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It’s a light bulb idea to upgrade to LED Lighting!

June 12, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur It's a light bulb idea to upgrade to LED Lighting! - image Capture-26 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

With the ease of accessibility to extremely bright 12v LED lighting, its no wonder that worksites and camping locations are now flooded with more nighttime lighting than ever before.

Using some of the most clever, semiconductor technology available LED lighting offers extremely bright and extremely energy efficient lighting that when installed in cast aluminum sealed bodies, can be made 100% waterproof, 100% shock proof and with improved reflector and lens technology can combine massive amounts of spread with incredible light “throw” which was unachievable in any reasonable way using traditional Halogen or HID technology!


With the most recent advancements in 12v systems 4WDers can be equipped with some of the latest technology for unbelievably low prices. The current state of the art 12v battery management systems means that for a small price you can have a reliable source of 12v power when you are well off the grid being able to power your portable car fridge/freezer system, along with campsite lighting and even 12v work lighting perfect for illuminating your whole campsite late at night!


With an extremely simple circuit you can install a bright white Illuminator MKII 6” LED Lightbar to the rear of your vehicle, using an easy to wire relay circuit to trigger its operation via your vehicles reverse lighting!

Simply tap into your vehicles reverse light wire to send a switch signal to your normally open 12v relay and ground the relay to the vehicles body or chassis where possible. This will automatically switch on the LED lightbar when reverse is engaged on the vehicle.

This system is handy but to add additional functionality a 3 position 12v switch can be used in line with the relay to take 12v directly from the battery to the relay completely bypassing the requirement for your vehicle to be put into reverse gear. The additional functionality of a 3 position switch mounted in the cab of your vehicle will mean that you can choose to switch the work-light permanently off!

By adding a handy 12v LED worklight to the back of your vehicle you’ll make reversing at night on the tracks much easier allowing a huge light output reaching 1 lux at 131m from the rear of your vehicle!

All of the current Illuminator MKII and Domin8r LED Lightbars are independently tested and rated to a crazy IP68 which means they are completely dust proof and waterproof to a depth of water beyond 1m deep. This waterproof rating means that even if your work light is submerged down to a depth beyond 1m as long as your wiring is protected you will still have excellent light output.

With the trend of complete battery monitoring and maintenance systems being permanently mounted in the rear of a 4WD, its becoming more easy than ever before to connect a full house of LED lighting solutions to make camping that much simpler.

With externally mounted 12v sockets, you can connect up your 12v campsite lighting underneath your awning, and with the comprehensive extension cables splitters and waterproof connections you can easily set up a fully custom camp lighting setup in just a matter of minutes as soon as you get to camp!

The clever 12v LED camp lighting kits all contain at least 1x dimmer switch to allow you to drop the lighting to suit the mood of your campsite, and what clever campers have been doing is mounting the campsite lighting to the interior of their Ute cab, or the rear of their 4WD allowing them to easily illuminate the cargo area in the rear of their 4WD, and to easily and simply light up the interior of their 12 volt Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer making grabbing drinks for all your mates much easier than guessing in the dark!

Out of the whole range of Adventure Kings LED lighting the Illuminator Complete 5 Bar LED lighting Kit offers campers some of the best options for led lighting, this is why it is one of our most popular campsite lighting options on the market!

The whole range of LED lighting from 4WD Supacentre are extremely competitive and with some simple comparisons with other lighting systems on the market offer not just one of the most versatile camping setups but also some of the most affordable on the market, with the whole range being priced under $70 you can get a LOT of LED lighting for your dollar to light up your entire camping setup. Some of the competitors similar kits are priced in excess of $250 making them unobtainable for people who are trying to get out on a tighter budget!

LED lighting has proven itself as the way of the future over the past few years due to its massive output and energy efficiency compared to more traditional styles of lighting, it has even replaced the headlights in many popular 4WD’s as standard equipment. With more affordable LED lighting becoming available to more and more campers its obvious to see why so many people are choosing to upgrade from the old ‘mantle style’ gas lanterns or silly hand-held flashlights that use old incandescent bulbs.

Light Emitting Diodes are simple semi-conductors which operate almost like a 1 way gate in electronics, all diodes by their nature emit light but only LED’s emit light which the human eye is capable of seeing. With this clever technology we can also vary the wavelength and intensity of the light emitted within the input parameters chosen (12 volts). With ultimate control many LED lighting systems output light in the 6000-6500K colour temperature range, which is similar in intensity to sunlight at midday, this colour of light is the most clear to the human eye, and offers us the ability to distinguish colour and detail at great distance, it also has the ability to reduce strain and fatigue, keeping people more alert even into the early hours of the morning!

The ability to manipulate the colour output of LED’s has lead to the development of an insect repelling LED campsite light bar which emits a warm orange/amber light (590-595nm) somewhere around 1000-2000K. The ability to output warm orange light means that insects visual receptors are blind to your camp lighting and effectively don’t see your campsite as they are more attuned to the violet end of the light spectrum (bug zappers are always blue/purple for a good reason).


With LED lighting offering great value for money it has become the go-to for just about everyone who needs bright lighting.  With LED’s added ability to quickly and easily adapt to any campsite setup and install permanently on just about any vehicle it is only natural that LED technology has taken over Auxillary lighting in Spotlights and Lightbars from all brands on the market including the industry leading Adventure Kings range of LED Spotlights and LED Lightbars.

Whilst there may be some models available on the market, having an LED Spotlight like the BRAND NEW 9” Domin8r Driving Lights that can output over 22,000 lumens of clear white light, illuminating the track up ahead to approximately 860m range. You’d be hard pressed to find a set of LED Spotlights that perform this well for under $1000 a pair, not to mention ones that look as good as the Domin8r LED driving lights for under $300 a pair.

The 9” Domin8r LED Driving Lights are bright but to add to their incredible value for money a set of Domin8r LED Driving Lights include an exclusive and absolutely “plug-n-Play” Smart wiring harness that uses clever circuitry that doesn’t require rewiring like many of the other LED light harnesses on the market.

Not only are these lights bright, simple to install and affordable, before we sell anything, we put our gear through its paces, mounting equipment to the rigs of the boys from 4WD Action. These guys take our gear through some of the toughest terrain around Australia and absolutely test everything to its limits. All of the feedback we have received is that Adventure Kings Gear is some of the best quality and  best bang for buck 4WD and camping equipment that is currently available  on the market.

This means you can get out and play with the big boys, for way less than you’d imagine, thanks to the hard work done by the team at 4WD Supacentre and Adventure Kings, bringing you better gear for much less than ever before!

Light up your campsite with quality LED Campsite Lighting, and light up the tracks with some of the hardest hitting and unbeatable priced LED Driving lights available in Australia, if not the world!