top tent away knowing your bedding is secure, safe, dry and ready for the next night!



Stay safe and secure up high!

If you’re the kind of person who shudders at even the thought of having one of those 6-8 legged creepy-crawlies burrowing inside your sleeping bag, then a rooftop tent offers the ability to get you up off the ground, and well away from ants, beetles and spiders, and should be able to keep you smiling all night long.

Because you sleep up high in a rooftop tent, you’ll also be up and out of the dust and dirt and there’s much less chance of a night-time encounter with something warm and furry, slithery and bitey or otherwise unfun campsite visitors you may find in the middle of the night

You can sleep easy and comfortable whilst you are up high in an Adventure Kings roof top tent knowing you’re safe and sound!

How to get FREE 12v power all the time!

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Do you own a camper trailer? A trailer sailor? Or are you getting your 4WD fully kitted and properly set up for off road touring? If so, this article may be extremely helpful for you in helping to get your brand new permanent solar setup installed and operating smoothly.

To ensure that you don’t run into any hiccups, we are going to be showing you how easy it is to install the Adventure Kings 110W Fixed Solar Panel to your setup!
110w may not sound like much but in an average 8hr day of sunshine, you’ll be able to generate a massive 50 amps easily able to top up your 115ah battery. With most 12v fridges drawing around 1amp/hour, you could run your fridge all day long + all of your other 12v accessories, without batting an eyelid.




Things you’ll need (most tools can be found in the Bush mechanic toolkit):

– 12v DC regulator (such as the reliable CTEK D250SA + smartpass120 or Kings MPPT or Kings PWM)

– 13mm ring spanner (can be found in the Bush mechanic toolkit )

– Drill + drill bits (cordless will be easier to use)

– Multimeter (12v DC)

– Side cutters

– Crimping tool

– Soldering iron + Solder

– Heat shrink tubing

– Ring terminals

– Cable ties

– Split perforated tubing




Locate your new 110W Fixed solar panel on your roof racks in a location where it will get plenty of sun, and will not be damaged by other equipment (or stones thrown up from the road). Some people angle their panel to make it point more towards the sun.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-4 on


Use the supplied brackets to secure the panel to your roof racks, you may have to drill through your crossbars, be sure to drill a pilot hole first, and then widen the hole with a drill bit that is slightly larger than the diameter of the included fasteners.

Tighten fasteners with your ring spanner.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-5 on



Secure the included wiring for the panel neatly along crossbars and out of the way. Using the corrugated split perforation tubing and cable ties to protect and shield from any damage. Making sure to fasten along the wire run with cable ties.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-7 on


Now that the Adventure Kings 110w Fixed panel is installed and the wiring has been run all the way to your solar regulator. The closer your voltage regulator is to the battery the better, so if you have the choice you should mount yours closer to your second battery, this will decrease the amount of voltage drop and offer the best performance for your solar setup.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-8 on


Now you have your regulator mounted and connected to your battery, you can terminate the solar input cable, the best method is to use solder and crimp on ring terminals, this will give a great mechanical, and electrical connection. On any join in your vehicles wiring additional heat shrink tubing should be added and will ensure that the join doesn’t short out on any part of your vehicle.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-9 on


In this demonstration we are using a CTEK D250SA + smartpass120 which has a built-in solar regulator, however, if you haven’t got a CTEK DC-DC dual battery setup already fitted, you can purchase an MPPT or a PWM solar regulator from Adventure Kings to do a similar job!


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-10 on



Now that everything has been installed, double check your connections and the run of wiring to make sure it will not chafe or short out on anything, and it is now time to test your new fixed solar panel out.

To test your new setup, simply drive your vehicle into bright sunshine and check the voltage at the battery. If you are having any issues double check that your regulator is connected directly to your battery and that your panel is connected to your regulator and that there are no exposed wires that could be grounding the circuit out to your chassis.

Now that everything is tested and working as expected a congratulations is in order, you just successfuly installed a fully operational 12v solar charging system that doesn’t require setting up everytime you get to camp, on top of that, it should be able to keep the fridge cranking, the music blaring and your 12v LED camp lighting beaming easily, no matter where you are!

Three Different Ways to Keep Your Deep-Cycle Battery Topped Up At Camp

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If you’re heading away camping soon and you’re planning on staying at camp more than one night, you’ll need to consider how you are planning to keep your deep-cycle auxiliary battery topped up. A rough rule of thumb is that a 100Ah battery will comfortably run a fridge and all your camp lighting for one night and well into the second afternoon, but by about the 24 hour mark of relying on your battery, it’s going to need recharging in some fashion. There are three different ways you can reliably recharging your deep-cycle 4WD battery or your deep-cycle AGM battery – by going for a drive, by using solar power or by using a generator. Here’s a comparison of each of the three different options, with each option’s strong-points and drawbacks.



It’s definitely the most basic way to recharge your batteries – rely on your alternator and your dual-battery system. When you see that your deep-cycle battery is running low, you can put more charge into it by taking your 4×4 for a drive for a couple of hours to pump some voltage back in. Some systems, depending on the battery charger used, can do this just by idling the vehicle but it’s not recommended as a method for charging a deep-cycle battery for a couple of reasons. Firstly, many 4WDs won’t produce full charge at idle but instead will need at least 1500rpm to properly charge batteries.

Leading on from that is the fact that it’s noisy and wasteful to simply have your 4WD idling at 1500rpm at camp, because all you’re doing is using your 4WD as a generator essentially when it isn’t designed to be one. Lastly, idling your 4WD for extended periods of time can be detrimental to its long-term health as diesels need to be worked hard to stay in good shape, and if you have a suspect cooling system you may overheat your motor. However if you want to go for a proper drive somewhere then you can use a couple of hours of driving as a way to charge your deep-cycle battery – if you’re prepared to pack away your rooftop tent, 4×4 awning and the rest of camp to extract your vehicle!



This is definitely by far the quietest, cleanest and greenest option of all deep-cycle battery recharging options. Plug a solar panel like any of the Adventure Kings solar panels into your deep-cycle battery, and as long as it’s facing the sun, you’ll put power back into your 4WD auxiliary battery. The best time to recharge your deep-cycle battery with solar power is early in the morning when the sun is shining but the day hasn’t heated up yet. Heat is actually, and ironically, the enemy of solar panel power production as heat causes voltage drop. Keep your panel wiped down and clean of dust, and continue to move it every couple of hours so it faces the sun all day. Aim for at least 100w, if not 160w of solar power to put as much power back into your batteries as possible.



The most reliable way to recharge your batteries is with an Adventure Kings Generator and a 240V charger like the CTEK range of battery chargers. This is more of an investment than solar however there’s no method of deep-cycle battery recharging that’s more reliable short of camping at a powered caravan park. Run your generator for about three hours of an early afternoon, and assuming you are running at least a 20A battery charger, you’ll be able to fully recharge your deep-cycle battery. Downsides are that many campsites have restrictions on generator usage, and that in close quarters your neighbours may not love it if you’re constantly running your generator.

However, a couple of hours per day is all it takes and if you do it around midday when everyone is out doing things anyway, you’ll rarely have a drama. Carry a couple of 20m extension leads and put your generator just over the hill or behind a cluster of bushes. Also requires you to carry a jerry can of unleaded fuel to keep the generator running for multiple afternoons in a row.

Get more out of your icebox – (We arent talking about beers!)

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For decades, an icebox has been the go too for icy drinks and fresh meat at camp! But nothing is worse than digging through icy water. So we’ve put together some tips and tricks for getting more from your icebox.

With dozens of iceboxes on the market, the choices are nearly endless, so it’s easy to get caught paying top dollar for a unit that resembles the old foam chest, that your dad had floating around the back of the family car when you were growing up. But technology has gotten better and the performance you can expect has improved a lot since the good old days.

A typical modern icebox like the type found in the Adventure Kings Icebox range has much higher quality moulded polyurethane body that is tough and ding free, coupled with high-efficiency CFC free internal insulation. The durable polyurethane plastic body is corrosion resistant and hard wearing and is designed to make your ice last much longer and to keep your beers much colder and serve you well into your old age (better than your dad’s old one did)!


A few features to keep an eye on when shopping around are:

-Thick polyurethane insulated walls and lid – The thicker the walls of your new icebox are, the more insulation they can provide, and the colder your ice (and beers) will stay

-A firm and effective waterproof EVA seal with strong metal latches – Unlike old fashioned plastic clips, the Kings Icebox’s have strong latches and heavy-duty hinges that seal in the cold and prevent any unwanted warm air from spoiling your refreshments!

– built in drain bungs – seems like an obvious one, but it definitely beats tipping your icebox on its edge and hoping all your ice and beers stay inside.

With these pro pointers, we’re sure you’ll end up with a top-shelf Icebox that is capable of holding ice and keeping it cold for days on end… but wait… it’s not that simple.

Opting for a handy ice-box over the more versatile Fridge/Freezer designs on the market is almost definitely a cost-based decision and ensuring that you get the best performance out of your Icebox isn’t just as simple as chucking a bag of ice in it every few days.
The following are our time-tested trail tips for getting the most out of your ice, without carting around a box full of sloshing water, on the tracks!



Preparation is key!

The results you get are always based on exactly how much preparation you perform and the best way to get more from an icebox is to pre-freeze any of your long-term food like your meat and a handful of water bottles in your freezer at home.

Pre-freezing homemade ice bricks provide you with a long-term and practically free solution to buying yourself ice and when given enough preparation you can make enough ice to easily cater for a long weekend away.

Broken ice like the stuff in the bags you buy at the servo can chill your Icebox quickly but will also melt faster than bigger homemade bricks and can end up sloshing around in the back of your car!


Keep it in the shade

You’d be surprised by just how much you can improve an icebox’s efficiency by keeping it in the shade! If you can keep your Icebox out of the sun, it won’t heat up as much this tip is easier said than done, but if you have an Adventure Kings Awning or a Kings Gazebo you can hide your icebox underneath to keep the beaming rays of the sun tain that they will last much longer!

A cheap silver windscreen reflector can add a bit of sun protection if you have your ice box in the back of your car. But keep in mind, just like your pets and your children, a 30 degree day your car can reach temperatures in excess of 70 degrees, a day or two like this will give you warm beers till you get home!!

Just like when you were young, and your parents yelled at you for taking too long to look in the fridge, a standard ice box’s insulation is next to useless if it is kept open for too long. Your ice will melt quickly a and will take longer to cool back down if you keep opening it up to look at your beers.

PRO TIP: If you are getting up to get a beer, offer to grab one for everyone else. This seems generous but it’s actually a little bit selfish it’ll save your ice and decrease the stress on it being exposed to the warm air as often!


As mentioned above, the modern efficiency of an icebox is only reliable if it stays shut. Another way to keep your ice working efficiently inside your icebox is to keep it full. This reduces the volume of air that needs to be chilled and increases thermal conductivity between the cold stuff. Basically, keeping more stuff colder for longer!

If you’ve run out of beers to chuck in, look for other things, like water bottles, cardboard boxes and even empty Tupperware, this will decrease the amount of circulating air, and increase the length of time between needing more ice!

What 4×4 Tyre Pressures Should You Run In The Bush?

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If you do a lot of touring and 4WDing out in the bush, you may not always air your tyres down. For many people, 4×4 tyre pressures for beach 4WDing are important but very few give proper consideration to whether you should be lowering your tyre pressures when you head out bush. After all, the majority of bush tracks are firm gravel or dirt tracks, right? Surely there shouldn’t be much of a need to let your tyre pressures down when you’re out in the bush?


The truth of the matter is 4×4 tyre pressures for bush 4WDing are just as important as they are on the beach. That’s definitely true if you are planning on driving challenging hill climbs and bog holes, as lower tyre pressures create a wider footprint for your tyre to find as much traction as possible. More traction means more ability to crawl slower over tricky obstacles, instead of having to hold speed and race through sections of track that could invite damage. Carrying a tyre deflator like the Kwiky tyre deflator or the Adventure Kings 3 in 1 tyre deflator will mean that you never have to second-guess your tyre pressures! You can always lower them to the exact right pressure for the type of terrain you’re driving.


Lowering your tyre pressures in the bush also has a couple of other benefits. First, it makes your tyres more flexible and able to mould around rocks and tree roots, in many cases greatly reducing the potential for tyre damage. Think about the difference between poking a fully-inflated balloon with a sharp pencil, versus poking that same pencil into a half-deflated balloon. The other massive benefit is that it considerably softens the ride when you’re bumping down a dirt track! That’s an especially big benefit if you drive a vehicle with leaf-springs.


However the vital thing to be aware of, is that lowering your tyre pressures with the help of your the Kwiky tyre deflator or the Adventure Kings 3 in 1 tyre deflator is only one part of the process. As a matter of good practice, you should always carry a portable air compressor like the Thumper MKII air compressor or the Thumper Max air compressor so that you’re able to re-inflate your tyres when you need to.;

So what tyre pressure should you be running when you’re out in the bush? The general rule of thumb is to start around 26psi. Use your the Kwiky tyre deflator or the Adventure Kings 3 in 1 tyre deflator to lower your 4WD tyre pressures to 26psi for most gravel or dirt tracks, and if necessary you can continue lowering your tyre pressures even further for added traction. In a situation where you can’t quite get the traction you need, use your 4×4 tyre deflator to drop your pressures about 4psi at a time and you’ll be blown away by the difference that makes!

In an emergency situation, in a standard vehicle that had no winch equipped when it started to rain, we’ve run our tyre pressures as low as 16psi out in the bush. That’s sand-driving 4WD tyre pressures right there, but you must be aware that you need to completely adjust your driving style when your tyre pressures are so low. In a situation like this, it’s extremely easy to roll a tyre completely off the rim if you turn too sharply or hit a stump or tree root. It’s highly recommended that you carry a 12v air compressor to allow you to re-inflate your tyres back up to 26psi as soon as you’ve passed that particularly tricky section of track.

4WD tyre pressures should also be monitored throughout the day as a way of picking up on potential problems that you should address before they grind you to a halt. For instance, dirt in a tyre bead can easily let a tyre run flat over the course of a couple of hours. If you pick it up early, you can either swap on your spare tyre or clean the bead and re-inflate with your 12v air compressor before any damage is done to the tyre from driving on it while under-inflated.

A Kwiky tyre deflator, Adventure Kings 3 in 1 tyre deflator and a Thumper air compressor or Thumper Max 12v air compressor are your best mates when you’re out in the bush!

Is Your Check Engine Light Telling A Lie? How To Tell With An Engine Data Scan

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If you own a modern vehicle then you’ve probably already at some stage experienced the dreaded Check Engine Light. That painful little light that pops up on your dash looks innocent enough but the problem is that it could be referring to one of literally hundreds of different error codes. The main purpose of a check engine light, in the manufacturer’s eyes, is to tell the owner of the vehicle they should simply take it to a mechanic who could plug his tens of thousands of dollars worth of diagnostic equipment into the vehicle and see what the problem is. Sure, you could do that, or you could do the exact same job with the incredible Engine Data Scan from 4WD Supacentre!

Mechanics have minimum labour charges, and that’s fair enough. They’ve gotta pay the bills and keep the lights on in their workshop, so even if a diagnostic job is as simple as plugging in a scan tool and reading an error code, you’ll end up pay at least half an hour or an hour’s labour. That could be anything up to $150 or more, depending on where you take your car, but the beaut thing is the E.D.S can do the exact same thing!

Here’s something that a lot of mechanics won’t tell you about error codes. Many times, a vehicle can throw a false error code when there isn’t actually anything wrong – well, nothing permanently wrong, at least. What happens is in some scenarios, one of the up to 100 or more sensors in a modern car or 4×4 reads some sort of parameter that the vehicle’s computer system sees as being abnormal. In a 4WD situation, it’s very common for a bogged vehicle throw an ABS error code, for instance, when the tyres are all spinning in the sand. The computer’s looking for a particular reading, it sees something completely different, and bam – Check Engine Light.

Now, in that scenario there isn’t really anything wrong, and you could spend that $150 having a mechanic reset the Check Engine Light and tell you they found exactly nothing. Or, you could be a clever consumer, and use the EDS to scan for the code, note it down on a piece of paper and then clear to the code to see if it comes back.

If it does come back, then you’ve got an actual problem on your hands, one that needs investigating. Even if then you have to pay a mechanic, you can help save money off the final bill by doing some of the diagnostic work yourself. Instead of telling the mechanic ‘it’s making this whirr-whirr-clunk noise when going around left-hand corners and sometimes when I turn into the driveway’, you can use the EDS to clear the codes and let you hunt down the exact specific scenario that leads to the Check Engine Light. Being able to tell your mechanic ‘it happens under heavy acceleration, between 2,800rpm and 3,000rpm, just as the gearbox shifts into a higher gear’ immediately lets them start honing in on the problem. And it’s all thanks to your EDS!

Of course, an Engine Data Scan isn’t just a fault code reader and clearer. It has bucketloads of other functions too. In fact, one of our favourite functions is the ability to read all sorts of engine parameters in real-time. Monitor boost pressure, alternator voltage, engine coolant temperature, real wheel speed and a bucketload more conditions at the press of a button! That’s particularly useful even if your 4WD does have factory gauges that read things like engine temperature, because the vehicle manufacturers program in a ‘dead spot’ in the temp gauge so make it look like the motor is sitting at a steady temperature. In reality, that ‘doesn’t budge’ spot on the gauge could cover a range of temperatures between 40°C and 95°C!

The next time your 4WD throws an error code, do yourself a favour and investigate it yourself. For about the same price as half an hour’s labour charge at your local mechanic, you can invest in an Engine Data Scan scan gauge tool that’ll arm you with the power to check fault codes yourself. It’ll pay for itself the first time you can clear a code and continue on your way!

The perfect Touring setup 101!

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A solid touring rig can be spotted from miles away, and when starting out with the touring life, it is hard to know exactly what gear and upgrades you will and won’t need when spending extended periods of time on the tracks.

We love hitting the tracks, and with decades of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. So we are going to let you in on some expert tips and tricks on how to get properly setup with your touring rig!



No matter what vehicle you choose to go touring with and where you choose to go, a set of Titan Rear Drawers offer you excellent gear organization and a solid and secure location to secure your camping gear in the back of your vehicle.

To suit most models of vehicle the 900mm drawers are suitable for smaller wagons like Mitsubishi Pajero’s and most models of Toyota Prado whilst the larger 1070mm model suits slightly larger wagons like Toyota Landcruiser wagons and GU and GQ Nissan Patrol wagons and finally the biggest of the lot, the 1300mm style drawers are suitable for Ute’s, vans and larger wagons like Landcruiser Troopcarriers!

Titan rear drawers are designed to fit many different vehicles and can be easily adjusted to suit the mounting points making for an easy DIY installation. Once fitted the built in heavy duty tie down loops allow you to strap down bulky cargo like your swags or camping Generator for limitless campsite power.

All Titan double sided drawers also include a heavy-duty fridge slide which is suitable for strapping down your 12v camping fridge, with self-latching keeper to hold the fridge in place on tough tracks!

This leads us to our next bit of essential gear…

Adventure Kings Fridge /Freezer

There aren’t many 12v portable refrigerators that can offer the versatility and functionality of an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer, with one of these you can keep up to 81 cans icy cold or plenty of meat for the bbq chilled to whatever temperature you prefer with a digitally controlled set and forget temperature setting, there is not much left to be desired.

However if you have a bigger family or are heading out for longer a solid Adventure Kings 80L Fridge/Freezer offers an additional 20L of icy cold storage, which equates to a 30 can brick worth of volume!

Whichever Adventure Kings 12v fridge you choose, a solid high-performance Dual battery system will add more usability and extend your camping range off-road.

Roof Racks

With much of 4WD touring being based off your campsite its hard to deny that a solid set of Steel Roof Racks are the foundation for nearly any touring setup, whether you chose a wagon or a dual cab Ute there is a set of Adventure Kings Roof Racks to suit your model of vehicle!

Available in Full length, half length, Tradie, flat racks and roof top tent styles so even if you use your vehicle for work and weekend activities there is an Adventure Kings steel roof rack to suit your overall needs!

With a steel flat rack or a rooftop tent rack you can also easily fit one of the AWESOME Adventure Kings Roof Top tents in a matter of minutes, that is nearly the same amount of time it takes to set one up at camp.

Which brings us to our next bit of gear…..



Roof Top Tents


Every man and his dog has a preference for campsite setups and with the selection of Swags, awning tents, even pop up style canvas tents on offer, It is easy to see the Adventure Kings range of Rooftop tents easily takes the cake for fast campsite setups.

With three options on the table the Adventure Kings Kwiky pop up roof top tent is by far the fastest and easiest camp setup around.

Featuring spring loaded internal struts and a plush and comfortable 80mm thick mattress, the ABS roofed topped Adventure Kings Kwiky Roof top tent, has to be the fastest setup in the lineup, whilst also maintaining excellent aerodynamics for those long, highway sections.

For an entire campsite setup, that erects in just one easy design, you cannot look past the Adventure Kings Tourer with it’s included removable annex.

The tourer setup offers beautiful panoramic views at camp and the removable lower annex creates and enclosed space on the second level, this tent truly offers multi-story living at camp.

Offering a more detailed campsite setup than you get with the Kings Kwiky Pop-up Rooftop Tent.

The tourer also includes a cushy 75mm thick 240cm x 145cm mattress, this is the widest and longest mattress offered through the whole Adventure Kings roof-top tent range!

Is The Adventure Kings Smart Isolator Dual Battery Kit Suitable For My 4WD?

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If you’re just about to start investing in your 4WD’s 12v system, then the first thing you’ll want to fit is some form of dual battery kit. A dual battery is at the heart of every 12v system, and lets you run a fridge, lights, inverters and anything else electrical you want to around camp, without risking draining your crank battery to the point where you can’t start your engine the next morning. Dual battery systems come in many different forms but the basic idea is still the same – when the motor is running, charge is directed into the auxiliary deep-cycle battery, and when the motor is turned off, the dual battery isolator disconnects the second battery from the starter battery.

The Adventure Kings Smart Isolator Dual Battery Kit is a beaut bit of gear that comes with everything you need to install a dual battery system into your 4WD, minus the second battery. This clever bit of gear is brilliant in its simplicity, because the Adventure Kings Smart Isolator is so simple that any complicated fail-points are taken out of the equation. It works by using what is known as a voltage-sensing relay. When the Adventure Kings Smart Isolator sees an input voltage of at least 13.5v, it understands that the engine is running and the alternator is charging the starter battery. When it sees this voltage it then connects the second battery to the first one, allowing the alternator to charge both batteries in the process.

When you pull up at camp, the reverse happens to disconnect the two batteries and isolate the deep-cycle battery from the starter battery. When the Adventure Kings Smart Isolators sees the input voltage drop below 13.1v, it understands the vehicle has been turned off and so it disconnects the second battery from the first.

So what types of vehicles are the Adventure Kings Smart Isolator Dual Battery Kits suited to? Generally speaking, any vehicle built before about 2008 will be suitable for having this type of dual battery isolator installed. That’s because the alternator will be a traditional type, controlled by the fan belt only. When the engine is on, the belt spins on the crankshaft pulley which in turn spins the alternator, producing power at a steady rate. The only thing that can affect how much power is produced is whether the belt is tight or not, or whether the alternator is healthy.

On the flipside, modern 4x4s built after about 2008 will typically feature ‘smart’ alternators which are controlled not just by the fan belt, but by the vehicle’s computer. When the vehicle senses the crank battery is full, it can electronically reduce the rate of charge coming out of the alternator, down to as low as 13.0V. The problem here is in this scenario, the isolator is looking for a minimum of 13.5v to see the engine as running, so it won’t often connect the deep-cycle battery to the starter battery. As a result, the starter battery won’t receive anywhere near the charge it needs.

What’s the solution then for modern vehicles? You’ll need to step up to a DC/DC charger like the CTEK D250SA, which essentially functions like the type of battery charger you’d use in your garage. It produces a charge specifically for the battery being charged, as opposed to the smart isolator simply directing the charge between the crank and deep cycle batteries. The only difference the D250SA has to the type of charger you’d use in your garage, is that instead of running off a 240v powerpoint, it runs off 12v power. That’s where the name DC/DC charger comes from – it inputs DC voltage, and outputs DC voltage. It is also designed to deal with varying rates of input voltage, and can handle the odd, lower voltages that a smart isolator puts out whilst still delivering a full rate of charge to ensure your deep-cycle battery is constantly topped up.

Remember as well that 4WD Supacentre has a price-match guarantee on the entire range of CTEK gear that we sell. If you find a cheaper price on Aussie stock elsewhere, we’ll match it! Terms and conditions apply, see

Keep the crew well fed on the tracks!

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Gone are the days of eating baked beans from the tin, we had enough of that and we’re sure you did too, so we have put together a massive range of easy to use Cooking Gear to make absolutely sure you don’t starve when the nearest drive through is just too far away!

Everything within the range was specifically chosen to offer a campsite cooking solution for nearly everybody. With camp ovens, BBQ’s and portable fireplaces, you are sure to find something to prepare your bush cuisine within the 4WD Supacentre range.


