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No dog sitter? Take doggo with you!

April 15, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur No dog sitter? Take doggo with you! - image Capture-112 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Mans best friend is exactly that, so next time you are heading out bush, consider taking Fido, for the trip of a lifetime! With thousands of new smells, and exciting adventures to be shared, you wont regret taking pup for their first camping trip away!


Here are some of our top tips to having an exciting time at camp with your best four legged pal!


1.Animal friendly campsite
When planning to take your dog away with you camping, do your research and find out the local guidelines and legalities of bringing your pet with you. Some areas may be tolerant of dogs in campsites, but may have certain restrictions, such as “no off lead dogs” this means you will need to plan ahead and ensure your dog always complies with the restrictions set out by the campsite authorities.


2.Camping setup with room for everyone!

When staying overnight, it’s a good idea to have a camp site setup that accommodates for not just your needs, but your dogs needs too. By setting up am Adventure Kings awning, coupled with an Awning wall, you will have a massive sheltered area, that will protect you and poochee regardless of the weather conditions. Depending on your dog, the sheltered area underneath the awning wall, coupled with your dog’s bed, make the perfect location for your dog to catch their necessary zzz’s!

If you are camping solo with your dog, investing in one of the largest swags on the market…. An Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe swag, inside this massive swag you will have enough room to get comfy and will also allow your pup enough room to stretch out without disturbing you.

This massive swag, is big enough that your pup wont feel claustrophobic, and doesn’t require you to carry pup up any ladders to join you!


3.Roof top Tent Tourer Annex, a puppy paradise!

We’ve found one of the best uses for the annex included with your Adventure Kings Tourer Roof Top Tent, and that is that it is a puppy paradise. By leaving your pets dog bed, in the enclosed space underneath the ladder your pup won’t have to sit in the wind and rain and will have a comfy spot, well suited for protecting mum and dad upstairs, not only will pup have plenty of room, you wont have to carry them up and down a ladder.


As an added bonus the ability to secure your pup inside will mean that when native wildlife are near your campsite late at night, your pup wont get lost at night chasing possums up a tree, when you are fast asleep.

4.Campsite mesh flooring.

This has to be one of the best value campsite upgrades for when you have pets at camp. The Adventure Kings Mesh Floor range offers 3 different sizes, 3m x 3m, 5m x 2.5m and a 6m x 3m.

We all know that our pups curiosity will eventually lead them to come home covered in dirt and mud, this isn’t too big a deal but when that dirt eventually ends up in the car, or in your bed, your opinion might change.
By taking advantage of the Adventure Kings Mesh floor’s clever weave, you can let doggo shake of the dust and dirt in a relatively clean environment, with the ability for sand and dirt to simply fall through and not stay around camp, you can kick back in the knowledge that doggo’s dirt won’t make its way back to bed, or the car!


5.Keep the dog food chilled
With an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge freezer you can make sure that your pets favorite cuisine is kept cold and fresh, making sure your pup doesn’t get sick eating spoiled food, the benefits of using a 12v fridge freezer is that melted ice, will not contaminate your food with the succulent flavours usually found in pet foods.
If you were concerned about sharing flavors with pup, and your budget doesn’t stretch far enough to cover a fridge. By sealing up the pup food in pre-portioned vacuum sealed bags using the Adventure Kings vacuum sealer, means your pups food can float around hygienically inside the soup in the bottom of your icebox, without fear, and when its dinner time, simply cut open 1 of the pre prepared food packets to feed pup, and throw out the waste.