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Titan Rear Drawers – Tough to beat value and extremely tough build, why wouldn’t you get a set!

August 6, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Titan Rear Drawers  - Tough to beat value and extremely tough build, why wouldn't you get a set! - image Capture-1 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


Organisation doesn’t get easier than with a set of Titan Rear Drawers, we’re going to go over our top 5 reasons to install a set of Titan Rear Drawers in the back of your vehicle!

1.Built tough!

The Titan Rear Drawers are full of quality features which are built to help them survive the toughest environments you will make them endure!

The drawers use a strong galvinised steel chassis which is coupled with the double roller bearings all around for smooth trouble-free operation in even dusty grimy conditions.

Heavy duty marine carpet inside and outside ensures that not only does the set of drawers look schmick in the back of your 4WD but they will withstand even the toughest abuse.

The marine carpet and galvinised steel frame, ensure that even in damp and salty environments that your Titan Rear Drawers are extremely tough!

On top of the hard-wearing nature of a set of Titan Rear Drawers, we’ve even tested them for how much weight you can chuck inside them, and we weren’t disappointed!

2.Full DIY fitting at home!

The Titan Rear Drawers can be fitted easily by 1 person in under 3 hours, they come complete with an installation kit, and were custom designed to be a nearly universal fit in most 4WD wagon and utes, with its unique and adjustable ladder fastening system on the base, you can match the drawers to your vehicles rear fastener holes.

Coming 95% pre-assembled, this means no flat-pack arguments getting your Titan Drawers installed they also only require some simple hand tools and maybe a beer or two in the shed.


3.Locking handles seriously secure!

All Titan Rear Drawers are fitted with a strong steel self-latching, key locking mechanism which protects your gear stored inside. The Titan Rear Drawers also feature heavy duty reinforced handles, so you can easily pull out your recovery gear, or cooking equipment anywhere on the tracks!

The security offered by the key locking latches, you can easily keep your most prized camping possessions, or your tools at the jobsite and keep them away from sticky fingers and even from going walkabout!


4.Heavy Duty down points
The rear cargo area of many 4WD’s don’t include tie down points, this doesn’t make sense to us. As 4WDers, we believe that if you are hitting the toughest tracks your rig will buck and throw your cargo around, this can end up being extremely dangerous and possibly hurt you or your passengers, for this reason you need to strap your gear down securely, not only does this increase safety on the tracks but it’ll save your gear from getting damaged and as a side note, make the drive much less stressful.

For this reason ALL Titan Drawer Systems are fitted with heavy duty spring loaded tie down loops. These tie downs are solid and will secure everything from a fridge to your 3.5KVA Open Generator from jolting around inside your 4WD!


5.Built in fridge slide!

This final point may come as a shock to many, but not many Rear Drawer Systems on the market include a built-in fridge slide, this is where the Titan Double Sided Rear Drawers come into their own.

The ability to secure your 12v camping fridge onto its own a sliding fridge mechanism with an integrated latch and heavy-duty tie-down points, is extremely handy and adds a lot of versatility to your setup

A fridge slide offers campers the ability to extend the fridge outside the vehicle which allows you to gain access to the top opening.

If you want a fridge slide in your setup, a Titan Rear Drawer setup can save you hundreds of dollars compared to installing an aftermarket fridge slide system. This also means that you don’t have to option in a fridge slide as an aftermarket accessory and pay extra money unlike other drawer manufacturers!

To get even more value for money on a drawer system, we think that you cannot look past the Titan Drawer Systems allow you to install a set of quality drawers packed full of features for much, much less than the opposition charge for similar quality!