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Should you install an LED Light Bar or are a set of LED Driving Lights!

June 1, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Should you install an LED Light Bar or are a set of LED Driving Lights! - image Capture-1 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news



The development team at Adventure Kings, we strive to give Aussie 4WDers the best value LED light bars and LED driving lights on the market.

As a matter of fact, we were one of the first companies in Australia to genuinely push to reduce the price of efficient and effective LED lighting technology and now there are literally tens of thousands of 4WDs on the roads and tracks around the country happily running a set of our reliable and affordable lights!

LED lighting is so affordable and it’s a brilliant way to seriously upgrade your 4×4, van or SUV. Here’s our guide to what you should know about LED driving lights and LED light bars.


It used to be that halogen driving lights were the most effective addition to the lighting on front of your vehicle, and in the good old days, they were just about the only option on the market for adding extra lighting power to the front of your vehicle. The problem is, halogen is old technology and extremely energy inefficient.

Essentially the way halogen works is by turning electrical energy into light by heating a wire filament inside an inert gas, this extreme heating results in a large amount of light but the extreme resistance in the wire causes a lot of energy usage.

After a few decades of good old halogen bulbs came the production of the High Intensity Discharge (HID) driving light, these work on a similar principal to halogen, however, instead of resistance, light is caused by an electric arc inside the inert gas bulb, so essentially HID is a miniature welding arc inside a glass bulb, this requires massive amounts of energy with a massive output of light!

The most recent development is high output LED lighting like the style that is available within the Adventure Kings Range. When LED’s hit the market, adventurers, tradies and 4WDers rejoiced. Light Emitting Diodes in LED driving lights and LED light bars use a fraction of the power compared to halogen yet produce a clear, bright and cool running, white light which has taken the market by storm.


If you do long night drives you’ll probably be aware of how much the old-school yellow light from halogen lights can cause drowsy eyes. That’s because of a thing called the colour temperature. The whiter, light that comes from LED is around 6000K – 6500K which is similar in colour and clarity as the midday sunlight. This is much kinder on eyes at night it doesn’t cause straining to see things in a high definition. That means there’s a massive and noticeable difference between the old fashioned yellow looking halogens and the ultrabright LED’s for preventing fatigue and allowing you to drive for longer when the conditions aren’t cooperating!



We sell a 7” LED driving light, as well as two styles of 9” LED driving light. The smaller lights are best suited to cars, smaller SUVs and smaller 4WDs and vehicles with limited room on the bull bar. While the larger 9” LED driving lights are perfect where space is not a concern and maximum light is required. With over 22,000 lumens of output the New Domin8r 9” LED Driving Lights are perfect for many applications where MAXIMUM output is required. We’ve seen our customers run them on everything from full-sized 4WDs, to Pantec trucks, road trains and even harvesters and tractors!



What sets an LED light bar apart from an LED driving light is the arrangement of LEDs. Both the LED driving light and the LED light bar offer a combination of spread beams for wide light spread, and spot beams for long-distance light throw. However, where an LED light bar excels is in its ability to throw an extremely wide spread of light out to the sides of the vehicle. On the Domin8r range of LED lightbars this can be as wide as 150°. This massive spread is seriously beneficial when you’re out in open country and want to keep an eye on the edges of the road for roos and other things that may go bump in the night!



LED light bars can be used for more than just driving. You can use the smaller ones as LED camping lights, for instance – mounting one or two of the 6inch LED light bars to the side of your steel roof rack and running off a separate switch. Or you can connect on up to your reverse lights with relay, and it’ll be perfect to use as a reverse light and for setting up camp!



So what’s the ultimate combination? In our opinion, nothing beats having both an LED light bar, and a set of LED driving lights. This way you get the best of both worlds – combining both long-distance penetration that you get from the LED driving lights, and the excellent spread of light from an LED light bar. And the best part is if you buy your LED driving lights or LED light bar from 4WD Supacentre, you can get both for about half the price of a single LED light bar from other manufacturers – and it’ll serve you just as well!