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How to set up and stay warm at camp with an adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove

August 17, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur How to set up and stay warm at camp with an adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove - image Capture-10 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


When you are out camping there isn’t much like a good campfire for everyone to sit by and have a good time, the mesmerizing flicker and glowing warmth affect campers on a primal level, and the calming effects of a good campfire can be felt for days after returning home from camp.

Whilst the bush television has been the go to for campers for generations, just about every camper has developed their own method for starting a campfire, from large bonfires, to small cooking fires, and even keyhole shaped pits for both staying warm and cooking efficiently on!

The times are changing and so are regulations regarding campfires, this is why the Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove has taken over campsites all over Oz as a go to campfire system! It is fully enclosed and allows campers to cook on, as well as staying warm whilst funneling smoke up and away from camp!

The awesome features are also improved by the ability to easily control both the temperature and the burn rate of your fuel with its adjustable flue and notched door latch.

So we are going to run over all the steps required to get your campfire roaring and warm whilst using less wood than ever thanks to this revolutionary camp oven stove!


Unpack your brand new Camp Stove and flip the unit upside down, this will give you access to the three folded legs underneath. Unfold the three legs from the body of the stove into their fully extended position.

Once the legs are unfolded lock the three legs using their respective chained retaining pins this secures the legs to prevent them accidentally folding on themselves.

Once the legs have been extended and locked into place you can flip the stove upright onto its legs and open the door to pull out the chimneys five collapsible sections.

Connect each of the chimney sections together, ensuring they are firm & secure to prevent smoke from leaking from the joins.

Once the chimney has been assembled you can connect it onto the outlet built onto the top of stove.

Finally, connect the ash catcher plate to the front of the stove, just under the door opening into the integrated tabs on the oven body!

We are now ready to start a fire!

For many, this is the fun bit, lighting a fire can be as simple or difficult as you would like it to be, but can easily be done (and should be done) without using accelerants or chemical fire starter cubes!

By starting small and working our way up, even with slightly damp tinder you can get a fire started quickly and easily with just a match, lighter, or even a flint striker.

If you prepare your firewood inside the unit with the flue damper in the fully open position (vertical) it will allow the maximum amount of air to flow into your growing fire, if you place a few larger pieces of wood at the rear of the oven chamber followed by thumb sized sticks and moving all the way down to twigs towards the entrance, a good tinder bundle like a handful of scrunched up toilet paper will take a flame easily and spread into the larger pieces because of the chimney effect created by rising hot air.

If you are cooking with your camp stove you will want to wait until you have a few red hot coals in the base of the oven, this will heat up the whole stove body and create a hot platform you can cook using 2 separate pots or pans, like a Bedourie Oven or a cast iron skillet pan,

Whilst cooking with the Camp Stove, you can adjust the built in flue damper to control the airflow effectively cooling down your cooking temperature, if you need more heat, simply open the damper to allow more air flow, the integrated notched latch also allows for better control over your fireplace temperature.

When you are done cooking you can conserve fuel by shutting the door all the way and waiting approximately 10 minutes then, simply turn the flue damper to around 45°.

When it is time to go to bed you can put you fire out, simply wait 10 minutes after closing the door, then turn the flue damper to 90° and the lack of oxygen will extinguish the fire.

CAUTION: Take care when you adjust the flue damper & whilst opening or closing the door or latches, they will be hot and can burn you.

Maintenance: It is highly recommended that you clean the Adventure Kings Camp Stove after every use. Additionally, an occasional light coating of cooking oil, can help to prolong the life of the stove and provide additional corrosion resistance for many years of campsite fires.

With a setup so simple to use, and easy to control, the last thing you’d be thinking about is the warranty but if you did have concerns you are covered for a full 12 month from the date of purchase against all manufacturing defects!

So get your hands on one of the most effective campsite fireplaces for efficient warmth even right up close to your camping setup!