Campfire cooking is one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy a campsite meal, and despite what you’ve seen up on the silver screen, the best part your campfire to cook on is the red-hot coals, they offer more even heat and won’t cover your food and cookware in soot, as coals are much cleaner burning than an open flame.

So to get you started on your campfire cooking journey, you should grab yourself an Adventure Kings BBQ Hot Plate. This unit is a proven favourite for Aussie campers, offering extremely good value for money, and one of the easieset cooking methods around.

The Adventure Kings BBQ Hot Plate folds flat and stashes away in its canvas carry bag but offers you plenty of versatility for cooking over the coals of your campfire.

Simply remove some of the hot coals from your fireplace and spread them evenly underneath your hotplate and you are ready to cook. When you are done cooking cleanup is simple, just scrape the scraps into the fireplace, fold up your Adventure Kings BBQ Hot Plate into the included canvas bag and you are ready to roll!
With both a useful hotplate and open grill section, there aren’t many things you cannot cook with one of these handy BBQ’s!

The traditional Australian made Bedourie spun steel camp oven kits are another way you can cook dinner over the campfire.


The tough Bedourie Camp Oven, and the Aussie Camp oven were engineered and built to take the place of those old fashioned traditional cast iron cookware that is often prone to cracking on hard impacts.

The Bedourie Camp Oven range allows you to bake, boil, stew or fry your food over the hot coals of your campfire and eat tasty and hearty meals on the tracks with very little preparation. The compact spun steel construction is lightweight and not brittle meaning that your Bedourie camp oven will not crack with mild impacts and is sturdy enough to provide years of tasty bush meals ahead of you.


Camp cooking can take a tasty turn with a wood fired camp oven. The added flavor added by campfire smoke can really enhance your campsite cooking recipes.

This is why there is now the Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove, which for a fraction of the cost of competitors enclosed wood stoves.

The Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove has an elevated flue which reaches up to 2410mm high to direct smoke up and away from everyone at camps eyes and will also radiate heat, that is warm enough to keep the whole campsite toasty, plus with its adjustable heat settings you can bake in it and even fry on it!


If you are heading to an area with high fire danger, starting a campfire is probably not a very good idea and starts the potential for catastrophe, this doesn’t leave you with many options for cooking, for this reason it is important to have a backup portable gas cooker on hand.

The compact Voyager folding BBQ has similar features to many other folding compact barbeques on the market and whilst retaining all of the same features as other popular brands on the market it is nearly one third of the price!

Small enough and light enough to fit in the back of a small hatchback, the Voyager folding BBQ is easily able to roast whilst retaining all the moisture keeping meats succulent and juicy. You can easily monitor your roast status with the integrated temperature gauge and easy turn heat control knob, you can make sure your roasts are at the right temperature for the best result!

Because it is compact the Voyager folding BBQ is also perfect for picnics and trips to the beach, being so compact it allows you to cook up a storm no matter what you are up to!

All these features make this is a real favourite among Aussies who double up and use this BBQ at home as well as on the tracks.


No matter what option you choose to cook up your favorite trackside meals you are probably going to need a way to stir flip and clean when you are done, this is why Adventure Kings have released their take on a quality set of steel BBQ Tools that includes a set of stainless steel tongs, a quality spatula and a scraper/brush wrapped inside a tidy and easy to use tool wrap.

This handy bundle makes sure you have clean cooking utensils at the ready wherever and whenever you need them!

There is no denying it whatever you like to cook, wherever and however you like to cook it 4WD Supacentre is the only place you need to go to get set up with your camp Cooking equipment this camping season!

Are you a true bush mechanic?

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If you’ve been bitten by the adventure bug – chances are you’ll find yourself with a loaded up 4WD or SUV on Friday night heading to a remote campsite, on a hidden 4WD track. While escaping the city and heading to the bush or beach is the dream – it’s important that we are prepared for anything that might happen.


If you’ve got the right tools like those that come in the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit you can spend your time having fun rather than worried about getting your vehicle home should things go wrong. This is the best toolkit for camping and 4wding on the market.


To have all the tools you need for your trip away – you used to have to purchase several different kits – a set of spanners, a set of screwdrivers, a socket and ratchet set, and countless $20-$30 specialty tools like circlip pliers and hacksaws. All this would have cost you $400-$500 and you’d need a lot of space to carry it all.


The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit is a one of a kind tool kit made for 4WDers. We’ve picked the most importants of all the aforementioned kits, and put into one kit – all for under $100!


You have the tools to perform all common repairs and maintenance on your vehicle out on the tracks, or at home – from wiring issues to wheel bearings.


Let’s take a look at what’s in the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit, what repairs you can carry out with it, and what we’ve done to ensure they’ll last a lifetime in the back of your vehicle.


  • Full ring spanner set

The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit comes with 12 ring spanners – from 8mm all the way up to 24mm. This will help undo and do up almost every nut and bolt on your vehicle, trailer or any gear you have.

They’re Chrome Vanadium – which is a fancy way of saying they’re tough as nails – perfect for those hard to undo bolts.


  • Full 1/2in socket set

The socket sets goes from 8mm to a whopping 32mm – most expensive standalone socket sets only go up to 24mm! The larger sizes are there purposely for jobs like taking the ball off your hitch.

The ½ inch drive means you get really put some weight behind the sockets and ratchet – it is much tougher than most ¼ inch drives.

Not only does the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit have a quality ratchet, it comes with a heavy duty 17 inch breaker bar. This is perfect for those extremely tight, corroded nuts and bolts, and undoing wheel nuts that are too tight. A breaker bar gives you a longer lever, which makes the job twice as easy


  • 6 x screwdrivers

That’s 3 x Philips head screwdrivers, and 3 x flathead screwdrivers. There’s aren’t just normal screwdrivers, however. They’re made to be worked hard! Unlike many screwdrivers twice the price, these ones have a metal shaft that go right through. That means you can hammer the end should you you need to punch a hole through something, or you need to knock a screw loose. It also has a ½ inch drive on top so you can attach a ratch or spanner to it to give you that extra purchase.

  • Wire strippers/crimpers + fuses and terminals

If you’re running a dual battery setup and a fridge, you need this essential tool at camp. If you have an issue with your 12V – you have the tools to snip wires, strip wires, and crimp wires to ensure you fix an issue before the beers get hot.

There’s even a box of common replacement fuses that will blow on a vehicle, and 72 terminals/connectors for all your 12V needs. These aren’t just handy for fixes on the tracks, you’ll use them when installing your 12V products too

  • Circlip Pliers

Circlips are fasteners that are used in many different ways in your vehicle, like your suspension, driveline and axle. They are near impossible to remove without a good set of circlip pliers. If you need to do a trackside fix on something in your driveline, chance are there’s a circlip needing to be removed.

  • Pliers

The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit comes with the 5 types of pliers you’ll always use – needle nose, combo, locking and side cutters. In almost every fix on the tracks or at camp, you’ll need a set of these. These pliers are very good quality – just like everything in the tool kit.

  • Allen Keys

At least 50-60% of your camping products will have a bolt or screw that you’ll need an allen key to undo or tighten. The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit has a full set of allen keys, with 9 different sizes

  • Ball Pein Hammer, File and Hacksaw

From tent pegs to bent steering arms to broken tent poles, and everything in between – no 4wd or vehicle should leave home without a quality hammer, file and hacksaw. They’re the bush mechanic essentials that if you didn’t have on board, you wish you did.


Best of all the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit comes in a heavy-duty carry bag, with plenty of room to add more tools and spares from home in. If you went to a hardware shop to buy these quality tools – you’d expect to be paying well over $400. The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit can be yours for well under $100.


Why can 4WD Supacentre create such quality tools for such low prices? We buy in huge volume, have no middleman, and work on razor thin margins – we pass these savings onto you. If you want the best tool kit for camping, or want to know what tools to take 4WDing – look no further than the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit. They’re such good quality, and so well priced, you can buy one for the 4WD and one for home

Six Essential Bits Of Gear To Add To Your 4WD

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If you’ve just bought your first 4WD, welcome to the most addictive lifestyle you can be a part of! Owning a 4×4 opens up a whole new world of recreational opportunities, from going from a drive up through your local state forests all the way through to camping out in the bush or on the beach. It can be a little bit overwhelming trying to wade your way through all the different 4×4 gear and 4×4 accessories that are available out there, so we’ve put together a bit of a guide to some of the types of 4×4 accessories and equipment that are a great idea to try and add first. The truth is you don’t need the biggest, toughest 4WD out there to have a lot of fun – you just need the basics! Here’s our guide to six bits of gear to add to your new 4×4.




If you forget every other ‘rule’ or bit of advice when it comes to 4x4s, remember this one! If you let your tyres down a bit when you’re off-road then they’ll last longer, and you’ll get stuck less because the tyres have a bigger contact patch with the ground and will have better traction. Use a tyre deflator like the Kwiky tyre deflator or the Adventure Kings 3 in 1 tyre deflator to drop your pressures to around 26psi when you’re out in the bush or about 16psi on the beach.



The other side to letting your tyres down, is you need to pump them back up again! Don’t rely on service station air compressors, carry your own portable air compressor like the Thumper MKII air compressor or the Thumper Max air compressor. Being able to reinflate your tyres whenever you want is a great idea and will prevent you from waiting for ages in the hot sun for the servo air compressor to become available.



Getting stuck is part of heading off-road. In fact, it can be fun – if you have the ability to get out again! You should always carry a 4×4 recovery kit that includes a snatch strap and rated shackles at a minimum, so even if you’re by yourself and get stuck, if someone comes along then you’ll be able to get towed out. It’s also good form to use your own recovery gear if you’re stuck – that way you won’t leave muddy recovery gear in the back of someone else’s 4WD! Especially if they were good enough to help you out!



Any 4WD can do with a boost in the storage stakes thanks to a roof rack. Doesn’t matter if you only get to go camping once a month, having a 4×4 roof rack will be useful every day! Do runs to the hardware store, help mates move, do tip runs, anything – adding a roofrack to your 4×4 will be one of the best things you ever do. Especially because it lets you add the next bit of gear…




If you’ve got a 4×4 roofrack, then you need to add an awning to the side of it! The range of 4×4 awnings from 4WD Supacentre are fantastic for adding instant shade to the side or the rear of your 4×4. They mount very simply to the full range of our 4×4 roofracks, and open in seconds anywhere you want shelter – at camp, at a jobsite, down at the park with kids, anywhere! We love our awnings and we’re confident that 4×4 awnings will be one of the best things you ever add to your 4WD.



We all rely on technology these days, and just because heading off-road means running out of phone reception doesn’t mean you have to go back to paper maps! The VMS  4×4 GPS units come pre-loaded with highly detailed maps that cover the entire country and don’t need phone range to show you where you are. They even come with on-road navigation so you can use yours every day of the week! There’s also an option to buy a 4WD GPS with an inbuilt reverse camera to let you see better out the back of your 4WD – a very worthwhile investment!

Winch Anchors, how do you choose?

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This is a great guide to choosing a Correct Anchor Point For Your Grande Mk3 or Domin8r X Winch!

A winch like the Grande Mk3 or the Domin8r X is the best insurance you can ever take out for your 4WD to guard against being stuck by yourself. If you have a quality 4×4 winch on the front of your rig then you can trust that you’ll be able to get yourself out of just about any situation. An electric winch is the difference between a half-hour recovery that turns into a funny story to tell around the campfire, and an epic ordeal of being bogged for hours or even days before help arrives – if it arrives. The Grande Mk3 and Domin8r X winches are some of the best value 12,000lb winches on the market today because they’re tough as guts yet don’t cost the earth. That means more 4x4ers and campers than ever before are now running an electric winch on their 4WD, so what we’re going to talk about next is vitally important.

A winch is only as effective as the anchor point you’re winching off. If you choose an under-sized or incorrect anchor point then you not only reduce the effectiveness of your electric winch, but you also create serious safety hazards that can turn deadly.

The first thing you should look for in an anchor point when recovering your 4×4 is one that’s as close to straight ahead as possible. That won’t always be possible, but you shouldn’t even winch at more than a 45° angle away from dead ahead. Electric winches are incredibly powerful, and what could happen in this case is the winch will literally twist the bullbar and damage it if it’s trying to pull in one direction but the vehicle is stuck facing a different direction. Winching as close to straight forward as possible greatly reduces the potential for this type of damage, so always choose an anchor point that’s close to straight ahead – even if it means running a winch extension strap to a far-away tree.

Speaking of trees, they’re typically the best suited anchor points you’ll find out in the bush. Discard dead or dying trees straight away because they’re likely to break under tension when you use your 4×4 winch. The tree should be at least two food in diameter and you should always, no exceptions, use a tree trunk protector to wrap around the tree. Even synthetic winch rope can still cut into a tree and ring-bark it, causing it to un-necessarily die. The bigger the tree’s diameter the better – always aim for the biggest tree around.

Be very cautious using trees that are extremely close to the dirt bank on the side of the track. Trees obviously get their stability from their root system, so a tree that has half its roots exposed is not as suited to being a strong winch anchor point. When attaching your tree trunk protector as a winch point, make sure it sits down as far as possible. The further up the tree trunk protector is on the tree, the more likely it is to bend and potentially snap. We’ve seen first-hand what happens when someone incorrectly anchors to a tree, and the potential for damage to vehicles or people is very high.

If no suitable anchor point exists then you can by all means use another vehicle as an anchor point. There are, however, a few things you need to be aware of. Depending on how stuck the bogged vehicle is, you’ll definitely need to have someone sit in the anchor point vehicle with the engine running and foot on the brake. You may need to even chock all four wheels with rocks to help prevent the anchor point vehicle from being dragged back as you winch the bogged vehicle free.

When anchoring to a vehicle with your synthetic winch rope, always anchor to a rated recovery point on the front or rear bar. The towbar is a perfect anchor point – remove the tow pin and the tongue, slip one eyelet of a tree trunk protector into the receiver tube and secure with the tow pin. Never winch off a towball as shock loads can sheer the towball right off, and people still die doing this every year. Always, always use a winch dampener in case something does let go and remember that safety is the number one priority in any sort of vehicle recovery.

Its time to upgrade your Dual Cab 4WD Ute!

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If you are like the more than 200,000 Aussie car buyers who got their hands on one of the brand new Dual cab Utes that were on offer over the last 12 months, or even if you picked yourself up a used 4WD Dual cab ute, you are probably aware of all of the fantastic and practical features that are offered by the manufacturers including Bluetooth connectivity, ANCAP safety ratings, traction control, ABS, climate control and all of the other features now considered to be standard equipment across the board!

Sometimes these fancy factory bits and pieces may be what sold you on that model, but in reality just aren’t enough to get you where you need to be!

Plus if you, like us, have a taste for upgrading, modifying and enhancing your vehicle, it might be a good idea to have a look at some of the epic bargains on offer from 4WD Supacentre, this gear is top shelf but you can usually snag yours for a bargain price!



Through summer the hours driven through the night are much less, but with the end of daylight savings, daylight has taken a turn for the worse, with days getting shorter and the creatures that go bump in the dark, more likely to come out to say g’day through the colder darker months.

One simple solution to avoid collisions with any of the unique native wildlife is installing aftermarket LED lighting!


LED Lightbars

Over the years LED Lighting has advanced by leaps and bounds and with upgraded state of the art technology, that has been engineered to withstand some of the harshest Aussie conditions you can encounter, the newest range of LED lightbars that is on offer by 4WD Supacentre have some serious hitting power!

With 2 main categories, the Illuminator MKII LED lightbars fall in the more affordable end of the spectrum, and offer massive light for a minimal budget. These are still made tough enough for the rugged conditions found all across Aus while maintaining their budget orientation.

Whilst the Domin8r series of LED Lightbar are seriously competitive with many of the LED Spotlights available on the market whilst offering more spread of light and a 140 degree spread of light you can light up the shoulders of the track, and avoid hitting any trackside hazards!

Storage drawers
Utes are designed to be absolutely practicall with massive rear  tray it;s easy to see why vehicles like the Toyota Hilux 4×4 dual cab sold more models than any other make, model or brand of any other vehicle in Australia in 2016 and 2017 however, if you need to organize your cargo space even more to keep your tools sorted or like to lock away all of your camping gear in the tray ready at any given moment to escape into the bush, a set of Titan 1300mm rear drawers + a wing kit offer the perfect solution.

Easy to install in an afternoon, a set of Titan 1300mm Rear Drawers easily adjusts to fit many different models of vehicle, and with the custom wing kit can be fabricated to fit easily into nearly any ute tray.

Built with a solid galvanized steel chassis and with double roller bearings you can load Titan Rear Drawers right up to the brim with all of your essential camping gear. They also use heavy duty steel latches which can be locked with a set of keys, meaning sticky fingers won’t have an easy time trying to knock off your goodies!



There are dozens of manufacturers that can offer reasonable quality roof racks, but there aren’t many that can do it for under $1000 bucks and the Adventure Kings Steel roof racks are nearly a quarter of that price!

Whilst currently not having a specific mounting bracket kit for the current model dual cabs other than for the Toyota 79 series dual and single cabs that have rain gutters on both sides of the vehicle

If your vehicle isn’t listed there is a few clever mounting ideas including using rated u bolts, where you can quickly and easily, upgrade your roof top storage without modification.

A good quality steel Roof Rack, offers the perfect place to chuck bulky gear like Maxtrax mkII recovery treads and even an Adventure Kings Awning,

The Universal campsite setup – yours for under $700!

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Every man and his dog has their top tips for setting up camp, but we’re going to let you in on some of our secrets to getting the best campsite setup for an absolute ripper of a bargain.

No matter how you choose to camp, and where you choose to set up, your requirements are basically the same. Firstly, you will need some sort of shelter from the rain, somewhere to keep your food and drinks cool, something to cook food on and a comfortable place to sleep.

Keeping sheltered

There are plenty of options for getting a waterproof and uv resistant shelter over the top of your campsite, but until now it hasn’t been as simple or easy as setting up an Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo.

You can set one up in just a couple of seconds so you can have a durable waterproof and UPF50+ shelter that offers plenty of environmental protection from all the elements coupled with a hardy hammertone finish offers plenty of hard wearing durability.

The three position adjustable legs offer up to 2380mm of head clearance and with 3m x 3m or 6m x 3m coverage you will have shade and all weather protection with no permanent modifications required for your vehicle.

An Adventure Kings Gazebo offers easy to setup shelter whilst still being able to drive around, run errands and explore throughout the days,  whilst still reserving your campsite for when you get back, this is something you may not be able to do with an Adventure Kings Awning.


Stay cool!

The desire for nearly any camper is to have a portable and easy to use 12v fridge freezer system like the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer, allowing you to simply chuck in a handful of cold goods, readily and indefinitely chilled for use later, preventing spoilage and in the case of beer, ensuring your beers are frosty and chilled to perfection.

However when you are camping on a budget a decent refrigeration unit may just be out of reach, but dont worry too much, you can get your hands on a functional but more affordable option found in a  a good quality Ice Box, they can be had for well under $200 bucks, and with good quality ice can chill a beer to icy cold perfection in under 10 minutes.

Available in 40L, 60L, 80L & 100L  you can take your pick for how much you need to keep cold, but with the ability to almost instantly chill your favourite drinks an Adventure Kings 40L Icebox is insane value.


Get a solid 40 winks

Wherever you camp there aren’t many ways to sleep in the bush that are more Australian than under a canvas swag!

Over the last few years thousands of Aussies, have done their research and assessed the total range available and have spoken their minds and the result is that the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe swag is one of the most popular swags on the Australian market.

Built out of heavy duty waterproof 400gsm rip stop poly cotton canvas fabric they certainly do not sacrifice any durability or weatherproofing and with the tough 550gsm waterproof bucket stitched PVC base this swag can cope with years of abuse on the tracks!

Featuring a massive 50mm thick 1550mm wide mattress that is over 2m long, this behemoth swag is also a whole 10000mm tall. Being one of the larger Swags available on the market and one of the most affordable by far.


Campsite Flooring

There is nothing worse at camp than dragging dirt and sand through your campsite. Heading to bed and having sand all through your bedding. to solve this unpleasantness, Adventure Kings has developed an affordable and absolutely practical solution to this with the Adventure Kings Mesh flooring available in 3m x 3m, 5m x 2.5m and also a massive 6m x 3m.

With the clever open mesh weave of the Adventure Kings Mesh Floor, Sand dirt and water fall straight through to the ground underneath, this means no more dragging sand and dirt to bed with you!  

And all of this for less than a case of beer, that’s a top-level camping accessory at a mind-blowing price, you cannot beat that!




No campsite would be absolutely complete without one of the most affordable camp cooking methods on the Australian market, the Adventure Kings BBQ plate. Packaged in a canvas carry bag, this has to be one of the easiest and most idealic methods of cooking food at camp. Simply start your campfire and unfold the Adventure Kings BBQ plate, preheat your plate and cook away.

Clean up is even simpler, just scrape your scraps into the fire place let it cool down and fold it back away into its canvas storage bag!

There you have it, that is how you can setup a universal campsite that is just about suitable for any location across Australia.  Easily found on Fraser island, in the Victoria high country, at cape York the Simpson desert and even at your local national park, because an affordable universal campsite doesn’t have to sacrifice performance or quality to make your experience satisfying and unforgettable!

Using your 4WD Winch for the first time

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The First Time Using Your New Grande Mk3 or Domin8r X Winch

If you’ve recently invested in a winch for your 4WD and installed it into your bullbar, then chances are you’re dying to try it out more than just a little bit in your driveway! The thing about 4WD winches is using them takes a little bit of skill, because it’s very easy to misuse a winch and cause damage to it, or not be able to complete an effective 4WD winch recovery when you need to. The good news is these skills are very easy to acquire, and all it takes is a little practice! Here’s an easy six-step guide to the first time using your new Grande Mk3 or Domin8r X electric winch, and all it needs is an hour or two of your time one quiet afternoon!

    The first thing you should do for this initial 4WD winch recovery is to unspool the synthetic winch rope until it gets down to only one wrap of cabling along the entire length of the drum. If you can ever see any part of the drum you must wind the synthetic winch rope in, holding tension with your hand, before you hook up to an anchor point. You can unspool the electric winch rope by dis-engaging the clutch into the free-spool position and manually pulling the rope out.
    Now that you have the 12,000 winch rope unspooled the appropriate length, you can look for a suitable anchor point. This typically means a nice large tree at least a couple of feet in diameter, one that is nice and healthy and looks to be sturdy and strong. Use your tree-trunk protector to wrap around the tree close to its base and connect the winch hook up to the protector’s eyelets. This anchor point should be as close to straight ahead as possible.
    With the 4WD winch hook connected and the vehicle idling, connect the hand controller or the remote control to the electric winches control box and start to winch in. The aim here isn’t to make the vehicle move forward, but instead to simply take up the tension on the electric winch so it’s tight. As soon as it becomes tight, stop winching. Now’s the time to fit your 4×4 winch dampener. Fit it a couple of metres away from the winch hook so that if something does let go at that end, the dampener will catch it.
    You can now hop in your vehicle and start the winching process. At first, get a feel for your electric winch by putting the vehicle into neutral, bringing the revs up to a fast rev – about 1500rpm, which ensures the vehicle’s alternator is supplying as much power to the electric winch as possible – and then winch in. If you’re on relatively ground then the winch will have no dramas pulling you forwards, but it is important that if the winch ever struggles to pull the vehicle forward that you stop and assess why.
    You can assist your electric winch in the recovery of your 4WD by driving forwards at the same time. This is a bit of an art to get right as you don’t want to over-run your 4×4 winch, causing the rope to go slack and then take up tension again with a sudden jolt. If this happens you risk shock-loading everything from the 4wd winch hook to the bolts that hold your bullbar in place. Drive slowly, keep the revs down just enough so the wheels are turning and even try working the steering wheel back and forwards to find traction.
    With the vehicle extracted from the bog, inspect how the synthetic rope has been wrapped around the drum. If you were winching to an anchor point that is slightly off to the side, there’s a good chance the synthetic rope will have bunched up on one side. If that’s the case, unspool it (by winching out if you have to) and then winch back in, holding tension on the rope with your hand and guiding the rope back and forth across the drum evenly so it’s ready for use next time.


4WD Supacentre BBQ for home and the Ute!

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Cooking on a grill or BBQ is something we all love to do, whether it be at home or while out camping in the bush. The trouble is, wanting to cater to both situations can be expensive as we usually need separate gear to take camping most of the time because the stuff we use at home is too bulky. If you’re on a budget and want to be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, consider the Gasmate Voyager portable BBQ from 4wdsupacentre. It’s big enough to cook a meal for several people, yet small enough to throw in the back of a vehicle when going on a camping trip.


When we say portable, we mean it. The Gasmate Voyager portable BBQ is extremely compact as the stand folds away for easy transport. This means you’ll be able to take more of the gear you need when you go away, but it also means setting the portable BBQ up when you get to camp is a piece of cake. With a partner and kids in a vehicle, any piece of spare space is valuable, so we catered to these needs when designing the portable BBQ. It takes up no more space than an average-sized portable icebox.


