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It’s unlikely when you are heading into the bush heading for your favourite campsite that you left home without something to keep you warm, whilst many campers might have an old blanket or even a hand me down sleeping bag, your parents bought an older sibling, but the secret to getting a good night sleep on the tracks is a good quality sleeping bag.


It’s a very well, known fact that a warm sleeping bag is a camping essential, and without a reliable camping sleeping bag, you might have a freezing cold sleepless night, even in the middle of summer, which is why Adventure Kings has put together a comprehensive range of sleeping bags to offer something for everyone.


The Adventure Kings range of camping gear starts by offering a handful of extremely good value options for your camping setup. Starting with the Adventure Kings Hooded Sleeping Bag, rated to -2°C this budget conscious option is perfect for people just getting into camping offering the perfect blend between budget consciousness and practicality in the bush.


Available in both a left handed and right handed version which suits campers who are right or left handed, with the added benefit of being able to convert your single sleeping bag into a double sleeping bag by simply zipping a left and right handed sleeping bag together this is great if you like to stretch out, and comes in handy for sharing warmth with your partner at night.


If you were looking for something a little more durable and suitable for long term usage, you can step up the game, not just for additional comfort with its zip out flannel lining, but the additional heavy duty 270gsm polycotton canvas outer fabric, helps repel moisture, whilst this doesn’t make the Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bags into a fully water proof sleeping bag, it definitely increases the all weather usability of this part of the range.


This tough and comfortable bag is also more versatile for it’s comfortable temperature range because of the easy to remove zip out lining, changing the warmth rating from -5°C to +5°C which is incredible for use in summer and winter just about anywhere in Oz!


We also offer the Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bag in both a left and right version, making sure you can zip both the left and right versions of each of these. this has earned the reputation as the go-to sleeping bag for many Aussie campers thanks to its incredibly versatile flannel coated zip out liner, offering a comfortable temperature range from -5°C to +5°C. The Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bag also is one of the most comfortable double sleeping bags available in Australia, thanks to the ability to be zipped together with a left and right-handed zip model for sharing warmth with your significant other!


Zipping two Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bags together is the perfect way to get more warmth, and when you are using one of the famous

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent,

Adventure Kings Double Swag or even one of the fast to setup

Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent and make your camping space extremely comfortable and easy to relax in. The Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bags when zipped together fit perfectly inside all of the Adventure Kings sleeping systems, meaning unlike hugely tapered sleeping bags you can utilize the whole space inside your sleeping area without losing out.


When not in use your sleeping bags can be left in place inside your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, or

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent, this is by design, whilst the Big Daddy Deluxe includes a thicker mattress than most swags, it also has more space within the included heavy duty bag, so you can roll the whole thing up with your bedding still inside.


All of the Roof Top Tents also include extra internal space which is by design from the product development team, this allows you to not only leave all your bedding in place including both of your sleeping bags zipped together, but also a change of clothes and if you want, your pillows as well, making for one of the easiest and quickest setup times possible once you get to camp!


The additional feature of including a cinchable draw string equipped hood enables the sleeping bag range to close around your head and neck trapping more heat inside when it is extremely cold at night, a proper hooded sleeping bag will do lots to keep you warm inside, coupled with a handful of other features will get you one of the most comfortable night sleep anywhere you setup!


A well-designed sleeping bag uses a series of “baffles” which are strips of fabric which stop drafts of cold air from travelling through the small openings between the zipper teeth reaching the full length of the heavy duty zippers including around the foot end of the bag. The inclusion of zipper baffles eliminates cold drafts from ruining your night sleep and enhance the efficiency of your sleeping system. These zipper baffles are known as draft tubes and will really improve your comfort in the colder half of the year!


Another recent option in the sleeping bag lineup, is one for the little kiddies! The Adventure Kids Sleeping Bag range. The Adventure Kings Kids Range of Sleeping bags are one of the most cost-effective sleeping bags aimed specifically to fit kids in Australia. Rated to a toasty -2°C which makes this bag ideal for dragging the kids into the bush on weekends away camping even in the middle of winter as a family, or when its much warmer, the kids can simply unzip it and use it as a light blanket!


