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Our Top D.I.Y. tips to building your dream campsite on a tight budget!

July 31, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Our Top D.I.Y. tips to building your dream campsite on a tight budget! - image Capture-21 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

When looking into setting up your dream campsite, it’s easy to be dissuaded on pursuing your real dream campsite when you start seeing price tags, this means you never really have your whole dream setup and you may find yourself compromising on all of your favorite bits and pieces.

So pay close attention we are going to show you how you can save stacks of money without compromising on any part of your campsite;



When looking at your new campsite setup you need to consider what kind of setup you want. Within the Adventure Kings range we have 4 main styles of setup all having pro’s and cons, but you need to decide which works for you;



These are a favorite amongst young guns – the Adventure Kings range of swags offers comfort on a really tight budget, the speed of setup and weather proofing are unbeaten for a standalone system, however being low to the ground and the relatively tight internal space makes these a turn off for those without flexibility and those who don’t want to crawl down on the ground!

Roof Top Tent

Roof top tents are fast becoming a favorite for Aussie campers of all ages, being able to be setup as fast as a swag and including many of the same awesome features an Adventure Kings roof top tent also features an incredible amount of comfort thanks to its included 75mm+ mattress. The benefit to being up off the ground are instantly obvious with unparalleled views anywhere you choose to setup!

Whilst comfy and easy to setup, a typical roof top tent can be difficult to install and remove on your vehicle on your own!

Awning Tent

An Awning Tent is a fantastic addition to any of the Adventure Kings Awnings simply slide onto the integrated sail track of your awning offering a fully enclosed and waterproof room right on the side of your vehicle. They can be a little difficult to setup solo and will also mean you close off your view at camp (unless you add another awning to the other side so you can still hang out under just a shelter!

Gazebo Tent

Gazebo tents are 100% stand alone and can be setup fairly quickly so are awesome for people wanting to setup their basecamp to explore throughout the day and not tie their 4WD down to any one location!


2.Campsite Lighting!

Once you have your campsite setup sorted – campsite lighting is the next troubling topic many people choose to ignore and bury their head in the sand over!

But it doesn’t have to be that complicated, one of the biggest things to consider when choosing your campsite lighting is how large your entire campsite is. You cannot light up an entire convoy with only one head lamp, and if you are hanging out on a solo trip or even touring longer distances, something a little more complex to setup like the Adventure Kings Complete 5 Bar Camp Light Kit, may be a bit excessive to set up every day!

So assessing which type of lighting will suit your campsite becomes a matter of taste and preference, if it was our setup we choose to go a little more than you need you can always dim any of the Adventure Kings LED Campsite Lights if they are too bright, but if you are struggling to see, you cannot make a smaller setup brighter!

3.Campsite Cooking

Last but not least, you MUST have some sort of way of putting hot food inside your stomach, or you’ll quickly be packing up and looking for the nearest fast food joint to satisfy your hunger!

BBQ Hotplate

Cook your hot meals over your campfire with an Adventure Kings BBQ Hotplate, sets up in seconds over the side of your fireplace and when you are done simply scrape your scraps into the coals!

Bedourie Camp Oven

The Bedourie Camp Oven uses the heat from hot coals to bake, boil, fry and much more, these are great for baking damper over the coals and even for slow cooking stews over the heat of your campfire- excellent for winter warmer meals!

Camp Oven Stove

The Adventure Kings Camp oven is great for lifting your campfire up off the ground, with its tripod legs and tall chimney smoke will stay out of camp and you will even find it uses much less firewood and burns hotter than many campsite fires!

Adventure Kings Two Burner Stove

This easy to use camp stove burns LPG gas to burn clean and even with twin stainless steel burners that output a huge 10,000BTUs of heat each- these are great for use in areas that have fire bans and are extremely compact when folded!

Gasmate Voyager Stove

This is the most epic way to cook your meals on the tracks! – fitted with a closing hood, and integrated temperature gauge you can roast, fry, bbq and even bake anywhere you pull up- running on LPG gas and fitted with an integrated piezo ignition source the Gasmate voyager BBQ is one of the best GO TO BBQ’s for camp cooking!