Adventure Kings Awnings – a hidden gem!

There is nothing more exciting than discovering a new way to do things, over recent years Adventure Kings and 4WD Supacentre have been looking for better ways to innovate the available gear on the market, to not only be more cost effective, but to expand the usability to cover more peoples needs than have been catered to before.

The Adventure Kings range of awnings has been developed and upgraded to be one of the best quality awnings on the market, and because of the popularity and sheer volume of sales, are now one of the most affordable on the market as well.

Because of the development and affordability of the Adventure Kings Awning range, it is only natural that a range of accessories are developed to add to the versatility and usability of the Adventure Kings Awnings.

The first development of the Adventure Kings range of awnings, was the humble Awning wall, seemingly just a piece of fabric, the Adventure Kings awning wall offers an easy to install and extremely practical addition to any awning setup. Simply attach it to your awning using the stitched in Velcro loops or via the Awnings integrated sail track, and the other side being able to be pegged out, your camping space can be nearly doubled. With the ability to block wind and allow rain to drain to one side of your camping setup, the Adventure Kings awning wall is a must have Awning accessory that will instantly enhance your camping setup. And with the ability to add your awning wall to all 3 exposed sides you can even grab 3 awning walls to add to your setup for additional privacy and protection from the elements.

Many people love the Ability to unroll your awning, and awning wall, and setup your Adventure Kings Swag underneath to protect it from the morning dew and light drizzle.

If you install your Awning wall to your Adventure Kings awning using the integrated sail track, you can pack both up easily by flipping the Awning wall to sit evenly on-top of your awning canopy fabric and rolling both up inside the heavy duty waterproof PVC cover, ready for the next time you unroll your awning at camp!

The next favorite hit with Adventure Kings Awning owners is the Adventure Kings Mosquito Netting. Using a similar fastening system to the Adventure Kings awning wall, the range of Mosquito nets are made to fit all popular side awning sizes. Made from a breathable and see through midge proof netting, the mosquito nets add an additional layer of protection for campers with more sensitivity to being eaten alive by blood sucking insects! By adding an Adventure Kings Mosquito netting to your Adventure Kings Awning, many campers find they are afforded a sheltered space to prepare food, and to eat, without the hassle of annoying blowflies, mosquitoes, midges, and sandflies. Making camping a much more pleasurable experience.


The Last and most popular Addition to many Adventure Kings Awnings, is the Adventure Kings Awning Tents. Built to suit the most popular sizes of Adventure Kings awning, they fasten in the exact same way as the Adventure Kings mosquito netting, taking advantage of Velcro loops and the integrated Awning sail track.

By adding the Adventure Kings awing tent to your campsite setup you instantly increase the functionalilty of your vehicle. Turning if from a comfy living space, to a completely sheltered, weatherproof, and private place to retreat from the weather.

The Adventure Kings Awning Tents offer easy accessibility with large opening doors on both the vehicle side and the outside, meaning you can still access gear inside the vehicle. Whilst also offering large mesh covered windows to allow the light and the cool breeze inside. The Adventure Kings Awning tents offer deep dish heavy duty PVC bucket flooring to prevent any leaking.

With the ability to unroll your awning in under 2 minutes and install your awning tent in just an additional 2 minutes, its easy to convert your vehicle into a campsite foundation and be kicking back in style in under 10 minutes!

There are plenty of ways you can use your awning, other than just as a waterproof UPF50+ Shelter. It can replace a tent for camping, become an insect refuge, and even just a place to hangout out of the weather, when you need to take a break on the tracks!