Cooking over a fire is relaxing and therapeutic, but it’s no secret that it can sometimes take a fair amount of time. The Gasmate Voyager portable BBQ doesn’t have this problem, as the stainless-steel burner has good sized apertures in it, allowing it to heat up to cooking temperature in a flash. The ignition system is a rotary one, so you can be sure that won’t fail either. Less time spent heating up means you save on gas, and you have more time to do other things around camp. This style of fast cooking really lends itself well to lean steaks like rump or blade, but cooking stuff quickly with the lid down helps you get through thicker pieces of meat quickly as well. Chicken breast on a hot grill is nice for something different.


The cooking surface is built from satin enamel cast iron so it retains heat well, even if you put some meat on there that’s chilly from just coming out of your portable icebox. More importantly, it’s durable and will last a hell of a long time if cared for correctly. Oil it from time to time and it will stay well-seasoned and continue to produce flavoursome food for years. You also get the advantage of having 2 different cooking surfaces; a plate and a grill. Do your steaks on the grill and your onions on the plate, or get creative with your breakfasts and do some mushrooms and eggs on the plate side and get the bacon crispy over the grill side.


A portable BBQ like this doesn’t just have to be used to grill some meat nice and fast, however. The Gasmate Voyager comes with an integrated temperature gauge on the front, so you can be sure of what is happening underneath the lid at all times. If you’re keen on roasting a big piece of meat, fire up the burner and put the meat on the place with a roasting rack underneath. It will work just like a regular oven at home but it’ll produce better flavour because of the circulation of heat under the hood. That’s a lot more versatility than you get on any similar portable BBQ setups for similar money.


By far, one of the best features of the Gasmate Voyager BBQ is the price. For less than $200, you will pick up one of the portable BBQ’s along with a few extras. That’s a small price to pay for such reliability and versatility. Pick one up now and take it everywhere with your family and friends to enjoy some of the best food you’ll ever cook. It also leaves funds for other essential bits of gear that you might need when heading away camping, such as an Adventure Kings BBQ tool set, an Adventure Kings vacuum sealer, or even an Adventure Kings aluminium roll up table to use as a surface to serve your great food from.




Become the ultimate camp chef boss

Keep On Top Of Things, With A Steel Rack!

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If you have been looking for a nearly perfect solution to a vehicles cabin full of gear, where to mount your Awning, or even a high location to mount your LED Lightbar? then look no further, the Adventure Kings Steel Roof Racks are extremely tough and practical and make the perfect place to mount all of your necessary 4WD accessories!


The tough nature of these solid 4WD foundations is not by accident, we over engineered every design in the range so they are built, and tested to (and exceed) the limits set out by the Australian Standards AS 1235-2000 (A.D.R.).

The Australian standard testing tries to twist, contort and deform a roof rack from its mounting points on a vehicle. After some serious and brutal torture testing the Adventure Kings racks all passed with flying colours and walked away with earning a massive load rating. Which offers the ability to carry up to 500 Kg (Dependant on your vehicle’s load rating) you can even pack the kitchen sink if the other half keeps insisting!


Even though there are only a handful of vehicles listed, there are plenty of ways to fasten roof racks to your vehicle.

Within the range we have steel roof racks that mount to single cab utes, ½ length racks, ¾ length racks, full length tradie racks,full length steel racks and more!


Not only are our racks built strong, we build them to last and all Adventure Kings Steel Roof Racks are powder coated with a corrosion resistant and hard wearing black powder coating for ultimate all weather durability.


With the reliable build quality and attention to detail you can be sure that your Adventure Kings Roof Rack can stand up to massive amounts of abuse, during rain hail and shine.



The design of the Adventure Kings steel racks, offer the perfect mounting solution for all makes and sizes of the Adventure Kings Awning. The benefit to an Adventure Kings Awning represents one of the best value vehicle mounted shelters in Australia, and in just a few minutes you can be setup and sitting back in shade and dry shelter no matter what the weather conditions are doing.


An Adventure Kings Steel Roof rack finds itself ranked as one of the best foundations for an offroad touring setup, offering the ability to mount auxillary lighting such as an Adventure Kings LED Lightbar’s or Adventure Kings LED Driving lights on the easy pre-drilled mounting holes making nighttime off-road driving easy!

An Adventure Kings Steel Roof Rack is also the perfect mounting location for any other part of your dream campsite. If you’ve been eyeballing one of those mobile fortress Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents, we even have a solid steel adventure kings steel roof rack specially designed for that too with front cargo side rails ending in the front quarter there is no obstruction for folding out your rooftop tent!

An Adventure Kings Steel Roof Top Tent Rack is the perfect mounting location for any Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent, and offers simple installation with the included mounting hardware!



A set of Adventure Kings steel roof racks offer some of the toughest and best bang for buck steel roof racks available on the Australian market.


Now you are convinced that you need one of these bombproof Roof racks, there are many styles of roof rack available from within the Adventure King Steel roof rack range.


There are many styles of fitment, starting with the sturdy mounts suited to vehicles fitted with rain gutters, the gutter mounts are nearly universal fit, and simply sit within the rain gutter and clamp in place with a secondary plate. The gutter mount variety is the most versatile fit as gutter grooves have been standard equipment on many vehicles for decades.

In more recent years, vehicles come fitted with roof rack specific mounts, these mounts are situated at proprietary distances and will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, these require more specific mounts.

At the moment we carry full length rack mounts to suit the following vehicles:

  • Steel Roof Rack mounts suitable For 100/105 Series LandCruiser
  • Steel Roof Rack mounts suitable For Prado 120 Series
  • Steel Roof Rack mounts suitable For Prado 150 Series
  • Steel Roof Rack mounts suitable For 200 Series LandCruiser

With more mounting options you can shake a stick at, its easy to see how Adventure Kings tough as nails steel Roof racks have taken the australian market by storm, we haven’t even mentioned the price yet.

At nearly 1/10th the price of similar roof rack systems on the Australian market the Adventure Kings Steel roof racks are insane bang for buck, and offer plenty of value for smart shoppers looking for a sturdy and functional roof rack that looks the part, without breaking the bank.

Do yourself a favor, stop dreaming and start living right now with a solid steel torture-tested and rock solid Adventure Kings Steel Roof Rack TODAY!


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There aren’t too many things that are more intimidating or frightening, than the beginning, or starting a hobby like camping again. So we are going to attempt to remove some of the mysticism surrounding choosing the right gear for your new adventurous pastime!

Camping has to be one of the most enjoyable and commonly undertaken recreational pursuits that anyone can ever undertake. The nature of being self-reliant and by being mostly removed from the comforts found in everyday society are very primal and often leave us with a feeling of being rewarded and recharged.

Camping is an extremely social undertaking and helps us to connect with our mates, and bond with family members and create a more solid family unit. getting out camping has been scientifically shown to lower our stress levels and it opens up a whole new world of education about survival and existence to the little ones, amongst us that they’d never get in a typical classroom.

Whether you’re gearing up to go camping for the first time, or you’re just getting back into the swing of things after a long hiatus,  it’s easy to get caught up in all the different options available, with stacks of gear that makes lots of sense, with even more reasons why one piece is better than the other, it may take a little experimentation to work out exactly what gear you will need for your dream setup.

Here at 4WD Supacentre, we’ve made it our goal to ensure that whatever style of camping you choose, you will have an affordable and feature-packed range to choose from and through years of research and development, we’ve made it possible for just about anyone to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

Here’s our list of the Seven Essential bits of camping gear that’ll transform your campsite like you wouldn’t believe.

Forget what you used to know about camping because this is the future and it’s here right now;


Long gone are the days of power-hungry halogen battery powered lights or the even older gas-powered lanterns with flimsy mantles! These days LED camp lights rule supreme and there’s little wonder why.

Modern LED’s are so bright and yet because of clever circuitry, they draw such little power that you massively reduce the risk of running down your battery by accidentally leaving your LED camp lights through the night. In the awesome Illuminator range, there is both a four and a five bar LED lighting kit perfect for lighting the whole camp, in addition, you can also get ahold of the handy  1.3m LED Strip light or a 4m LED roll that’s perfect for hanging off your swag or awning.



One thing that puts a lot of people off camping, is not being able to have a clean shower every day. There is an easy solution to this problem, with the introduction of our genius 12v Portable Shower Kit! This light-weight kit runs off your car or 4WD’s cigarette lighter for power and can draw water from just about any clean source, before pumping it out of the 2m hose and the showerhead. Our favourite way of doing it to boil a billy or two of hot water, mix it with some cold water in a bucket and you’ve got a proper hot shower!



Out of everything in the Adventure Kings range, there aren’t many things we’ve sold more of than the legendary Adventure Kings roll-out side awnings and we aren’t even surprised.

An Adventure Kings Awning can be set up by just one person in just 60 seconds and they’re brilliant quality too. At 4WD Supacentre, we’ve taken the concept of a 4×4 awning to the next level by building a solid foundation that has the ability to easily attach the add-ons like awning walls, mesh floors and even fully-enclosed mozzie nets and properly enclosed tents! Campers love the modular design of our awnings which lets them set up their campsite exactly how they want it.



Adventure Kings Camping gazebos are the next big thing in the camping world because they offer instant amounts of shelter. The Adventure Kings 4wd gazebos are available in both a 3m x 3m and 6m x 3m size, and we’ve taken the same modular concept of our 4wd vehicle awnings and applied it to our gazebos too. Not only can you get a brilliant-value gazebo from 4WD Supacentre, but you can also buy side walls, mozzie nets and even fully-enclosed massive 3m x 3m tents that let you shelter the entire family!



The Adventure Kings Premium Winter/Summer sleeping bags are the top of the line and assume the throne as king of all-weather, super-comfortable sleeping bags! If you’ve been camping before and found yourself shivering through an icy cold night in a cheap and under-insulated sleeping bag, then you’ll be a convert to the versatility and practicality of these epic sleeping bags!

Rated to be comfortable and warm down to -5°C these bags are truly toasty warm resulting in a good night sleep, no matter where you end up.

One of the best features with this bag is that you don’t have to grab hold of a summer bag, through the warmer months because you can remove, the plush flannelette liners to reduce the available warmth, and as an added benefit, these two zip together.

This results in a double sleeping bag suitable for you and the better half, you can share the warmth on those cold nights but is protected by the tough poly-cotton canvas outer and soft flannel interior no matter what the weather!

Are you ready to escape?

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We’re going to help you figure this one out! Whether you are a keen camper and get itchy to get away if you haven’t out camping for more than a week or have never been camping before in your life.

We’re going to outline the 5 most common symptoms that will tell you whether or not you are overdue for a solid camping escape!   

But if you need clarification, we recommend that you seek professional advice from a trained expert at one of the many Adventure Kings Dealers and stores around Australia.

You start forgetting what day it is…

If you work a 9 – 5 office job or on are on the job site at the crack of dawn every day, the biggest alarm bell that you might be needing a trip away is, when Monday suddenly becomes Friday and no matter what you get up too, your weekends feel way too short.

When you cannot remember how long ago you just sat back and relaxed, or the last time you went somewhere new, you may be overdue for an escape!

When you start losing track of time and your attention span starts dissolving, it is our diagnosis that you stop working IMMEDIATELY and get out camping.


Difficulty getting out of bed

From time to time, it is hard to get out of bed, an obvious indicator that you need to take a camping trip, is dreaming about your dream Adventure Kings camping gear setup, from the plush 100mm thick mattress included in an Adventure Kings roof top tent to an all-weather shelter offered by an Adventure Kings Awning.

Our most common recurring dream is waking up in an Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag happy and content only to realize it is only a dream. This is our version of a night terror, and the only way to cure this is by hitting the tracks and getting a good night’s rest in the bush!


Traffic Becomes Enjoyable

To a well rested, and recently camped normal person, traffic is a catastrophe of existence. This common period of time travelling to and from work and often starts road rage fits, pent-up aggression and many other symptoms found in high stress.

Those who have had far too long in between trips away use their time in traffic as a miniature break from the complications of every-day life and also find this time pseudo-enjoyable, as driving the pride and joy even though it is on pavement feels like an escape in itself and to be fair some main city roads in Australia’s major population centers can be found in worse condition than the more recently graded sections of the ‘telegraph track’.



Here at 4WD Supacentre we are camping addicts and are constantly prowling for interesting and exciting locations that we have never been too. If you find that you spend a lot of time staring at google maps drooling over tough dirt tracks, and remote areas that are miles from population centres, you are more like the team at 4WD Supacentre and Adventure Kings than you probably thought.

If there is any solid advice worth taking from this article it is this… Upgrade your ability to location scout with a VMS Touring 700HDX GPS Navigator.

It doesn’t need constant ‘data’ access like smart phones do to search details on the map and It contains ‘Whereis’ on road maps, ‘iTopo’ and ‘Gregory’s’ off-road maps for a total of over 3000+ maps.

The VMS navigator has a 4-hour internal battery life, this allows you to virtually explore and navigate around Australia digging for those perfect campsits, which can satisfy your camping  hunger temporarily.

We find the ability to plan hitting tracks in the middle of nowhere is made so much easier with this handy device and highly reccomend getting your hands on one!

Constantly checking for new camping gear

This is the final true sign of a camping addict, scouring the internet and magazines for all the best bargains available on the best quality gear. if this is you,  you have probably found your way onto at regular intervals. This is where you will get the latest camping gear at a fraction of the price of many competitors. It’s hard to deny the intense value for money you get when you do all your own research on all the best gear to suit your needs.

These bargains are always seen when checking out the  Adventure Kings camping gear range, and the evidence of their value is that you will find gear blazoned with the famous “Kings” logo mounted to vehicles in carparks all across Australia.

At 4WD Supacentre there are mountains of gear for unbelievable prices and even with a limited budget you can get away on a weekend trips and recharge yourself ready for another week stuck at work with all of the best creature comforts.

Titan Drawer Packing Tips

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It can take a lot of thought and planning to make sure all of your camping gear fits perfectly and has a permanent place inside your Titan rear drawers.

Organisation is key to efficient travels, and with a set of  Titan rear drawers you should have an efficient and easy way to make sure you can always access what you need in an emergency situation!



When travelling or working there will always be important gear that you stash away inside your Titan rear drawers that you need to access regularly. This can include cooking gear, or a sturdy air compressor like the Thumper MKII or Thumper Max, recovery gear or even plates and cups for lunch.

To save time on the tracks and to make sure you don’t have to dig too deep inside your drawers every time you need a cup for a drink, you should pack the gear you use the most, in the easiest to access part of your Titan rear drawers.

This convenient location is towards the rear of your Titan rear drawers and nearest to the latches, this way when you open your drawers, what you are most likely to need is right there!


When packing your camping gear into your  vehicle it’s a good idea to pack all of the heavy items securely and at the bottom of the pile of gear, if you store cans and jars and other loose items in your  Titan rear drawers and fasten the bulkier gear to the heavy duty tie down points located on the top, it will stop these items from flying loose throughout the vehicle. It’s a good idea to keep the bulky and heavy things packed more forward and your lighter more delicate gear at the back of your vehicle.

This is important for a number of reasons, but primarily because when you are driving along and end up in an emergency braking situation, the lighter softer gear you have packed carries less inertia and is less likely to end up sconning you or your passengers if it breaks free.

Where the heavier gear has a tendency to continue travelling forward at great speed. This inertia acting on your heavier gear also has the potential to turn your, loafs of bread and bags of chips into a squashed pile of crumbs very quickly!




Making sure you are nourished and satisfied with food is one of the greatest primal instincts, this is why it is important to pack your food with “preservation” in mind. The roughest tracks can shake, bounce and squash some of your favourite trackside delicacies into a pulp, the same is true by simply driving along well-maintained roads. Making planned cuisine more like a lucky dip, than what you were originally planning when you visited the supermarket.

To prevent your breakfast lunch and dinner becoming moosh, a small plastic ‘food box’ available for a couple of dollars from the hardware store, will protect all of your foodstuffs from being destroyed after a few minutes on the tracks. It’s also handy for taking your food, out of the vehicle and out to the location you are cooking.



When the fecal matter hits the fan knowing where all of your emergency gear is located, includes your Hercules Recovery gear, Comprehensive first aid Kit and even your Fire extinguisher.

Your emergency gear should always be readily accessible and handy for unexpected encounters on the tracks.

We always pick a spot when organising our Titan rear drawers to stash all of our emergency gear, that way you can save a lot of time and avoid having to unpack and repack all of your equipment when the pressure is on. Personal history shows that it is always a good idea to notify your passengers of the location of this emergency gear so in the case of a real emergency they will be able to help you out by quickly grabbing the gear you need!

This has saved us in at least 2 or 3 different events where dry grass found its way to the exhaust headers and nearly burnt our car to the ground.

This comes in way more handy than people give it credit for you never know where or when you will encounter an emergency and who you might need to help out when you are far from civilisation.


These are just a couple of tips to help you pack your Titan Rear Drawers more efficiently but you can experiment to see what works best for your setup!


A 240v Generator Is An Unbeatable Workhorse!

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Here at 4WD Supacentre, we know that 4WDing and camping is all about getting away from it all and finding the serenity in beautiful picture-perfect camp setups, where you can kick back relax and forget about the real world. And once upon a time escaping the business of life involved roughing it, on thin ground sheets with no mattress and removing yourself far away from the mod-cons of life. Our mission here at 4WD Supacentre is to allow every single Aussie to get out and go camping, with more of the everyday comforts they are used too!

The Adventure Kings gear range is a combination of incredible value and excellent quality, this affordability opens up a world of self-sufficient camping that has been out of reach for so many for so long, and now means all of your friends and family who may have been so far unpersuaded can be convinced to head out into the bush with you more often.

One of the best ways you can make your campsite more comfortable is by bringing mains power with you. A portable generator like the 2kVa or the Colossus 3.5kVa generator can easily make sure that all of your creature comforts can come with you to camp and turn your setup into a home away from home!

Power Just About Anything, ANYWHERE!

No matter what your fresh camping buddies want to bring to camp, with a reliable generator it shouldn’t be a problem. After a fresh rinse with the Adventure Kings 12v portable shower, or from swimming all day they can use a hairdryer to get to bed with dry hair.

Or if you camp out of a caravan with air conditioning, you’ll be able to keep cool through the middle of those hot summer nights and stay warm in the dead of winter.

Whether it’s a microwave, a coffee maker, a tele and sat dish to watch the footy from wherever you are or just about any other 240v-powered accessories, a generator does a great job of bringing a few extra creature comforts with you to camping.

Both the 2kVa and the Colossus 3.5kVa generators are extremely easy to use, both generators utilise a reliable four-stroke motor, this means they run on the same unleaded fuel you get from the bowser a good solution to saving time with calculations and the oily mess you get attempting to pre-mix two-stroke oil into the fuel, the issue of fouling plugs and then wondering if you’ve got the mixtures right and then being smoked out when it eventually does run. The Kings range completely bypass this hassle and are super easy to use, easy to start and they’ll run for hours on just a couple of litres of standard unleaded fuel.


The whole point of dragging a 4 stroke generator is to produce easy power, but you cannot call that power easy if you’re constantly lugging and heaving to get it in and out of your 4WD or van!

Both models of Adventure Kings generators are lightweight and compact making them easily portable. Designed with easy to grapple carry handles, the Colossus 3.5kVa generator even comes with four heavy-duty lockable wheels to make moving it and storing a breeze! That’s exactly what you want when setting up at camp, being able to easily transport it away from the campsite to minimize noise.



No matter how long you have been camping, we’ve all mismanaged our battery voltage and had to dance around with jumper leads first thing in the morning to revive our vehicles battery almost like a defibrillator. In these circumstances a generator steps up to the plate and comes into it’s own.

The simple pull of a starter cord and all worries are alleviated, you can have your batteries charging back up to full in no time using a 240v battery charger! If you’re the kind of camper who stays in one spot for days at a time, running a 240v battery charger off your generator for about two hours every afternoon will ensure your batteries stay completely topped-up the entire time.



The Adventure Kings generators are more valuable than just a tool for comfortable camping.

When you are on the jobsite, the Colossus 3.5kva generator can easily run electricity hungry power-tools when you can’t get access to mains power with a crazy 3500w of output, you can run heavy duty drop saws, and other 240v mains tools.
With more and more power outages, it’s a good idea to keep your Generator topped up with fuel at home in the event that power goes out you’ll always have an easy backup power source.

Plus if you’ve got a 20L jerry can of unleaded fuel and your Adventure Kings generator, you’ll be able to keep the fridge running smoothly for days. That definitely makes a Kings generator one of the best purchases you’ll ever make!

Easy Ways To Keep Your New Swag Clean

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There’s nothing like the excitement of opening up your brand new camping gear! The way it smells when it comes out of the box, the way everything just works perfectly, how clean it is.

The first thing many people do, is pull everything out of the box and set up their swag right up in the living room, and there is a good to fair chance, that if you set up your swag in the living room like we did, you ended up sleeping in it the first night, right there on the floor.

Naturally though, when you start to use your swag out in the real world at your favourite campsite it will get a little grubby. That’s just what happens when you go camping!

That doesn’t mean you have to put up with a dirty swag that looks grubby and worn out. In fact, it’s very simple to keep your Adventure Kings swag looking fresh and clean if you follow a couple of basic steps.

Look after your swag and it will give you years of faithful service, and every night will be as comfortable as the last. Here’s our guide to keeping your new swag looking good and working like new!




The simplest and easiest way to keep your new swag’s mattress clean, is to use a fitted sheet like the one you use on your bed at home. Get one on your mattress as soon as you first set your swag up, and then leave it in there.

By fitting a sheet to keep your mattress clean, climbing into bed whilst wearing grubby clothes won’t get your whole mattress filthy, and cleaning is as simple as making your bed when you get home.




If you can create a clean environment under your swag, you’ll stop all the dirt and sand getting into it. The Kings mesh floors are purpose designed and let soil, sand, dust and dirt to fall through,  simply throw one down at camp before you roll out your swag and you’ll create a nice clean space to sit your swag on.



Before you pack your swag away, particularly for long-term storage is to unzip your swag and gut your swag, give your mattress and sheets a good shake-up. If you put them on the bonnet of your car and use the dustpan and broom to sweep out the dirt and sand that has been hiding away under the mattress. Then, one-by-one and take the queen sized mattress, the sheets and sleeping bag and give them all a good shake-out and put them back in. Your swag will be beautifully clean and perfectly made for your next camping adventure!



A cheap dustpan from the $2 store should be something that lives in the back of every 4WD. We use it all the time when the wind changes and blows a few ashes from the fire across our swags. A quick brush-off every now and then keeps your swag canvas looking fresh and avoids filthy ashy and sooty marks. we also use ours for cleaning out the back of the car and brushing sand off our feet before jumping into the sheets.



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If you’ve been using your swag a lot recently, you should definitely treat it to a bath the next time you have a spare hour one weekend.

It’s easier than it sounds, simply undo the swag zippers, remove everything and hang your swag on your clothesline. Give it a solid spray down with the garden hose, then give it a decent sponge down with warm, soapy water using mild dish soap.

No harsher cleaning chemicals are ever required and in fact, anything harsher than mild soap can cause damage the canvas. once it is clean you can give it a good rinse with the hose and leave it out to dry completely out of direct sunlight.

Once it is dry you can consider it clean and seasoned!




The Adventure Kings swags use big heavy duty self-healing zippers that run smoothly and beautifully, but after a couple of months of use in dusty dirty environments, the zippers can naturally start to gunk up a little. The solution is as simple as a very small amount of lubrication from a bar of soap all along the length of the zipper, especially if you’ve just washed it like in point 5 above. Be sparing with the soap, you don’t need to apply too much – but you’ll be amazed just how good the zippers instantly feel again.

Cold Weather Camping Made Easy With Kings

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Camping in summer is easy, the sun is shining, the beers are frosty cold, and the days are long and mostly carefree and if Instagram is anything to go by, millions are pining for those lost days relaxing and passing the time.


Even with the summer lusting going on, there are places that no matter how much we want to go, they are best avoided during the summer months, as they are simply too hot and steamy to relax at, and if our experience is anything to go by you should wait until you get to those months where the mercury has dropped to a reasonable temperature.


And when all is said and done, you might even find you prefer camping in the cooler months.

Some gross miss estimations have been made about winter camping this is usually due to a bad experience caused by poor preparation and taking the wrong gear.

The first step to staying warm and keeping sane when it’s cooler, is by making sure that you have a cozy warm sleeping bag, this will make sure you don’t get the shivers in the middle of the night.The Adventure Kings premium sleeping bag is perfect for the job. It can keep you warm in temperatures down to around minus 5 Celsius, but also allows for the removal of the internal flannelette lining, so you can use it during summer as well. Best of all, they are very affordable.


If you have the space to allow for it in the back of your vehicle, or up on the Kings Roof Racks you may find that a bigger swag is better in winter. The Adventure Kings Big Daddy. Having a bigger swag means you can keep your clothes bag, or at least a spare change of clothes in there with you, so you can get into your clothes before you get out of your swag in the cool air of a winter morning. If you’re in the Big Daddy swag with your partner, you can grab 2 of the premium Adventure Kings sleeping bags in a combo and zip them together working like a double sleeping bag.

If you’re sleeping by yourself and take a smaller swag with you, it’s a good idea to pair it with an Adventure Kings Sumo stretcher. This will keep you up off the ground and is another good way to help stay warm. When you are on the ground thermal conductivity has the potential to pull the warmth straight out of your body, so every extra bit if insulation will help you out.