The whole Adventure Kings Sleeping Bag range uses a clever and simple Polyester fiber fill which is water resistant and still holds in warmth when it is wet, unlike expensive down filled sleeping bags. Not only does a synthetic sleeping bag offer the ability to stay warm even when it is a little bit damp, but it will dry itself out quickly too thanks to the nature of synthetic fibers to repel moisture and stay dryer for longer than many other fill materials out there making them much warmer.


The Kings Hooded Sleeping Bag features, a comfortable single layer of polyester fiber fill insulation, which 500gsm, this is an adequate layer for keeping most people warm down to a chilly -2°C. whilst this will do much for keeping you cozy, in comparison to the Adventure Kings Premium Winter/Summer Sleeping Bag which offers campers 2x 250gsm insulation layers with a removable flannel lining. The Kings Premium Winter/Summer Sleeping Bag, is perfect for all seasons and when fully lined, can keep most campers warm down to a frosty -5°C or when it’s a bit warmer at camp, you can kick back with the liner removed for a balmy +5°C temperature rating, which is ideal for summer camping trips and journeys into the tropics!


The Kings -2°C Kids Sleeping Bag, offers essentially the same insulation as the Adventure Kings Hooded Sleeping Bag, but in a much smaller package. This compact sleeping bag is water resistant and is supa comfy thanks to the 500gsm polyester insulation filling which gets it comfortable for the little ones down to a chilly -2°C temperature range which means the kids can come on your next escape without freezing!


The way sleeping bag insulation works is not by blocking out the elements like you would think, insulation actually uses the air all around us to trap heat inside the bag, this sounds strange, but compact air pockets exist in between the random configuration of insulation fibers, these pockets of trapped still air are actually one of the best insulators around. But the way they work is by being “fluffy” and lofty, which is easy above your body when you are asleep, but where your body is “squashing” the fluffy insulation filling underneath is funnily enough, the bit that will make you the coldest.


Even during summer, the earth beneath you has a high thermal mass, which means it will sink all of your body heat out of your body, particularly with all your polyester insulation fibers squashed beneath you. This is why an appropriate mattress underneath you is CRITICAL to enjoying your nights at camp.


The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe includes a 70mm open cell mattress which is perfect for insulating you from the chill of the ground, even during the summer months, and thanks to the open cell, it will allow your body moisture to breath and not get damp through the night? But what if you want more insulation? This is where the Kings Queen sized Self Inflating Mattress boasts a HUGE 100mm of insulation which will make sure you aren’t only up off the ground but insulated extremely well thanks to the sealed shell and foam core, which stops internal convection currents which are typical on standard air mattresses and will easily eliminate claims of freezing at night from house guests, the kids, or your better half when you are away camping!


The Sleeping bags are insulated well with the efficient synthetic fill, which is also complimented by the water repellant outer shell which offers a much quicker drying than pure cotton fabrics, this allows for easier cleaning, or a good thorough washing after your extended trips away! There is not much you cannot do with a set of Adventure Kings Sleeping Bags available online and in store from 4WD Supacentre, there is a reliable sleeping bag in the Adventure Kings Range suitable for everyone in the whole family, and at an incredible price that will save you more and get you out camping for much less than the Adventure Kings competition brands are asking.


Not only does the entire range of Sleeping bags from 4WD Supacentre, offer a warm and comfortable way to get away camping for a lot less, every model also includes a handy compression stuff sack bag, which is great for storing them away when you are not using them, and even for transiting them to your favourite campsite without taking up the entire cargo are of your 4WD.


The Compression bags include a few durable webbing straps, which allow you to cinch down the bag when your sleeping bag is within which quickly reduces the volume consumed by the sleeping bags and also makes carrying your gear much simpler when setting up camp, this feature is a definite MUST HAVE when shopping for your next camping sleeping bags.


There is something for everyone from the Adventure Kings range of epic Sleeping Bags, so check out the range, and score a bargain TODAY!


From hiking and camping to 4WDing and touring there is a Sleeping Bag in the range to suit your needs, to find out more about the Camping Gear range at 4WD Supacentre head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call us on 1800 88 39 64 or visit one of our dealerships or

company stores to see the gear in person and get the best value for money setup around!