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Get set for retirement on the road with Adventure Kings Gear

April 14, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Get set for retirement on the road with Adventure Kings Gear - image Capture-111 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Adventure Kings gear represents hard to beat, bang for buck, and excellent performance camping gear, that easily upgrades a campsite, with levels of comfort that rival being at home. The range of accessories suits nearly any campsite, whether you sleep in a rooftop tent, a caravan, or an offroad camper trailer.

These are our top suggestions for grey nomads, looking to get the best value gear in Australia, whilst also not sacrificing on quality or performance, being able to get ready to head out bush and explore this great country, with no limitations, and no restrictions, no matter what your setup is!


1.Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Colossus Generator

When free camping on the side of the highway, staying in remote area campsites, or even whilst stopping for lunch, there is no denying that we are all reliant on 240V mains power to run everything from medical devices, to charging batteries, and if you are living out of a caravan, to operate the air conditioning.

An Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Colossus Generator is a reliable 4 stroke workhorse, that has more than enough output power to ensure that wherever you are, and whatever your power needs are, we have you covered!


  1. Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer

Fresh ice is hard to find in the middle of the desert, and if you do find ice, it’ll be expensive, and more than likely poor quality. Not to mention that if you are relying on ice to keep your food and drinks cold, that you are limited in range, and how long you can stay camped at a location

All of this changes with an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer, with the ability to set the temperature controls to maintain a frosty -18°C, you can even deep freeze your fishing catch to save it for dinner in a few days, without fear of it spoiling and can accomplish this on both 12v and 240v!

The Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer, is one of the best value fridge freezer units available on the market, and incorporates industry leading components at a price that is nearly half of similar units on the market.


  1. Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Mesh Floor

When you are camped up at a location for a couple of days, keeping your campsite tidy and dirt free, can present itself as a challenge, so to combat the dust and dirt around camp, a good quality campsite floor can make a massive difference to your comfort levels around camp.

this is why the Adventure Kings clever Camp floor mesh comes in, made from an intelligently woven polyester mesh, it allows dirt to pass through and stay underneath without allowing it back up and into your campsite.

An Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Mesh floor is large enough to keep your whole campsite tidy and protected.

  1. Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chairs

For supreme comfort at camp that is fit for a King, it is time to get a hold of a couple of Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chairs built to be durable and comfortable, they utilize a tough steel folding frame, and reinforced fabric, and have been tested to and rated to carry an unbelievable 300KG of weight, without a problem.

The Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chairs are also built wide enough for bigger framed people, whilst still offering comfortable arm rests, drink holders, and even a mesh map pouch on the back, with reinforced seams, and a durable padded 600D Oxford woven polyester with a water resistant PVC coating for mold and stain resistant.


5.Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel

The ultimate in silent power production, the Adventure Kings 250W solar panel is an industry changer, offering an easy to setup versatile battery charging system that operates with high efficiency even during overcast days.

Even through winter the 250W output of this solar panel is enough power to keep a 12v refrigerator running 24/7 offering up to 117amps of charge even on the winter solstice. Just about any power needs are covered by the massive output. and with the integrated PWM solar controller, you can simply connect it to your battery directly for the optimum charge rate.

The Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel takes advantage of Adventure Kings efficient monocrystalline panels, making it up to 14% more efficient than similar sized polycrystalline panels, and with its IP68 rating you can set up your panel at camp, whilst you head off and explore, and no matter what the weather is doing, you can rely on your panel to keep your setup topped up!