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Don’t get freezer burn on your next Fridge Freezer purchase!

July 15, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Don't get freezer burn on your next Fridge Freezer purchase! - image Capture-5 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

You should always buy your gear from a quality brand that you can trust!

Its not worth the gamble, to find out that you’ve been ripped off – If you somehow manage to find a product that is priced lower than an Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer, chances are they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes!

We were advertised an 85L Fridge Freezer which claimed to have a SECOP compressor inside, so to confirm the specs we thought we’d check it out, when we opened it up it contained an inferior unknown  brand compressor!

The entire range of Adventure Kings Fridge Freezers use SECOP Compressors because they can be trusted. Engineered in Europe, SECOP refrigeration Comressors have become industry standard and are found in nearly all reputable Car fridge freezers as well as in many home refrigerators around the world!

On top of the Falsley advertised internal compressor, the competitors fridge freezer boasted the same temperature range as the Adventure Kings Fridge Freezers. From 10°C to -18°C, whilst the dual zone Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer either side can be set to any temperature you choose, whilst the inferior competitors one, has a dedicated -18°C freezer section that cannot be adjusted.

On top of the false claims of high quality European components, and the non adjustable dual-zones the Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer also uses a higher quality powder coated case which is much stronger and not nearly as flimsy.

Not only does the Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer use higher quality components, it also uses thicker insulation in the lid, and a much sturdier rubber seal, but also takes advantage of the additional strength offered by a full metal hinge mechanism.

When comparing the latching mechanisms for both fridges, the Adventure Kings latches compress the thick rubber seals ensuring more efficient refrigeration.

You may think you are scoring a bargain by purchasing a lower cost no name fridge, but you certainly sacrifice, efficiency, durability, versatility.

Use caution when buying your gear from an unknown online seller, with no phone number, and with no location where you can come down and checkout the range.

When shopping for your camping setup buy a fridge you can trust and get a setup from Adventure Kings for absolute reliability!

Adventure Kings offers 3 sizes of reputable fridge freezer, including the 45L, 60L and 75L dual zone. These freshly released fridge freezers offer campers extremely efficient operation and will keep food and drinks chilled and at the ready whilst using much less power than you’d imagine!


The Adventure Kings 45L Fridge Freezer comes fitted with a genuine SECOP PCB 2.5 Compressor which can be operated on 12v, 24V and even on 240V mains power. Which makes it perfect for use at your caravan campsite, in the back of your 4WD or even in the boat, for efficient power! Whilst being the smallest fridge in the Adventure Kings Range, it is still capable of keeping 67 standard 375mL cans icy cold, all day long.

With its set and forget temperature range, you’ll always have your favorite drinks handy.

The next largest Fridge freezer in the range is the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer is the bigger brother of the 45L Fridge Freezer, featuring a massive 88 Can Capacity, and an epic 24 month warranty the 60L model is one of the most popular Fridge Freezers on the market, featuring a reversible lid and the same quality genuine Secop PCB 2.5 compressor found in the 45L model, whilst offering much more space for growing families or longer trips away!


The Biggest in the range is the Adventure Kings Dual Zone 75L Fridge freezer. Featuring an extremely impressive 105 Can capacity, The Dual zone 75L Fridge Freezer offers extreme versatility, featuring the triple voltage compatibility for use at home and on the tracks, whilst also offering either a dedicated freezer section, or a dual area fridge freezer. With its massive 75L internal capacity will allow you to freeze meals for extended journeys into the unknown, whilst also allowing you to store all of your daily requirements like chilled waters, beers, softdrinks and even just keeping the butter and milk from spoiling!

There is no denying the excellent value for money found in the Adventure Kings Range of Fridge Freezers. Not only are they compact but they are also durable, efficient, and ready to use no matter where you are heading!


Get your hands on Australia’s favorite portable fridge freezer, for an unbeatable price at www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/products/fridges-coolers.html