Another way to stay warm is by cooking your meals over the campfire. A Steel BBQ Hotplate or cast-iron skillet work great for cooking over a fire, and coupled with a Bedourie Camp Oven you can cook just about anything!


If you have the space to carry it, you should checkout the Adventure Kings camp oven/stove. These are an affordable and portable campfire which can provides plenty of warmth for the whole camping crew, and with its adjustable temperature setting with an adjustable flue for excellent temperature control and is a great surface to cook on. They’re also quick to assemble and easy to transport.

It’s not all rainbows and puppy dogs, going camping in the colder months, it can pay to be prepared for rainy weather, the combination of being wet and being cold, is made a hell of a lot worse when you’re wet. A good way to stay dry at camp is to set up underneath an Adventure Kings awning they are made from a waterproof 260gsm ripstop fabric to cook underneath and hang out, sheltered from the rain.


The best laid plans of mice and men, means that eventually, you may get wet, if you do happen to get wet, it’s good idea to have an Adventure Kings dirty gear bag with you. The dirty gear bags are heavy duty waterproof material and have a drainage hole at the bottom, so they’re perfect for stashing wet and muddy clothes and keeping your vehicles cab clean and dry.


If you anticipate the turning weather that you might encounter and take clothing that is adequate for the cold temperatures, there is a real possibility that you may find winter camping very enjoyable. The warm coffee in the morning tastes better, and a hot meal at dinner time is that much sweeter.

Checkout These Expert Tips For Setting Up Camp!

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Camping for work is a dream that only a handful of people can make happen. But for those lucky people who manage it, there are a handful of critical must-have pieces of gear that make the difference, so we are going to share these pro tips on how to have one of the most comfortable camping setups around!

Shade and shelter

Australia is a land of contrast and no matter what season it is, the weather can change in an instant, with parts of Tassie receiving snowfall in the dead of summer and parts of the vast and unrelenting desert flooding to the horizon, turning red sand into a paradise filled with seabirds!

Regardless of where you are heading and why you are going there a solid shelter that is both waterproof and UV resistant are critical when you are out camping and 4WDing. Making use of an Adventure Kings Gazebo, or an Adventure Kings awning, your whole setup will stay high and dry, whilst also keeping the scorching sun off your back.

When touring around the absolute convenience of an Adventure Kings awning means that no matter where you pull up you can have shelter, this is perfect for trackside lunch stops and quick overnight camps, where the old-fashioned method of awkwardly stringing out a tarp has become obsolete and replaced by the easy and versatile setup of unrolling an Adventure Kings Awning!


Comfortable Bedding

When you have to spend time away from your comfortable bed at home, its easy to assume that you will never have a good night’s sleep. But the longer you escape the more important it is to get a good night’s rest, and to support your back at night when you are asleep.

A good quality mattress like the thick 70mm Open cell mattress found in a Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag offers support whilst keeping you up off the hard and rocky ground. Whilst the open cell foam allows body moisture to breathe away from you without getting clammy.

A thick mattress with a foam core revolutionized the way we camp in the bush and can change your life!

If you are chasing comfort but haven’t kitted yourself out with a Big Daddy Deluxe Swag, you can always add extra comfort an Adventure Kings Self inflating mattress offers even more thickness for 100mm of protection against the cold ground and uneven surfaces.

Eat well!

Cooking on the tracks used to be a challenge, but not anymore, with more options than ever to channel your inner Gordon Ramsey and get creative with food on the tracks, there is no reason to resort to tinned baked beans or burned sausages on a stick.

A combination of the Kings Camp Oven/Stove and the Bedourie spun steel camp ovens, coupled with the Adventure Kings BBQ Tools you have the options to roast, fry, boil, bake, and stew, and all with adjustable heat from the temperature regulator in the flue.

There is little contention that campfire cooking is a different beast to what it once was, and with all the right tools and a little preparation your campsite meals, can be something to look forward to enjoying instead of being something you couldn’t finish quick enough to avoid tasting it on the way down!

Keep cool under pressure!


This is a fairly recent development in the camping world, with the ability to keep food and drinks fresh just like your refrigerator at home, the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer offers one of the best value portable refrigeration systems on the market. Built with a highly efficient internal compressor, the computer-controlled temperature settings allow you to keep your food and drinks chilled to the perfect temperature.

The Kings refrigeration system, is not the first refrigerator on the market, but it is one of the first available for under $700 whilst still having the fully adjustable +10°C to -18°C temperature range. The reversibility of the lid allows you to place the refrigerator anywhere in your vehicle whilst still being able to easily access all of your chilled goods inside.

With an appropriate setup 12v system and auxiliary charging system like a 12V solar panel you can setup camp and stay put for days without requiring a restock of ice or risk of completely disabling your ability to start your vehicle with a flat battery.

Try these techniques and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the comfort and ease of setting up camp anywhere in Australia – We can’t wait to see you out on the tracks!

5 Ways To Improve Your 4WD Touring!

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First and foremost, you shouldn’t head out on a long journey without knowing where you are going. If you want to find your way to and from some of Australia’s most beautiful, ancient and iconic landscapes you are wise to think about a GPS navigator, like the VMS Touring 700HDX with the most reliable turn by turn navigation available priced near enough to half of what many others are charging for devices with less versatility.

The VMS Touring 700HDX offers unrivalled on and off-road navigations and with a built-in battery, you have up to 4 hours at camp to plan the next days travels. With a 7” touch screen display, you can intuitively inspect the various routes to your next destination trouble free and without reception.


When travelling far and wide in a 4WD, particularly through remote areas, it is almost inevitable that you will find a section of track that will get you seriously stuck, far away from help. So the art of self-recovery is a very important skill to learn, and to keep practiced in. There are many methods of self-recovery you could learn but one of the most vital pieces of gear you can carry is a Kwiky Tyre Deflator, and a set of MAXTRAX recovery boards.  By lowering your tyre pressures, you can gain more than double the contact area of a tyre inflated to highway pressures, this will decrease the pressure on the surface and resist your tyres from digging into soft surfaces, this can also help your tyres grip onto your MAXTRAX recovery boards meaning that even deep soft sand and mud are no problem for a solo traveler.

Another helpful but less necessary self-recovery tool is a powerful and reliable 12,000lb winch like the Domin8r X 7.2HP winch. With many fancy features, a solid winch is known for one thing, the ability to easily yank your 4WD free from tricky situations when coupled with a fully kitted out recovery kit.


Pack More Efficiently

This one doesn’t just apply for long distance trips away, it is particularly relevant for anyone who chooses to hit the tracks. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules for packing more efficiently, cargo organisers like the Titan Rear Drawers allow you to access your gear after it has been packed. Being able to easily find gear located at the bottom of your vehicle when you need it most is quite important.

By thinking about how you pack, means that you should be able to get to most of your gear fairly quickly without unpacking all of your equipment from the back of your 4WD.

Another way you can pack your gear more efficiently is by installing a Roof Rack to your vehicle. A rated Steel Roof Rack like the type found at 4WD Supacentre, allow you to store bulky and space consuming gear, onto your roof. This clears up the internal space within your vehicle making visibility clearer and makes accessing smaller items in the back of your 4WD much easier.


Be Prepared

This is more than just an old boy scout’s motto. If you are prepared it means you have thought about all of the possible problems you may face and equipping yourself  with the tools and knowledge to get yourself out!

Bringing a fully equipped tool kit like the Adventure Kings Bush Mechanic Tool Kit and enough spare parts, fencing wire, sticky tape, and water dispersant spray you should be able to fix just about anything mechanical that may go wrong.

By including a First Aid Kit in your gear list, and learning how to use it at an approved first aid training course, you will be equipped for nearly any medical emergency you may encounter in your long journeys on the tracks. simply having a first aid kit isn’t enough.
Enjoy yourself!

This part is too easily forgotten, some people are overcome with the frustrations of not having all of the modern conveniences at hand all the time. So this instantly becomes our most important rule of all! DON’T FORGET WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING!


Long trips like those undertaken in a 4WD become memories for that you’ll remember for a lifetime, so take more photos than you think you’ll need and enjoy every moment!

Affordable 4WDing and camping is more popular than ever!

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Recently the Australian online retailer, 4WD Supacentre just passed an epic milestone of over 400,000 Facebook followers. This positive news comes after an impressive string of brand new product releases in the first quarter of the year to add to dozens of product lines that offer the same unbeatable value for money that the Adventure Kings moniker has come to represent!

The company started in 2012 and is heading into its 6th year of operation and whilst being a relatively young organization, the knowledge base of the team is grounded with plenty of experience in product development and research to create what is now their industry shaking strategy of providing good quality gear within a very affordable price range. Over the last few years Adventure Kings has single-handedly changed the way that many Australian’s camp.


Due to the increased cost of living in major cities across the country, and less disposable income than has been available for decades, an affordable break from the everyday stresses and strains of working life has become the go to choose for many Australian families and young couples.

No matter the style of camping or 4WDing Adventure Kings offers a range of great gear that suits most setups. With recovery gear, cooking equipment, and even performance vehicle upgrades and modifications like Suspension and exhaust systems, more Aussies can now escape the hustle and bustle of city life and get in touch with nature whilst still bringing many of the creature comforts required to make trips away more enjoyable.


Adventure Kings 4WD and camping gear offers many of the same features and quality found with more expensive brands on the market and by selling much larger quantities than the competition for dramatically reduced prices, Adventure Kings is able to offer well designed and performance-oriented gear at incredibly affordable prices.


The recent industry push for budget-oriented camping gear has been reflected through the entire range of gear in the Adventure Kings lineup with Rooftop Tents priced at nearly one third of similar units on the market whilst maintaining comfort, weatherproofing, durability and ease of use, whilst the range of LED Spotlights in the Adventure Kings lineup are around 10 times more affordable than similar performance counterparts on the market.

The affordable price point and feature packed nature of the Kings range has attracted many Aussies who simply cannot afford “the top brands” but desire the functionality and practicality of well-built gear!

Thanks to all the tough work by Adventure Kings, it has come to be that many other brands have had to reduce margins to remain competitive on the Australian market but in doing this have failed to match the reputation for excellent value for money the Adventure Kings brand has always represented.

49,727 REAL WORLD Lumens for under $700!

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There are bucketloads of effective LED Driving Lights available on the market, some boast the brightest Light, some boast the longest range, but only one can boast the best bang for buck and that is the Adventure Kings 9” LED Driving Lights.

But just how much of an industry shaker are Adventure Kings killer LED Driving lights? Some manufacturers are selling their LED Driving Lights for over $700 per light and that doesn’t even include a wiring harness, so like for like, how many NATA accredited Lumens of LED light could you add to your vehicle for the price of just 1 spotlight from the opposition worth over $700 from Adventure Kings range of LED Lighting?


Illuminator 9″ Round LED Driving Lights (Pair) – 18,000 Lumens (per pair)

These are just about one of the industries heaviest hitters, designed to rival some of the most premium LED Spotlights on the market, they offer nearly the same output as their expensive counterparts. With a NATA accredited rating of just over 9,000 Lumens per unit, the Adventure Kings Illuminator 9” LED Spotlights mean serious business, with the semi-focused beams being able to reach out past 700m easily.

With a tough 3 bolt mounting bracket and vibration proof aiming bracket, these bright lights will stay true even on tough and ready corrugations.

Waterproof and dustproof these spotlights are also independently rated for IP68 ingress protection, this means they can withstand water depths of up to 1m for over an hour, perfect for mud puddles and river crossings. The spread of these spotlights is fairly focused with an even and clear spillover pattern that illuminates the edges of the track, offering one of the most usable LED Spotlights we’ve had the pleasure of using!    

Illuminator 7″ Round LED Driving Lights (Pair) – 10,500 Lumens (per pair)

These are the little brother of the Adventure Kings Illuminator 9” LED Spotlight, the Illuminator 7” Round LED Driving Lights, offering many of the same features of the 9” LED Spotlight, such as IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating, coupled with the same type of spread in a much more compact unit measuring only 7” across, it easily fits between many factory bulbars found on modern vehicles.

The 7” LED Spotlights have the ability to reach out to 475m, don’t pack the same massive punch as the larger 9” spotties, but offer plenty of wallop for such a compact package!


Domin8r 42″ LED Light Bar – 13,111 Lumens

The Domin8r series of LED Lightbars is one of the most advanced LED Lightbars available on the Australian market, using 3 rows fitted with a series of deep projection focused beam LED COBs in the center coupled with wide and deep shared reflectors on either end to give a massive 140° for the absolute widest possible spread of light.

The Domin8r 42″ LED Light Bar has a rated effective range of 327m and rated to IP68 waterproofing and with tough and optically clear polycarbonate lenses, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this revolutionary LED Lightbar unit!


2x Illuminator MKII 6″ LED Light Bar – 2,646 Lumens

Ideal as camp flood lights or clear white auxiliary reverse lights, the Illuminator MKII 6” LED Lightbars offer a compact and reliable light source with an effective and usable range out past 100m they pack a punch and with a pair, we’re sure you will be thoroughly impressed with the spread and light output of these awesome LED Lights.

IP68 rated they are even suitable for low mounting on your rear bar, just remember this when you are bottoming out on the dunes or in the mud!
Domin8r 22″ LED Light Bar – 5,470 Lumen

This bright and clever Domin8r 22″ LED Light Bar, offers many of the same features as the Domin8r 42″ LED Light Bar except much more compact, the handy size is perfect for mounting low on a bulbar, or even between the cross bars of traditional 2 post design front bars, and is the perfect compliment to the 9” LED Spotlights or the 7”.


Coupled with all of the advantages of these lights you can still afford 5 of the easy plug and play, Illuminator LED Wiring harnesses, with included H4 and HB3 Light globe adaptors you can simply piggyback your headlights high beam operation, and have a wall of light every time you hit the highs!

With all of this incredible value LED Lighting, you won’t be disappointed, and all of it is less than the price of just 1 spotlight and no wiring harness from a “premium” brand. We know which way we prefer to go!

TOTAL = 49,727 REAL WORLD Lumens for under $700!

Tips For Keeping Your Car Tidy!

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Keeping up on maintenance on your vehicle, can take a variety of forms, this applies even if you aren’t mechanically minded. Focusing on the small details can make spending time in your 4WD lots more enjoyable and can potentially even prolong the overall life of our off-road vehicles.


If you’ve been to the desert you’ll already know that red bulldust is a serious nuisance. You don’t have to get too far away from the big smoke to have it start finding gaps in your weather seals and into your air vents building up inside your vehicle and waiting for you to turn on the fan ready for a big dusting a couple of weeks later.

Keeping on top of the dust build up in your vehicle by vacuuming and wiping it out after each trip will help minimize long term buildup and prolong the life of every component in your vehicle and maintain visibility of your dials. To help combat the thick dust build up Adventure Kings make a quality set of deep dish rubber floor mats that easily catch the dust and these are a great investment. They can save a lot of time in vacuuming as you can just pick the mat up and tip the dust outside. You’ll be amazed how much red dirt can build up in a vehicle after spending all day on corrugated roads!


The Adventure Kings deep dish rubber floor mats aren’t just great for outback trips where the red dust is a problem; they’re great for beach trips as well. Consider how much easier your life will be when you have these on the floor of the back seat after your kids come in after having a swim and a run back up the beach to hop in the car! The tidy up is a pain, but the grit can become a real problem when not tended to in reasonable time causing wear and tear on your interior.


The upholstery on seats is a particular spot that needs special attention in a vehicle; especially when it starts to get a bit older. Adventure Kings make a couple of different multi fit seat covers that you should definitely consider looking at. Not only do they keep your seats in good nick, but they make them more comfortable by adding additional padding and are made from a waterproof material which makes them a breeze to clean as well. Keeping your seat covers clean also helps to minimize the amount of dust floating around the cab.


Gear rolling around the back of a vehicle can cause spills, dings and breaks. It doesn’t take much to ruin your carpet with loose gear. Adventure Kings sell a variety of storage boxes that make packing a vehicle an easy task, and they keep all of your gear in one spot so it doesn’t float around and become hard to find. Another good solution to keep your gear sorted is to put some Adventure Kings car seat organisers on the front seats. Having gear floating around the cab can actually be a safety concern when driving in steep country as it can fly backwards or forwards quickly and cause some real damage to either your windscreen, or the occupants of the vehicle.


Taking care of the little things doesn’t just refer to the inside of your vehicle. Our spare wheels are usually out in the elements getting covered in dust and mud. This doesn’t present a problem most of the time, but if you do need to change a wheel over, grit in the stud holes can sometimes wear out threads. So an Adventure Kings spare wheel cover is a cheap way of protecting your wheel and preventing this from happening. They also look great!


For those of you who want a bit more piece of mind about your vehicles bodywork and the safety of your family, a VMS reverse camera is an easy to install gadget that couples easily to a VMS touring 700HDX and makes it much easier for you to see where you are backing up. Plenty of us have gear stacked high in the back of our vehicles so it can be hard to navigate with confidence whilst reversing in both tight shopping centre carparks, or backing up along sketchy bush tracks to try a new line on a slippery ascent, it can also help you see if anyone is behind you, there is no worse thought than accidentally hitting a pedestrian whilst reversing.


Lastly, keeping an eye on our engines is one of the most important precautions we can take with our vehicles. Noticing problems early could be the difference between finishing a trip and not, or a small fix it job and a massive repair bill. For this reason you need to grab yourself an Engine Data Scan computer, this plug and play device offers readouts on all of your engines vital signs via the OBD2 port and makes sure you have an absolute heads up on what is happening under the bonnet, you shouldn’t leave for a big trip without one.


Don’t become intimidated by the little things we can do to look after our vehicles. Work through each step one at a time. Keeping on top of little issues is far better than letting them become big issues.

5 Tips to a Pro-level Campsite!

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There are a lot of tips and tricks to getting a campsite to be the envy of all other campers around, with top quality gear now becoming more and more affordable and easily available online.

We’re going to cover 5 of our favorite top tips to turn your campsite into one tip-top setup for less than you imagined!



The best foundation for any campsite is a waterproof and UV proof shelter. Within the Adventure Kings range there are a handful of shelters that offer exactly that!

On offer within the Adventure Kings Awnings range are 4 separate sizes of UPF50+ rated waterproof awnings that quickly and easily are installed to just about any vehicle, and provide nearly instant shelter for rain, hail or shine, and have become to be known as the go to vehicle mounted shelter across Australia!

Also within the Adventure Kings range is 2 different sizes of waterproof Gazebo’s, both a 3m x 3m and a 6m x 3m. These both offer 2380mm of head height and a massive peaked roof that allows water to shed without pooling.

Both the Adventure Kings Awnings and Adventure Kings Gazebos offer the ability to add a range of accessories like walls, mosquito nets and quick connect tents, along with clever mesh flooring.



When heading off camping, it’s easy to assume that sleep is something that won’t come easily, this is before you’ve tried the Adventure Kings Self inflating mattress, made to be a suitable replacement for the queen size mattress included in the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swags.

Supremely comfortable the 100mm thick mattress is cored with a comfortable memory foam and will offer supreme insulation even on freezing cold winter nights.

Coupled with a set of Adventure Kings premium sleeping bags you can tailor the temperature to suit all year long, summer to winter.



One of the best campsite improvements that anyone can make is a reliable and efficient 12v refrigeration system. Adventure Kings offers a handful of different sizes of refrigerators to rival many of the “expensive brands” using industry standard internal components and offering the same temperature sensing circuitry found on units that are over 3 times the price.


The Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer has a massive 81 can internal capacity, this is plenty of space to fit all of the fresh meat and vege’s as well as all of the icy cold cans you require at camp and with minimal drain on your 12v system, meaning a longer time at camp without the need to replenish ice or stocks.


When camping, many people think that tinned food is your only option. But with all of the options available in the Adventure Kings cooking range, you can bake, roast, stew, bbq, fry, sizzle your way to gourmet trackside meals!

With the Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ, you have a combination hotplate and grill and a fully closable hood for roasting. Coupled with a full sized 9kg gas bottle you will have hours of burn time.

If a gas BBQ is not up your alley, a simple Bedourie camp oven allows you the ability to fry, bake and stew over the hot coals from a fire.

Whatever method you choose to cook your food with by grabbing a set of Adventure Kings BBQ Tools you have all the tools you need to flip, turn and clean your cooking gear with all stashed neatly in a handy tool roll.




There is no denying, when the sun goes down and the moon isn’t around, it can get pretty dark at night and whilst your campfire offers a reasonable amount of light it’ll be next to useless for preventing you tripping on guy lines and finding the zipper to your swag when you want to hit the hay.

Good thing for you the Adventure Kings range has a massive selection of adjustable and easy to use LED Camp lighting, including battery-powered LED head lights all the way up to fully customizable LED Camp lighting strips with individual dimmer switches and extension leads.

With the options to light up certain parts of camp, and being LED operated, you can even forget to turn them off when you hit the sack and still be able to start your car in the morning.

It’s hard to deny the extraordinary value for money afforded with the Adventure Kings range of camping equipment for getting your campsite on track!

Trackside Tips and Tricks

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When journeying via the roads less travelled, there are many obstacles and perils of travel that can stop your travels dead in your tracks and prevent you from getting to camp. So we are going to show you some awesome bushman tips and tricks to make sure you get to where you are going no dramas!



One of the most overlooked and underestimated pieces of gear is a rated drag chain. With the ability to hook it around debris like fallen trees or boulders, a Hercules drag chain offers a sturdy and durable method for clearing sections of track without fear of rips or damaging stitching, that you would have using a tree trunk protector or winch extension strap.

Many 4WD tracks are maintained by the relevant authorities, but the more remote sections could go un monitored for days, weeks or months. This is why it is important to bring with you at least a light weight compact bush saw (suitable for trees up to around 20-30cm in diameter a winch extension strap and a drag chain to cut and pull the blockage out of the road.

For many years the users of tracks were the ones responsible for maintaining them for future use, this lost art could leave you stuck looking for a solution due to lack of preparation!



One of the biggest difficulties in passing tough sections of track is being hung up or high sided in deep ruts or being crossed up on rocky sections. There is no simple solutions to this other than fitting massive tyres, and big suspension lift. If you are like us and cannot afford the sacrifices to onroad handling, there is a simple solution that has been a go to piece of gear for decades. Once known as a farm jack, an Offroad Jack offers over 1 tonne of safe lifting capacity, and the ability to lift your whole 4WD over 1m off the ground, this has to be one of the best solutions to picking your 4WD up off its chassis and packing under your tyres to get your through the deep sections.

The benefit to a Hercules Offroad Jack is that when it is coupled with an Offroad Jack Baseplate, it works equally well on soft sand, allowing you to lift your stuck 4WD out of the bog, giving you the ability to pack sand under your tyres, leaving you to simply drive out of trouble.


The go to piece of recovery gear for decades has always been a 4WD recovery winch, but until recently they have always been prohibitively expensive, reserving the luxury of solo 4WDing to those with massive cheque books or thick wallets. With a Domin8r X 12,000lb winch you can save more cash and fit a huge hitting winch for far less than you imagined.

With 26m of UHMWP synthetic line fitted with a hook, now self-recoveries are made simpler and less stressful when coupled with a sturdy recovery kit!

 Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-133 on


No 4WD trip should be undertaken without even a simple recovery kit such as the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit. Complete with everything needed for single or double line pull winch recoveries, a snatch strap, a shovel, gloves and even a Kwiky Tyre Deflator for better grip and accurate tyre pressures!


No matter how well prepared and well maintained your 4WD is, when you hit the tracks it is almost inevitable that with the rugged terrain, sticks, thick mud and rocks will potentially cause damage to your vehicle. To be absolutely prepared for anything a good quality tool kit like the Adventure Kings Bush Mechanic Tool Kit has nearly everything that you require to help get your 4WD back home or to the mechanic so you can get the broken or damaged parts replaced.

With over 150 components, including a hammer, hacksaw, sockets and spanners, through-tang screwdrivers with a tough hex head on the heel you can hit with a hammer and plenty of extra room to add spare gaffer tape, fencing wire, and your water dispersant spray of choice there is little to no reason not to bring a solid tool kit like this on the tracks with you!

Low Range Gear Selection Guide

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When getting started with what will become a life-long obsession with off road driving, it’s easy to be confused about which low range gear to choose when the tracks get a bit challenging. So we are going break down the basics to help you choose the correct gear for the situation you are in!

It is also worth noting that any time you have your low range engaged, you are more than likely going to require more grip and better traction, so deflating your tyres with a purpose made tool like the Kwiky Tyre Deflator, will give you double the footprint giving you excellent grip and will also protect your tyres from punctures and tears when off road!


First things first when your transfer gearbox has low range engaged, you will now be travelling at approximately 1/3 of your regular high range driving speed with the same amount of additional torque being able to be applied. There are a handful of situations where low range is required, such as getting free from soft sand, ascending or descending steep terrain, water crossings and climbing through rock steps. Low range can also be used to control your speed for example big down hills where a higher gear could ‘run away’ and travel much faster than anticipated, or where using excessive braking could impact your disc temperatures and cause brake fade, and potential lockups which can effectively speed up your rate of descent on slippery surfaces resulting in no control. The use of low range also minimizes clutch usage, which can overheat and cause your clutch to burn out or glaze over causing unnecessary clutch slippage.


