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April 24, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur 5 CAMPSITE ESSENTIALS YOUR CAMPSITE IS MISSING! - image Capture-156 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

You may think that your campsite has EVERYTHING including the kitchen sink, but we know for sure that you probably do not have some of these little rippa’s that will turn your campsite into a camp Kingdom!

Here are a handful of awesome value bits of gear, that are hidden gems, when it comes to setting up your campsite;



Available in both a 3m x 3m version and a 6m x 3m version, the Adventure Kings range of Gazebos and gazebo accessories is second to none. Engineered with some of the toughest materials around, and build like a brick out house, the Adventure Gazebos are not just tough, but fully weather proof.

The fabric chosen for the Adventure Kings Gazebo is a durable 420gsm oxford woven polyester with a waterproof polyurethane membrane on the underside. The tough polyester is rated to UPF50+ to help protect people in any weather.

The frame is made from a hammer finish steel with reinforced hinges, and an adjustable leg height, offering a maximum of 2.4m of head room!

If you haven’t got your hands on an Adventure Kings Gazebo yet, you are seriously missing out!

This is the easiest way to keep your campsite not only clean and tidy, but sand and dirt free!

The Adventure Kings mesh floors utilize an extremely durable polyethylene fiber cleverly woven into a mesh material that allows gravity to pull dirt and sand down, without allowing it to travel back up!

Available in 3 main sizes you can choose one to suit your campsite, 3m x 3m, 5m x 2.5m, and the 6m x 3m they are the easiest way to upgrade any campsite, and will help keep sand, dirt and grass seeds out of your vehicle, and your campsite bedding.



For silent and seemingly automatic power generation, don’t hesitate to hook up to an Adventure Kings 250W Solar panel. Fitted with a PWM voltage regulator, this clever system will power your whole campsite off a days’ worth of sun, and with the monocrystalline high-grade silicon Photovoltaic cells, will be able to absorb over 120 Amp hours’ worth of sunlight!


The whole unit is also IP68 so you can set it up and let it roll no matter what the weather is doing.

As a perfect compliment to any 12v Dual battery system and giving you the ability to power a whole campsite worth of 12v accessories, its no wonder people are turning to the range of Adventure Kings 12v solar panels for their campsite power supply!


Adventure Kings 12v adjustable pressure portable shower

After a long day in the bush you just can’t beat a refreshing shower. With the Adventure Kings 12v Portable Shower Kit you can turn any water source into a fresh shower. Simply plug the power cable into your 12v cigarette lighter socket and adjust the flow using the adjuster on the shower nozzle.

The Adventure Kings 12V Portable Shower is able to be fixed to any smooth surface by using the included suction cup fastening kit, or can also be hung via the included hook to hang it anywhere.

By preheating the water over your campfire. You can even have a toasty warm shower, in the middle of nowhere.

if you don’t have a campsite shower, get one now – Your better half will thank you for it!


Adventure Kings 75L WIFI Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer

Get the absolute best in portable refrigeration with this latest release WIFI controllable dual zone refrigerator. That offers more than just a place to keep your beers and snags cold, with the settable dual zones, one section can be used as a deep freezer. Whilst the other, being kept for refrigerating.

A dual zone fridge opens up meal options, and duration of camping. By allowing you to plan your favorite meals for well down the track, whilst not affecting your frozen foods longevity by accessing the items in the refrigerator section separately.

The BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 75L WIFI Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer offers WIFI controllability, meaning you can access the control panel from up to 30m away on your smart phone, with readouts on the current temperature, voltage usage, and settings of the dual zones, whilst also being able to adjust settings to suit your campsites needs whilst it silently hums along up to 30m from you!