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Install permanent LED Camp Lighting on your 4WD!

July 12, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Install permanent LED Camp Lighting on your 4WD! - image Capture-3 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Few bits of technology have changed the way we camp more than LED light technology. Before LED – camp lighting was either power hungry fluorescent lights, or the old school lantern. And before 4WD Supacentre launched the Adventure Kings range of LED Camping Lights – LED technology was extremely expensive.


Now, for less than a carton of beer – you can get high quality LED Camping Lights that’ll light your whole campsite. While all Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights – including the Adventure Kings Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit, Adventure Kings Complete 5 Bar Camp Light Kit, Adventure Kings Illuminator MAX LED Strip Light, and Adventure Kings Illuminator 4m MAX LED Strip Light – are all plug and play kits (meaning they plug straight into your cig socket) – you can take your camp setup to the next level by hard wiring your Adventure LED Camping Lights into your tent, 4WD, ute canopy, drawer – wherever you want.


You’ve probably seen this done a few times and thought it might be beyond your 12V skills – but it’s actually a lot easier than you think. There’s two clear ways – attach your lights where you want (best with quality double sided tape) and simply plug the cig socket cord into them – saving you have to set them up every time. The other way is hard wiring them to a rocker switch – all you need are some basic 12v tools, a rocker switch (on/off switch), and a way to fuse your lights.


The reason it’s so easy is that all Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights have a cig socket plug – and when you open these up – you’ll clearly see a positive and earth wire inside – it’s like working with any other 12V accessory.


Most campers who hard wire Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights will want the ability to turn the light on and off at the flick of a switch. The easiest way to do this is with a simple rocker switch. Most rocker switches have 3 terminals on the back – power into the switch, power to your accessory, and earth. A rocker switch will simply bridge the battery power to accessory and cut it off as you flick the switch on and off.


You need to ensure the rocker switch is fused – many come pre-wired with fuses – if not – run it to a fuse block or use an in-line fuse. Modern LED Camping Lights like the Adventure Kings range draw very low amps – so you don’t need big fuses in your wiring – 10Amp will be ample.


The beauty of all Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights is that they come with long extension cords – so you will have plenty of wiring to mount them anywhere around your 4WD. We recommend mounting the lights first so you know how much wiring you need to run back to your power supply/rocker switch. It’s annoying to have leftover cord hanging about.


Once your rocker switch has power and is earthed – attach the power from your Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights to it’s designated terminal on the rocker switch, and earth the Adventure LED Camping Lights to a solid earth point. Once this is done – you’ve successfully hardwired LED camping lights into your vehicle! You can go one better and the dimmer switch from your Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights kit and mount it in a convenient location with double sided tape so you dim the lights easily


Hardwiring Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights will save you having to set them up each time – it also means you’re not having to roll up cords etc. each night. Some popular ways 4WDers and campers hardwire each Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights are:


  • Popular to mount in channel of awnings
  • Mount under 4WD as rock crawling lights
  • Mount in boats
  • Mount inside your Titan Drawers with pressure switch
  • Mount in tent or swag
  • Mount under bonnet
  • Mount in roof top tent


A tube of clear silicon is a perfect way to semi-permanently mount your LED camping lights to just about anywhere. Don’t go crazy with the stuff – in fact, a couple of small dabs is all that’s needed. Use duct-tape to hold the light strip in place while the silicon is drying overnight and you’ll have a light that’s stuck fast in the morning.


If you’re not completely confident with your soldering abilities, then this install is still for you! Just mount the strip lights wherever you want them, and keep the power cable with cig socket handy in your glovebox or door pocket. Then, when you rock up at camp, all you have to do is set up your campsite as normal and then plug the power cable into your cigarette socket in your vehicle. The wiring isn’t so thick that it will dramatically upset your door seals when you close your door, so you can leave it all plugged in overnight in case you need to get up to visit the beer-recycling plant and need a bit of light in the middle of the night.


LED lighting has revolutionized the way we go camping! It draws such little power that you can run your lights all night without serious risk of flattening your batteries beyond safe levels. If you pair your Adventure Kings Camping Lights with an Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle battery then you’ll have more than enough power for an entire weekend’s worth of lighting.


Transform your campsite in just a few hours by hardwiring Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights into your vehicle. You’ll wonder how you ever went camping without your LED lights – they’ll change the way you camp!


PLEASE NOTE: By hardwiring Adventure Kings LED Camping Lights – you are not using lights as directed in the user manual, thus 4WD & Outdoor Supacentre Pty Ltd may not honour warranty, and are not responsible for any damage that may occur on your vehicle, persons, or products should something go wrong.