When taking off from a stop 2nd gear low range can be used as a starting gear just like 1st gear high range when on normal roads. Second gear low is torquey enough but still slow enough for offroad driving, whilst leaving the ultra-slow 1st gear low range available for additional torque during hill starts, downhill engine braking or where you need extra control and grip when things get tough.



Many 4WD transfer gear boxes are designed with low range to be able to drive slowly and in control, if you are driving at speeds below 40-50km/h you shouldn’t need to change back into High range, however, travelling much faster and you’ll both be wasting fuel by keeping RPMs higher, and you will also be putting a lot of unnecessary strain on your drivetrain.


5th gear is essentially overdrive, and because of the intense loads and stresses on a 4WD drivetrain whilst offroad, there is never a situation where you need to use 5th whilst offroad, and certainly not whilst in low range. Leave this handy fuel saver for the highway and keep 4th for the tracks!



The additional torque and grip whilst in 1st gear low is ideal for climbing and crawling on rocks it offers much more control than the faster gears and because of the slower pace, means you are less likely to bounce and hop which can do damage to your vehicle. The Additional torque offered by the low range 1st gear means you also have less chance of slipping tyres and losing control whilst you are attempting to get your 4WD through slow sections of track.


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The point of your low range gears is slower controlled driving, so when attacking a steep hill climb it is best to attempt the climb in 1st or 2nd gear low range, anything higher will result in your vehicle bouncing around, and kicking you out of the ruts you chose, this can result in less traction and could end up putting you on a different line which can be dangerous and unpredictable.


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When descending down a hill or embankment it is best to maintain control by engaging 1st or 2nd gear low range, this will make sure your brakes don’t lock on loose surfaces resulting in out of control sliding. It is also best to avoid using your clutch and avoid changing gear as this will leave you out of control and put you and your vehicle in potential danger quicker than you could realilse.


When driving in the dunes, the goals are a little bit different as momentum is a massive factor in sand driving. 2nd or 3rd gear low range will allow more pace and momentum for the climb, but 4th gear may even be necessary to maintain a higher speed for the run up.  But the conditions and your vehicle may vary, so start slow and work your way up, there is no point in hitting a dune too fast, you risk getting airborne and setting off airbags, breaking suspension components or having a collision with unsuspecting victims on the other side of the crest.
Going down sand dunes is also a very different to a normal hill descent, sand is almost like a fluid, so by selecting 2nd gear your pace will remain higher and enable your 4WD to maintain pace with the flow of sand, creating almost a bow wave in front of your vehicle, this will act as a cushion that will help keep your vehicle in control.

When sand driving it is wise to use common sense and good judgement!




It is best to avoid gear changes in the water, as this can allow water to get in between your friction plates and flywheel resulting in your vehicle becoming dead in the water, literally!

River crossings can be difficult are best tackled with the rig set to 2nd gear low range as you still have room to accelerate, whilst maintaining grip and traction on the riverbed. This will allow you to maintain a healthy bow wave without drowning your 4WD.

There are many situations where using low range can allow your vehicle to simply drive out of trouble, the decreased speed and increased torque means you don’t just spin tyres on the soft stuff.

By trying 1st gear with low RPM’s and turning your steering wheel left and right, you can often bite in and crawl out of soft sand, mud and greasy clay.


But if self-recovery fails  you can also use low range 1st or 2nd gear you will also have a better chance of successful Maxtrax recoveries by not spinning tyres, you are less likely to do damage to the knobbly bits on both your tyres and the MAXTRAX recovery device allowing traction to simply pull you out of the bog.

As a last resort by engaging 1st or 2nd gear low range you make a recovery using a Hercules Snatch Strap Kit much easier, it gives you maximum pulling power and with the tow vehicle also in low-range, the risk of breaking attachment points or damaging your vehicle is dramatically reduced.

Whats so good about LED Lighting??

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The end of summer hit most of us pretty hard and some of us are even facing losing an hour of usable light with the end of daylight savings approaching extremely fast. It’s nearly going to be impossible to get out and explore the vast and untamed tracks around unless you are prepared to illuminate the way ahead with your own light!

To help you combat the coming darkness and to arrive at your destination safe and sound, Adventure Kings has engineered one of the brightest and most affordable LED Spotlights on the market. The Adventure Kings 9” LED Driving Lights, being able to pick up a pair for under $200 it’s easy to instantly discredit them as cheap, but they are anything but! So listen closely, we’re going to show you why these are this seasons MUST HAVE LED DRIVING LIGHT!

Seriously Bright

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When considering which pair of LED spotlights or LED driving lights are suitable for your 4WD, many people look straight to the lumen ratings and whilst being a fairly accurate way to rate the brightness of an LED Light, there are many online numbers that have been conflated for the purpose of marketing.

At Adventure Kings we make sure that all of our LED Light range have been tested and rated by an independent NATA accredited facility, that can independently verify the performance of these lights including details like the spread range and intensity drop off (focus of the beam) for absolute confidence in them!
But before we start, what do the terms Lux and Lumens mean? we hear you ask, the two are related but the best way to think about it is like a hose nozzle with an adjustable spray pattern, the flow of water through the hose is the lumens or the “volume” of the light being put out by the lamp. The lux is the measure of the spray pattern on a 1m square area and depending on how focused “jet nozzle” the light is will affect the range of the beam. With a more “fan pattern spray” of light will light up the sides of the track but will lose some long range effectiveness, where a more focused beam will read higher lux ratings at longer distances. For some context on what the numbers mean 1 lux is approximately bright enough to read text on a white page.
Now with that clarity on the subject, when we got our results back from the lab, even we were impressed, with a genuine 18,000+ Lumens of light output our 9″ LED Driving lights  are staggeringly bright and being able to illuminate 1 lux at the range of ~560m, it’s not hard to see why these are some of the most popular spotties available on the market.

Who is Kelvin?

Now that we’ve cleared up Lumens, what is this Kelvin temperature mumbo jumbo, it seems to be all over lightbulb and LED sales material but without a clear explanation of why it is important.

The Kelvin temperature is not an actual thermometer temperature rating, but rather a description of the colour of the light output. every light source has a colour temperature associated with it, for example;

  • 1650-2000 K: Wood & Candle flame, sunrise and sunset.
  • 2700-3300 K: Incandescent light globe (with filament)
  • 4100-4150 K: moonlight
  • 5000 K: daylight on the horizon
  • 5500-6000 K: direct sunlight
  • 6500 K: Overcast day Sunlight
  • 6500-9300 K: Computer Screen

With all of these descriptions, you’ll see why LED Lights with a temperature between 6000K and 6500K are perfect for night time driving, they offer clear and bright white light that will give your eyes excellent contrast, and also to a lesser degree, help keep your attention and awareness late at night!

Bombproof – Torture tested

Every LED light sold by Adventure Kings has to be rigorously torture tested, we do this in a number of ways, including vibration, shock and impact testing, but the final and most important way is by field testing, through time in the field we can research exactly where our products might fail, and improve them, making sure that when you are relying on them, they won’t let you down!


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-128 on


Waterproof & Dustproof

with Confidence in the intensity of the light output, the value for money, and how much abuse these lights can take, the final thing to tick off the list is how waterproof and dustproof they are.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-129 on

The Adventure Kings whole range of LED Lightbars and LED Driving lights are IP67 minimum, with most of the range meeting the stricter IP68 Standard, offering a fully waterproof and dust ingress protection to a water depth of over 1m, this heavy duty seal means that no matter how gnarly the mud puddles, or how deep the creek crossings, your LED light will light up the tracks ahead without a problem.


Not only does the Adventure Kings range of led lighting offer some of the best value LED Lighting on the Australian market, it also boasts some of the best performance, certainly challenging the throne of some of the more expensive competitors, but without a doubt, the Adventure Kings 12 month warranty, offers a piece of mind unrivalled on the market.

If you were in doubt before, you certainly won’t be now, get a set of extremely bright, heavy duty waterproof LED Lights on the front of your vehicle TODAY, and find out why more people than ever before are fitting Adventure King LED lights to their vehicle for unparalleled value for money LED Lighting!


4WD supacentre BBQ for home and ute

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Cooking on a grill or BBQ is something we all love to do, whether it be at home or while out camping in the bush. The trouble is, wanting to cater to both situations can be expensive as we usually need separate gear to take camping most of the time because the stuff we use at home is too bulky. If you’re on a budget and want to be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, consider the Gasmate Voyager portable BBQ from 4wdsupacentre. It’s big enough to cook a meal for several people, yet small enough to throw in the back of a vehicle when going on a camping trip.


When we say portable, we mean it. The Gasmate Voyager portable BBQ is extremely compact as the stand folds away for easy transport. This means you’ll be able to take more of the gear you need when you go away, but it also means setting the portable BBQ up when you get to camp is a piece of cake. With a partner and kids in a vehicle, any piece of spare space is valuable, so we catered to these needs when designing the portable BBQ. It takes up no more space than an average-sized portable icebox.


Cooking over a fire is relaxing and therapeutic, but it’s no secret that it can sometimes take a fair amount of time. The Gasmate Voyager portable BBQ doesn’t have this problem, as the stainless-steel burner has good sized apertures in it, allowing it to heat up to cooking temperature in a flash. The ignition system is a rotary one, so you can be sure that won’t fail either. Less time spent heating up means you save on gas, and you have more time to do other things around camp. This style of fast cooking really lends itself well to lean steaks like rump or blade, but cooking stuff quickly with the lid down helps you get through thicker pieces of meat quickly as well. Chicken breast on a hot grill is nice for something different.


The cooking surface is built from satin enamel cast iron so it retains heat well, even if you put some meat on there that’s chilly from just coming out of your portable icebox. More importantly, it’s durable, and will last a hell of a long time if cared for correctly. Oil it from time to time and it will stay well-seasoned and continue to produce flavoursome food for years. You also get the advantage of having 2 different cooking surfaces; a plate and a grill. Do your steaks on the grill and your onions on the plate, or get creative with your breakfasts and do some mushrooms and eggs on the plate side and get the bacon crispy over the grill side.


A portable BBQ like this doesn’t just have to be used to grill some meat nice and fast however. The Gasmate Voyager comes with an integrated temperature gauge on the front, so you can be sure of what is happening underneath the lid at all times. If you’re keen on roasting a big piece of meat, fire up the burner and put the meat on the place with a roasting rack underneath. It will work just like a regular oven at home but it’ll produce better flavour because of the circulation of heat under the hood. That’s a lot more versatility than you get on any similar portable BBQ setups for similar money.


By far, one of the best features of the Gasmate Voyager BBQ is the price. For less than $200, you will pick up one of the portable BBQ’s along with a few extras. That’s a small price to pay for such reliability and versatility. Pick one up now and take it everywhere with your family and friends to enjoy some of the best food you’ll ever cook. It also leaves funds for other essential bits of gear that you might need when heading away camping, such as an Adventure Kings BBQ tool set, an Adventure Kings vacuum sealer, or even an Adventure Kings aluminium roll-up table to use as a surface to serve your great food from.



Why Does a Domin8r Exhaust Make More Power?

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Here at 4WD Supacentre, we sell a large range of exhaust systems to suit most popular 4WDs. Every single one of our exhausts are hand-built right here in Australia, by Berklee Exhausts in their factory in Ballarat. These ultra-clever 4×4 exhausts are designed to bolt straight up to a large range of popular 4x4s, with no cutting, welding or grinding required. They’ll make your rig sound a heap tougher, but they’ll also produce more power in the process. Ever wondered why a bigger exhaust makes more power though?

Okay, so it makes logical sense that a bigger exhaust will extract more power from your motor, but when you start to think about it, fitting a bigger 4×4 exhaust system doesn’t change anything in terms of how much fuel or air go into the motor, which are the things that make power, right? To understand why a 4×4 sports exhaust makes more power, we need to delve into the technical side of exhaust systems.

The most important concept to understand here when it comes to 4WD exhaust systems is that of ‘back pressure’. Back pressure refers to how much build-up of exhaust gases there are on the exhaust manifold side of the engine bay. The motor goes through its four-stroke cycle of ‘intake’ (of air and fuel), ‘compression’ (of the air/fuel mixture), ‘ignition’ (the big bang) and ‘exhaust’ (spitting out the spent exhaust gases and does this thousands of times per minute. All those exhaust gases have to travel away from the motor otherwise it just ends up fighting itself. The bigger the exhaust system, the quicker those gases can be extracted and the less back-pressure there is. Too much backpressure from a tiny, factory exhaust and the motor can’t expel those gases quick enough, so it ends up fighting against itself which limits the output of the motor.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-123 on


So, knowing this simple fact, why don’t we just run 10inch wide exhausts that hammer the exhaust gases away? The answer is two-fold. First, a 4wd exhaust that big would be extremely noisy and wouldn’t pass roadworthy inspections. Secondly, too little backpressure can actually be a hindrance to power production. The right amount of backpressure creates a vortex-like effect in the exhaust which not only speeds up the gases flowing away from the motor, but actually helps suck more gases along with it.


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-121 on


Diameter of the exhaust is not the only thing you should be looking for in a 4WD exhaust system. Each bend in the exhaust has the potential to create a bottleneck at each bend because traditional methods of bending exhaust piping kink the pipe at the bend and reduce its inner diameter. Every single Domin8r exhaust system features ‘mandrel’ bends, which are created on a special machine known as a mandrel bender, which not only bends the pipe to its correct angle but also stretches the material in a way that the same inner diameter is maintained right throughout the exhaust. This means the exhaust gases can flow as quickly as possible without being held up anywhere.

The benefits of a Domin8r exhaust don’t just stop at more power production, however. Our exhausts are ultra-tough, whether you choose the stainless steel or the aluminised steel option, and they’re designed for an ultra-easy fit thanks to the clever pipe-through-flange design that makes linking up each section of exhaust ultra-easy.

Our 4×4 exhaust system is also built tough as nails too, and is genuinely designed for the rigours of off-road work. You can see that in the ultra-thick 10mm flanges for each section of exhaust pipe, along with the ultra heavy-duty exhaust mounts and hangers. You can bang these 4WD exhausts around, knock or scrape them up against rocks and they’ll come back for more, time and time again!


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-120 on


Increased power production is one major benefit of a larger diameter exhaust, but did you know that it can also improve fuel economy too? Because there’s less restriction on your motor, you don’t need to sink your boot in as much at any given time to make the vehicle go up a hill or maintain speed. The less you sink the boot in, the less fuel you use – it’s that simple! Domin8r exhausts have a bucketload of benefits, so the only real question is, why aren’t you running one already?

Cooking roasts in camp ovens

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Who doesn’t love a good roast? Lamb, pork, chicken, beef; you name it! When you have a big crew of family and friends at a good camping spot, nothing is more enjoyable than sharing a meal around the campfire. Roasting meat over the fire is something that human beings have been enjoying since time began, and now, with some of the gear being offered by Adventure Kings, it’s never been easier to feed the masses.


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One of the most important things to consider when making a large roast is what sort of cut you’re going to use. Legs of lamb are always a crowd pleaser, but if you want to take your roasting game to the next level, I recommend using a cut from the shoulder of an animal. Pork shoulder, lamb shoulder, or beef chuck. These cuts of meat lend themselves more to a slower cook, in that they have a lot more connective tissue in them than a traditional leg roast. This means that they usually fall apart when cooked long enough, and as a result, they’re much more forgiving to cook. The difference between a leg roast being just right and overdone is sometimes a little iffy, whereas you can be confident that a shoulder roast will have much more room for error.


Before you start cooking the meat, let it sit out for about half an hour if possible. It will cook more evenly if you let it come up to ambient temperature. Then, rub it over with olive oil and then season it well with salt, pepper, and any other herbs and spices you like the flavour of. I like smoked paprika and rosemary, but other popular choices are thyme, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, etc. To kick it up an extra notch, take a thin knife and make some deep sticking cuts into the centre of the meat, and push some thin slices of garlic down into them.


If you have the time, caramelising the outside of the roast will bring about a more intense flavour, and the best way to go about this will depend on what gear you have available. Personally, I like to stoke up some coals underneath the Adventure Kings portable BBQ plate and cook the outside of the roast over the grill section, in the same way you might cook a steak. If you don’t have your Adventure Kings portable BBQ plate with you, sit your camp oven of choice (I use a Bedourie) over the coals to get it smoking hot, and hit the roast on each side for a few minutes.


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Once your meat is nicely caramelised, prepare a nice flat bed of coals for your Bedourie camp oven to sit on, put the lid on it, and then put some more coals on top. The amount of coals is something you will have to feel your way through, as different varieties of wood tend to burn differently in different areas. I suggest leaning more towards the too little side of things at first, as it’s easier to speed the process up and add heat later on, than it is to recover a piece of meat that’s been burned. Add some wine or stock to the camp oven as well to keep a bit of moisture on the bottom. Even water will do.


If you don’t have any other side dishes on the go, you can lay a bed of vegetables on the bottom of the camp oven first. Popular choices include onion, carrot, potato and pumpkin. Depending on how many people you’re feeding, you may even have 2 Bedouries on the go; one for the meat and another for the veggies.


Now one of the tricks to camp oven cooking is checking the meat just enough to make sure it’s doing OK and you have enough moisture in there, but not checking so often that the heat keeps escaping and you add hours to the cooking time. If your roast is fairly big, I feel that checking after the first hour and a half is a good place to start, and then you can play it by ear after that. Keep in mind, that the more you do this, the more confidence and familiarity you will get in the way you prepare your coals, and you will feel as though the guess work is taken out of it.


For a large shoulder roast, at least 3 hours is ample time to break down all of the connective tissues and turn the meat into a tender, sticky, juicy meal. Don’t think of the process as a recipe; think of it more as a few guidelines to follow. Before you know it, you’ll be a camp oven master and all of your friends will want to go camping with you because they’ll be guaranteed a fabulous feed.


Wiring Multiple Deep Cycle Batteries Together

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A dual battery system in your 4×4 lets you run all sorts of 12v gear, like portable fridges, LED camp lights and inverters. That’s all the kind of camping gear that makes camping more enjoyable and comfortable, and there’d be few campers out there who don’t already have a dual battery system or aren’t planning on having one installed soon. However if you want to extend your 12V system’s ability to power all your portable camping gear for more than one or two nights at a time, you may find that a single auxiliary deep-cycle battery isn’t enough and that you’re running out of power. Solar panels can go a long way towards helping extend the life of your deep cycle battery, but solar panels can’t store power, they can only produce it. That means when the sun isn’t shining, you’re back to relying on your battery to keep all your 12v gear powered. Here at 4WD Supacentre, we sell two different sized AGM deep cycle batteries – a 98Ah battery that’s perfect for powering just about anything overnight, and a 115Ah battery that has extra reserve capacity to get you right through the next day too. But what if you want even more power?

These days it’s very common to run more than one auxiliary deep cycle battery in your 4×4 or van. If you connect multiple deep cycle batteries together you create a large battery bank that, if wired correctly, can power your campsite for days. However there are right and wrong ways to go about wiring multiple AGM deep cycle batteries together, and if you get it wrong you’ll either cause a lot of problems, or you’ll severely reduce the life of your batteries. Thankfully it’s easy to wire two or more AGM 4×4 batteries together so they work as they should.

The first thing you should be aware of is the difference between wiring 4×4 batteries in series, and in parallel. If you wire batteries in ‘series’, you connect one battery’s terminals to the opposite terminals on the second battery. This doubles the voltage of the batteries, but the amp rating remains the same. Let’s use two of the Adventure Kings 12v 115Ah AGM batteries for example. Wiring two of them in series would produce a 24v 115Ah battery – not what you want. You haven’t increased the capacity of the battery, just the voltage.

Instead, what you need to do is wire the batteries in parallel. This is where you connect positive to positive, and negative to negative. In the same scenario using the same Adventure Kings 12v 115Ah AGM batteries, you’d effectively end up with one 12v 230Ah battery, which is exactly what you want.



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An important point to note, however, is that you shouldn’t just connect one battery to the second, and then simply power all your accessories by connecting to one of the two batteries. What happens then, is the battery that has the accessories connected to it, drains its power quicker than the other battery. Same with connecting power cables to charge the batteries – the one that’s connected directly to the charging cables from your dual battery system will receive the majority of the charge, and the other battery won’t get much at all.

What’s the solution? Connect both deep cycle batteries together like we mentioned earlier, with the positive to positive and negative to negative. Then, when it comes time to connect the charging cables from your dual battery system or the power cables from your electrical accessories, connect the positive to one battery and the negative to the other one.

What this does, is it forces the electrical current to flow evenly throughout both batteries, instead of favouring one. Both of your 4×4 batteries will discharge or drain at the same rate, and they’ll also recharge at the same rate too. Neither deep cycle battery will be relied upon more heavily than the other, which means you’ll be using both equally. That extends the life of both batteries, rather than working one deep-cycle battery much harder than the other.

The 4WD Supacentre range of Adventure Kings deep-cycle AGM batteries are built for 4WDing. They’re tough, and their completely-sealed design means they’re able to be safely run inside the rear of a vehicle or a canopy. They’re perfect for powering your entire campsite, and now you know the correct way to wire them up too!

How to Clean Your Domin8r X or Grande Mk3’s Winch Rope

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Technology has greatly benefited 4WDing in the last couple of years, and one of our favourite bits of new technology has been the introduction of synthetic winch rope as standard right across the entire range of our winches here at 4WD Supacentre. Even as recent as five years ago, the vast majority of winches came with old-style steel cable, but we believe in synthetic rope’s benefits so much that we now make sure it comes standard on every single winch that we sell!

Synthetic rope for your 4×4 winch is so easy to use, and so much safer than cable. For one, it doesn’t ‘store’ energy anywhere near as much as steel cable. If you’ve ever seen a steel cable let go when it’s under tension, you’ll know it is a frightening experience and one that can very easily be deadly. Synthetic winch rope is much more user-friendly. If it does break from wear or misuse, it just drops in its place as it doesn’t ‘store’ any of that energy from being placed under tension. It’s lighter, much easier to handle and work with, and it’s just as strong as steel cable. That’s a win in our books!

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However the one thing that Dyneema rope has working against it compared to steel cable is its ability to deal with dirty, muddy or abrasive environments. Because synthetic rope is made of thousands of strands of fibre twisted together, there is the potential for it to be damaged if it is dragged against an abrasive surface. That’s not the end of the world – it just means you need to be a little more conscious of how you use it. If you’re winching up and over a rise that means the synthetic rope is going to cut into the ground, use something like a tarp or even a floor matt to keep it up out of the dirt.


However it isn’t just direct contact with sharp, abrasive surfaces that can reduce the lifespan of your synthetic winch rope. If you have to do a long, extended recovery in really slopped mud, then it’s vital that you clean your winch rope when you get home. This is especially true for that sandy, silty type of mud, as the small bits of grit can work their way into the fibres and over time wear the winch rope out from within.

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Thankfully it’s extremely easy to clean your winch rope, and it takes next to no effort or time! When you’re home from your next adventure and you’re parked up on the grass washing your 4WD (you do wash it from time to time, don’t you?), unspool your synthetic rope the entire way out so there’s only clean rope left wrapped around the drum. Get a large bucket, something like those 20L buckets that fertiliser or pool chemicals come in, and give it a thorough wash out. It’s important that it’s completely clean as any chemicals can potentially damage your synthetic rope. Even give it a quick wash with some mild dishwashing detergent to ensure that the bucket is completely clean. Now, sit the bucket in front of your 4WD and put the winch rope in it, then fill the bucket with clean water from the tap.


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Gently massage the winch rope to get the majority of the mud out of it, then tip it all out and repeat the process with fresh water. Only, this time you want to let the winch rope soak in the bucket for at least half an hour to let the water get right into the rope and soak out all the mud. Empty the bucket and leave the winch rope dangling over your bullbar to drip-dry, somewhere in the shade and out of direct sunlight. When it’s dry, you can then re-spool the winch rope back in under slight tension (put on a pair of gardening gloves and hold tension against the rope as you spool it in). Never use a pressure washer to wash your winch rope, as although it might look like it gets it clean, all it is doing is forcing the dirt right up inside the synthetic winch rope.
Do this cleaning routine every time your winch gets used hard in a muddy environment and you’ll massively extend its service life.

Protect Yourself Against Poor Quality Fuel With a Diesel Care Fuel Filter Kit from 4WD Supacentre

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If you own a modern turbo-diesel 4WD then what we’re about to tell you, will be plain scary. We don’t tell you this to alarm you, but rather to arm you with the knowledge that you need to ensure your pride and joy doesn’t end up on the back of a tow-truck. Every single week around Australia, dozens of modern common-rail 4x4s fall victim to poor quality diesel, and it’s not just in remote outback or bush service stations either. In fact, it’s more common to pick up a tank of dirty diesel from a suburban or city service station, and one single tank of dirty diesel is enough to destroy a fuel system and cause upwards of $10,000 of damage!

