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Why you need a portable gazebo over your campsite this winter!

April 30, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Why you need a portable gazebo over your campsite this winter! - image Capture-183 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


Gazebo’s aren’t a new invention, they have existed for many centuries as an outdoor shelter with 360 degree views, traditionally a gazebo has offered shelter from the elements usually erected in central parks or areas that people can gather in whilst, and have often been the center of public events, such as proclamations, and weddings.

Whilst many of the historic gazebos found around the world have intricate and ornate wood carvings, they are hardly portable which makes them limited in their application. There are dozens of portable camping gazebos on the market, and it can get confusing when you are shopping around, as the best value gazebo isn’t always the cheapest, so we are going to highlight what you need to keep an eye out for when chasing a portable gazebo that is perfect for your winter campsite, no matter what the weather is doing!


With heavy weather, there is so far no comparable material suitable for holding strong on your gazebo than a tubular steel chassis. Measuring a massive 30mm x 30mm with a telescoping 25mm x 25mm inside section. The steel frame of the Adventure Kings Gazebo’s are strong enough for heavy weather.

Coated with a hard wearing hammertone finish they are rust proof and scratch resistant, able to cope with all the bumps and knocks expected of your camping equipment.


When you are set up in a windy area, it takes a seriously tough fabric to prevent stretching tearing and sagging, this is why the Adventure Kings Gazebo range, takes advantage of 420D Oxford weave polyester fabric, which unlike a nylon fiber refuses to stretch when it gets wet, perfect for hairy weather conditions. And with the heavy duty oxford weave, allows for extraordinary amounts of rubbing and wear without failing, or tearing,

The canopy fabric, is the most important element of any portable gazebo is how durable the canopy fabric is, whilst many portable gazebos employ light weight fabrics, none compare to the longevity and durability of the Adventure Kings Gazebo!


This seems like a no brainer, however not all fabrics are created equal, with some being able to cope with a light spray, and others like the Adventure Kings Gazebo being able to cope with cyclonic levels of downpour, this is definitely one element of camp you should not skimp on.

The fabric that Adventure Kings Gazebo’s employs takes advantage of a fully waterproof polyurethane coating on the underside making it impenetrable to the harsh weather.

With a heavy duty waterproof Adventure Kings gazebo set up over the top of your campsite, you will be able to kick back and relax with confidence, knowing how durable your shelter is.



The high peaked center pole of the Adventure Kings Gazebo offers, a massive amount of clearance inside, but also plenty of water shedding ability when the weather gets harsh. The steep angle of a peaked roof like those found on the Adventure Kings gazebo make heavy weather situations much less worry-some.


With fully adjustable legs, the Adventure Kings Gazebo offers a massive 2.4m of internal head height, this means either the 3m x 3m and the 6m x 3m gazebos are perfect as a temporary carport, for trackside repairs or even semi-permanently set up at home!



Even though people take the stance that the sun doesn’t shine through the cooler months, it is common for people to get more sun burned on cooler days, as they take less preventative measures seeing as the sunshine isn’t as scorching.

However overcast days offer some of the harshest conditions of sunlight, by diffusing the visible rays, whilst the harmful rays can be equal if not worse. This is why it is more important than ever to cover your campsite with a UPF50+ rated shelter like the Adventure Kings gazebo range!


As if you needed any more reasons to hook your campsite up with an Adventure Kings portable Gazebo, the price is hard to beat, offering one of the toughest setups for  a price that rivals the more budget conscious options om the market, you would almost be considered insane for looking elsewhere!
Get more for your money by shopping for Adventure Kings gear at your campsite!