Thankfully there is a solution, and it comes in the form of the brilliant aftermarket fuel filter kit for 4x4s that Diesel Care have spent years refining. 4WD Supacentre now retails a huge range of vehicle-specific aftermarket fuel filter kits suitable for many popular 4WD wagons and utes, and it’s highly recommended that you invest in one of these kits so you don’t end up another statistic.

So why should you fit a Diesel Care fuel filter kit to your 4WD? Dirty diesel is in plague proportions around the country, and comes from two different sources. The first is rust, dirt and even algae that builds up in old tanks. Typically, this settles right at the bottom of the underground tanks at the service station, but when the tanks are being filled by a truck, this gunk stirs right up through the entire tank and can very easily make its way through the bowser into your vehicle.

The other reason why it’s so vital to protect yourself with a 4WD fuel filter kit is that water in diesel is a massive issue too. Water, when introduced into a modern common-rail diesel fuel injection system, will within a matter of days create serious amounts of rust within the system. By the stage that rust has formed, you’re looking at serious repair bills to rebuild injector pumps and replace injectors. On something like a V8 Landcruiser, with its eight injectors and complex injector pump, that can easily put the repair bill up at $10,000 or more. You’d be lucky to get away with a bill of less than $6,000 if you drove a four-cylinder turbo-diesel ute or wagon. That’s a repair bill no-one can afford!

Diesel Care fuel filter kits are available in either 30 micron, 5 micron or 2 micron formats depending on your vehicle. A 30 micron fuel filter kit is designed to fit before your factory fuel filter, and filter out the larger chunks of gunk that could make their way up towards your engine, prolonging the life of your factory fuel filter. A 5 micron fuel filter kit or even a 2 micron fuel filter kit are designed to run after your factory fuel filter, as a last line of defence before your injector pump and injectors. It’s up to you which 4WD fuel filter kit you choose, but it’s vital that you do fit one to your vehicle.

What makes the Diesel Care fuel filter kits brilliant is that they are designed to suit specific vehicles, and come with vehicle-specific brackets, hoses and clamps to make installation a breeze. Diesel Care have spent a lot of time engineering their kits to fit as easily as possible, so that as many 4WDers as possible will run them and protect their engines.

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And here’s a final scary parting thought for you, if you’re wondering if you actually need an aftermarket fuel filter kit for your 4WD. Maybe you think you’ll be okay because you fill up from that brand-new service station that just got built. Industry practice is to fill the underground tanks with water when fitting them, and while most of that water is sucked out before the first fill, hundreds of litres of water is left in the bottom of the tank. The fuel companies assume that it’ll just dissipate with the first couple of complete fills of the underground tank, but where do you reckon it goes? That’s right, into our own fuel tanks when we fill up.


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Do yourself and your pride and joy a favour. Fit a Diesel Care fuel filter kit from 4WD Supacentre!

What is An AGM Battery, And Why Do You Want One?

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Camping is a seriously addictive past-time! There’s nothing like leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and heading out to your favourite local campsite for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Australia is blessed with some absolutely incredible camping opportunities, from beautiful river-front bush campsites to jaw-dropping beachfront sites nestled in the sand-dunes. You may well be aware that a dual battery system can help power all of the portable electrical camping accessories that you want to take bush, but how much do you know about the type of batteries you should be running at the core of your dual battery system?

4×4 batteries aren’t the most interesting thing to talk about in the world, but they’re definitely important, so bear with us. So much stress is caused by failing 4WD dual battery systems that run out of power to keep the fridge running cold. A lot of the time, the culprit comes down to the deep cycle battery that you’re running. Not all deep-cycle batteries are the same, and some do a better job of running a portable fridge than others. There’s a large variety of deep cycle battery types and prices but they’re all a substantial investment so you want to make sure that the 4×4 battery you buy is the right one. So, what’s the difference between the major types of deep cycle batteries, and what is a deep cycle battery anyway?

Let’s start with the basics. The battery that powers your starter motor and turns your car’s engine on when you hit the key is designed to deliver a high-speed burst of current for a short period of time. That’s known as ‘cold cranking amps’. It’s all about delivering bucketloads of power in quick bursts to power the starter motor and turn the engine over. On the other hand, a deep cycle battery is designed to deliver lower amounts of power for extremely long periods of time, so that it can run your fridge overnight, for instance.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll talk about two different types of 4×4 deep cycle batteries – wet cell, and AGM. There are other types of deep-cycle batteries, in particular lithium, but right now the average cost of a lithium battery is $1500 or more so they’re still a long way from entering into mainstream use.

Wet cell batteries are identified typically by the fact that they have removable caps to access the battery fluid inside each cell. However, not all wet cell batteries have these removable caps so the only real way to properly identify a wet cell deep cycle battery is by the label. The plates in the battery that store the electricity are suspended in the battery fluid and when the plates either receiving a charge of electricity, or when they discharge electricity, small amounts of toxic fumes are emitted. This means they cannot be run inside a vehicle cabin as they need constant fresh airflow.

AGM batteries like the Adventure Kings 98Ah AGM deep-cycle battery and the Adventure Kings 115Ah deep cycle AGM batteries use a different type of technology. Instead of using plates to store the electrical charge, they use Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM). This technology doesn’t emit those toxic fumes when being charged or discharged, so it is completely safe to use within a vehicle cabin or a ute canopy.


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These days the majority of campers are switching onto the fact that AGM 4WD batteries are the way to go. They’re tough, built for 4WDing and the only real thing to be aware of is that they don’t deal with excessive amounts of heat. That means they don’t go great under bonnets where they’re in close proximity to extremely hot turbochargers and exhaust systems. When subjected to extreme heat the absorbed glass matt can swell and seriously damage the battery.

AGM batteries are perfectly suited to being run in the rear of your 4×4, nestled in amongst the drawers and right next to your 12v fridge. This does away with voltage drop by providing a very short run of cable from the battery to the portable camping fridge and has the added benefit of keeping your AGM battery cool and dry, exactly what it likes.


Essential gear for Cape York

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For most of us, Cape York is a long way away, and good preparation is essential to make sure have an enjoyable time away with your family and friends, rather than have it become a nightmare. Some people tend to overthink the Cape a bit, though. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to have all of the gear, but truthfully, keeping it simple will always be better. It also depends on how you want to approach the Cape, as you can get there via the iconic Old Telegraph Track, or you can take the development road and just duck in to see some of the sights along the old track instead. I recently spend some time up the Cape but I was mainly going fishing, rather than hardcore 4wding, and I’ll go over all the camping gear I wouldn’t be caught without.


A portable icebox is essential, and the better quality it is, the more likely it will be to be able to stand up to some punishment. The Adventure Kings portable ice boxes are perfect for this situation. The corrugations won’t shake them to pieces, yet they are available in sizes big enough to hold enough food/drink and ice for over a week if you plan effectively. It’s hot up there year-round, so having enough cool drink is a lovely way to finish off a tough day on the tracks.


Any recovery gear you can carry and are confident with will be ideal, and luckily, 4wsupacentre sells Hercules kits with everything you’ll ever need. For me, the Kwiky tyre deflator is invaluable, as the road conditions up there change frequently and getting those tyre pressures right will ensure a comfortable ride and good traction. The other part of this equation would be a Thumper MKII air compressor to inflate your tyres back up once you’ve let them down. Throw in a Hercules recovery folding shovel for good measure and you’ve got basically everything you need in a nice compact package. This is exactly the gear I used to get myself off a beach on the Jardine when I hit a spot that was way softer than I anticipated it would be. Of course, a winch is always good, but if you aren’t hitting the really gnarly tracks, you can get by without one.


Driving at night isn’t ideal, but the reality is, sometimes we get caught and it’s unavoidable. I drove a fair section of the PDR at night when I was up there and I was seriously glad I had some LED spotlights on the front of my car. The LED technology makes these lights super tough and they won’t rattle to pieces on the bumpy roads. There is all sorts of wildlife up there and plenty of it is bigger than a kangaroo, so avoiding animal strikes is a must. Also, let’s not forget, that most of us will be pulling some serious kilometres in our vehicles just to get to the Cape, so the LED driving lights come in handy on those bitumen runs, too.

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Most of us will be sleeping in swags up the Cape, and all of the Adventure Kings swags are great choices because they are able to be pitched to keep off your body while you sleep, but they offer great ventilation and solid mosquito netting. On those hot nights, I find having the swag up and off your body really helps with airflow, and a good sleep is important if you’re spending many hours behind the wheel each day. For a bit of extra comfort, lay down an Adventure Kings sumo stretcher.


While much of a Cape holiday involves being behind the wheel, some of us choose to stay in an area for a few days at a time to really soak up the atmosphere. If this is you, and you have a few bits of gear that run on a separate battery for your car, I recommend getting an Adventure Kings solar panel of some description. It’s usually sunny up the Cape and hooking up one of these panels to your second battery will ensure you don’t run it flat and lose the use of some of the bits of gear you’ve brought with you.


The great thing about Cape York is that during the most comfortable times of the season, there are heaps of other people up there, so the chances of you getting really stuck and in big trouble are slim. There are also stacks of people who have done it before, and many of them have put their experiences up on various forums and other places on the internet. As has been stated earlier; there is an infinite amount of gear you can take on a trip up the Cape, but keeping it simple and then figuring out other little bits and pieces you may need is the best way to go. You don’t have to break the bank to have a good time up there. Get out there and enjoy it.


 Rookie Camping Mistakes, and how not to make them!

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When you are just starting out going camping, there are many pitfalls that people fall into through lack of experience.

These are just a few helpful tips for getting more from your campsite and preventing some of the trip ruining mistakes many beginners make!
1.Open Camp Fire

There is a fantastic ideal, that is spread by Hollywood and TV that when you set up camp you will be able to kick back beside an open fire where you can cook dinner and roast marshmallows. This unfortunately is not the case in many places across Australia at different times of the year, as it stands we live in a harsh and dry country, where our climate can change from drought to flood in a matter of hours, where the risk of starting an out of control bushfire can be extremely high, particularly in the summer months.

For this reason, it is very important for people to keep an eye on the fire danger risks in the area you are heading too, and make sure that you are abiding by the restrictions set out by the local Rural Fire Brigade service as to what is an acceptable way of cooking and heating.

There are many alternative ways you can use fire at camp, that can help to prevent unnecessary fires, such as the Adventure Kings Camp oven/Stove a self-contained fireplace with an adjustable flue. Offering a perfect place to cook food and get the smoke out of your eyes, you will even be able to use it in many caravan parks and parkland areas!

Adventure Kings also offer a range of gas cooking appliances including a Portable Gas BBQ that are often permitted in high fire danger areas!


 2.Lack of Research

When you are getting ready for your trip, it is important to make sure you know exactly where you are going, and what facilities are there, there is no point going unprepared to a campsite, getting lost along the way, and finding out that the toilets you thought were there, haven’t been built yet or haven’t been maintained in years and are non-functioning.

There are a few ways to research effectively, by using google, or even using one of the best value off road navigators available, the VMS Touring 700HDX to navigate both on and off road, with turn by turn navigation directions.


3.Not testing your campsite setup

There is nothing worse than when you get to camp and you go to setup everything, but you forget how things go together, or you unroll your brand new Big Daddy Deluxe Swag, but realize you have left the poles and pegs, in the box at home if this happens to you, you are going to be okay, but you may not have a fun time trying to find a way to erect your swag and hold it down in place using sticks if the weather starts to turn!

Another reason to test your campsite systems before leaving home is to make sure that you have everything you need for self-sufficiency. For an example if you set up your campsite and you find that your vehicles cigarette lighter isn’t working, you may have to work out another way to make your 12v fridge operate from your vehicles battery, whilst you are setup at camp!
Being able to iron out all of the kinks of your setup will make setting up camp a lot faster, easier, and give you the ability to kick back on a Kings Throne Camp Chair with an icy cold beer and enjoy the serenity of nature!


4.Campsite lighting

Don’t go back into the dark ages when you head for camp!

By adding a bright and energy efficient LED Camp lighting setup you can make sure you don’t have any mishaps in the dark, like tripping on guy ropes or not being able to find the zipper to get into you Big Daddy Swag!

The quality range of LED Camp lighting found in the Adventure Kings range, allow you to simply connect to your vehicles battery. You can also dim the light output to suit exactly what you need at camp, whether it is mood lighting or just absolutely bright enough to find cold ones in the bottom of your esky!

The range of Adventure Kings LED Lighting is also fully compatible, meaning you can daisy chain multiple lighting units to offer even more bright LED Lighting!


If you follow these steps you will be able to get further offroad for less!

Setting Up A Base Camp With Your Adventure Kings Gazebo

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We all want to make the most of the time we have when we’re out camping at our favourite bush or beach campsites, right? One of the biggest complaints we hear here at 4WD Supacentre relates to the time it takes to set up or pack away all your camping gear. Our aim at 4WD Supacentre is to make camping more accessible to every single Aussie and we’re always coming up with new ways to make camping easier. Our massive range of camping gear is more affordable than ever before and we’re constantly refining our tents, swags, awnings, gazebos and the rest of our camping gear ranges to make the camping experience as enjoyable as possible.

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to head away camping for a couple of days. That means it’s also the perfect opportunity to really set up a comfortable campsite with all the right camping gear to make your time out in the bush as enjoyable as possible! We reckon that adding a gazebo to your campsite will completely change the way you go camping, especially if you’re camping in a place that has lots of fun local attractions like swimming holes, places to go fishing and other interesting things to see and do.

The Adventure Kings 3×3 gazebo and 6x3m gazebo are both perfectly suited to being used as the central shelter in your camping gear setup. We’ve designed them to be modular so that you can add different things to the gazebos to really customise your campsite and make it suit your own purposes. We all have different requirements when it comes to camping gear, and the Adventure Kings camping gazebos are so versatile that they suit just about everyone!


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What we really love about using an Adventure Kings gazebo is the ability to set it up and then have that as your base camp so you can go exploring. Whether it’s the 3x3m gazebo or the 3x6m gazebo, both can be setup in minutes and then once the gazebo is in use, you can use the area immediately underneath and surrounding it to build the rest of your campsite. A gazebo is great for throwing your swags under, or setting up a cooking or living area or even turning into its own huge tent with the addition of an Adventure Kings gazebo mozzie net or full-enclosed gazebo tent!

Then, if for whatever reason you need to head away from your campsite, it’s no drama to simply leave your entire setup in place for when you return. Maybe it’s as simple as needing to run a couple of kays up the beach to use the dunny or the shower. Or perhaps you want to go look at some old ruins in the bush, or go wet a line and catch a bit of tucker for dinner. Whatever the reason, with your gazebo in place as the centre of your campsite, you don’t need to pack your entire campsite away whenever you want to go for a drive!

There are almost unlimited options for what you can do with a gazebo at a campsite. It can be as simple as a bit of shelter for everyone to hang out under, or it can be as in-depth as you like. One setup we love is using the 3x6m gazebo as a multi-roomed area. Add a 3x3m Adventure Kings gazebo tent to one side of the 6x3m gazebo and you’ve got a fully-enclosed place to sleep at night, and with a couple of gazebo walls you can easily turn the other half of the gazebo into a beaut cooking and living area that’s protected from rain and wind. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better setup campsite than that!

And then, when it’s time to pack everything away, the Adventure Kings gazebos can be pulled down in under a minute and put back into their heavy-duty carry cases ready to be strapped to your roofrack until your next adventure. Having a campsite this well setup used to cost thousands of bucks – but these days you can do it all for way, way less with 4WD Supacentre!

BREAKER BREAKER, Get The Low Down On UHF CB Radios!

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What is UHF

UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency Radio, this is a service cost free civilian radio frequency and is commonly found on 4WD’s, semi-trailers, construction and mining equipment and other land based vehicles.

There are many different types of UHF radio, but all transmit and receive in specified frequencies(477 MHz band). Radio waves in the UHF band travel almost entirely by line of sight and are easily blocked by geological features such as hills and canyons and will also be blocked by trees and buildings.

Built in vs Handheld

When shopping for a UHF you typically are presented with 2 options, one is a system usually designed to be run off a 12v power source and mounted inside a example would be the Oricom UHF380PK  a handy unit that contains all controlls in the handle great for vehicles that are not fitted with a spare “DIN” space for a UHF unit.  The other style is a more portable unit that is easily transported and can be easily carried on a belt clip or in a backpack. These are referred to as “handheld” radios and can be bought with a smaller budget. a great example of a good quality Handheld unit is the Oricom UHF2190, a twin pack of units allows portable remote communication.

Both Handheld and vehicle mounted UHF radios are limited by a legal maximum transmission power of 5 watts, this means they both have the potential to be  ‘as powerful’ as one another, however in common practice vehicle mounted units are mostly 5w offer more range and clearer signal, due to larger antennas with higher gain and higher antenna mounting location. Whilst handheld devices choose more power economical wattages like 0.5w, 1w and 2w, with some 5w units also having a 0.5w low power mode for shorter range transmissions.

What is gain

All antennas take advantage of a scientific principle called gain. The best way to think of an antenna is as if the radio waves were to propagate away in a sphere like a beach ball away from the antenna. A 0dBi has no gain, and the antenna would maintain a spherical transmission of signal.

However if you were to step up the gain to a typical 4.5dBi or 6dBi  antenna found included with many vehicle mounted UHF units the transmission pattern becomes more like a disc, which extends the plane of radio transmission to much further down the track, however the angle of incline of the vehicle when you are transmitting will dramatically affect whether or not the receiver falls within the area of transmission.

Gain can be your best friend or your enemy depending on your circumstance and terrain.


With recent developments the Australian government has opened up an additional 40 UHF channels with 80 possible channels on most modern UHF devices. Older devices will still function on the first 40 channels, however with new restrictions the first 9 channels and 31-39 are dedicated to duplex mode, with channel 5 being restricted for emergency transmissions only with older units you are left with only channel 10-30.

Channel 11 is reserved as a calling channel used to find friends, to be polite once you have found your friends, move to a free channel to leave 11 for others to use.


Make sure you do not use either channel 5 or 35 when you are not in a real emergency, if you are not in a real emergency you can face a 2 year jail term, and if you are interfering with a real emergency the penalty can be up to 5 years imprisonment.

So make sure you only use the emergency channels when you need them!


Duplex function transmits on one channel and receives on another, it allows the use of a repeater station which is a base station that picks up on the transmission output by your device and re-sends the transmission from an elevated high-power antenna resulting in a much further transmission.


We know of a situation where people were using Duplex via a repeater station to transmit between 2 locations that had no line of sight but were approximately 4kms or 5kms away with a large hill in between and using duplex reached a repeater 20km away from them and could read each other loud and clear!



Despite the word coded in the title, coded squelch systems such as CTCSS and DCS are not private transmissions, and when activated simply mutes all other radio transmissions except for ones coded the same system and it will not prevent other people from hearing your transmission.

Many UHF radios, like the Oricom UHF380PK and the Oricom UHF2190 are fitted with both DCS, and the CTCSS, depending on the circumstances you

These systems are handy for busy areas so you can clearly understand transmissions from others within your party.

Keep Your food and drinks COLD!

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Once you start touring around this wide brown land we call home, you’ll get over refilling your esky with ice every couple of days pretty quickly, especially when you’re pulling out soggy bacon the next morning. The best solution to cold drinks without ice? A portable fridge in the back of your 4WD!


The Adventure Kings 12V Portable Fridge is a great option for the budget conscious tourer, featuring the trusted SECOP BD35F compressor, adjustable temperature setting from +10°C to -18°C, reversible lid, 12V and 240V operation, tough polycarbonate body, separate dairy section and included basket dividers. All this and the space to fit 81 cans if you pick up the 60L model!


Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-97 on


What makes the Adventure Kings 12V Portable Fridge so good for 4WDers?

Well, the SECOP BD35F compressor means that your fridge will cool down fast, and then keep what you put in there nice and cold. The easy to use controls mean you can easily set the temperature of your portable fridge from +10°C to -18°C, which allows you to choose wether to use  your fridge for keeping food and drinks cool on shorter trips, or even loading it up with frozen food to last a longer remote trip.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-94 on

When you’re living out of your 4WD, power usage is one of your top priorities, even if you’ve got a killer 12V setup or are doing heaps of driving to recharge your batteries.

With thick polyurethane insulation to keep the insides cold, the average power usage we’ve found is a miserly 0.83 amps/hour to keep the portable fridge down at 5 °C, even on a 32 °C day! You can keep the fridge cooler, and let it work even easier, by wrapping your 12V Portable Fridge in a protective insulation cover, with easy Velcro opening and handy side pockets. This means faster cooling with less energy! The seal has been tested and proven to ensure the Adventure Kings 12V Portable  Fridge holds its temperature perfectly.


At 630mm (W) x 580mm (H) x 360mm (D), the 60L Adventure Kings 12V Portable Fridge is sized to suit a wide range of vehicles, and can easily slide in and out of your 4WD, even when mounted on a set of Titan Rear Drawers. It also works well on ClearView Draw Slides, or inside a wire fridge cage to keep it easily accessible. On long trips when the boot is full of camping gear such as chairs, swags, bags and boxes of food and supplies.

When you mount the Portable Fridge in your vehicle, the tough handles provide an easy to use and sturdy point to secure your fridge to the drawer slide using the supplied Tie Down straps. These handles also make it easy to move the fridge from your vehicle and around the campsite, with the added bonus of also being able to run on 240V power. Being able to run on 240V means that you can use your portable fridge to hold extra food and drinks at BBQs and parties in your backyard, and not just when you’re out on the tracks.


The tough polypropylene body and lid also makes the Adventure Kings 12V Portable Fridge suitable for mounting in the tub or on the tray of your ute. This tough construction makes it perfect for 4WDers, because when you’re gripping the steering wheel and bashing up a tough rutted track, the last thing you want to worry about is if your fridge is going to be in one piece at the top. With the Adventure Kings 12V Portable Fridge, you can relax, focus on driving, and then kick back and relax when you get to the top, enjoying a cold beverage from your portable fridge with your mates.


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The reversible lid is another great feature of the Adventure Kings 12V Portable Fridge – this means you can easily install the fridge on either side of the rear of your vehicle, and have it be easily opened without having to try and reach over the door, or get a step ladder to get into the bottom around all your camping gear.


One little feature of the Adventure Kings 12V Portable Fridge that really makes your life easier is the internal LED light, which automatically activates when you open and close the lid, just like your fridge at home! There’s nothing worse than having to fumble around in the dark looking for a late night snack, but with the Adventure Kings 12V Portable Fridge, you’ll be able to easily find that last beer or the packet of Tim Tams for dessert. And inside there’s a removable basket with two dividers so your food and drinks won’t bounce around on even the toughest tracks and the separate dairy compartment is perfect for dairy or even fruit and vegies.


So get yourself a Portable Fridge today, and get out there!

Fit More Gear Into Your 4WD!

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It’s easy to pile gear inside the back of your vehicle, but the more gear you need to take with you, the more difficult packing becomes, and shortly you become a puzzle master, finding which piece fits best where!

Packing is a somewhat tedious task and one of the biggest issues people face when packing for a trip away is just how they are going to fit everything in, without causing undue upset to the balance of your 4WD’s suspension or ending up swearing like a sailor ‘til all hours of the night, the night beforehand whilst trying to organize everything in the back of your vehicle.

So here are a handful of tips that can help you with packing your 4WD for your next trip away, for organization, easy access, and quick response during an emergency situation!



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How many times have you gone away, thinking everything was packed only to find out that when you get to camp you’ve left some critical item like the tent pegs, or the gas for your Portable BBQ sitting on the bench in the garage.

By drawing up a detailed list of gear for each type of trip, e.g. 4WDing, Glamping, Touring, Fishing or bushwalking, using a spreadsheet program like Excel, you can print of a bunch of copies, and literally tick off items as you pack them, this way you can ensure that you haven’t missed anything important.

When making your lists don’t forget the most important gear you could need are the things that are essential to life, Food, water, shelter and clothing.


By getting your vehicle organized, you can tick a lot of boxes easily with regards to packing faster and more efficiently. By adding a method of keeping structure to your gear packing, you will be able to easily and simply locate and identify exactly where bits of gear are in the back of your 4WD.
There are quite a few ways to begin organizing your gear, the cheapest and easiest is with cheap plastic crates from the hardware store, built to be fairly robust many of these crates are interlocking and provide an easy way to separate gear, that makes packing your vehicle a lot easier.
For people who have experienced using plastic crates, but want to get more organized, you will understand the limitations with stacking plastic crates and the lack of ease with getting gear out when it matters most, not to mention crates bouncing around and cracking and breaking when you hit sections of track that are rough and unpredictable.

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To move forward from what can now be seen as a flimsy system, a set of Titan Rear Drawers allow you to easily access even the deepest items packed underneath everything else in a matter of seconds, not to mention the durability of the heavy duty galvinised steel chassis, which with a DIY installation can be bolted down to the floor of your vehicle. The heavy-duty Titan Rear Drawers offer heavy-duty tie down points, and an integrated fridge slide which allows you to quickly and easily remove your fridge from the back of your vehicle and access cold drinks without completely unpacking the rear of your vehicle.

Another upgraded method of keeping your gear more organized is by taking advantage of a full-sized Roof Rack, like those found in the Adventure Kings range, by giving you a secure and stable place to tie down larger bulkier items such as your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag, you can free up plenty of internal space inside your vehicle, making room for less critical items you might choose to bring camping such as the Adventure Kings Inflatable Standup Paddleboard.


Safety when off-road is critical, and when you are in an emergency situation, your response time can be EVERYTHING. Whether you are responding to a first aid emergency or a recovery situation, being able to access the critical emergency gear, like a first aid kit or your recovery gear at a moment’s notice can make a massive difference. So when packing your 4WD it’s a good idea to keep these things handy and towards the top so when it counts you can access everything quickly.

When getting creative whilst packing it’s wise to take advantage of all of the usable space, being able to stash gear in nooks and crannies and under your seats, coupled with using affordable and easy storage upgrades, more Aussie campers than ever before can afford to get out and explore the great outdoors of Australia without leaving anything important at home!

Get More Out Of Your Winch!

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A 4WD winch has always been considered one of the pinnacle identifiers of having a kitted out 4WD vehicle and if you have a 4WD winch (or two) fitted to your vehicle the uninitiated could easily consider you a gnarly 4WDer and someone who hits unbelievably tough tracks, and lived to tell the tale!

However even though many people know what a winch is, and many people have a 4WD Winch fitted to their vehicle, not many people understand the mechanics of a winch recovery and how to  safely operate an off road winch for an easy 4WD solo recovery.

There are a handful of simple and effective techniques that over the years have become mystified and seem too complex for many people to attempt to undertake, regardless of how easily a sturdy winch can quickly and easily enable you to escape a tricky situation on the tracks.

So we are going to demystify these techniques and help you choose a 4WD winch, and show you some tips on how to use it correctly and safely!




There are thousands of excellent winches available on the market, offering everything from included wiring kits, winch cables and even options for wireless controllers. Many brands offer units with different line pull speeds and weight ratings to suit everything from quad bikes to fully loaded tourers with campers in tow.

There is almost a winch for every application, but with all features considered an Adventure Kings Domin8r X 12,000lb Winch offers 4WDers an excellent value-packed winch that is full of features and utilities not found on even some of the most expensive winches on the market, and for way less than you’d imagine.

Starting with its load pull rating, the Domin8r X 12,000lb winch offers nearly 5500kg of pull, coupled with an Adventure Kings Snatch block can be doubled to nearly 11000kg of pulling power, this is one of the highest ratings available on a winch, and anything more would require a custom fabricated winch cradle.

The Domin8r X winch empowers an efficient 7.2HP motor, which offers power on demand, coupled with a hugely reduced 218:1 automatically braked gearbox, which gives an absolutely controlled faster winching speed, for push button recoveries!

The control box of the Domin8r X winch offers wireless control, for easy control but with the option of connecting a control cable to manually operate making tricky recoveries much simpler.

With included 9.5mm X 26m Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene winch rope, and an included Hawse fairlead, and included winch hook, there is little needed to get your 4WD winching!


No matter what situation you get into, you will require a Recovery Kit that includes at least a tree trunk protector, a winch dampener and a set of gloves to protect your hands. Something like the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit, offers just about anything you could need to get your vehicle out of trouble, and without these accessories a winch can become next to useless and potentially dangerous and by not preparing you are not giving yourself the best possible opportunity to get your vehicle free.

Before attempting to try a winch recovery, it is good to familiarize yourself with the operation of your winch, work out how to operate the manual clutch for unspooling cable. This disengages the spool from the gearbox. It is also a good idea to work out how to spool your winch cable back in using the controller, in both wireless mode and wired in, this will ensure that when the pressure is on you know how your winch works.


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  • Disengage your winch clutch and pull out enough winch line to reach your anchor point if there is not enough length, employ a winch extension strap to reach a suitable anchor, for example; a large tree, another vehicle or even a ground anchor like a spare tyre buried underneath sand.
  • Cover metal components of the anchor using the winch dampener, this will prevent components becoming projectiles in case of critical failure of components.
  • Re-engage the clutch mechanism on the winch drum, connect the remote and spool in some winch line to get it under tension.
  • Begin winching using 30 seconds of winching followed by 30 seconds of letting your winch rest, make sure your engine is running making sure you don’t drain your battery, it is also a good idea to have your vehicle in low range, in first gear to assist the winch in getting your vehicle free.



This mechanism will double your winches effective pulling power, however, will slow down your pull speed by half, it is highly effective at extracting your vehicle from the suction of thick mud.

  • Disengage your winch clutch and pull out enough winch line to reach your anchor point and return to your vehicle, if there is not enough length, employ a winch extension strap to reach a suitable anchor, for example; a large tree, another vehicle or even a ground anchor like a spare tyre buried underneath sand.
  • Connect your snatch block to the anchor, using a shackle to fasten the snatch block to your anchor whilst running the
  • Cover metal components of your vehicles anchor system using the winch dampener, this will prevent components becoming projectiles in case of critical failure of components.
  • Re-engage the clutch mechanism on the winch drum, connect the remote and spool in some winch line to get it under tension.
  • Begin winching using 30 seconds of winching followed by 30 seconds of letting your winch rest, make sure your engine is running making sure you don’t drain your battery, it is also a good idea to have your vehicle in low range, in first gear to assist the winch in getting your vehicle free.

How Easy Can You Upgrade Your 4WD’s Power?

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When you hit the tracks or beaches fully loaded, it’s easy to feel like your 4WD is a bit sluggish, heavy and lethargic, with a couple of hundred kilos of gear and the whole family on board, no matter how grunty your motors specs are, there still may be much left to be desired, particularly when driving on sand and through soft muddy tracks. Have no fear, gaining a few extra ponies under the bonnet is a lot easier than what you think and by installing one or two simple upgrades you’ll be grinning all the way to the fuel bowser too!

Since the early days of engine modifications, there is one simple principle that will allow your stock standard motor to perform at its highest capability, and that is allowing it to breathe freely. Due to manufacturing cost constraints and developing vehicles for markets with insanely strict restrictions and emissions standards, manufacturers develop engine systems with bolt-on restrictions. With many modern 4WD Vehicles having the potential to unleash smoother power delivery and quicker engine response by simply upgrading these limiting components!


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To help you unleash the maximum potential of your offroad vehicle, 4WD Supacentre has worked closely with Australian manufacturers and fabricators to develop a series of top quality, high-performance Domin8r Exhaust systems that are designed to be DIY installed easily underneath your 4WD.

There are many factors to why a free-flowing exhaust can unleash your vehicle’s potential we will go over below;


When shopping around for an exhaust system upgrade for your vehicle you can see many different materials from raw steel to high tech coated ceramics. With this plethora of options on the table, it pays to make the right decision for you to get the best value for money. The top of the line within the Adventure Kings Range of Domin8r Exhaust systems is the 409 stainless steel exhausts, unlike marine grade 303 stainless that many people are familiar with, 409 stainless is less shiny and has ferrous properties. 409 Stainless is one of the best choices for an exhaust system as it is durable and can withstand lots of vibration, and many hot and cold cycles without getting brittle, like it’s more popular marine grade cousin may, whilst maintaining excellent corrosion resistance.


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The 409 stainless exhaust requires a few specialized techniques with construction so is a fraction more expensive than the Aluminised steel option within the Domin8r Exhaust range. As a more affordable option, Aluminised steel is extremely corrosion resistant, whilst being  durable in hot environments due to it’s thin hot dipped aluminium coating, applied in a similar fashion to galvinising, with greater durability for the underbody of your vehicle.


We’re not talking about diving here! The way that a pipe is bent can and will determine how easily a gas will flow through it. There are 2 main methods for bending a pipe, firstly by applying pressure using hydraulics in a similar way to how you would bend a piece of wire with your hands, this is called ‘Pressure bending’. By pressure bending a pipe you effectively ‘pinch’ the cross section of pipe at the bend, this results in a restricted gas flow through the system, and reduced performance. Many vehicle manufacturers employ this method of exhaust manufacture because it is cheaper and easier to build on a mass scale, regardless of the performance lost by this method.


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The other way that a pipe can be bent is by using a ‘mandrel’, this is an insert that holds the inside walls of the pipe at a consistent diameter, whilst the pipe is pulled around a ‘die’ or a curved mold. By using mandrel bends you allow exhaust gas to maintain its flow all the way out of the system and is the preferred method of manufacture for performance exhaust systems all over the world. The whole range of Domin8r Exhaust systems utilise mandrel bent piping.


When designing an exhaust system for mass manufacturing, factors like ground clearance are sometimes neglected in favor of a system that uses the least amount of material to get the exhaust gas from the motor to the rear of the vehicle. Being built by 4WDers for 4WDers Domin8r Exhaust systems are designed with off road driving in mind, paying special attention to the clearance underneath a 4WD, they tuck neatly underneath your vehicles underbody, meaning you will not get caught up on obstacles on the track, they also are designed to keep your tailpipe from sticking out and getting pinched on rocky sections of track.


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All Domin8r Exhaust systems fasten directly to your vehicles turbo dump pipe, employing heavy duty 4 bolt flanges, and includes all fasteners and gaskets. The 3” dump pipe back systems all include high flow catalytic converters, and a high flow sports muffler, this means exhaust flow is promoted throughout the whole exhaust system taking getting hot exhaust gasses out and away from your vehicle.


Not only does a Domin8r Exhaust increase your vehicles performance, response, and even fuel efficiency, but the exhaust note produced by the Domin8r systems is music to our ears! With a less restricted system, you can hear the engine responding to any accelerator input, and you can even hear the whistle of your turbo!

Some people are happy with the sound but for off-road applications require even more volume, this is where our Domin8r Muffler Delete kits come in handy!


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By removing the Domin8r Exhaust Muffler from both the 409 Stainless steel and the Aluminised steel and inserting a muffler delete kit, customers feel even more response and a much louder exhaust tone, which many find suits their taste much more!

By adding a Domin8r exhaust system to your vehicle, you will be able to feel your engines response increase instantly and give you better fuel economy, paying itself off in no time!

With easy DIY installation and far more affordable than you could imagine. Today is the day you should add a Domin8r Exhaust to your vehicle!

How to Check For Vehicle Fault Codes With an Engine Data Scan

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By and large, the days of ‘bush mechanics’ are almost done and dusted. It used to be that fault-checking and diagnosis of a problem in your car or 4×4 was pretty simple, because everything was mechanically controlled. Engines for example, only needed a few basic things to run – fuel, air, compression, spark and ignition. And if it was a diesel, it was even simpler because it didn’t require spark! These days, technology has taken over just about every facet of our vehicles and it can get a lot more complex trying to diagnose faults – if you try to do it the old way.


However, if you do things the smart way, fault diagnosis on a modern car or 4×4 is actually incredibly easy – as long as you have an Engine Data Scan. This clever little ‘black box’ makes checking engine fault codes a simple 30 second job and can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in paying a mechanic to diagnose a problem – especially if it’s an intermittent issue or even a false error code.

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The various systems throughout your car or 4×4 are controlled and monitored by dozens of different sensors. They’re spread right throughout your engine, your transmission, your brakes and other parts of your vehicle. Thousands of times a minute, these sensors collect various bits of data and send that info back to the vehicle’s central computer system which assesses the data. In many cases the computer then adjusts the output of a particular system to suit the data being collected. If the data is outside a given ‘safe’ range of parameters for that system, the computer senses there is something wrong and will log a fault code, resulting in the dreaded Check Engine Light.


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Now, the problem with a Check Engine Light is that one little light on your dash can be lit up by any one of a hundred or more different problems. If you’re lucky, it’d be a minor fault that will need fixing by a mechanic sometime soon. If you’re unlucky, the Check Engine Light could easily result in a limp mode situation where the vehicle won’t run at more than 20km/h or so to prevent damage. With an Engine Data Scan, however, you don’t need to go to the expense and hassle of having your vehicle towed into a mechanic for them to check the fault code, because you can do it yourself with just the press of a few buttons!


Apart from working like a scan gauge tool, the EDS has the ability to log any fault codes that the engine’s computer might put out and store them. Then, with just the press of a few buttons it can display any fault codes on the LCD screen. The fault codes come in the form of a few letters and numbers like P0410, so what you do is simply punch that fault code into Google to find out what it corresponds to. Those fault codes are all standard ‘OBDII’ codes so it doesn’t matter what your vehicle is, the codes will all be the same. In the case of P0410 for instance, this is a ‘Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction’.

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Okay, so you have your fault codes, what next? Make sure to write them down somewhere and then use the EDS to clear the fault codes. Drive the vehicle for a short period of time and see whether or not the fault code re-appears. If it’s a genuine problem then the code will re-appear. Sometimes however it can be a ‘one-off’ problem. We’ve personally seen fault codes for ABS sensors that were triggered when a vehicle was bogged on the beach. Because the wheels were excessively spinning while trying to get the vehicle unbogged, the ABS sensor on one wheel hub was reading excessively faster than the others, so the computer assumed there was a fault. With the EDS, we were able to clear the fault code and since it never came back up again, we saved ourselves a trip to the mechanic’s. Considering most good mechanics charge at least $70 an hour and can run up to $150 an hour or more these days, that means the Engine Data Scan has paid for itself instantly!

LED Lighting Revolution!

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Driving at nighttime can be dangerous and by adding additional lighting to your 4WD you can make sure that all the hazards down the road are visible and easy to react to!

Because of the high demand for affordable and effective 4WD Lighting systems Adventure Kings developed some of the best value 4WD Lighting systems on the market.

The range of Adventure Kings LED Driving Lights and Adventure Kings LED Lightbars offer some of the brightest and best value auxiliary lighting for night time driving that are available on the Australian Market. With budget conscious options and designs that rival the industry leaders, Adventure Kings LED Lighting has quickly become one of the most popular option chosen by many campers and 4WDers from all over Australia!

One of the reasons that the Adventure Kings LED Lighting range is so popular is because of the easy plug and play installation using the clever Adventure Kings Illuminator LED Light Wiring Harness. The kits available to suit the LED Light bar and LED Driving light harnesses both include quick connect adaptor kits to suit HB3 & H4 headlight globes.


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With a clever design to help 4WDers stop mucking about with dodgy homebrew wiring, electrical tape insulation over poorly spliced wires and sketchy scotch locks which damage existing wiring and can cause wires to corrode from the inside out –  a clever Illuminator LED Light Bar Wiring Harness makes sure that you can rely on your LED lights to deliver bright clear lighting, every time you need them!

The Adventure Kings wiring harness kits come 90% assembled in the box, and in just a few minutes you will have your wiring harness hooked up and ready to go!

The first step to getting your harness connected is to identify which adapter your vehicles headlight requires by finding the high beam plug in the back of your headlights.
Once you have identified the correct adaptor it is then time to find the tidiest and best path for your wiring to be located. It is best to run your wiring away from moving components inside your engine bay, as well as hot parts like your engine block and exhaust system.

When your Wiring has been layed out so you pull out your fuse and connect the negative wire (black wire) to the negative terminal of your battery, make the path of the wire neat and try to keep it out of the way, keep the red wire disconnected for now, but you should still remove the fuse (keep in a safe place) and make sure that the red (positive) wire can reach the positive terminal of your battery when you are ready to hook it up.

It is now time to run the wires that connect to the relay (small black box) to a place that is suitable for mounting the relay, ideally this is somewhere where it can remain upright and out of the way of mud and water if possible.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-75 on

From the relay is 3 main bundles of wires, firstly we will take the end with the waterproof deutsch plug connectors, run this section neat and out of the way to the location you are have already mounted your LED Lightbar or LED Spotlights and connect them to your harness.

The next wire bundle you are going to look for is the one with the white quick connector, this will attach to the headlight adapter that suits your vehicle that you identified earlier, simply click the adaptors matching white plugs together, then insert the adaptor between your headlight globe and the vehicles factory headlight wiring harness.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-74 on

If your vehicle doesn’t have a HB3 or H4 bulb, you can take your wiring harness to a local auto electrician to modify the existing adaptor to suit your vehicle for a small fee.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-77 on

The last wire bundle remaining will have the illuminated rocker switch and 3 wires connected to the back (one black, one red and one white), disconnect the 3 wires from the rocker switch taking note of their location in the rocker switch.

Are Camping Solar Panels Still Useful During Winter? - image Capture-76 on

Once the wires are disconnected you will need to feed them through your firewall, the best way to do this is by following the existing wiring through the factory wiring harness grommet and into your vehicles cabin. This job will be made easier if you poke an old metal coat hanger from the inside of the cab into the engine bay and using some electrical tape you can pull these wires back through the firewall.

Once you have the wires inside the cab, you can hook up the rocker switch in a neat location. Double check all of the wiring under the bonnet to make sure there aren’t any loose ends and making sure the wires are all neat tidy and out of the way, using some cable ties to keep everything in place.

It is now time to connect the red wire to your battery terminal, once it is firmly in place, it is time to insert your fuse and test your LED Lights out!

Turn your headlights on and hit your high beams! If you aren’t impressed at the amount of light coming out, there may be a problem, you should check your rocker switch is on and confirm your LED’s are on, you should also check to see if your fuse is okay.


If you are having trouble there is a possibility you have a negatively switched vehicle, which you can make a few simple modifications to your headlight adaptor which can be seen in the image below.

For more information, please see or call 1800 88 39 64.

Bush Tucker Recipes

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Eating on the tracks used to be uninspiring and bland, with upgrades and enhancements to our fresh food carrying capacity with clever 12v refrigeration systems like the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer system. With brand new and exciting advancements in the ways we can cook on the tracks, you no longer have to rely on cooking boring old baked beans in a can to keep you going on the tracks!

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We are going to go over some interesting recipes to bring back the excitement of eating a good bush cooked meal, on the tracks, and gives you something exciting to look forward to after a long day in the saddle!


This one is great for those with a passion for spicy foods and will excite your taste buds for years to come, and can be prepared in just a few minutes!

Get ready for an instant firey classic!


Bedourie Camp Oven

Adventure Kings BBQ Tools

Cutting board and a knife

– a bowl for mixing

– Campfire to borrow some hot coals

Folding shovel to gather hot coals from fire

– Plates and cutlery for serving

– dash of olive oil

– 2 Lemons

– 2 large Chicken breasts

– 1 large chili chopped fine

– 2 teaspoons of paprika powder

– 1 bottle of peri-peri sauce

–  1 bag of fresh lettuce

– 1 chopped tomato

– 1 packet of wrap bread

Take 1 of your lemons and cut it into quarters for juicing into your bowl, the lemon juice will become a 2 minute marinate. To your fresh lemon juice add the 2 teaspoons of paprika powder, your finely chopped chili and a dash of peri-peri sauce.

Prepare your Bedourie Camp Oven, by oiling with a dash of olive oil, it is important to oil the whole interior to prevent burning your chicken to the bottom. Once the oven is ready place on a bed of hot coals from your fireplace to preheat.

Slice your chicken breasts into thin fillets, once your chicken has been cut, its time to add it to your bedourie oven, basting it in your lemon chili sauce.


Once your chicken has all been added to your pan cover with the lid and surround with more  hot coals.
check to see how your chicken is going every couple of minutes, but keep in mind, the steam trapped inside will have chilli infused so watch your eyes and lungs.

Once your chicken is cooked pull off the heat and serve in wrap bread, with lettuce, tomato, peri-peri sauce and any other seasoning you might like.


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Nacho’s are an easy to make tasty classic, that can be made quickly on the side of the tracks and will make everyone at camp happy as larry.


Bedourie Camp Oven

Adventure Kings BBQ Tools

Cutting board and a knife

– Campfire to borrow some hot coals

Folding shovel to gather hot coals from fire

– Plates for serving (eat with hands)

– 1 Tablespoon of Cooking oil

– 1 Bag of corn chips (original flavor is the best)

– 1 jar of salsa (choose your preferred spicyness, we love our HOT!)

– 1 Packet of pre-grated 4 blend cheese for melting

– 1 Can of Mexican beans (get one with a ring pull to save using a can opener)

– 1 avocado (cut into slices)

– 2 sliced onions

– Handful of coriander for flavor

– 1 small lime
Oil the base and sides of your bedourie oven to prevent your tasty, tasty nachos from getting stuck.


To begin layering use about a third of the bag of corn chips to give a good foundation, with about a quarter of the jar of salsa, cover the base layer of corn chips, add a quarter of your can of beans, and a good sprinkle of your grated cheese.

Top your layer of chips beans salsa and cheese with a few slices of avocado, slices of onion and a pinch of coriander.


Repeat, step number 2 to create another layer. The final layer should use up the remaining corn chips, salsa, beans, another spread of cheese and the remaining avocado, onion and coriander.


Cover your ingredients, using the frypan of your Bedourie oven as a lid and place at the edge of your fireplace.

Gather some red-hot coals from the fire and place on the lid of your oven and let the mix cook up for about 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted.


Serve up portions for everyone and enjoy with an icy cold beer from your Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer.


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There are many times you can encounter steep and tough sections of track that will challenge you and your vehicle, so we’ve put together a few things you can do to make your attempts a little more successful.


This same old trick still applies, when you are hitting the tough tracks, there is one universal trick that will help you get further offroad, and that is by letting your tyres down to offroad pressures, this rule of thumb should be applied any time you feel like you will need low range.

By using carrying both a compressor like the Thumper MKII and a purpose made tyre deflator like the Kwiky Tyre Deflator, you can comfortably deflate your tyres knowing that wherever you end up meeting the bitumen you will be able to air back up!


This trick is the same as setting your tyres to the right pressures, if you cannot walk the section of track, it is highly unlikely that your vehicle will make it to the other side. So get out and do the leg work to make sure you won’t get stuck!

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This one is important, when tackling a steep hill, selecting the right gear can mean the difference between getting to the top or having to do a hill stall recovery (Described below). When on steep hill, using your clutch can result in your vehicle loosing control and rolling backwards down the hill, not a good outcome in our books. Which gear to choose is absolutely up to your judgement but we recommend picking a lower gear in low range (either 1st or 2nd) so you don’t have any issues if you have to slow down.
PICK A LINE and stick to it!

The biggest mistake many 4WDers make is choosing a line on the track and then changing their mind half way through, trying to alter course midway along a line can result in getting hung up on unforeseen obstacles.

By picking a line you can also plan ahead and lay down your MAXTRAX MKII or prepare your Domin8r X winch line for undrivable sections.

By knowing you may need to perform a recovery you can avoid damaging your vehicle and already have the gear ready to go when the time comes to use it!
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When hitting any hilly section with momentum will definitely help you hit the top, however too much momentum will mean you risk breaking bits of your 4WD, and possibly bringing your vehicle outside of its centre of balance –  this could mean A ROLLOVER!

So keep the momentum up, but don’t just give it the berries, a good method is to go fast enough to maintain traction without spinning wheels but fast enough to bounce up and over obstacles in your way.


If you have lockers fitted from factory or even a set of those aftermarket jobbies, now is the time to switch them on along with other traction aids your vehicle may have, such as traction control, ascent control and any other bell or whistle that will prevent you from losing control or traction.

If you don’t have any of these fancy newfangled traction aids you will be fine, just keep your 4WD moving along stable and smooth, which leads us to our next point….


This procedure is designed to give you the most safety possible exit strategy when you have to bail on your hill climb attempt. The procedure is slightly different for automatic and Manual Transmissions but can save you from losing traction and potentially sliding backwards downhill.

If you need to head back to tackle the climb again, the process is simple, simply apply the brake pedal slowly and firmly, do not use your clutch and do not put your vehicle in neutral.  This will stall the vehicle and hold you in place on the hill (if you drive an automatic place the vehicle in park as your torque converter will prevent you from stalling) the benefit of being stalled out(or in park) will be that your gearbox is acting as a  secondary method for holding your vehicle on the hill and preventing it from rolling or sliding backwards.
The next step with this style of recovery is applying a generous amount of handbrake, this will lock your wheels and give you a third point of preventing slides or any other rearward movement of the vehicle, once your handbrake is applied turn your key to off, this will remove any chance of ignition in case of your vehicle starting to roll.

Now you are stationary and secure, don’t remove your foot from your brake pedal, if you have a passenger or a spotter from another vehicle that can help you see which way you need to reverse, now is a good time to get them to reconnoiter the track behind you to give you a bit of an idea of what you are up against.

If Driving a manual vehicle slowly and carefully engage your clutch and put the vehicle into reverse do not use anymore clutch until you are at the bottom of the hill.

Release your handbrake slowly, and release your foot brake until your vehicle’s weight has been taken up by your engines compression, cover your footbrake and turn your key to start the motor (yes whilst it is in gear) this will begin your decent, so make sure you are covering your foot brake to meter your down hill speed.

If you are in an automatic, pop your vehicle out of park and into neutral first to prevent gear engagement from rocking your vehicle loose from its stable platform. You can now start the motor, and engage reverse gear. Slowly release the handbrake and use your foot brake to control your descent. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR ACCELERATOR gravity will assist you all the way down!

Now you are safe at the bottom of that section of track, you can reassess your chosen line and hit it again until you make it all the way to the top!

Save cash on fuel during your next trip!

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With modern advances in fuel delivery, and computer-controlled turbo diesel engines, 4WD fuel efficiency figures have slowly been becoming more palatable for those without blank check books to pay for their expeditions.

We are going to go over 6 ways for you to enhance your fuel efficiency on long journeys away!


When packing your vehicle it is important to remember that the heavier your vehicle is, the more energy you will need to use to keep it rolling. By packing less gear more efficiently and towards the middle of your vehicles wheelbase and lower towards the vehicles center of gravity you will minimize uneven stress on the suspension components of your 4WD meaning it will handles smoother, this results in an easier ride, and burning less fuel.

A set of Titan Rear Drawers help you to locate your bulky heavy gear lower down, and also freeing up internal cabin space for safer and better visibility which makes decision making much easier on the open road, because you give yourself more time to react to hazards ahead and slower vehicles that you may be approaching which can make you lose momentum for climbing up those bigger hills.



Whilst driving on any road in any car, regular stop start driving wastes a ridiculous amount of fuel, and in our personal experience a fully loaded 4WD being driven in bumper to bumper traffic DOUBLED…. That’s right doubled, its fuel consumption from nearly 11L/100Km to just over 22L/100Km.

There are dozens of tricks to making sure that you don’t burn this much fuel specially when travelling past and out of the city!

To avoid stop starting from taking its toll on your wallet, take off extremely slowly, and change gears early if you are driving an auto, simply holding minimal accelerator will allow the gearbox to upshift early without ‘winding out’ your revs through the gear range. Using the engines low end torque and not bringing your turbo into boost will save you many litres of fuel at the bowsers.

 Just because the car in front is zipping off the lights and slamming their brakes on at every traffic blockage doesn’t mean you have to as well.

Stick to the slow lane and drive it like a semi! This way you’ll always give yourself plenty of stopping distance to slow down in your own time and you will always conserve fuel being able to coast towards the red light ahead, instead of racing the car next to you right up to the stop!


The old saying ‘smooth is fast’ also applies for efficiency, smooth driving is efficient driving.

One of the best ways to avoid being erratic on the road is by giving yourself plenty of stopping distance and trying to maintain a steady pace.

The more erratic and agitated your driving is the more resistance your vehicle is likely to be encountering, making its job of cruising, much harder. Play some relaxed tunes on the radio and take your time making maneuvers in traffic and it will go a long way into getting you better numbers at the bowser.

Many modern 4WD’s handle just like cars, and with excellent handling characteristics, people automatically drive them as if their 2.5 ton 4WD is a micro-sized European designed hatchback, resulting in horrible fuel economy. Drive your vehicle like it is a fully loaded truck, and you will be rewarded with much smaller fuel bills than you are accustomed too!



When your vehicle encounters mechanical resistance you are burning excess fuel that you don’t need too. There are several things you can do to make sure your vehicle is not costing you stacks of hard earned.

Things like making sure that your vehicle is running the right tyre pressures is an excellent place to start, by using a compressor like the Thumper MKII to keep your tyres inflated to the right pressures, you will have a smoother drive, put less wear and tear on steering and suspension components and also reduce the rolling resistance of your tyres.

A set of new tyres every 2 or 3 years will also ensure that you are taking advantage of modern tread patterns, in the last 5-10 years Mud terrain tyres have increased in road handling and are much quieter than their dinosaur ancestors you used to hear coming down the road, but All terrains and highway terrains are still king at getting the best fuel economy figures.

Before any longer trip and every six months or so, you should get a good wheel alignment, this will make sure your front and back wheels are sitting square and riding true to the chassis, reducing any drag that the system might have and making your steering more responsive.

Don’t forget to check your wheel bearings, cv joints, and maintain your engine, gearbox and transfer case oils to make sure you aren’t wasting a drop of fuel.


There are few better ways to reduce your fuel bill, than by maintaining your momentum, if you have to keep adjusting your speed, you will be wasting fuel. It’s a good idea to keep your RPM lower, and cruise, with bigger vehicles a good cruising speed will allow you to make it up the hills on the freeway, and coast back down again without the need to floor it and rev your motor up.

Simply by reducing your speed by 10 or 20 km/h, and cruising at around 90km/h instead of 100km/h and 110km/h, you can make massive savings to your fuel bill, you will find that by cruising at a slightly slower speed the frantic pace of the freeway no longer agitates you and you will gain plenty more stopping distance for smoother and easier driving all the way to and from your destination!


By planning your path ahead you can make sure there are no dramatic swerves to get to an offramp, or any unnecessary detours that can take you well off the beaten path, by using a VMS Touring 700 HDX GPS unit you can navigate easily to your destination without any silly wrong turns or time-consuming detours.

10 Tips for using a UHF radio

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Whether you are new to the scene or are an old bushy, there are many tips and tricks to getting the clearest communication whilst using a UHF radio.

There are many important things to keep in mind when using a UHF Radio, we recommend finding the instruction manual for the particular UHF unit you own for more specific details on how to adjust the settings.

1 Be courteous

First step is first the etiquette of using a UHF radio dictates that you wait until the other person finishes speaking before keying on, when using a UHF unit you cannot hear incoming transmissions if you are keyed on and if they are still speaking your transmission will likely go unheard.

2 Don’t eat the microphone

This one’s a zinger, too many people make this epic mistake, the microphones built into UHF radio’s are super sensitive and a beginners first mistake is to put the microphone directly up to their mouth, this results in a distorted mess on the other end.

The best way to approach this is to talk across the microphone and have it placed about a hand width away from your mouth, this will prevent your breath from distorting the sound.


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4 Know the channels you can use

The Australian government recently introduced new legislation to protect a handful of UHF Channels and reserve them for emergencies and data transmissions, along with the introduction of 80 channel UHF devices means there are many extra channels now available that you can use. However older devices can still operate on the older predesignated 40 channels (ch1-ch40) and operate just fine.

It is important to only use Channel 5 and Channel 35 only during an emergency, generally you will need to engage duplex mode, and wait for a response. If misused heavy fines apply and potential jail time for using these emergency channels when not in a real emergency apply so be careful!

5 Know your range

Many people forget that a UHF radio can in ideal conditions reach up to and beyond 25km. This factor can be forgotten, and pointless chatter can be heard well down the way so keep the banter low key and make sure no one else can listen in before getting rowdy!

Different radio wattage ratings and different antenna decibel ratings offer varying reception and transmission range. With your typical vehicle mounted 5W UHF like the Oricom UHF380PK coupled with the included higher gain 6.5dBi you can reach up to 25kms.

Whilst lower powered devices like the Oricom UHF2190 handheld UHF units offer 2W of power and next to no gain on the antennas giving far less range and approximately 5km range.

All radio ranges operate by line-of-sight, which means mountains, trees and even your own vehicle can block out the signal resulting in far shorter range.



Most UHF devices like the Oricom devices on offer at 4WD Supacentre, have a scan function. You may not understand why you would require a scan function but this can come in handy whilst 4WDing, if you leave your radio on scan, it will constantly skip through the whole range of channels searching for transmissions in the area that your unit can receive. This will give you a heads up if there are others in the area that are also 4WDing, it can also give you a way of communicating with other vehicles in case you need a recovery.

This doesn’t always work but if people are out there it is good to know if you can get a hand if you need it.

7 Duplex vs Simplex

Duplex function transmits on one channel and receives on another, it allows the use of a repeater station which is a base station that picks up on the transmission output by your device and resends the transmission from an elevated high-power antenna resulting in a much further transmission.

We know of a situation where people were using Duplex via a repeater station to transmit between 2 locations that had no line of sight but were approximately 4kms or 5kms away with a large hill in between. And using duplex reached a repeater 20km away from them and could read each other loud and clear!


There are a few pro bits of slang you must know, you may have heard some of these before;

Breaker, breaker – This is used to start a transmission, it implies a message is about to come through, usually the first and last word of a sentence is repeated in case it gets interrupted by other transmissions.

10-4, copy that, roger – Translates to message heard loud and clear!

What is your 20 – what is your location

Affirmative – Means yes, just like with phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie… etc) sounds can be hard to hear. This is a clearer way to confirm information over the radio

Negative, negatory – Means no (as above)


It is good practice to make sure you have a spare radio, we prefer 1 handheld and 1 vehicle-mounted unit, as this will allow your passengers to communicate with your vehicle when guiding you through tough tracks, and also lets you scan monitor different channels whilst driving.

Hopefully from this guide you have learned more about using your UHF, they are fun and they are free, and they don’t require any mobile phone towers to operate, so can make convoys and remote area driving, easier and safer. So fit a UHF radio to your 4WD and grab a handheld so you can have more fun on the tracks!

Save More With A Kings Generator!

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The Adventure Kings Generator range are built to offer excellent fuel efficiency and performance for weight and represents unbeatable bang for buck reliability. At first we didn’t realise just how valuable the Adventure Kings range of generators were, so now we’ve done our research and have found out exactly what other brands are charging for their portable camping generators, and we are gob smacked!


Our market research led us to find out that some of our competitors are charging up to and over $2000 for a 2000W generator. At more than dollar a Watt, savvy shoppers will see this price as highway robbery and considering you can get an extra 1500W with an Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Generator and only pay just under $700, you can tell the opposition they are dreaming!


So to give you an even better idea of what you can get from the Adventure Kings range with a $2000 budget we’ll show you exactly what to expect!




Adventure Kings Generators are a handy piece of equipment and are perfect for campsite power, or in an emergency blackout situation. As a backup power source, they are ready to go at a moment’s notice and if you choose the colossal 3.5kva generator you will have 3500W for powering all of your electrical requirements both as a backup and for camping, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

With a 7.5L Fuel tank and automatic ECONOMY mode, even without refueling you can have over 9 hours of seamless 240v power, perfect for saving the contents of your fridge, and running emergency lighting when the sun goes down.

Over recent months we have had more power outages than we’ve had for quite a number of years, and with the unreliable power provided from an undermaintained electrical grid, people have turned to using an Adventure Kings Generator to step up to the challenge and take the burden. The 3.5KVA and 2KVA Adventure Kings Generators have been in extremely high demand due to their affordable powerful and quiet running.




Along with running your fridge at home, a Kings 3.5KVA 4 stroke Generator can charge all of your digital devices including sensitive electrical devices like laptops and has enough power to operate electrical cooking appliances, toasters chargers and kettles all at the same time.


With the 12v output socket the Adventure Kings 3.5KVA will even run your 12v campsite lighting with its integrated cigarette lighter socket offers stacks of extra power for emergencies and campsite power needs.


The Adventure Kings range has a plethora of LED Camping lights to choose from, this means you can pretty much take your pick as to what type best suits your setup.

By grabbing an Adventure Kings Illuminator 5 Bar camp light kit you can even power up different rooms of the house with 5 separate 50cm long LED strips, and 5 separate dimmer switches, you’ll have more than enough light to brighten your camp!





Still within the $2000 Budget, you can add a top-quality Adventure Kings Tourer Roof Top Tent to the mix, boasting one of the best value camping setups on the market. As simple as folding camp out, you can attach the included Annex underneath and you have a comfortable ventilated 2 story campsite.


Offering million dollar views wherever you pull up and a plush and comfortable 75mm thick mattress the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Tourer is hard to beat bang for buck. Fully waterproof the outside canvas fabric will protect you and your better half from the wind and rain, and with massive opening windows with insect proof mesh on all sides you’ll have a Kings view of your campsite!




In addition to everything already mentioned you can add 2 of the strongest camp chairs we’ve ever seen, a pair of Adventure Kings Thrones are comfortable and offer a massive wide arm rest, and a HUGE 300Kg weight rating.

With the Adventure Kings Throne you and your better half can Kick back and relax at camp in style and comfort, and knowing you scored a bargain on your generator!





Still remaining under budget, you can add one of the best on and off-road GPS Navigation tools on the market to your shopping list. The VMS Touring 700 HDX offers an extremely accurate navigation tool to make sure that you get where you need to go, giving over 3000+ pre-loaded high detail topographic maps, displayed through a high resolution 7” touch screen, you will easily navigate your way into and out of some of the most scenic places in Australia.



Even with all of these cool new toys we are still a couple of hundred dollars shy of the $2000 budget. This proves to show, that the Adventure Kings range is extremely good value for money, and for less than you thought, you will get way more than you bargained for!


Stay Warm At Camp This Winter!

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4WD Supacentre are announcing the latest release in their gas burner range.

Adding to the already reliable gasmate range carried at 4WD Supacentre, and just in time for winter the team has just released the Gasmate portable camping gas heater.

The Gasmate Portable Camping Gas Heater is designed to be fully portable utilizing a light-weight sturdy metal frame, with an integrated convenient carry handle, the heater can be placed anywhere that portable heat is required.

With the ability to output a massive 7MJ/h the compact ceramic burner delivers a toasty warm heat output, ensures Aussie campers can stay cosy at camp, no matter what and the piezo ignition results in hassle-free heating.


Fully certified to Australian standards, the Gasmate Portable Heater is one of the safest compact and portable heaters available. Being compatible with typical disposable gas cans you can refuel at many supermarkets and camping stores across Australia whilst also taking advantage of 4 clever built-in safety features that make for reliable heat and a much safer camping setup.


The new Gasmate camping heater uses clever internal mechanisms to provide maximum safety, including;

•Tip-over Protection – This safety feature automatically cuts off the gas flow in the event that the heater is tipped over, this decreases the risk of accidental fires and burns.

  • Oxygen Depletion System – By sensing the oxygen levels around the heater, internal mechanisms automatically switch off the unit when oxygen levels drop below a safe amount, this makes the device safer to us inside smaller enclosed spaces. However good ventilation is always a good idea.
  • Flame Failure Safety System – without a flame to burn gas, particularly when unattended means that dangerous levels of flammable gas can build up, this safety circuit Cuts off the flow of gas if the flame goes out meaning fire/explosion risk is minimized.

    • Pressure Sensing Safety Shut-Off – Gas cartridge pressure, is critical to safety, this pressure shut-off circuit senses whether the pressure levels inside the gas can are safe and will eject the can if the pressure becomes too high, this often happens if the gas can is heating up too much, and can result in an explosion.

With safety and comfort being paramount to a happy camping experience, Adventure Kings are happy to be selling the Gasmate camping heater in their range just in time for winter camping expeditions, and is sure to not disappoint winter campers looking for a little extra warmth this winter chill!

Do You Know What To Do In An Emergency?!

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Many Aussies know the absolute basics, but nothing can prepare you for a real world emergency like professional first aid training!

Even when equipped with a properly equipped first aid kit, many people still don’t even know where to start with treating a patient with necessary and appropriate first aid care.

Acknowledging this issue and coming up with a brilliant response the Adventurer Rescue Swag first aid kit was created!

The Adventurer Rescue Swag first aid kit is considered one of the best ultimate remote area first aid kits, containing nearly anything you could need to make sure that life threatening injuries are tended too safely and appropriately and with the best possible care.

The kit contains three modules that are tailored to suit the necessary requirments, of those types of injury as outlined below;

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Minor Injuries Module Module:

Description: Quantity: Purpose:
Gauze swabs 3pc 7.5cm x 7.5cm 6 Cleaning skin & wounds
Eye pads 5.5cm x 7.7cm 2 Covering of eye wounds
Fabric strip Band-Aid 72mm x 19mm x 25mm 2 Minor wound covering
Micropore paper tape 2.5cm x 5m 1 Securing dressings
Wound closures 6mm x 75mm 3 Assist to close wounds
Povidone iodine swabs 4 Cleaning skin & wounds
Eye wash liquid ampoule 15ml 4 Wound and eye irrigation
Forceps 7.5cm stainless steel 1 Foreign object removal, dressing handling
Splinter probes 3.7cm x 1 5 Splinter removal
Instruction card 1


Snake Bit/Burns/Sprains & Strains Module:

Description: Quantity: Purpose:
Premium snake bite indicator band. 10cm x 10M 1 Compression for snake bite, support for sprains
Triangular bandage 110cm x 110cm 1 Immobilisation
Burn gel sachet 3.5g 5 Burn relief
Low adherent dressing 7.5cm x 10cm 1 Covering burns
Low adherent dressing 5cm x 5cm 3 Covering burns
Clear plastic bag 50cm x 60cm 1 Water liner – convert Rescue Swag to water carrier
Instruction card 1


Major Injures Module:

Description: Quantity: Purpose:
First aid leaflet 1 Instructions – First Aid
Amputated parts bags assorted x 3 1 Amputated parts storage
Wound dressing No.14 1 Control bleeding and protect wounds
CPR Face shield disposable 1 Resuscitation
Thermal blanket 127cm x 180cm 1 Shock management
Universal shears 15cm S/S 1 Removal of clothing, cutting bandages/dressings
Safety pins – bag of 12 1 Securing dressings
Nitrile glove powder free x 2 4 Personal protection
Instruction card 1

The Adventurer Rescue Swag also has a technological trick up its sleeve being able to couple with an offline smartphone app, that can prompt users with the appropriate steps to remembering their first aid training when placed in a stressful real-world emergency.

The smartphone app cleverly recognizes QR scanner codes on the first aid kit compartments and will help the first aid practitioner into delivering a safe and effective treatment for anything from, burns, cuts, grazes, broken bones, snake bites and even help with performing CPR.

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It is important to be prepared when you find yourself in remote environments, as even when in populated areas, help isn’t always readily accessible. When prepared for

When you are in remote areas, it is important to quickly apply first aid practices as outlined below, to ensure maximum chances of survival;


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When someone encounters a seriously nasty bite from snakes, Funnel-Web spiders, and even blue ringed octopus, It is important to apply the steps below to ensure sufficient pressure bandaging and limb immobilization is implemented to prevent the spread of venom around the body;

Firstly apply a firm heavy crepe or elasticised roller bandage (10–15 centimetres wide) starting 5-10cm above the bite location in overlapping turns moving first up towards the heart, then back down over the bite and past it towards the hand or foot.

The bandage needs to be applied firmly to the limb. The correct pressure is necessary to slow the transmission of venom through the lymph system and into the blood stream. The bandage should be about as tight as when strapping a sprained limb and must NOT cut off blood flow, or even be uncomfortable; if it is uncomfortable, the person can and will unconsciously flex the limb, defeating the immobilisation portion of the therapy.


The location of the bite should be clearly marked on the outside of the bandages for later treatment.

Immobilise the bandaged limb using one or more splints. This is important to prevent pumping of blood through the victim’s muscles resulting in the venom being spread quickly throughout the body.


As with any life-threatening injury you should seek medical assistance AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you have an emergency PLB beacon, now is the time to set it off, if you don’t have one, call for help on your vehicle mounted UHF Radio using duplex mode on stations 5 or 35 which are both reserved for emergency use only, if there is no response try again with Duplex mode switched off.

Preparing Tasty Bush Tucker for your next trip away!

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Cooking up a storm at camp used to mean, cracking a baked bean can and if you were to splurge a can of spaghetti and meatballs, or chunky stew and heating it up directly on the campfire, requiring no refrigeration this was usually enough to satisfy a mountain man’s cravings for protein, whilst still a valuable camp food staple for when supplies are running low, cans of food are no longer the go to for when you get hungry on the tracks!

With massive advances in technology and manufacturing, there are now a handful of ways you can bring nutritious meals with you on the tracks for way less than you imagined.



In the past, you either had to stash cold meats into pools of icy water in an esky or with a high performance 12v fridge that used to cost more than a month’s wage, and neither option really helped to inspire a lot of confidence for the average camper!

Now with modern components and set and forget temperature controls the Adventure Kings range of fridges offers a reliable way to chill your food and drinks on the tracks with the same high quality components used across the industry, with the choice of a compressor powered 60L Fridge/Freezer or a massive 80L Fridge/Freezer unit for keeping all of your fresh food and drinks cold, and at nearly half the price of what the opposition are charging you’ll have plenty of spare change for a way to cook it!




With many different styles of cooking there is a solution for everyone at 4WD Supacentre, we have made sure that there are options for open fire hotplates or gas BBQs, traditional portable bedourie ovens for roasting, and even a handy set of stainless steel BBQ Tools, to make cooking easier.

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When planning meals for your trip, you will need to consider how much space you have for keeping meats fresh, if you are on a longer trip, even though your 60L Fridge freezer can easily store up to 81 cans, keeping just a few cans cold whilst occupying the rest of the chilled space with meat and dairy is a wise idea. If you organize your food and with the added ability to include all the plates and cutlery for your group, in your Titan rear Drawers you will have an organized pantry wherever you go!

Long life foods, such as pasta, rice, and even long life milk coupled with tins of tuna, pre-prepared freeze dried meals, and even substituting things like bread, for wraps or Lebanese bread for extra-long storage without needing regular restocking make travelling much easier!




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When you are preparing food at camp, the faster the better, when you have an army waiting for food, a simple feast will please the masses. By cooking your food before you leave, all the preparation is done, and all you’ll need to do is reheat, one of the easiest ways to pre-prepare your food is by sealing it up using a Vac sealer, like the Kings Vacuum Sealer, by sucking all the excess air out of your meal and keeping it cold in your fridge.

By vacuum sealing, you eliminate the risk of harmful bacteria. You can also use the vacuum sealed bags to help reheat your food simply place the 290mm wide bag into boiling water for a few minutes. Cutting open, and dinner is served, cooking inside the bag also means you do not have any messy cleanup after eating!




This one is often overlooked, when you are out camping, there aren’t many places to stop for extra food, so packing snacks like chips, chockies, along with fresh fruit are a good idea, as those middle of the day snacks that fall between meals can certainly make the difference between going hungry or not.

Now that you are armed with all of this knowledge and all the right gear you can head out into the bush nearly indefinitely with the ability to eat fresher foods that taste better, and as a result live healthier, whilst making sure that your hunger is satisfied thanks to the awesome gear from 4WD Supacentre and Adventure Kings

Creek crossings tips and tricks!

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4WDing is fast becoming one of Australia’s favorite pastimes, with more 4WD’s being sold than any other type of vehicle. This rate of popularity increasing is due to the affordability, safety features like curtain airbags and reversing cameras plus with increased fuel economy rivalling other family cars, the lower running costs are more appealing than ever to young families!

These tips and tricks are all about making sure that when you encounter obstacles off-road you know exactly what to do!

We all know about letting your tyres down for driving on sandy tracks, but what about all of those potentially hazardous creek crossings and washouts you may encounter on the beaches and winding mountain tracks.

We’re going to go over some pro tips on how to make sure you’re 4WD makes it to the other side without any stress or dramas. There are rules of thumb for everything when you head off-road, but it is up to you, the driver to make decisions on the best course of action, and how you are going to proceed whilst you are off the beaten path.


  1. Preparation

There are a few things you may need to do before you even consider tackling a creek crossing, depending on the water depth and your vehicle.

Firstly you may need to pull out a can of WD40, CRC, or RP7 to spray all of the electrical connections underneath your bonnet including distributer caps, and injector connectors and plug lead connections. This will prevent your motor cutting out in the middle of the creek and causing you strife, and whilst it is out, give your door seals a quick squirt, this will make them seal a lot better.

No matter what your user manual recommends, your vehicles ‘fording depth’ can be taken with a handful of bull-dust and solid preparations should be made before any water crossing deeper than 30cm. Even with a lift kit and snorkel water can make its way all the way to the top of your engine bay.

If you have been driving for a while, it is a good idea to let your brakes cool down before entering the water to prevent your discs warping when they hit the cool water.

Also if you aren’t running an electric fan or a fan that uses a viscous coupling to stop it spinning you may cause damage to your radiator as the fan blades bite into the water they can start to chop against your radiator core.

There is an easy solution to this, a 2 dollar poly tarp and some occy straps simply cover up the front of your vehicle with the tarp and use the occy straps to fasten the tarp in place, this will stop the water from flowing through your radiator and allow it to wash past your engine bay minimizing the risk of water damage, particularly if you haven’t fitted a snorkel to your vehicle.

Also if you have a Domin8r X winch fitted, a wise move would be to connect your winch controller, unspool all of your rope and coil it up on your bullbar and engage the winch clutch mechanism before you enter the water, this means you are ready for a rescue no matter what happens.



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When getting ready to navigate a crossing, it’s a good idea to walk the creek first, with golden rule being, if you cannot walk it, you shouldn’t drive it, there are 5 main factors to consider;

Depth of the water – You don’t want water coming up over the bonnet, if you are any deeper than waist depth, you may end up getting yourself into trouble and we wouldn’t recommend it, specially if you haven’t got a snorkel fitted, particularly if you find any deep drop offs.

Flow speed – Depending on the depth of the water even a seemingly slow flow can carry a vehicle away due to the large surface area, so extra caution should be taken. Particularly

The driving surface – the surface of a creek can change dramatically so even if you have driven it before it is good practice to walk it again, this will help you identify boulders you may get hung up on, you will also be able to check for unexpected drop offs, and the condition of the creek bed.

Just like with tracks, a sandy bottom may need you to deflate your tyres, using a Kwiky tyre deflator, or a 3 in 1 tyre gauge.

The track width – Depending on your 4WDs width, the crossing width may have more or less underwater surface to support your vehicle, this is another reason why walking the course can help to determine, whether or not you should cross.

The water exit – there is no stopping once you have entered the water. So double checking you have a good place to exit the water is a good idea, you don’t want the exit to be too steep, or get your vehicle in a situation where you cannot climb out the other side, so make sure you have a good exit strategy!